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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1983, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - February 9, 1983, Harrisonburg, Virginia Weather in Brief cold Shenandoah Valley of Virginias two sections 32 pages plus supplements 110 uses m520 february 1983 4332702 15 cents inquiry shakes begin government Jerusalem a an israeli judicial commission on the Beirut massacre called for the ouster of defense minister Ariel Sharon on accusing him of blunders that set the stage for the Slaughter of the panels explosive which also rebuked prime minister Menachem rocked israels political Structure and touched off speculation about Early elections at a time when pressure is mounting for new israeli concessions toward a Middle East begin and his Cabinet met for two hours tuesday without a decision on Sharon and scheduled another meeting for the Threeman commission of inquiry said israeli leaders should have foreseen that allowing lebanese militiamen into two Beirut refugee Camps last september was an invitation to hundreds of palestinians were subsequently slain by the an official lebanese investigation has yet to bring any of the killers to no prophetic Powers were required to know that Concrete danger of acts of Slaughter said the commission it also called for the resignation of the head of israels military intelligence and condemned the military chief of it accused begin of showing indifference to the threat of a massacre in Beirut but recommended no action against political uncertainty threatened to linger for Days Here As the Cabinet Grap Menachem begin personally suf fers few scars from the Beirut massacre but his government now faces a grim fight for Story on Page pled with the devastating Israel radio broadcast reports that Sharon was refusing to quit or accept an alternative Cabinet but a Cabinet source said almost All the 20 including favored endorsing the the chairman of begins ruling Coli Avraham said after meeting with that the prime minister would not demand Sharon its hard for him to do such a Shapira told anyone who knows the prime minister knows he is a Noble and he respects Arik the commissions recommendations Are not legally but they carry such moral weight that no government concerned for its image can ignore two parties in begins coalition that previously were against Early elections Are now willing to go to the polls if begin so their spokesmen they were the National religious party and an ethnic party of North african the Small Moscow aligned communist proposed a parliamentary no Confidence to be debated next the opposition labor party called for the resignation of the entire begin government but said nothing about Early despite the commission labovites fear that begin would be returned to Power by his who have never understood Why Israel should be blamed for a massacre of arabs by the labor party has taken a softer line than begin on some of the major issues that Block a Lon term settlement of the Mideast in the White House had no comment on the commission which it described As an internal on president Reagan used some of his toughest language yet with saying it was unnecessarily delaying the withdrawal of its troops from Yasser chairman of the Palestine liberation said in Jordan tuesday that the investigatory panel produced important but that it should have included a decisive condemnation of the begin in Beirut Sabra and shatilla refugee survivors of the 1618 massacre were Sharon deserves to be executed because he was responsible to protect the lives of the civilian said one palestinian in a typical in the streets of israels people continued on Page 4 House defeats waiting period for jobless Aid Richmond a the House of delegates killed a Bill tuesday that would have made out work virginians spend one week jobless before they could receive unemployment the defeat of the waiting week Bill was one of More than 200 Bills and resolutions the House acted upon under an extended deadline for completing action on its own the House convened at except for an hour worked until shortly after 6 the 40page Calendar included Bills to create an intermediate court of switch sentencing authority from juries to make advertising drug paraphernalia let optometrists use drugs for add to traffic violation fines to support Rescue squads and increase court filing costs to fund Legal As Well As much of the administrations crime the waiting week Bill died on a 3758 vote that was largely partisan republicans democrats against after an impassioned speech by Robert this is one of the most callous proposals to come before the House this ses said passing this Bill would be one of the most irresponsible acts in this in this the Bill would Only have been in effect for two this year it would have touched the estimated people who will apply for unemployment the Bill would have made them wait a week before being eligible to collect the although it would not have Cut the allotment of 26 the last pay ment would have come in the 27th week of instead of the it would have saved the state because Only those people who find work in 27 weeks would receive full the waiting week system had been used in Virginia until january when the unemployment Benefit system was Tayloe Murphy d Patron of the estimated the savings from restoring it would come to million this and the Money was sorely needed to restore the states unemployment he for the first time since Virginia has had to borrow from the Federal government to pay unemployment Murphy he said Virginia expects to have to borrow million from Washington for the first Quarter of the but Washington said the reorganization of the unemployment Benefit system in 1981 represented a Compromise among management and and the elimination of the waiting week had been part of that if those agreements Are youre looking for he Washington also argued that the pro posed change would penalize the unemployed worker who goes out and finds another Job before the 27 weeks Are up while rewarding the individual who stays at Home and in other the House passed measures that would create an intermediate court of a allow Multi jurisdictional grand juries to investigate and indict for drug make the use of armo piercing bullets in violent crimes a separate expand the uses that could be made of information collected from Legal let state prosecutors try cases in Federal add to traffic fines to provide Money for training and equipping local Volunteer Rescue squads As Well As a statewide medical air evacuation net support Legal Aid by increasing the court filing costs for civil cases in general District and circuit Amend the Virginia Constitution to let the general Assembly enact a Law giving prosecutors the right to Appeal pretrial motions and Amend the Virginia Constitution to authorize stat backed Low interest hous ing Loans for ask president Reagan and con Gress to work diligently for a verifiable nuclear arms freeze treaty with the soviet and divert the defense savings to Domestic allow optometrists to use certain drugs to diagnose Eye require the state corporation com Mission to conduct hearings on Utility continued on Page 1 v Back in business the newly Active mount Helens Volcano emits a Cloud of steam tuesday As it builds a new lobe of molten Rock onto the Volcano a Wir photo mount Helens resumed its activity monday with a discharge of Ash and renewed lava Bush missile deployment firm Bojoh Vinocur 1983 times news service Paris vice president George Bush said tuesday that the United states Calls on the soviet Union to make new offers for reducing intermediate Range missiles were being supported by a Western european commitment to de ploy new american missiles starting in late there is no inclination to knuckle under on the deployment Bush said at a news we Are firm on the vice in the second week of a tour aimed at assuring Western european Public opinion that the United states is serious in seeking cuts in nuclear met tuesday with French leaders and later praised them for supporting the american position on missile his remarks about the allies holding firm on the deployment of 572 missiles starting in december if current talks with the soviet Union yield no Accord came in reply to a question about the allies interest in an interim such a plan would provide for fewer american missiles if the soviet Union made reductions in its Force of More than 600 Middle Range Bush conceded that there is some feeling in Europe concerning a possible Compromise and added that the United states Felt it was positioned to achieve something with balance and Equality leading toward a total elimination of the one of his tasks has been to sound out no change seen in human rights Washington a the state department said tuesday political repression around the world continued on a Broad scale in with a number of no democratic governments both Friendly and unfriendly routinely de Nying the most fundamental human in its annual report on the state of human rights around the the department assessed 162 countries in pages and concluded there was virtually no change in rights Protection in most countries and Only marginal shifts in at one the report found that democratic Costa Rica remains one of the most committed nations in protecting human rights while at the communist North Korea is one of the most highly regimented and controlled countries in the the report indicated in politically motivated killings were More Likely to occur in rightist dictatorships than in communist coun under questioning at a press Elliott the assistant Secretary for human rights and humanitarian of refused to say whether there was any easing of political repression around the world in 1982 compared with in its 15page Section on the soviet it said that country continues to fall far Short of accepted International although capital punishment is imposed Only the regimes Standard response to dissent is the incarceration of dissidents in prison or labor the report it concluded there was an escalation in 1982 in the anti dissident Moscow it is to sever contacts Between soviet dissidents and in the report said the in ability of soviet and afghan forces to crush the resistance movement has led them increasingly to target and kill the civilian populace in areas of High rebel in another close soviet the report said More than remain confined to political reeducation Camps almost eight years after the country was unified under communist the report also criticized israels treatment of arabs in the occupied Ter this Issue caused the most significant human rights problems for Israel in the study described the atmosphere in the occupied territories As one of constant because of palestinian terrorist actions and Arab fears of creeping annexation by in latin the report concluded the human rights situation in Nicaragua deteriorated markedly in citing what it described As the for Cible relocation of thousands of miskito indians from the honduran Border area to Camps in the Interior of on Al the report said there were signs of improvement throughout the year despite incidents of political killings of disappearances and the allies on How they would like to see the negotiations there is general support for the Zero solution As a Lon term forgoing Western deployment if the soviet Union scraps its entire Middle Range but that support is combined with interest in a Short term Accord that could reduce the number of missiles while talks aimed at Complete elimination for the Benefit of French Public Bush reiterated that the United states wanted nothing to do with the soviet proposal that the Independent French and British nuclear forces be counted As part of the Arsenal of the Atlantic he praised president Francois Mit errands position on the missile referring to him As a formidable truckers strike shows signs of winding Down French whose socialist led Cabinet includes four has said that the soviet Union is seeking to break the defense links Between the United states and Western in a speech prepared for a dinner Bush took up this saying that the West faced one supreme danger in the missile it he that in the discussion of details the Central Point could be the soviet he having already deployed sufficient missiles to intimidate Western is now trying to decouple our Security from each All was not during Bush Day he indicated that the French had complained about unfair procedures in the american Sale of a million tons of wheat flour to a Market once dominated by by the associated press truckers in some areas went Back on the Road wearing Black armbands tues Day As a violent strike by Independent owner operators continued to wind Down with Only an occasional gunshot in the Mike Leader of the Independent truckers hinted during a meeting with three congressmen that he would Call off the shutdown if con Gress makes a Goodwill commitment to address the truckers the lawmakers since the strike began there have been More than acts of violence in 38 with one Driver shot to 63 people injured and 93 a Parkhurst and Bill the organizations vice met for two hours with Peter Douglas and de Kostmayer said he and the other con Gressmen promised to draft a document outlining a plan of if the draft is approved by the it will be circulated among other members for sup port and could form the basis for Legisla he Parkhurst refused to answer questions from reporters after tuesdays meeting with the on the things Are looking like they Are winding according to Dave a spokesman for the american trucking an organization of Large Fleet operators that opposes the its business As said Louis Van spokesman for the new York department of agriculture and markets which was keeping close tabs on produce wholesalers serving new York Buffalo and other metropolitan except for sporadic incidents during the night particularly in the trouble continued on Page 5 today Index 12 classified 13 14 Jeane 14 local 17 7 Valley deaths John of Walter Lawrence of Paul Bernard of details on Page 16 dry land other fresh fruits and produce at the form

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