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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Harrisonburg, Virginia Weather in Brief cold Shenandoah Valley of two sections 32 pages plus supplements 62 uses 144520 december 1982 4332702 15 cents poles Promise to ease martial Law Poland a the Basic Rigours of martial Law win be suspended before the end of the internment will and there will be a partial Wojciech Jaruzelski announced sunday the communist party chief and head of the martial Law said in a nationally televised speech that his regime Hopes to end military Rule in the reasonably near but he indicated that in the it would retain some of the extraordinary Powers it assumed last Jaruzelski spoke on the eve of the first anniversary of the Day he proclaimed martial Law to begin the destruction of the Independent labor Union the Union was outlawed on and last the government concluded it was no longer a threat when underground leaders were unable to rally a nationwide protest Jaruzelski said the 21man Council of National redemption is of the opinion that conditions have Arisen for suspending mar tial Law the suspension of martial Law Means that its Basic Rigours will cease to function before the end of this the Poland meets to Day to take the legislative action necessary to put the military councils decision into of Jaruzelski spoke Only in general terms of the restrictions that would be lifted and those that would Only regulations that directly protect the fundamental interests of the creating a protective shield for the Economy and ensuring the greater personal safety of should remain in Force wholly or in part As a temporary he the National Economy needs special and the Public wants the fight against crime to be stepped anarchy will not be he warn no one in Poland or abroad should labor under any illusion that the current decisions will allow a further Jaruzelski made no mention of a letter from Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa in which the hero of the Independent labor movement listed his conditions for cooperation with the government to solve the nations deep and prolonged the written 4 and made Public by Walesa called for amnesty for All Solidarity members jailed or fired from their jobs for Union it also demand Congress May extend session Washington a despite talk of Compromise on the my missile con it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Congress will wind up its Lam Duck session As scheduled on Fri such trouble spots As the Gas an emergency jobs Bill and the Battle Over the missile president Reagan dubbed the May keep the lawmakers in session through next week or even after and Robert indicated sunday the Gas tax Issue alone would keep Congress Busy until new years Early in the the House is expected to begin action on a Stopgap spen Ding measure that includes a billion democratic jobs Bill which republicans say will prompt a presidential the House appropriations committee affixed the jobs plan to the Catchall spending Bill on Friday by a vote of in a move by democratic leaders to improve the chances of the jobs most government agencies technically will be broke unless the spending Bill is passed by but Reagan has already threatened to veto if it contains the jobs the democratic plan would provide Money for a variety of emergency Public works plus housing Aid and assistance for the including food and democrats say it could provide work for today in the an Effort is scheduled to choke off a filibuster by conservative republicans that is stalling action on the proposed Nickel gallon in crease in the 4cent Federal gasoline aides to the Senate Republican Leader ship said majority Leader Howard Baker would have More continued on Page 1 hopeless Young europeans fear future without jobs London a whether College graduates or teenage Young people leaving school in Europe today share a common fear will they Ever find a Job world recession has pushed the continents unemployment to pos world War ii and those under 25 Are among the most budget cuts have brought the age of the newly qualified but jobless from Italy Fiat to Britain industries Are hiring fewer and some including Are looking at possible reductions in handouts to the there Are now 4 million Young europeans without some fear that Only the Scrapheap lies ahead As traditional such As steel and the situation is absolutely said Gertjan a dutch doctor who graduated last year but Canh find when i entered University seven years every doctor was certain of a now medical care is being hit by severe budget cuts and there arc some 800 jobless doctors walking continued on Page 1 Canadian workers end strike against Chrysler Toronto a an overwhelming majority of Chrysler striking Canadian workers voted sunday in favor of a new assuring the end of the 38dayold strike in Canada against the struggling Skeleton Crews were to return to work at Midnight to prepare for resumption of full activity at the plants at 7 Chrysler workers in the United states Are scheduled to vote on a similar con tract thursday and the 13month which Calls for an immediate pay raise of an hour in Canadian was approved in Windsor by percent of the members of the United Auto workers local 444 who cast local presi Dent Ken Girard one Canadian Dollar is now Worth Only 81 since there Are Law workers at Chrysler six Canadian the out come in Windsor assured ratification of the Robert the Law chief who m the Canadian workers on strike after their counterparts agreed to wait for new talks in said the Canadian strikers were pleased they could help win a bigger settlement for i think the Chrysler workers will be extremely proud of the accomplishments that they have White i feel somewhat the new contract gives Chrysler workers in the United states and Canada a Basic 3 percent wage plus a Cost of living adjustment of 47 cents per hour for the americans and 87 cents per hour for the workers in the two countries had been making identical wages but with the americans paid in dollars and the canadians in the less valuable Canadian the new contract recognizes differences in currency inflation rates and general economic Union and company officials costo living Protection for 1983 Calls for quarterly adjustments expected to amount to 64 cents in each country under a formula applied to the combined Canada consumer Price the hourly pay of an assembler at a Canadian Plant will jump from to immediately on his return to the new wage is equivalent to about in hourly pay for an assembler at a Plant will increase from to in just across the Border from the workers voted at a listening from the grand stands As Union leaders explained the contract in front of Trotters performing their key elements of the and Canadian packages were negotiated wednesday night and thursday morning in a Toronto hotel Between a Union team headed by White and International president Douglas Fraser and Chrysler officials headed by vice president Thomas who flew ii from Detroit with de restoration of the Gdansk agreements of which for the first time in the soviet bloc recognized the right of workers to form unions Independent of communist party Jaruzelski said there would be a partial and underground Solidarity activists should seize the Chance to come into the Solidarity was suspended when Jaruzelski declared martial Law last and thousands of its leaders were All but about 300 have been but the new labor Law that outlawed their Union restores control of new unions to the Plant Safe can return Home a a chemical Plant where two tanks exploded was declared Safe sunday and people who fled amid warnings of poisonous Gas were allowed to return to their residents within a five mile radius had been evacuated before Dawn saturday when the tanks holding acrolein burst in to flames at the Union Carbide chemical the chemical is an ingredient in tear Gas and the tanks burned throughout the Day shooting flames 70 feet into the no injuries were the Blaze died Down saturday but authorities said the superheated liquid chemical could still showering the area with Poison it was the threat of the potentially lethal Gas formed by the chemical that prompted the officials Union Carbide employees in protective suits inspected the site sunday morning and said there was no longer a danger of another said Charles Parish sheriff Charles from All the information were get the situation is Wilson he said earlier estimates that up to people had been evacuated were about residents spent the night in five emergency shelters set up at area High red Cross officials the remainder stayed with friends or Wilson said the evacuation of at least nine communities was the largest Ever in the heavily industrialized petrochemical corridor along the Mississippi River bet Ween new Orleans and Baton weve often wondered what would happen if we had to get everybody out of a big area he All things the evacuation went pretty the vast majority of the peo ple were out of the affected area within a couple of traffic along the Mississippi halted during the was restored Union Carbide spokesmen said the blast caused relatively Little the fire is said Plant manager Lee As far As we can there were no toxic fumes released and no environmental Goodson said it was still not known what caused the the Plant resumed partial operations and was expected to be operating at full capacity by weeks he downed Power lines were a problem in other Snow stories on pages 7 and snowstorm buries Virginia a War photo by the associated press just one week after temperatures in the mid 70s had virginians sunning themselves and enjoying Barbe the first major Winter storm had people throughout the old Dominion burrowing out of snowdrifts nine inches of Snow fell in about 15 Miles North of Richmond in Appomattox in Central Virginia and in Allegheny county in far Western Snow amounts ranged from around 3 in Ches in southwestern Virginia to 4 to 6 inches in nor Thern Virginia and 8 inches in Western the National weather service the weather service said that a Check with counties in Central Virginia showed an average of at least 3 to 4 in Ches of Snow on the ground throughout that Snow in that area was tapering off but a total snowfall of 6 in Ches was Snow finally began tapering off in the Roanoke Valley of Western where 4 inches was in about 50 Miles East of a Winter storm warning for sunday was posted by the weather the heavy overnight Snow dumped 5 to 8 inches in the Galax in southwestern Virginia reported 4 inches and continuing roads in most parts of Virginia were Slippery and were recommending Snow tires and chains in All roads throughout the said Joe a spokesman for the Virginia department of highways and if people dont have to scattered Power outages were reported in Roanoke and in Richmond because of the the Power outage in Richmond resulted in a christmastime Blessing of about 100 meals for the salvation including 50 pounds of the Power outage forced the local National guard armory to donate the food to the salvation said James Boykin of the because the butter and be cooked or the perishable food was Given Boykin continued on Page 4 today Index 5 9 classified 4 Jeane local 24 2 Valley deaths William of William John of Rockingham Esther Belle of Janet of Earl of Julia Pauline of Penn details on Page 13 giant sugar Sale 5 pounds granulated sugar Low As with additional limit Home style 59c a dutch notice the Dally new record subscription Coupon in tue Dayt paper it off the regular Moil rates of Virginia and All other to Talent

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