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Harlingen Valley Sunday Star Monitor Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Harlingen, TexasPage 1 Valley Sundy Stak Monitor Herald sunday june 23, 1940four billion Dollar warship construction measure passed by House opposition to Knox reported in Senate program expected to give United states greatest naval Armada in world Washington a it a a. $4,000-1 000,000.000 tax defense Bill end a French sign peace terms 000,000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House saturday after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional approval of $1, $1.768.913.908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation troops Are urged to continue fight continued from Page one than 27 hours and in Bordeaux the French Cabinet had held itself in readiness for the last great decision. In a Little a rely furnished tent near the railway car the French agents kept communication with of colonel Frank Knox nomination he it a government by Telephone. To be Secretary of the Navy. News of. A we d. Not be Over until after the Degoti ship number secret actions who Mussolini had been the Navy expansion Bill swept completed was not Surpri Sinai it for through the House with a chorus o during the Dav the Cabinet a Hayes on a voice vote. The exact hid announced for Nany the con number of new ships proposed in Clusy on of the surrender with ger. It is a military secret the measure mar v was on v the step to be cloaking this by providing Only for Uren a first of gu., 385.000 tons of battleships 200.000 tons of aircraft carriers 420,000 tons of cruisers .250,000 tons of destroyers and 70.000 tons of submarines. There have been unofficial Esti judgment is delayed then it added a not until after a discussion with the latter country Italy can the mates to Ever that completion of government bring a definite judg the program together with other ment on the whole question of naval construction already authorize double negotiations and take Deci de would give the United states a Sions in the Best interests of the Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the while announcement of the sex Atlantic and Pacific. Tent of the French surrender in its 15,000 air planes details awaited the conclusion of this Fleet would be comprised of the capitulation to Mussolini this 11 will seek citizenship Valley ites will file final papers Brownsville a final petition for u. S. Naturalization were filed this past week by 11 Valley ites at the office of Fidel a. Mojo a. Deputy clerk of u. S. District court Here. The petitions Are expected to be presented at the december term of Federal court which will be presided Over by Federal judge James v. Allred. Petitions were from those born in Mexico Austria Russia Germany and Canada. The petitioners. Valley residence and countries or their birth follows Elizabeth Theresa Andrews Weslaco Austria Andres Rendon Brownsville Mexico Carlos be Wulc a Tomat Mission Mexico Emma Kres ship capable of carrying completely i mands and Quot nearly und takes Terrapin ser fix Brownsville Canada Juan c. Zuniga. Pharr Mexico Jos Jan a or her Wing 26 battleships. 14 air plane carriers. 70 cruisers 338 destroyers and 170 much seemed certain that France has been compelled submarines. This compares with to Promise a Complete halt to any the existing Navy of 15 battleships resistance of any sort to help in five air plane carriers 35 cruisers at least some ways perhaps As a. 219 destroyer and 95 submarines. Supplier of munitions and the like in addition to heavy combat ships Quot in. Germany a War against Britain the Bill also would authorize a and to agree to a Broad reconstruct qui Sitison of 15.000 air planes con lion of Continental Europe along Striction of $25,000.000 of . The lines that Hitler wants it to Harbor defense Craft and 100,000 tons be rebuilt. A but. Vow. H i a Hurr a a a dimple Causey 17 year old High school girl named a Umbs Houston in a Texas Beauty contest leaped for Joy when she arrived in new York on cruise celebrating inaugural of direct passenger ship a a re Lam a Wmk the two posts. Two in jail for hold up third in Bluetown robbery sought Brownsville one Man is in Cameron county jail in connection with the Nojd up tuesday of a Bluetown storekeeper sheriff j. A. Goolsby said saturday. The Man was arrested As he walked along the Highway near Falfurrias of Deputy sheriffs d. D. Norton and w. R. Smith during a trip they made to san Antonio Friday in an Effort to identify a Man Heid there. The suspect at san Antonio was released sheriff Goolsby said saturday. Meanwhile however another has been taken in custody at Houston and the two deputies had gone there saturday. Sheriff Goolsby said the department has a formatted concerning the whereabouts of the third Man sought in connection with the Holdup. And anticipates his capture soon. Enrique Weaver. Bluetown storekeeper was relieved of $360 Cash at Point by three men who persuaded him to participate in a Tomato Deal with them and took him ostensibly to look at tomatoes in a Field according to information no gave off a Cere. Gop leaders deny a deals father Icilda gets new Orleans Parish priest Transfer of auxiliary vessels. Informed sources said the latter would include a new fast Type of must be yes or no these were explained saturday Kalenicki Brownsville Russia. Also Romulo Oviedo Castillo Harlingen Mexico Alberto g. Trevino Edinburg Mexico Guadalupe Hinojosa Mercedes Mexico Ilona Edmundson Brownsville Germany and Consuelo Baidas. Brownsville Mexico. Would suffice. While the railway car became once again a scene of National Waco Jpio Harold Kelly has solons pass big tax Bill continued from Page one become effective immediately the president signs the legislation. The $1,768,913,908 emergency defense appropriation was the latest of president. Roosevelt a recommended defense expenditures. The bulk of the fund will be used for army air planes tanks guns and other munitions but part will go for Navy needs including a Start on construction of 68 new fighting ships. Passage of the emergency defense Bill brought the total of defense appropriation measures approved up to now to $5.377.552.058. In addition numerous items intended for defense purposes appeared in other routine Supply Bills. The Senate completed congressional action and sent to the White House during the Day legislation to provide $1,023,282,690 for the labor department and Federal Security Agency during the coming fiscal year. Equipped detachments of marines a a an ? \ was c a including their tanks and artillery Sood that Only a yes or no answer Congress must approve the Bill also stipulates that no ship boat or vessel in the Navy or he Milatin men flight on in the being bunt now or hereafter could j by he and valleys of Defeated France discovered that once a member of be sold or otherwise disposed of or in the lofty reaches near the the gentler sex makes up her mind be chartered or scrapped without go Russ Frontier the germans and vane she usually stays that Way. The consent or Congress de a few hard1-gained Mountain. Preferring eggs to Chicks. Kelly chairman Vinson Ltd a of the my is in an Effort to join with put a maternally minded Hen in a. Committee said it was de the Alpine army and thus to join pen. Then he put a pet Terrapin in signed to prevent such with the italians to put a last the pen to keep the Hen com-5 a disclosed Transfer noose about France Pany. °8t1 fort la Recluse itself the a Gibraltar later he returned to find the unconfirmed Sale of he Rhone still was in French Ben peacefully sitting on the Terra hands after a Day of bitter Back pin trying to Hatch it and Forth fighting. J germans regain cite 1 mass Georgc a Good Bellegrade. City near the fort was of 18 destroyers. Vinson said that As soon As the Bill became Law the Navy would ask Congress for a supplemental appropriation of $175,000.000 to get Mcallen father Frank Kilday. I o m i., pastor of the sacred heart Motherly Biddy Catholic Church in Mcallen for the # m Oast three and one half years has been transferred to new Orleans it was announced Here saturday night following his return from san Antonio with Hgt final orders. In new Orleans father Kilday will assume duties at the Cathedral of St Louis largest of the oblate order. He will be succeeded Here by father Charles Buckley of port Isabel who will come Here july 8. Father Buckley formerly was an assistant in Harlingen Parish for six years. Father George la liberte and father John m. Laurent will remain Here As assistant pastors. Father Kilday will leave Mcallen july 7. Taking his new charge in new Orleans on August 1. British naval and air fighters hit germans nazi battleship badly damaged As Many air raids accomplish objectives London Pic British naval and air units seeking to avenge the sinking of the 22,500-ton aircraft Carrier glorious waylaid the 26.000-ton German battleship Scharnhorst off trondheim fjord and badly damaged her the admiralty said saturday. Shortly afterwards the admiralty announced that a Large italian submarine attacked with depth charges in the Gulf of Aden had surrendered to the British trawler Moonstone. Then in another communique the air ministry said Royal air Force planes bombed the Krupp armament works at Essen. Friday night. Important German aircraft factories and storage buildings were reported attacked by the heavy bomb a and a half1�?T which lasted a a hour Bootleg booze direct bomb hits were scored on the Focke Wulf aircraft works fit i%t7 a v cd acc y a str Bremen the air ministry said and leu Alt Llly Olg Kinu six ammunition and Supply trains were wrecked. And Osnabrock m00nshin�r pal the communique on the Scharn Horst said the battleship reported Birmingham i Pic an Indig previously taken up their quarters damaged Early saturday morning Nant Alabama Bootlegger saturday Bere. Shortly after she and her sister ship. Dewey denies Rumore the Greisen a which Sank the marched for the Georgia Moonshine one the prominent contenders. Glorious in the North sea june or who Short measured him on 40 senator Arthur Vandenban a it u 8. Was spied by a submarine Leav cans of purported geor Michigan was not due in town untiring the fjord. Sunday. A the Battle Cruiser. The com a Moonshine whisky. Dewey holding i press Confer Munique said Quot Vas clearly on pass Federal alcohol tax unit director ence. Said flatly that there was no age to a Safe port where she could Joe Rollin said the Bootlegger com truth in reports that his forces were repair the damage sustained when planned to Federal agents that he teeming up with those of senator hit by at least one heavy bomb Dur j paid $250 for the whisky after be Taft in an Effort to a Stop Willkie ing in attack by the aircraft of the ing allowed to make the Quot taste test Quot a platform sub committees were at British Fleet air Arm. On june 13. ,0 thrusting a Finger into each can work behind closed doors g the seh Arnhart was under heavy and sampling the contents. A group at work on the foreign escort but the submarine launched later the Bootlegger said he found i Blank. A the groups had. A torpedo regardless and it struck that the Moonshiner had soldered a her. The Royal air Force coastal pint Container inside the mount 01 wide open contest is expected Philadelphia a pm fading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in. This carnival Bent convention City saturday denying fast flying rumours of impending and looking Forward to the party a first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920 Wendell Willkie. The new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e Dewey the Youngst new York District attorney who swept the reference primaries. And senator Robert a Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington. Reached town to join senator Stylos Bridges. Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h James of1 Pennsylvania contenders who had after appendectomy weather East Texas partly sunday and monday. Moderate to fresh Southeast winds on. The coast. Arizona partly Cloudy Sun it under Way. He also told the lost by the germans then regained. House that Navy officials hoped to French resistance too in the Narva m. A no a develop and bring Back to life the Vosges mountains where troops of y shipbuilding Industry of the Paci the now useless magi not line George la Fen a of the classified Fie coast from Tacoma Wash to the that was to have been department at the Valley morning san. Diego. Calif. Frances impenetrable bulwark a Sta r Here underwent an emergency d a Ltd afternoon and. Evening Senate consideration of the Bill is formed in a Square and tried to appendectomy at a medical arts not expected until after the political storm their Way through the in clinic saturday morning conventions at the earliest circling germans. \ saturday Midnight her condition a South of the Loire River there was reported As Mcallen passe red were oth Quot ensa events but they been advised to have their planks read for n Resen tat Ion to the draft command was notified and torpedo each 5.gallon a in and feed a a w to in committee by Early evening. Air bomber aircraft opened up. The Scharnhorst momentarily escaped but a destroyer was hit. Two of the British planes ailed to return. An hour later said the British communique despite the escort of destroyers and a guard of at least 50 me Werschmidt fighting planes the coastal command planes again attacked and scored three direct bomb hits. Two struck alongside numbers one and two turrets. The ther was full on the Stern from which a great Quantity of debris Rose in the the communique said. The admiralty said the Scharn m. Landon. Chairman of the foreign affairs committee asserted however that was impossible in his Case. Landon wants time Landon s View repeatedly expressed. Has been that the Plank should not be written hurriedly. Be a cause of the Uncertain status of events abroad. The Plank is expected to emphasize peace and pre cell ent air bases along the French pm redness urge some degree of and belgian coast Dienst aus a set Nee to the allies and stress whiskey. The remainder of the can was filled with Creek water. Britain Ripe for invasion continued from Page one the Republican party As the a a peace party. A seated in a Pullman chair Between no path Philadelphia and thirtieth Street stations Willkie Boob poohed ail talk of a Quot Stop were described As minor. There was q 1 o Cross Relief drive slight fighting with italians in the a How is Mcallen Mcallen passed its j the nazi High command announce red Cross War Relief drive quota ased that 500,0000 French troops Cut \for4 in Rott pc t the Campaign ended Here saturday off in Alsace Lorraine had sur of s 1l s Losi night raising $748 on a quota of rendered. In Berlin nazi quarters thunderstorms. Monday fair. Cooler West and North portions sunday. New Mexico partly Cloudy to Cloudy sunday with afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Monday partly Cloudy with Thun Derston is East portion. Cooler West and North portions monday. West Texas partly Cloudy to Cloudy sunday with showers and deutschland pointed out in developing its thesis that England is a Ripe for More than 30 per cent of All imports and exports of the British the id the Scharn Isle a Havi bar a topped 51nc, he a Alk. Y a Quot a Quot Horst was damaged in trondheim a Norv to Tail on Willkie movement with an assert fjord june 13. In april prime i to at quoth Quot candidate did no minister Churchill told the House a p1�?~ control their delegates to such an of commons the ship had been hit _ Nanes a owner extent and flatly asserted he would once perhaps twice in a running communique said 25 enemy not accept the vice presidential fight with the British Battle Cruiser planes we a of a ought Down Friday nomination. Renown but it had escaped behind some m and a some on the r. B. Creager. Brownsville Eom l a smoke screen Laid Down by a ger ground. Shipping totalling 42.686 a Ripe Eman for Texas said he doubt Riouddy i Man destroyer. Tons was destroyed by submarines Edth new 1.000-vote Rule woul it. In addition to the sinking of an affect Texas at the next convention Quot English transport of 11.000 tons. �?1944�?because he did not believe the High command announced it would be difficult to get i.c00 also that More than 200.000 prison votes in each District in the com it ers were taken in the Lorraine Der inertial election and the Vosges sectors alone and that 260 by . M. Wyatt planes on various air Fields were Harlingen Hayden m. Wyatt seized. Four French submarines 53, pastor of the Rio Hondo Assem were seized in be Havre Harbor. Taft shows styles to gain delegates Thunder storms. Monday partly $600. Cha Irman j. R. Harris said declared England was a Ripe for i Cloudy with thunderstorms South however that a number of firms c. Portion. Warmer South portion Sun and individuals have not yet con-1 the British claimed a Success of ?r1z d1-along with div tribute and the drive will be left their own. Declaring that naval and Venlon Southwest Farmers and Oklahoma generally fair Sun open to receive sums from those units had waylaid and badly scientists Are asking. Quot where Are d and Mondavi somewhat cooler a Man the snows of yesteryear a a a. Monday Philadelphia a Pic senator a announced that quota for Hidalgo Taft of Ohio will try next week to coun a has been doubled. Win delegates by teaching them Bridge and showing them the latest i a Rrnald \x7 _ styles. His managers have arranged Owfook w Aives who have not Given. Damaged the 26.000-ton German Harris warmly praised the co battleship Scharnhorst off Trond Deb club High school girls Organ Beim Norway Iza Tion which collected Over $400 of the drive total during final two two Are sentenced Days of the Campaign. It was also 0 f j l by judge Ferguson Edinburgh two pleas of guilty r r a a Tefu Eryck a a in Panhandle monday warmer g e p. Smith water in Fine a out Htam and extreme m5t Sun. And University of Arizona scientist. For a series of Bridge lectures at his Headquarters every morning for the entertainment of visiting women. A. Style show with gowns shown by professional models and featuring a Martha Taft dress has been arranged for tuesday. Association to meet Harlingen the Stuart place Citrus association will meet at the Reese Wil mond hotel Here tuesday night trial in burglary Edinburg a j. C. Brooks. 19. Waived examining trial Here saturday before Justice of the peace j. Loy Ramsour on burglary complaint and was bound Over to the grand jury. County traffic officer Walter Lysinger and Deputy sheriff Dick Gilliam presented the com were received in 93rd District court Here saturday. Judge Bryce Fergus i son sentencing Ignacio Silva to five years in the Penitentiary on Bur declares a most of it was lost by a such he said a Are inevitable when the snowfall is followed by Clear weather Cool or moderate with Normal or High to those who scoff at the problem of sublimation Smith recalled Day. Glary conviction and assessing two. See of wet clothes freeze dry on year term for Trinidad Flores con 1he 1�?Tne Anc seeing Mist like evicted of forgery. Of sin just above a snowy Hill court report seen Smith who insists that forecasts Washington mph the Senate \ of he water Supply should be made agreed saturday to ask the United act april and september in the states court of claims for a report Southwest to Aid Farmers to deter Nia int o i a w 1 in legislation proposing a refund of mine How Many acres to Plant be try. A goof Brooks with Bur $52.500.000 of taxes collected under lives that a study of what became of the snows of yesteryear must be lower Valley Gas rate seen obituary newspaper Man drowns Bonham a the body of John blvd of god Church died at a local prisoners included High ranking a Hospital saturday at 5 30 p. M of naval and military officers. Tick Quot Quot a spa Quot. Continued from Pago ones la Blanca the 1934 Bankhead Cotton control on june 18 and june 21. Act. Included in the forecasts. France learns Hitler s Price for peace this was the scene Friday when France Learned Hitler s Price for peace in the same Railroad car in which Germany Learned the allies peace Price in 1918. 1 grand Admiral Erich Raeder 2 Field marshal Hermann goer ing 3 Adolf Hitler. 4 col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel 5 col Gen. Walther von Brauchitsch 6 Rudolf Hess Deputy party Leader 7 Gen. Charles Huntziger. 8 rear Admiral Maurice de Luc 9 foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop 10 Friedrich Wilhelm Brueckner hitlers adjutant. 11 translator Paul Schmidt. General Jean Marie Bergeret and Leon Noel Are seated out of View beside Huntziger. Tic3l rally Thompson issued an invitation t it 400 Mcallen voters a a let a quit fiddling and get Down to he said. Ends Valley Campaign he wound up a whirlwind Campaign through the Valley with the saturday night talk Here after having made 24 talks in As Many Valley cities and several radio addresses. In his Brief address Here the candidate repeated his Promise to take immediate Steps if elected governor to get the 7.000 Pound truck Load limit Law replaced with a reasonable statute. He urged a five cents a barrel tax on crude Oil As a solution to the vexing problem of financing Texas social legislation. Including old age pensions payments and the states half of the teacher retirement program. Mexican officials offer cards return Mcallen Marin Espinosa. Mexican collector of internal Revenue has said the stolen car belonging to Jesse Hays Edinburg will be returned to him if he will appear with credentials proving ownership and two witnesses it was reported Here saturday. Hay was out of the Valley Over the week end but Valley officer plan to Contact him monday m order to urge him to go to Reynosa and take advantage of the offer youngest Laberite is ten months old Austin a Ltd it a youngest Quot delegates to the Texas federation of labor meeting in san Antonio this weekend is j. H. Pittsford. Jr., 10 months old. Of Austin. He was official Mascot of the federation convention at Galveston last fall. Delicious watermelons cold and Sweet opposite water Tower a. F. A l tel. 751 Mcallen heart ailment. He had been ill at the air raids Over England were the Home of his sister mrs. Charles reported As particularly Success la Turno Harlingen. A Ful at Bellingham. A North umber funeral arrangements to be in land armaments Center and along charge of Stotler Burdette mor the thames and Humber Rivers teary. Had not been announced sat where Oil storage tanks were fir urday night pending information de. From Distant relatives. A native of Texas deceased had been a resident of the Valley 15 years. Surviving Are three Sisters. Mrs. La Turno mrs. Denham. Kingsville mrs. Selma Clark san Francisco. Calif. Two Brothers g. L. Wyatt. Kingsville and r. J. Wyatt. San Francisco was found to a Creek near Leonard saturday. He had been missing i for a week. Employee meeting set Harlingen a meeting of employee of the John Deere plow Myron Taylor still is 111 in Florence Florence. Italy ghz Moron c. Taylor. President Roosevelt personal representative to the Vatican continued in a serious condition Here saturday night dams is visitor Harlingen Warren it Napper it Davis Mcallen insurance Man and Well know n Valier football official was a visitor saturday in Harlingen. Fair Board meeting Harlingen a members of the Valley mid win ter fair Board of company will be held wednesday directors will hold meeting monday at the Reese Wil mond hotel Here. I at the Reese Wil mond hotel. Cra lie Patata Baga Ciko a 989tm0nisp9t a hex. Baba Bacova Central Cut rate drug Walgreen Agency Harlan get Friday june 28th is the final Dollar Day auction in Harlingen Harlingen s merchant s committee give you a sincere invitation to be on hand Friday for the last Chance you la have to Quot spend Quot your your auction for the balance of hundreds of dollars Worth of valuable merchandise. If you be attended our other auction Dollar sales we need t Tell you that it s a lot of fun. A a hut if you As yet have not attended you la find that you not Only enjoy the competitive bidding but that receiving valuable merchandise in Exchange for your auction dollars is a lot of fun As Well. Anyway. Won t you be with us Friday save your auction dollars Sale starts 3 30 p. M

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