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Hammond Whiting Evening Times (Newspaper) - December 3, 1928, Hammond, Indiana Indiana weather Patr tonight and tuesday but some cloudiness Macli colder tuesday in extreme East portion. The Whiting saturday s circulation Wing edit soft 1,835 combined circulate of 20,162 vol. I., no. 207. Whiting Indiana monday december 3, 1928. Price two cents liquor raids in Hammond Over Enlil Goodman Case today temperature for Region temperature for Region. Temperature today As Rej ister cd by thermometer on first Trust and savings Bank build uni Hammond was 35 degrees fahrenheit at 7 30 a. M.�?38 degrees Fel Trenheit at noon. Weather Cloudy at of police and court Bailiff Engineer the raids wholesale liquor raids conducted by Hammond police Over the past week end culminating a 3 weeks investigation of the wet spots in the City resulted in the arrest of a dozen men on warrants charging them with liquor Law violation and brought the confiscation of various quantities of liquor and one still the twelve defendants All of whom were released under heavy Bonds will be arraigned before judge Joe Todd in the City court this afternoon by Deputy prosecutor Harold Hammond who will present the state s Case in the attempt to close up a number of the alleged liquor resorts. Three salads of Poi ice three squads of police accompanied by court Bailiff Tom Hale were responsible for the raids Quot and the serving of the search warrants. Police officers who took part in the activity were detective sergeants Tom Martinson Charles Carlson Leo Fox Fred Fandrei William Lute Mason Beasley and officer Renus Elman. Included in the places raided were Jack o Keefe s fish House at 1218 summer Street and the refreshment stand at the Granada ballroom. When detectives Martinson Carlson and Lute walked in to o Keenes Rook him to one Side and said they had a warrant for his place o Keefe is reported to have said Quot Well you got me boys. There s the bottle nver police confiscated a quart of pretty Good whiskey and a half gallon of alcohol. Robinson arrested James c. Robinson 1361 Harrison treet was Ai rested As the proprietor of the Granada refreshment stand which is said to be run entirely Independent of the actual dance Hall. At this place the liquor was cleverly contained in a so rup Jar sunk in the Marble counter Between soft drink syrup such As Cocoa cola Cherry flavor and Lime. Goodman bras., of Chicago Are said to rent the refreshment space from the officials of the Granada and in turn sub lease it to Robinson. R. H. Ror bus manager of the Granada disclaimed any responsibility for the liquor today and denied knowing it was present in the building. Find Alic Khoii when detectives Fandrei Fox and Elman raided the Granada and arrested Robinson they found about a pint of i alcohol which was confiscated. At the a lace of Tom Sagany 352 Baltimore Street detectives Beasley rate and Bailiff Hale confiscated a still in to basement and a Quantity of Liq or. Sagany s Bonds were raised to �2,000 on the basis of . Ift who were arrested and a Ith liquor Law violation Are John loss 1072 Columbia ave. Barney Surdyk 86 Gostlin Street Mike Surdyk 268 Gostlin Street who is Batney s son Rudolph Vezmar 855 summer Street Clifton Payton coloured 533 Fields Avenue Jim Benet cot who was arrested in the Alley in the rear of 747 Indianapolis Lio Levard James Mchale of Whiting who was arrested with Benet cot John Kwasna 109 Dearborn St., and John Bielecki 1130 Columbia Avenue. Evidence presented the investigations were made during the past month by authorities during which time actual purchases were made in All the places raided this week end o Earch warrants were issued by judge Todd on affidavits that liquor had been purchased Anid in some cases the actual evidence was presented to the judge As basis for a warrant. At Onei place the Story is told that the investigators walked in and bought a drink of liquor which he thought was t very Good. He reprimanded the bartender for Selling rot Fin booze whereupon the Barkeep is alleged to a pulled out a jul. Of Good liquor and dispensed a drink free. Who made the buys which resulted in the raids has not been divulged for publication Dan cupid triumphs at last East Chicago twin City Lions Are enter Taining their District governor Here today. Florida weather had nothing on the Brand created by old sol Here yesterday. The vivians will hold a recital at the elks Temple next monday evening. Zivny East Chicago i friends of John Killigrew Are today mourning his death. Twin City friends of John Killigrew were shocked to hear of his death. A filling station will be erected at the Corner of Forsyth Avenue and 145th Street. Session other charge seaplane with occupants sinks Rio de Janerio Brazil Deb. 3�? . A the seaplane Condor which hopped off today with a reception committee to Greet Santos Dumont noted brazilian inventor w As forced Down into the Bay and Sank. The Fate of the occupants is not known but All Are believed to have drowned. Dumont was one of the first experimenters with dirigible. In 1901 he flew around Eiffel Tower in Paris in a dirigible of his own invention. His arrival Here was attended by a great ovation. Trees will be planted at the Roosevelt school and St. Catherine s Hospital by the kiwanis club in the near future. Eight Strong teams will Battle in the Industrial basketball league which opened wednesday night at Washington gym. Several people were Hurt Over the week end in Auto accidents and one Man tried to take his own life. Building permits totalling $30,240 were taken out this morning at the office of the East Chicago building commissioner Bert Newell. After defeating the thorns for the second time the East Chicago nehi football team held a big Parade through the City last evening. Three East Chicago Alder men will attend the National Rivers and harbours Council this week at Washington d. C. Election of officers will be the main event on the East Chicago kiwanis program tomorrow. Stars of Quot Captain con Quot will bait on stand Case May last ail reported Efi aged from time to time during the past year. Miss Florence Trumbull daughter of Connecticut s governor has finally announced her engagement to John Coolidge son of president and mrs. Coolidge. The wedding is scheduled to take place at Plainville conn., next summer. Florence and John Are shown above. There will be another Public hearing on the moving of the South Shore tracks from Chicago Avenue at the Board of works meeting in the East Chicago City Hall wednesday the Whiting police made 43 arrests during the month of november. The elks Lodge has a regular meeting scheduled for to Morrow evening in the club rooms. After a Good thanksgiving Holiday school kids returned to their classes this morning. The Community choral club will meet tonight at 7 30 o clock in the Community Center. The old settlers club will hold a party tomorrow night in the general club rooms of the Community Center. The Whiting High school oilers nosed out Roosevelt by one Point at the Washington gym last saturday night. Final first round games in the s. O. A. A. Indoor baseball league will be played at the Community Center this evening. Quot daddy Quot Walker of the police Force is confined at the methodist Hospital in Gary with nine is. A Good crowd of children saw Tom mix in Quot tumbling River Quot at the weekly movie in the Community Center saturday. The Whiting Mcnamara Brothers basketball team has organized for the season. Sunday Aier noon games will again be offered to Cage fans in this District. The Community House basketball league will open its schedule wednesday night at the Community Center gym. Two games will to played on wednesday and two on thursday neat Little circulars Are being mailed this week to approximately 4,000 legionnaires in the tenth District of Indiana. The circulars contain information about the legion conference which will be held next sunday in hurries for Home London dec. 3.�? . A the Prince of Wales will travel across Continental Europe by fast train to shorten his journey Home it was officially announced this afternoon. The Prince will Transfer from the Enterprise to the Cruiser Frobisher at Alexandria leaving the Frobisher at Brindisi Italy. He will travel Overland via Turin and Paris to Calais where he will Board a fast destroyer for Dover. Quot hit me and i la shoot you that was the dare made saturday afternoon by temp Adkins confessed murderer which resulted in the slaying of George Hendrickson 29, in a Brawl at Millikan tenement House 188 Plummer Avenue Hammond. Hendrickson who was intoxicated according to Eye witnesses of the murder fell fatally wounded with a .32 calibre Bullet in his heart. The shot fired by Adkins entered the victim s right Side under the arms punctured both lungs and lodged in the heart. The shooting took place in front of the tenement House at 2 30 o clock and Hendrickson rushed to St. Margaret s Hospital by officer Walter Mroz of the local police died a half hour later without regaining consciousness. Adkins who stood with the revolver in his hand until police arrived did not attempt to escape and not until he was taken to the police station did he appear to realize that he killed a Man. Detective sergeants William Lute Charles Carlson and Tom Martinson who Condo cited the probe into the shooting had Little Iii Mculty in obtaining a confession from Adkins whose testimony and signed confession was verified by stories of four witnesses. The Brawl started according to Adkins when he went upstairs to Hindrickson s Flat to demand the reason for a commotion. Mrs. Bertha Hendrickson wife of the slain Man told Adkins that her husband was drunk again. Hendrickson is alleged to have cursed Adkins ordering him to leave his rooms. Adkins then found mrs. Helen Millikan owner of the tenement House and while they were discussing Hendrickson s action the latter came downstairs and continued his swearing threatening to beat Adkins. Adkins Drew his gun. Quot hit me and i la shoot you Quot he dared Hendrickson. Hendrickson struck Adkins and in the scuffle that followed Adkins fired the fatal shot. Hendrickson fell a few feet from the doorway face Down. Blood gushed from his Mouth leading to the belief that he had been shot in the face. Witnesses to the shooting other than mrs. Millikan were John Gorman janitor and resident of the Flats George Zany 317 Truman Avenue and Gertrude Davison 16, also a resident of the building. Hendrickson a labourer was often intoxicated according to people living in the Flats but was never known to have had trouble with Adkins or other tenants. The murdered Man had relatives in Calumet mich., and had been married for six years. Following his death at the Hospital the body was removed to Neidow s morgue pending a Coroner s inquest saturday. Adkins was arraigned on a charge of murder after the confession and will be bound Oer to the Lake criminal court following preliminary hearing in the City court. He was arrested by patrolman William Kunde immediately after the shooting and turned Over to detectives. Whiting dec. 3.�?frank Rocco 4716 Tod Avenue. East Chicago age 18 Yiirs another East Chicago youth and two girls whose names the police did not learn miraculously escaped serious injuries and possible death last satterday night at 10 o clock when the Sedan that Rocco was driving North on front Street across the Railroad tracks was struck by a slow East bound freight train thrown into the path of fast West bound new York Central passenger train and demolished. According to statements made by Rocco he was thrown out of the machine when the freight hit it. The other three persons jumped out of the car to safety before the fast passenger train which was but a few Hundred feet away picked up the empty Sedan carried it for a distance and then scattered the different parts along the Railroad right of Way. Cross 13 tracks. Rocco and the three other persons attended the Whiting Roosevelt basketball game at Indiana Harbor earlier in the evening and according to Rocco were planning to attend a dance in Whiting after the game. Instead of following the Highway into town the four people decided to ride through Whiting Park necessitating the crossing of the three Crossings and thirteen tracks. There is no warning Light at these Railroad tracks and a watchman is maintained at the crossing Only to 6 p. M. Daily. The slow eastbound freight was travelling on the further most track from the Southern end of the Highway. According to Rocco he was driving slowly across the tracks and when he noticed the oncoming freight he tried to shift the car into second and Speed out of its path but was unable to do so the freight striking the rear end of the car and hurling it onto the next track into the path of the passenger train. The four occupants kept their senses and got out of the machine before the flyer demolished it. The Crew of the freight train tried to Flag the passenger train but were unsuccessful in their attempt. The passenger train came to a halt after demolishing the heavy Sedan and after the Crew Learned that no one was injured it continued its trip to Chicago. The scattered parts of the demolished machine were picked up and taken to a local garage. Campaigns for speaker ship Newcastle ind., dec. 3.�? u. Pm Herbert h. Evans representative elect today was to begin a tour of Northern Indiana in his Campaign for speaker ship of the House of representatives. Evans plans to cover 21 counties. Next week according to plans he is to visit Southern Indiana. Counsel for the defense in the Louis Goodman Case now being heard in Federal court of Hammond scored a Point today when judge Slick ordered stricken from the records a statement alleged to have been made by Max Isay Gary restaurant owner to Otto Schech Tel the government s Quot key Quot witness about Goodman. Attorneys for both sides Ai Gued frequently about conversations and the willingness of the witness to explain things beyond the questions asked. Schechtel took the witness stand at 10 a. M. And was Cross examined by attorney Tinkham for or. Goodman who kept the witness an hour before turning him Over to the government for re direct examination Mcaleer led the witness from one conversation to another and everything seemed to be going along smoothly until Schechtel was asked about a conversation he had with a Max Isay Gary restaurant owner. Q. Did you Ever have any conversation with Max Isay a. Yes. Tai ivs about his arrest q. Just what was the conversation Schechtel then told about going to Isay and talking to him about his Schechtel s arrest. The witness said Quot Isay told me i was a sucker for sitting tight. He has been getting away with that kind of stuff for attain keys Tinkham Gal Vin and Mathews objected sharply to the last part and after much comment on the last statement judge Slick ruled it out of the records. Judge Slick told the government that if they wanted to bring Max Isay in As a witness his testimony would be taken but that the conversation about the last statement was being told by Schechtel As a third person and was unfair. Schechtel said that he told Isay that Goodman would not help with his defense which led to the conversation. Schechtel then told about another conversation he had with a Paul Glaser attorney for Sam Johnston also involved in the Case. When Schechtel told Glaser that Goodman would not do anything for him the lawyer was alleged to have replied Quot by god he will when i get through with would Sei about it Schechtel also told of conversations he had with Harry Sharavsky now Gary City attorney Milton Mayer and or. Duke. The witness told How or. Goodman sent him to the City Atto Imey to find out about Schechtel being ejected from his premises because he was three months in arrears with his rent. He left the office when the City attorney told him he Quot would see about the witness told of a visit from Milton Mayer Goodman s office manager after his arrest and declared or. Mayer said Quot i would like to get this straight As far As your defense Otto. Just How much would it take to handle this Schechtel said that they figured it out in the basement of his store and arrived at a figure of $3,500. Schechtel wanted attorney Conroy As his lawyer. Mayer then took the slip of paper because he wanted to show it to Quot the old Man Quot whose name he did t want brought into the Case never came Back Mayer asked Schechtel if anyone else had been to see him and when he told Mayer that or. Duke Goodman s bookkeeper had but had never come Back again Mayer said Quot did Duke do that and never come Back again Quot Schechtel said he had. Otto then said that Mayer too went away and he never came Back again. Schechtel was expected to be quizzed on the stand for the greater portion of the Day with other government Star witnesses following. Or. Goodman while appearing nervous at times in the courtroom takes in every word of the witnesses and ofttimes consults his attorneys. His Young son and daughter with friends from Gary have been attending every session of the court proceedings. Attorney Tinkham said this morning that he expected the Case to go to the jury by Friday several things make Wall Street uneasy at today s session by David p. Sentner staff correspondent i. N. Service new York dec. 3.�?what goes up must come Down. Prices Slid Down the Chute like a greased Bear today at the opening of the Stock Exchange. Uneasy at the convening of a new session of Congress. Wall Street traders began skimming profits preparing to sit in the Corner awhile and watch awhile and watch which Way the Federal legislative wind would blow. The atmosphere of wild plunging speculation of recent weeks was entirely absent. The probability of congressional meddling with the Money Market Hung like a dark umbrella Over the Exchange. Quot lame Duck Quot congressmen with less responsibility to constituencies were reported ready to introduce various remedial Bills in connection with the Federal Reserve system. A possible Federal investigation of the use of credit for speculation also was in Prospect. Call Money registered at eight per cent. The Street s stepping Stone stocks such As radio Victor talking and the motor leaders dropped from one to six Points. However As the Bear element steeped to cause a landslide the bulls treated the drop As merely a Prince of Wales leaves Africa on cruise before end Allis Itiat wife be appointed to fill out his term bulletin. Crown Point ind., dec. 3. A mrs. Alvitia Killigrew widow of John kill Crew was appoint cd cleric of the circuit court shortly before noon today to flip out the unexpired term of Lier husband. The county commissioners Side tracked other matters in order to make the appointment As it was necessary for the courts of the county to remain until a cleric was named. No outlier were considered and the position was Given to mrs. Killigrew in accordance with tile just request of her husband. Jul Ilfe e. Miles Norton of the circuit court and county attorney Joe Bromis left at once for Gary to administer the oath of office to mrs. Killi Farrew she will serve until Janun by 1, 1932. Heir to the British throne who is speeding to London As Royal father Battles for life. A a j ate by mlle the Home of Fred a. Bunde employee of e. A. Griswold and sons at 195 Fernwood Avenue was entered sometime Between last thursday and late saturday night by thieves who ransacked the House and took a Large Quantity of jewelry trinkets and Cash. The House was entered after the burglars Jimmie a rear window. The loot consisted of two Elgin watches a Diamond set tie pin a Diamond ring several less valuable rings a string of pearls a Diamond brooch Gold pieces and Cash for a ?45 and a Small Box of heirlooms. M. E. Eidman 135 Oakwood Avenue reported to police this morning that his Home was entered last night by thieves who Jimmie a rear window but an Early checkup failed to show any loss. A similar report was made by officials of the mar land Oil company Plant on summer Street last night. A Check up will be made to determine the extent of the loss there. I a car owned by William Rosen Winkel 162 5 Jefferson Street parked on bulletin Street Between state and Sibley saturday evening was broken into and a Man s overcoat stolen. The coat was Worth �30. A radio set stolen from the Home of Frank Williams 1561 Arkansas Street Hessville was recovered late saturday night by officers Rickman and Sommer. William s Home was entered by breaking the Jock on the front door. Bulletin. By Hirry Flory staff correspondent i. N. Service London dec. today passed to rough the most anxious period since King George fell ill nearly a Fortyl gift ago. Despite the More cheerful tone of the 10 .i0 bulletin of the at tending physicians Ca Elo ments piled up As the Day adv it since Ltd indicating a deepening of alarm both in and out of official circles Over the condition of the Monarch. The by Harry r. Plov staff correspondent i. N. Service London dec. 3.�?after examining King get Gie this morning the Royal physicians issued a More favourable bulletin regarding his majesty s condition at 10 30 a. M. Today bulletin read As follows Quot the King has had three hours of quieter sleep since the issuance of that last bulletin. His temperature now is 99.8 degrees. There is a slight improvement in his general condition. Quot lord Dawson of Quot sir Stanley Hewett the bulletin appeared to cheer the waiting throngs outside Buckingham Palace although remarks were heard Over the failure of the physicians to mention the condition of the King s heart. Despite the ominous tone of the previous bulletins on King George s condition and rumours that he was in one of Lake county s most promising civic careers was Cut Short with the death of John Killigrew county clerk and Republican chairman of the tenth District which occurred at 12 11 o clock sunday noon at mercy Hospital in Gary. His death ended an illness of two weeks which followed an appendicitis operation. Two subsequent operations were resorted to when an infection developed but were unsuccessful. He remained con continued on Page seventeen arrest drunk Driver hitting Mother killed Peru ind., dec. 3.�? . A mrs. Lloyd Brown 35, Mother of six children met instant death when struck by an automobile As she attempted to Cross a Street sets clothes afire miss Evelyn Imes 501 Columbia Avenue is recovering at St. Margaret s Hospital today from painful Burns covering almost her entire Back received last saturday morning at her Home. Miss Imes was standing in front of a water Heater when it suddenly Back fired. Flames Dart ing from it ignited miss Imes clothing which were extinguished with difficulty and not before she had been painfully burned. She was taken to St. Margaret s Hospital immediately where first Aid was Given and where miss Imes has been recuperating. Alleged to have been driving while drunk. Carlo Dangelo 83 Cameron Street was arrested late yesterday after a mile a minute race through Hammond s norths do which ended in a crash at Hohman and Gostlin streets. According to Moto cop Harry Schaetzel who raced the alleged Moon crazed Driver the race started near 150th Street and Calumet Avenue Dangelo sped fifty Miles an hour North on Calumet to Gostlin. Officer Schaetzel ordered Dangelo to Stop four times but the latter Only drove faster. Dangelo managed to turn his car West on Gostlin Street and zigzagged As High As fifty seven Miles in hour toward Hohman Street. At Hohman he slowed Down to forty per and turning North collided Avith a car driven by Edmund Ryzewski Blue Island 111. Dangelo Vas arrested on a drunk driving count and was locked up pending his trial in the City court this afternoon. No one was injured when the cars crashed. Another arrest for alleged Drunken Auto was made last eve Ning after William Notzke 87 Hanover Street travelling South on Hohman Street rammed the front end of a Street car at the Wabash Railroad crossing. Notzke was released pending his trial today As was his brother Alex Notzke who was Riding with William and who was also intoxicated. Arraigned for girl s death Evansville ind., dec 3�? . A or. Jezra h. Pleak prominent physician already under a sentence of from three to seven years for an alleged illegal operation today was arraigned in City court Here and charged with abortion in connection with the death of Lucille Cotting Ham 19, Telephone operator. The Telephone operator according to police died in the physician s office yesterday afternoon seven hours after an alleged operation had been performed. Fred Lutz 26, and Lee Lloyd 58, doctors employees were i arrested and later released under $1,000 Bond each. Or. Pleak was released under a s2.500 Bond. The ph3 Iciano sentence was appealed and is now pending in the state supreme court. Girl s Throat fingerprinted Indianapolis ind., dec. 3.�? l . A miss Sarah Stewart awakened Here Early today to discover a negro bending Over her bed. She began to scream and the intruder promptly began choking her. The Young woman fought so desperately however that the negro grow frightened and fled through a window. When police arrived they found vivid fingerprints on the girl s Throat. A purse containing $6.00 which had been on a Dresser was missing. Because a Bridge lamp was lit the Joung woman was Able to give Primico a Good description of the negro. Indianapolis ind., dec. 3�? l . A William a. Hough of Greenfield ind., today was elected chairman of the state Board of tax commissioners at a reorganization of the Board. The Board reorganized after chairman John j. Brown was succeeded by Pliny Wolfard former Secretary to governor de. Jackson whom the governor named to a four year term As state tax commissioner Raymond Petrie 15, of 107 Wal Tham Street was bitten by a dog on saturday afternoon As he walked through Harrison Park Hammond. According to the report received by police the lad was crossing a Small Bridge in the Park when the Large Mongrel made a lunge at him inflicting a bad injury to the boy s left leg. Petrie went Home and police were called. It is believed that the dog was the same one which recently attacked another lad in that neighbourhood two die Auto crash Sheridan ind., dec. So a up a two persons were killed and two others injured when their automobile crashed into a Bridge abutment and Quot overturned near Here. Robert Crisey 23, South Kepton and Park Harvey 24, Indianapolis Wei a killed. Ora beam 26, Tipton and Laura Phillips 23, Tipton were injured neither seriously according to Hospital attendants. Physicians said All four had been drinking. Johnny Killigrew. I scions and conversed with friends at his bedside until within an hour of his passing. Last req tests. Or. Killigrew realized that the end was near and among several requests which he made were that there be no Flowers at his fungi Al and that his widow be appointed to Servo his a unexpired term As county clerk. At his bedside were the reverend Joachim Ryder chaplain of mercy Hospital who administered the last rites of the Church mrs Killigrew and her brother Carl Krausse or Killigrew s sister mrs. A j. Hake and two Brothers Quot Xvi 11 and Leon Alfred Jones county commissioner William Fulton and his Secretary. Miss Iverson George m. Foland miss Lillian Schmidt chief Deputy clerk and Eugene Carpenter of Indianapolis a close Friend of or. Killigrew Fua Era. Wednesday. Complete details of the funeral have not been arranged but the services will be held wednesday morning from the Home 151 Michigan Avenue Hobart to St. Bridget a Church at 10 o clock when solemn requiem High mass will be Sung. Burial will be in Calvary cemetery where his Mother was buried four months ago. V John Killigrew was born in Hobart August 5, 1892, the son of the late John and Louise Killigrew. He was educated in the Hobart schools graduating from High school in 1910, he started working in the Gary steel Mills immediately and spent his evenings studying Law graduating in 1914 from the Kent College of Law. Killigrew had opened a real estate and Insun Ance office in Hobart and on receiving his jaw degree he left the steel Mills to devote his entire time to the business. In politics at Al when he was 21 years old a amp was precinct committeeman in the Republican organization and that year was appointed Justice of the peace to fill a vacancy. He was at the time the youngest Justice in the state. From then on his Rise in political circles was steady. He Becane assistant Secretary to the Lake county Central committee and later Secretary. Quot at 25 years of age he was chairman of the county organization one of the most important in the state and was likewise the youngest to hold such a Post in Indiana. He served three terms and in that time successfully mar aged the Harding Campaign in 192 he resigned As chairman when a became a candidate for clerk in 1922 and was elected Contin Iund on Page six %
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