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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Harrisonburg, Virginia Weather in Brief rain Shenandoah Valley of two sections 36 pages plus supplement 104 uses 144520 february 1983 4332702 15 cents truck strike claims life of Driver by the associated press snipers ambushed dozens of trucks with gunfire and rocks tuesday As violence spread in a nationwide strike by Independent truckers that has left one Driver dead and 11 people two police were investigating reports of at tacks on at least 50 rigs in 22 including the slaying monday night of a trucker who was shot in the neck while driving through North Carolina and the serious wounding of another trucker in Utah earlier in the a teenager in Pennsylvania suffered a fractured Skull when a Brick bounced off a truck into the family the dead Driver was a member of the teamster which opposes the in the second Day of the strike called at monday by the Independent truckers some More local truckers organizations joined the shut notably in Ohio and to protest scheduled in creases in the gasoline tax and Highway use no shortages of goods were reported in the nations in department of transportation officials said that while fewer truckers appeared to be running at there did not appear to be a serious disruption of interstate on Virginia gunfire struck two tractor trailer rigs on two other Drivers reportedly were threatened at gunpoint and rocks struck at least two there were no injuries reported in any of the Virginia distribution Points in the state for Rich foods and supermarkets reported no problems As a result of the trooper Kvasnicka at the Appomattox regional office said two bullets hit the trailer Section of a United parcel service truck in Pamplin about 25 Miles East of Kvasnicka said the bullets were being Analysed and appeared to have been fired from a a Short time a Continental baking truck was hit by gunfire on the same about six Miles West of a trucker from Appomattox was stopped by a White car just East of Lynchburg and someone got out and flashed a gun and told him they thought if would be Best if he got on Back said state police spokesman in Caroline about 25 Miles North of a Rock was thrown through the window of a Rig on a Rock thrown from the Roadside shattered the Windshield of a southbound truck on 195 in Stafford in teamsters Union presi Dent Roy Lee who was recently convicted of bribery conspiracy called on Federal and state governments to provide Protection for Drivers and the motoring George Franklin of was killed by a sniper about monday on 701 just outside Newton six other trucks were hit by gunfire in the state tuesday and two truckers were Long haul an unidentified Motorist holds a rope tied to his front bumper As he awaits a Tow truck in Southeast tues snarled traffic covers the streets a wire photo after six inches of Drifting Snow made driving Snow Drifting As High As 10 feet were reported As far South As Texas Story on Page democrats map recession cure Staunton trucker arrested on 181 a Staunton trucker was charged with threatening another Driver with a gun on interstate 81 in Rockingham state police reported James an Independent trucker from was charged with assault after another trucker re ported that Blackwell pointed a pistol at the other Welford Wiglesworth of told police that As he passed Blackwells which had no Blackwell pointed the pistol at him and threatened him Over the state trooper Grant said a Shotgun and handgun were found in Blackwells who was driving for yellow systems freight of Shawnee continued his the trooper Washington a House democratic leaders vowed tuesday to push a program of recovery and reconstruction to combat the beginning with emergency Bills to create jobs and provide food and shelter for the there was no estimate of the Price but House speaker Thomas Oneill has spoken previously of an anti recession Effort costing billion to aides suggested later that might be the amount dedicated to a program of Public service jobs and soup Kitchen Type Relief for the nations unemployed and the White House has promised to submit its own jobs but it is not expected to include the Public service or Public works employment under consideration by the even House democratic whip Thomas Foley of Washington noted that some Senate republicans Are supporting a billion Public service jobs program and we Hope the president can be persuaded to go along with the democratic defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger continued to insist that the Pentagon budget cannot be trimmed Weinberger spoke before the Senate armed services com Mittee As he began Selling the administration billion military spending plan for Oneill and Foley also said House and Senate democrats would work to develop a longer term plan for Lon term economic with 14 million people out of work the highest number in history it is time for a combined program of recovery and Oneill in addition to the emergency jobs and Relief of Oneill mentioned Steps to help homeowners and Farmers subject to mortgage foreclosures and provide health insurance benefits to the Foley declined to specify what proposals were and democratic speaking on condition that they remain said plans to introduce such legislation were not democrats announced their intention As the presidents billion budget also came under attack from Silvio top gop lawmaker on the House appropriations called for a s20 billion reduction in reagans defense buildup and restoration of some of the presidents proposed Domestic the Massachusetts congressman also said there were no chances for passage of the administrations standby tax despite the the White House said Overall reaction to the presidents budget has been surprisingly talking to reporters As Reagan flew to Louis for a spokesman Larry up cakes said there will be changes but it has a Chance of a Large percentage of it coming out in reagans plan including a deficit of billion Calls for several billion in cuts in social programs through an unevenly applied freeze As Well As a billion hike in the defense As for Speakes said the administration would have its own legislation ready to submit to Congress within 10 Salvador readies counterstrike Al Salvador a Aboul government troops were reported advancing tuesday to try to Roll Back the biggest rebel Victory so far in the 39 Mont hold civil about 500 guerrillas of the leftist Faramundo Marti National liberation front took Over an agricultural Center of people in Southeast Al monday after rebel snipers prevented reinforcements reaching less than 100 National guard National police and local militiamen defending the forty civilians were reported killed by air Force bombing runs and rebel Bazooka and mortar seven Square blocks including the town Market were burned to the and Many other buildings were Sel the government Force made its last land monday afternoon in the National police Headquarters in the Center of the after those inside rejected repeated Calls to the rebels fired a barrage of bazookas and rocket propelled grenades that set the building on 70 Miles East of san is the biggest town taken by the but the local commander indicated they might not try to hold it will be the decision of the Feln command whether we stay in Ernesto Martinez told a rally of some people tuesday about government troops with artillery were reported advancing by foot on a Mountain Road from Mercedes seven Miles North of while army sources said about 300 More had been sent from the provincial capital 20 Miles to the nor Martinez said one guerrilla was killed and six were wounded in the there was no estimate of casualties among the government but rebels were seen burying the bodies of four National the guerrillas claimed they were holding 43 soldiers local sources said 22 of the 40 National policemen were and at least six others red Cross sources in Santiago de eight Miles to the said ambulances brought at least 18 wounded military and they said hundreds of refugees fled the the rebels said they captured 120 automatic 25 pistols and am Martinez said the capture of the town showed the guerrillas Are growing in the Feln is a coalition of five guerrilla groups fighting to Over throw the Berlin was captured while some troops were carrying out a major sweep in the northeastern province of where the rebels have held a number of Remote Little Mountain towns and villages for Reagan finds Hope at Chrysler Plant Bush presses slurry pipeline measures fail Western unify the Netherlands a vice president George Bush called tues Day for Unity in the Western Alliance and told the dutch dogs and watchtowers Are the Mark of the soviet Bush said that As he stood at the Berlin Wall earlier he thought of All weve fought to preserve and and of All those in the East the Sakharov and the she Haransky who pay such a dear Price for exercising the rights which we take for Bush spoke at a glittering Royal ban Quet offered by Queen the Netherlands is his second Stop on a seven nation tour of jittery allies to pro Mote the North Atlantic treaty organizations plan to deploy new medium Range nuclear missiles in Western continued on Page 2 1 Price Sale Conlin Esthe cabbage Placht Richmond a backers of a Coal slurry pipeline in Virginia saw their chances of getting a Green Light from the 1983 general Assembly virtually eliminated following a two hour Public the House insurance banking committee killed one Coal slurry Bill and left another technically alive but hanging by a killed 145 was a measure to wipe out Legal restrictions against Coal slurry pipeline construction and give the state corporation commission final say Over whether a specific pipeline should be this was the Bill overwhelmingly preferred by pipeline a motion to kill another Bill failed on a 1010 tie leaving the measure on the committees docket but without the majority vote needed to get it to the House the Bill would merely strip from the present Law the prohibition against condemning property for a Coal slurry pipeline wed rather the first Bill but Well take the second because its better than said Walter a pipeline but to get it out of he Well have to do some in explaining the first Warren its chief said he would try to dispel some of the misleading and Misin formed hysteria surrounding the he insisted there was plenty of water in Southwest Virginia to mix with the pulverized Coal for pumping through a 400mile underground pipeline to a Tidewater and he said there was technology available to treat the water after it was separated from the Coal and make it Safe for drinking or any other Stambaugh said his Bill required any pipeline operation to conform to All Federal and state environmental Stan i want to emphasize the Overly protective safeguards built into this he he said studies showed that Coal could be transported by pipeline a ton cheaper than by for electric utilities such As the Virginia electric Power he this could mean a Pas through savings to Consumers of million a James Patron of the Bill erasing the eminent do main said joblessness is ram Pant in the Coal mines of Southwest Virginia and Coal is stockpiled on the he said Repco is purchasing Only 13 percent of its Coal needs in Virginia because rail rates Are too Ford Date said the Coal pipeline represents the ingenuity and innovation this country was built continued on Page 3 Louis a president touring a Chrysler Plant that plans to rehire half of the workers it Laid declared tuesday the seeds of recovery Are sprouting All Over the place and challenged his critics to enact a program that will Flower stealing a promotional line from his Chrysler chairman Lee Reagan described his budget plan to hundreds of workers and added if you can find a better program than buy i know that Chrysler employees Here in Fenton have had a rough time the last few Reagan told car workers in the refurbished factory outside but i want you to know and i really mean it America is on the mend and both the Economy and Chrysler Are on the comeback reagans chief of James Baker said the visit to Louis was part of a planned series of on Day trips outside of Washington to combat the idea that this president Doest know what it is like to be unemployed and so but like his trip to Boston last in which Reagan visited a High technology Job training site and computer Assembly Reagan As his claim that the Economy is Chrysler announced last week it will reopen the truck Plant it shut Here in 1981 and will add a second shift in july to its Auto among the autos to be manufactured Here will be Chrysler new g24 sports corporate spokesman Al Kelly said the company will rehire More than of the workers it Laid off when it shut Down the truck Plant and converted to the robotic manufacture of front wheel drive Reagan toured the facility by Golf cart and stopped to watch robots welding roofs onto the Sparks flying Over his asked How Many people lost jobs to the Reagan replied there All making the reagans trip to nearby Fenton look him within about four Miles of the troubled town of times which was partly destroyed by heavy floods shortly before Christmas and has since been evacuated and barricaded following disclosure that the town was contaminated by the Poison but Reagan made no mention of times Beach until a resident of the town asked him at a business luncheon in downtown Louis if he would help Small businessmen recover their before the presidents times Beach mayor Sid Hammer told reporters Reagan was afraid to come and see what our problems and i think Hes shirking his duties As i think it today Index classified dear Jeane local Valley deaths Charlotte Marie of Norman Payne of Clara May of Broad Evelyn of details on Page 15

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