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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Harrisonburg, Virginia In the Valley bag Bunch Power play tension time 17 18 Hatleu weather 127 32 pages 4332702 25 cents Retreat under fire y f Iraq beaten army streamed North tuesday in a headlong flight abandoning Kuwait Allied forces raced through ground War figures Macmu anti amt Orv Rouno win 34 9 pos since ground War 4 21 wounded 2miming scud attack 28 100 wounded total 55 155 30 9 pos enemy Iowa equipment not available Mao equipment deat Rayed zos5 tanks about half 962 armoured personnel carriers about Onetti ird i artillery pieces about Hall Britain 1st armoured division engaged a Large iraqi Force Early tuesday 40 iraqi tanks were demolished in the Kuwait City Kuwait Newt Agency reported that kuwaiti citizens were in control of key police kuwaiti resistance said that retreating iraqis had taken thousands of hostages with them and destroyed All government buildings and hotels in the the Emir of Kuwait in saudi Arabia declared martial Law in the emirate for three according to the radio of Kuwait exiled government Saddam army in full Retreat Allied forces move into Kuwait City from Wilra am Yoni Row ten iraqi troops were in headlong Retreat across most of Kuwait this the american com Mand and Allied forces entered Kuwait a smoking after its iraqi occupiers fled the Capi Tal of the nation they conquered the Vanguard of Allied armoured columns in Iraq punched through to the euphrates cutting the main line of Retreat for the elite Republican officials powerful american and British armoured forces farther near the iraqi Frontier with girded for a Battle with guard tank units if they chose to make a last Allied forces fought a Tough tank Battle at the Kuwait City Airport and scored a Victory Over a Republican guard division in Southern Iraq president Saddam Hussein sought to Label Iraq withdrawal a president Bush called it an outrage and said Saddam was trying to cling to formidable military Power with his earlier Saddam had made the Public commitment to withdraw from Kuwait that Bush but Bush said the Promise was pressed for virtual surrender and ordered Allied forces to continue attacking to break the iraqi leaders Power and control in the Middle the iraqi Leader left unclear whether he was renouncing his claim on the country he invaded last and he did not mention any of Bush other including acceptance of All 12 United nations resolutions of he is trying to save the remnants of Power and control in the Middle East by every Means possible and Saddam Hussein will Bush said in a three minute statement from the Rose Bush said iraqi troops must Lay Down their rather than simply Retreat toward their in order to avoid it is time for All iraqi forces in the theater of those occupying those supporting the occupation of to Lay Down their Bush and that will Stop the All night american warplanes pummelled iraqi armoured personnel carriers and trucks on the Road leading North from Kuwait City As they sought to reach pilots the movement created a column 25 to 30 Miles three or four abreast in and except for a few surface air they were defenceless Iraq bashing Battlefield strategy aimed at postwar future by Thomas l Friedman Washington the Bush administration is not making it easy for Iraq to end the War because it believes that Only unconditional sur Render can ensure americas Aims of eliminating Iraq As a military threat and permanently discrediting iraqi president Saddam achieving these administration officials said is essential both to Speed the withdrawal of most of the Ameri can troops in the and to make sure they will not have to come Back to fight again some these Are the top priorities of the White House As it oversees what it Hopes analysis Saddam Hussein will be the conclusion of its War the More discredited Saddam is As a political Leader after the and the More devastated is his the sooner we will get out of there and the less Likely we will have to come Back any time a senior administration official the unconditional surrender of iraqi preferably in the form of a chaotic rout of men fleeing without their serves these Aims in a number of officials it would deprive Saddam of any Chance to say he stood up to the Allied coalition and was Able to withdraw on his some Ameri can officials still recall the dignified Retreat they helped arrange for pales Tine liberation organization chair Man Yasser allowing him to leave Beirut in the summer of with his men firing guns in the air and flashing Victory signs As they drove out through israeli ceasefire administration officials have no desire to see iraqi soldiers accorded such treatment through american they want Saddam to be both by the Way his soldiers leave Kuwait and by forcing him to personally accept american ceasefire officials acknowledge they Are hoping the masses of retreating iraqi returning All at will pose an enormous Burden on the iraqi they envision hundreds of thousands of soldiers demanding clothing and jobs from Saddam gov in this the officials say they do not really want to capture More iraqi and that instead of shifting additional captives to be fed in saudi arabian they would prefer that iraqi troops Lay Down their walk Home and Start we want this thing to end in a Way Tho Amod Atod Here Are the latest developments in the per Sian Gulf War iraqi troops were in headlong Retreat across most of Kuwait this the Ameri can command As Allied forces entered Kuwait City after its iraqi occupiers the Vanguard of Allied armoured columns in Iraq puncher1 through to the euphrates River cutting the main line of Retreat for the elite Republican officials the american command reported that Marine units engaged in a Tough tank Battle on tuesday night near Kuwait International air the Battle broke off near Midnight with the outcome still in some hundreds of m1a1 tanks and infantry from the army Vii corps have attacked and Defeated a Republican guard division in a senior Pentagon source said other Gulf related stories Are on Page see 2 Republican guard division beaten in night Battle Washington a under the cover of darkness and in a driving hundreds of m1a1 tanks and infantry from the army Vii corps have attacked and Defeated a Republican guard division in a senior Pentagon source said the attack was led by the 3rd armoured division and the 1st infantry division and the units were blowing Forward and engaging a second Republican guard division in said the who spoke on condition of Ano the attacks from the West were being conducted on a front dozens of Miles wide West of the senior military officer adding that guard units were offer ing stiff officials said and Allied troops deep inside Iraq Are drawing a noose around Saddam Hussein vaunted Republican preventing a Retreat and destroying them in place unless they sea pass 8 brighter Outlook business economists see mild recession Washington a an overwhelm ing majority of the nations top economic forecasters share the Bush administrations expectation that the current recession will be Shorter and much less severe than the average downturn since world the National association of business economists Survey showed on tuesday that 49 of the 54 forecasters participating in the or 91 believe the recession will last nine months or less meaning it should be Over by the eight previous recessions since 1945 have averaged 11 months in during which the Economy fell an average the consensus of the Nabe forecasters project the drop in the Gnu this time to be just the poll was conducted in the first two weeks of compared to historical that is a fairly Short Richard Nabe president and chief economist for Dean Witter Reynolds in new told a news in terms of the recession is expected to be fairly shallow compared to historic a recession generally is defined As at least two consecutive quarterly declines in the Gross National product the nations total output of goods and the Commerce department said the Gnu fell at an annual rate of percent in the fourth Quarter of president Bush based his fiscal1991 budget on assumptions that the recession would be mild and last just two with economic growth resuming in the april june the Nabe forecasters nursing Home Kilter nursing residents who suffer from depression and there Are in estimated of them a much greater risk of dying within year than those who dont Neve the a study Gorbachev answer soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev lashes Back at radicals who Are demanding his saying they Are trying to oust my through Street 3 29 m inv Quarter for a tourney area news 17 business 30 obituaries classified ads 20 comics 31 crossword 11 it 20 editorials movies Shynne sports 25 were slightly less projecting a tiny contraction in that Quarter but moderate growth the forecast said the Economy will and Vance percent in 1992 while the Bush forecast Calls for 3 percent growth each year from 1992 through the Nabe forecast projected an unemployment rate of percent this dropping to percent in the jobless rate was percent in Strickler challenges death sentence Tymi Coinon Intuit record staff writer Richmond Tommy David Strickler should not go to the electric chair for the murder of James Madison University Sopho More Leann Whitlock because Evi Dence did not show who inflicted the fatal his lawyer told the Virginia supreme court on Augusta count Public defender William Bobbitt in the first step of an appeals process that could Span compared sticklers Case to an Arlington county Case the court overturned last a jury convicted John Cheng of capital murder for the robbery and shooting death of another Man and sentenced him to the justices ruled the Evi Dence did not show Cheng fired the fatal thus he could not be convicted of capital evidence at sticklers trial put Strickler at the murder scene and linked him to parts of the but fell Short of showing that he killed the 19yearold Roanoke woman by repeatedly dropping a 69pound Rock on her Bobbitt forensic evidence miss Whitlock died from four Skull fractures caused by the Large evidence also showed miss Whitlock was abducted from Valley mall in Harrisonburg and taken to a Field 5 Miles North of where she was robbed and an Augusta county circuit court jury convicted Strickler in june of robbing and killing miss it sentenced him to death for the murder and to life terms for abduction and Rob the evidence indicated four peo ple were at the murder scene miss code Fen Dant Ronald Lee Henderson and an unknown female Bobbitt no evidence indicated who did what at the murder testimony from Donna who met Strickler about an hour after the murder at a night club in Tommy str Locklor

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