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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 5

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Harrisonburg, Virginia Daily allies lethargy blasted senators say other nations slow to pay up Tuci associated press an american Soldier shows the Flag to Convoy heading North in Washington senator from both parties complained tuesday that allies were slow to help pay for the Gulf War and warned High ranking administration officials that if combat ended in the next few they might be even More will they feel that once the hostilities Are the pressure on them will Lessen said Robert who chairs the appropriations Alfonse r the saudis would have been the 20th province of Iraq if we had not and that therefore they should give More and Dale said the Best lesson he was Ever taught in Law school came from a professor whose Endo term message Bill them while the tears Are fall once combat he i dont think youre going to get the throughout the questioning and Richard director of the office of management and and Donald Deputy Secretary of insisted they were sure other coun tries would pay what they had these Are commitments by Sovereign governments at the highest Barman they have been honouring appearing at an appropriations committee hearing on a supplemental appropriations Bill to pay for the he acknowledged that Only billion of the billion pledged had been but Barman said he had doubts Only about where billion instead of the promised billion might now be the Bill would provide billion of american Money and authority to spend the foreign As the administration described the the defense department would be allowed to pay the direct costs of the and to replace equipment that was lost or but Only to the extent that its previous plans to reduce forces would Atwood but he was challenged by Tom who asked Why the appropriations committee wanted 500 new Patriot a weapon they intend to phase since it was unlikely that More than 140 had been fired at iraqi scud Atwood and Barman said that example and others provided by the administration had assumed a longer War than now seemed on to Baghdad news creates Arab sorrow americans voice near unanimous suspicion of Saddam initiative by the pm even As they cheered the Promise of peace Many americans wanted they wanted a i dont Trust Saddam Hes not a Man of his said Anna Goodwin of new who has three sons in the 82nd the Day president Bush says Hes bringing our boys ill shout not i think we should keep right on said Fred Lauer of Sioux As far Asim said Michael Engelskirche of Fayet we should go right on to Kuwait City celebrates amid rubble Kuwait City a there was Joy amid the residents who cowered under the iraqi juggernaut for nearly seven months raced into the streets of their once prosperous City tuesday to embrace the first wave of Allied kuwaiti resistance leaders waved their weapons and shot volleys into the darkened by the fires from Oil Fields set ablaze by iraqi some kuwaitis hugged and kissed american others Shook kuwaiti some pockets of iraqi fighters were reported late but kuwaitis claimed to be in control of their nations capital for the first time since iraqi forces swept from the North As the Sun was Allied troops fired some artillery rounds on tiie outskirts of the there was no return dusk brought there was very Little working electricity in the Only a few places had on the streets were the relics of the iraqi occupiers armoured weapons and helmets left by the fleeing they rested alongside burned out cars and other a lbs news correspondent was surrounded by jubilant including one Man with one Man with an m16 Rifle who claimed he helped capture 400 iraqi if you come to you will say this is not Kuwait at a woman its not Kuwait any the cites luxury hotels and comfortable neighbourhoods symbols of the nations Oil weath were ravaged by the troops smashed military bar Racks and Royal palaces in their initial thrust after the kuwaiti exiles have they also blew up Bank vaults and looted companies and car showrooms in the whose pre invasion population was about a gaping Hole from a rocket at tack Mars the cites main land an obelisk like Structure on the the multimillion Dollar con Ference Hall that Kuwait built to House International conferences As a sign of its world was devas the free Kuwait Campaign in London reported that major hotels have been damaged and burned by retreating iraqi relatives of troops in the persian Gulf were among the most sceptical of Saddam vow to withdraw his forces it was a reflexive caution developed Over 6vi months of watching peaces repeated i dont believe said Betty Horton of whose Nephew is in the til believe it when i see1 said Bernie a world War ii Veteran from Cleve Many found pretensions of peace especially distasteful one Day after 28 american soldiers were killed and 100 wounded by an Irani missile that struck a Encampment near saudi i think its kind of stupid for a Man to say he wants to withdraw and then drop a scud missile on our said Harmon of Saddam a we need to continue until he surrenders or we put him out of commission any thing else Means he and his people win the said Albert Rhine of stomp at an Indianapolis a similar refrain came from Fred a 64yearold Veteran that shoot hang him upside to some such stands seemed unnecessarily were really into this John Wayne said Max Johnston of people want to see Hussein out and i dont like protesters continued to rally for hundreds gathered and dozens of arrests were made at Federal buildings in los Chicago and san fran i hate said Rita a sister of mercy who clutched a Rosary As she listened to the shouts of demonstrators in san i dont think War Ever does any War just brings More Antiwar activists lamented the presidents pledge to keep up the fight despite Saddam vow to withdraw his Jordan a some jordanians expressed Shock and betrayal tuesday at Saddam Hussein Call for an iraqi withdrawal from while Saddam opponents in the Arab world reacted with scepticism and not greeted the iraqi decision with undisguised our Joy is thanks be to the enemy is turning declared a Broad cast by the radio of the exiled kuwaiti whose president Hafez Assad is a bitter foe of blamed Iraq for the ill fated out come of its Kuwait the rulers of Baghdad cannot deny their responsibility for the the government run Damascus radio said in a which is Fielding the largest Arab contingent in the ant Iraq expressed distrust of Saddam and scepticism Over Iraq announced on the Antiwar demonstrators and police con fronted each other with stones and tear Gas at Cairo University for a third straight in police used nightsticks to beat Back about 300 pro iraqi mainly the chanting Bush is a killer and sad dam is the Best broke through a first police Home improvement Home improvement americas largest installed Home improver warranties k you can believe in professionals the most trusted name around the weve negotiated outstanding prices from Many of our installers and were passing the savings on to on stars system with efficiency ratings of 10 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