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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1999, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - December 9, 1999, Harrisonburg, Virginia In the Valley Board school request Emu partly sunny 59 32 pages december 5746200 35 cents slaying ruled conspiracy jury in lawsuit says King not victim of Lone Assassin a a jury hearing a lawsuit filed by the Martin Luther King family found wednesday that the civil rights Leader was the victim of a vast murder not a Lone the King family had sued Loyd a retired businessman who claimed six years ago that he paid someone other than James Earl Ray to kill King in Memphis air service reps tour area today Airport officials wooing possible additional Carrier by Dan Mccauley new record staff writer Staunton officials representing an air service from Dulles International Airport will meet with Public officials and tour areas around Harrisonburg and staun ton today in Hopes that the service will Start a connector flight service to the Shenandoah Valley regional Airport officials will take representatives of Atlantic coast group to meet Over lunch with officials in Harrisonburg and Rockingham county and to a dinner reception for officials in Augusta county and the company officials will be looking at the area for United sex a Branch of United airlines that could offer connecting flights to said Dennis director of air service development for the Valley Burnett said the four company officials two airline a marketing representative and a route placement officer will be trying to get an idea of the ser vices at the but also information on such matters As businesses and other operations in the area that the regional Airport the tour is part of an ongoing Effort by Burnett to bring in an additional passenger flight service to the Airport at Weyers the Airport is served by us air ways which flies shuttle flights to Pittsburgh International a Hub City of from passengers can make connecting flights to cities All Over the but Burnett said he has been interested for several years in see Page 8 in the family lawyer claimed that the the mafia and the military were in the family wanted the jury to find evidence of a conspiracy and lend support to their Call for a new investigation into the prosecutors have Long said that they Are convinced Ray fired the fatal shot and that they could find no evidence anyone else was in the Kings asked for Only a Token amount in their wrongful death after three hours of the jury of six Blacks and six Whites awarded the family in in just so Happy to see that the people have Kings son Dexter this is what weve always asked Ray confessed to shooting King and was sentenced to 99 years in he spent the rest of his life claiming to be innocent and trying to get a he died of liver Dis ease last rays guilty plea was upheld eight times by state and Federal a congressional committee concluded in 1978 that Ray was the killer but that he May have had help before or after the assassination from a Louis based group of the committee did not find any government involve William the Kings Law told the jury that was part of a conspiracy involving the mafia and Federal agents to kill King because of his opposition to the Vietnam War and plans for a huge March on see Page 2 associated press Martin Luther King killed in an honest goodness cleaning Abraham Lincoln appears through the Mist As the statue of americas 16th president receives its Semi annual steam cleaning from Park service employee Joe Addison at the Lincoln memorial in Washington Addison cleans while Ray Greshan As associated press Dan results mixed in alleged rape of student i think it gives us a real mans attorney says As trial nears by Brad Jenkins new record staff writer the Dan profile of a Man accused of raping a James Madison University student at a fraternity House in april does not match physical evidence collected from the victims a lab report filed in Rockingham county circuit court but evidence taken from the body of Francis accused of raping the female Emu student in a bathroom at the indicates the victims Dan May have been present in his the mixed results from analysis of the physical evidence seemingly helpful to prosecutors on one hand and beneficial to the defense on another could be enough for a jury to find reasonable doubt and acquit Cali Cruz when he is tried next defense attorney Dabney Overton maybe the Case int As Clear against my Man As they Overton the prosecution has to prove its Case beyond a reasonable a defendant Doest have to prove Thall be up to a i think it gives us a real Cali Cruz is scheduled to be tried by a Rockingham county jury on assistant commonwealths at Torney Bruce Albertson comment on the Dan which were filed in court late last analysis of Dan material collected from vaginal and cervical swabs taken from the victim after the alleged rape indicates the presence of a mixture of Dan from the victim and someone other than Francis Cali Cruz is eliminated As a possible contributor to this genetic the analysis other physical How indicates that the victims Dan May have been present on Calix Cruz Dan collected from Calix Cruz pubic area is 18 million times More Likely to have originated from the victim than from anyone in the White Popula according to the Dan Analy the substance collected on Cali Cruz is Mil lion times More Likely to have come from the victim than anyone in the Africa american Popula Tion and 30 million times More Likely to have come from the Vic Tim than from someone in the his panic according to the that not As favourable for the defense As the rest of the Overton also not favourable to Cali Cruz is a possible confession in the while trying to find a Span is speaking interpreter for Calix Cruz during a september Albertson mentioned in passing a confession that the interpreter May have overheard during the course of the Albertson has refused to com ment on the possibility of a Confes saying evidence in the Case should be heard by a when the alleged rape was first it seemed to be an open and shut Case against Overton acknowledged wednes a lot of doors Are open he referring to the physical evidence favourable to his see Page 8 fearing Foster boy keeps moms death secret inside a a 9 year old boy whose Mother died at Home lived with the Corpse for a fixing his own meals and attending school without be cause he was afraid hed be put in Foster care if anyone found when Crystal Wells died her Travis covered her body with her coat and placed sheets of notebook paper Over her after Travis Cut his prepared meals mainly Frozen Cereal and soup and went to school every Day until her body was discovered monday by family friends Dorothy and Nathaniel Jeffries said Travis begged them not to Call he told he lived with the body on the living room floor because he was afraid of being placed in a Fos later when the ambulance he Tan to his Mother because he didst want her to be i will never forget that she police have not released a cause of death for but said foul play is not Jeffries said Wells had various health including High when the ambulance he ran to his Mother because he didst want her to be i will never forget that Dorothy Jeffries 99 blood i just dont know How that baby survived in there for a month with that Jeffries it was the Saddest thing i have Ever seen in my Jeffries and her husband went to Wells apartment after be coming concerned about being unable to Contact when they a Travis answered the at first he said his Mother was at work and let us in Jeffries when we kept asking he finally just broke Down and mama cant talk anymore because she got really sick and i think she is Jeffries said Travis told her that after his Mother died he see Page 2 talks on Israel and Syria agree to resume the landform each negotiations they broke off in 1996 next week in president announcing says the Road ahead will be Page 23 Index area news 9 International 23 business 29 movies 31 classified ads 11 National 3 comics 31 Skyline 17 crossword 16 sports 25 editorials 6 state 30 obituaries Glendon Shenandoah Elizabeth Betty big is land Amy Grottoes Edmond Jim Day ton Donald Margaret Page 10 2 Bay restoration goals proposed by Council a officials from the Chesapeake Bay Region proposed a new set of goals wednesday aimed at reducing pol Lution to the Point that the Bay can be removed from the Federal impaired list by key goals Call for reducing development of farms and stepping up efforts to restore frag Ile underwater grass Beds and in creasing the Oyster population ten fold Over the next the 16page document will be reviewed and revised Over the next several months before a final vote is taken next summer by the Chesapeake executive the six member governing body for the Bay the new agreement will be the first major change in the Bay pro Gram goals since the proposal sets Forth 74 goals that would provide the framework Over the next decade for state and Federal govern enter forts to improve water Quality and protect the Bays fish and Plant the plan would strengthen some goals that the Bay partners Al ready Are trying to achieve and would add new including targets for reducing the flow of Silt into the Bay and its tributaries and increasing Public Access to the environmental groups will try to strengthen the proposal Over the next few but gave it Good i think its a very Strong Docu were just said William head of the Chesa Peake Bay but he said the agreement needs to be strengthened with re Gard to Forest buffers and reduction of toxic chemicals flowing into the Mary state legislative chairwoman for the Maryland chapter of the Sierra said the agreement is a Good but of course we need to go Parris Glendening said tha Overall goal is to havea Bay that is clean and healthy enough by 2010 to be taken off the list of impaired Waters maintained under the Federal clean water see Page 2 goal highlights some highlights of the draft goals of a proposed new Chesapeake Bay agreement increase the Oyster population tenfold by 2010 using 1994 As a reduce the open spaces lost to development each year by 30 cent by by identify exotic Spe cies harming the Bay and by develop management plans for open Miles of blocked River to migratory fish by accelerate restoration of under water grass Beds by restore acre Sipf tidal and no tidal wetlands by by ensure that Rhea sures Are in place to achieve the goal of restoring Miles of for est buffers around the Bay and its tributaries by Correct nutrient related prob lems and sediment problems in the Bay and its tidal tributaries sufficient from the fed eral list of impaired by establish no discharge zones for human waste from boats by 2003 and expand by 50 percent the number of waste pump out facilities by expand Public Access to the Bay and its tributaries by 30 percent by restore Brownfield Sites to productive uses by

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