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Hammond Times Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Hammond Times (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Hammond, Indiana A in i l Home newspaper of the Calumet Region Spring fashions on Parade see Section g of today s times i 1he i formerly the Lake county times final Price 15 cents vol. Li., no. 240 phone we 2-3100 Hammond East Chicago ind., sunday March 31, 1957 App a win photo 104 pages Bandit will release Anita 1st Suez Convoy ships of the first Convoy to transit the Suez canal since War closed the waterway last november sail Waterways near Ismail la Egypt. The Convoy arrived in port said at Northern end of the canal saturday marking a major step toward resumption of Normal operations a wire photo . Trying to starve Egypt Nasser charges says canal won t be open to Israel lauds Russia Cairo Nasser charged saturday the United states is trying to Strave but despite this . Pressure he Naid Egypt will run the Suez canal by itself and will not let israeli ships use it. Nasser spoke to visiting american editors As the first ship con Voys in five months transited the newly reopened Waterways ing tolls to Egypt on Egypt s terms. In one of the Moat stinging at tucks he has Ever or Mac on the United states. Nasser assorted the United states is miming to Turve us while the soviet Union aiming to help us. A like to be Friendly to the United states but not us it result of pressure. As Long us we Haw wheat and bread we will continue to resist pressure. We won t local newsmen barred from the news conference or 29 . Newspapers and radio editors touring the Middle East. What Nasser said was reported by two members of the group Dwight e. Sargent of the Portland Maine press Herald and Roy Pink Carton of the John p. Scrupps newspapers Ventura. Calif. Nasser said Egypt will keep is reel s ship from using either the canal or the Gulf of Miles cast of threats or pressure. Israel has been Send ing foreign Flag ships through the Gulf into its Southern port of Ellul since Israel troops knocked out egyptian Gens last tall that had blockaded the alternate route from the red sea. Both the Gulf and the canal no Egypt s territorial Wnters Nasser mid and he intends to keep them ten Oats in Advance of the in nil s official reopening. 14 ships in two convoys sailed the 103 Miles from sum at its Southern end to port said on the Mediterranean the largest was 7.000 tons although Rainy. Weather mostly Cloudy and Cool with Chimer of Nln tonight or Mon any. High mid Low tonight mid continued tool monday. Sunset today , Molny . Imllnna-1111 n o mostly Cloudy today with showers Likely Northwest and South. High in the 40s North 47-60 South. it 41 t . 31 2 . 3 . 4 m . It t . Nil t . 5 . P u 11 j j n. I h 3 4 t 9 10 11 . .1.1 13 m. 31 3 10 17 24 ii 18 12 19 13 20 14 21 8 is 22 9 16 23 30 Index classified .d5-u editorials obituaries .b3 radio pm sports theater Page. D4 to dry to lib of the Frap in .82 in it Egypt s Suez canal authority now will permit ships of up to tons to pass through. In the convoys were ships Fly no the. Flags of Italy Russia Greece West Romania Liberia Ethiopia Panama and Finland. They paid tolls directly to Egypt. Before the canal was closed by Egypt in the British French and israeli invasions in october Many european owned ships were permitted to use the canal even though they paid tolls to the old Suez canal co., that Egypt had nationalized in july. A , Salvage Fleet has cleared All the waterway s obstructions placed by Egypt except the sunken frigate Abuzir at the Southern end which still prevents big ships from entering. The Abuzir is expected to be lifted out of the Way monday. The . State department however has advised american shipowners against using the canal for the time being. An egyptian Sanut authority spokesman denounced this advice today culling it a face saving device at the expense of american shipping com the spokesman denied there would be any physical hazards for ships using the canal. He also lashed at proposals voiced in the West for building alternate routes for Middle East Oil. 1 we know that sooner or later the simple Laws of economics will dictate that ships use the canal instead of taking longer he said. Even it they plan More pipe lines and supertanker in the future we will still have All the traffic we can Nasser s reference to the United states trying to starve Egypt was an obvious reference to . Refusal to sell this country s surplus wheat for egyptian currency. When the United states refused Russia sold Nasser some the presidents bitterest blast was directed at the . Press. All of us feel disappointment when we read american newspapers and read Between the lines and realize that the americans arc Happy to see us in i he said. Nasser said he gets letters a month rom americans who sup port his policies and that is compensation for what i read in the he denied emphatically that he was pro communist or had tried to play off the West against the East. While was trying to get help from the United states and Britain to finance the Aswan dam on Egypt s upper Nile he said to were approached by the soviet Union with an offer and declined to do Scuito it with them while we were negotiating with the american British offer was withdrawn and it was done in such a Way As to insult Nasser said and that is Why i nationalized the get Rev Enue to carry on these new London Spiot Premier Nikolai Bulgarin and communist party Leader Nikita Khrushchev Are going on the Road again. Moscow radio announced Satur Day night the soviet leaders who toured far and wide in 1956, will an official Weck Long visit to Finland beginning june 6. They will be returning a visit to Russia by finnish Premier Karl August Fng erholm last fall. Chief offers Freedom if unpunished Iran assures gang Leader amnesty in Kidnap killings Tehran Iran sunday Leader of the desert outlaws who kidnapped mrs. Anita Carroll has agreed to release her if he is allowed to go free. The government replied with an Assurance of amnesty if the pretty 35-year-old american woman is re leased immediately. The dramatic Exchange of Mes sages was made Public Early today by the Interior ministry. A message from the Bandit chief was received saturday at Iranshahr Southeast iranian head quarters for the search for mrs. Carroll established by police and army officers. Dad Shah a notorious gang Leader assured the Shah s government that mrs. Carroll is quite Safe and the governor of Iranshahr has been instructed to Limm mediately Contact the bandits and arrange for mrs. Carroll s the Interior ministry said. Bibs. Carroll has been a Cap Tive of the outlaws in the Barren reaches of Southeast Iran since last sunday. The gang ambushed two Ameri can jeeps killed her husband u. S. Aid official another Ameri can and two iranian men before they spirited mrs. Carroll away to a hideout in the mountains dad Shah s message was 4n re ply to repeated broadcasts on the government radio promising amnesty and unlimited Ransom or mrs. Carroll s Safe return. Unofficial sources said he also was pressured by leaflets scattered from a u. S. Plane assuring mrs Carroll that the search would be pursued until she was found. Al though none of the bandits can read English these sources said they understood quickly that the leaflets indicated official deter mint Tion to find their captive. Government sources said the Iranshahr governor s messenger probably would reach dad Shah by noon today. In Misti Qugh wash., mrs. Car Roll s Home town her brother he Ovir suit news that she is info sounds Lylo family is Anita was very capable of surviving any hardships she May have her i brother said. T she was More or less used to an outdoor their parents or. And mrs. John duo Var operate a Motel Here at this Community 15 Miles East of Seattle. Earlier the u. had continued on Page 2, col. 2 boy 3, Dies mystery injuries Mac to Aid Al Eoln Beck purge Arkansas senator vows to help labor cleanup if requested Union reactions Page a-4 a sen. Mcclellan dark pledged full cooperation saturday with the of Lucio investigation of team president Dave Beck and any other labor efforts to rid its rank s of what he called unwholesome Mcclellan is chairman of a Spe Cial Seii ate rackets committee which tried for two Days earlier this week to draw answers from Beck about his financial dealings with the giant teamsters Union the nation s largest. J Beck invoked Amend p . A against possible in refusing to answer. Friday executive investigate charges that he has brought the labor movement into disrepute Mcclellan was asked at a news conference e t her his Senate committee conducting a far Flung probe of racketeering in the labor management Field had offered to cooperate with the Al Cio investigation. Replied no formal offer has been made but he said i think they committee will co operate with them in. Every Way inc the world in every Effort they make to eliminate the unwholesome elements that have devel oped in the labor Mcc Tollan was asked if he meant the committee would fur Nish testimony or documents in its Possession which have riot been made Public in its hearings so far the senator said he could t continued on Page col. 1 deserts old Homestead Lowell Farmer gets state fair position unbroken family tradition of farming in the Lowell area will be broken this Spring by Earl Bailey when he assumes the position of Secretary manager of the Indiana state fair in Indianapolis. Bailey a Grain and cattle Farmer was chosen saturday from a Field of 18 candidates by the Indiana state fair Board. The Job pays a year provides a state owned automobile and living quarters on the Fairgrounds. It will be the first 63 year old Bailey will live anywhere but on the 307-acre farm where he was born and the first full time Job other than farming that he has Ever held. But for two capable boys at Home i would t be Able to do the third generation Lowellita said. Bailey s farm on ? 1, Lowell six Miles Southwest of the town will be operated during his absence by a son Charles. His other son Donald lives at the old neighbouring farm House built by Bailey s Grandfather 100 years ago. For 25 years he has been Active in Indiana state fair and Lake county fair work serving As presi Dent of both boards and winning Many Blue ribbons with his prize Here Cord cattle. Bailey was president of the state Centennial exposition in 1952, and was on the Indiana state fair Board from 1918 to 1954. The Secretary manager position which includes supervision of the permanent state fair office was recently vacated by Kenneth f. Blackwell of Franklin who was appointed to the alcoholic Bever age commission. This is something i be ways wanted to Awny from the Bailey admit Ted. He will head in office Force which has is Many As 60 employees during state fair time. Referred to As the flying Bailey owns three air planes and Flics to cattle shows sales and state fairs. In 1948 he chairs and tables go flying As police dash into a demonstrating mob in Street beside k sidewalk cafe in Paris saturday. About persons demanding a Tough French policy police and Severak persons vote re injured when a bomb was exploded in the crowd on Side walk of the champs ulysees. A wire photo Noii Stop is traffic planned in Hammond modernization of traffic control lights on both Indianapolis Boulevard and Calumet Avenue in Hammond will enable to travel the length of the North South arterial without interruption within the next few months traffic Engineer Lawrence Hoffman disclosed saturday Hoffman Saidi a synchronization system for the lights which would permit old Topping of traffic the distance through Hammond excluding Railroad blockades has been accepted by g e o r g e Young traffic signal Engineer of the Indiana Highway dept. Earl j. Bailey headed a committee which greeted Farmers Wop flew to the fair grounds Landing their planes on the infield of the race track. Bailey s son Donald is a former Navy Pilot instructor and oper ates a flying school at the Lowell fair work is wonderful and i m Happy to have this Bailey said. But the 14 grandchildren he in Lowell Aren t too Happy about the switch. Neither is new Indianapolis Home will1 be the first City Home the i Ever had. Young gave his support to the proposed modernization expected to Cost in the neighbor Hood of Dir my a tour of the Highway routes through Hammond while accompanied by de willium his assistant and Edward Davis Laporte District traffic Engineer. In addition to. Synchronizing the signals the Overall modernization program Calls for the instal lation of additional traffic lights some revision of intersection Radi uses and some minor adjustment of existing control equipment. According to Hoffman the sys tem on Indianapolis Long under consideration will be converted first. Probably in the next two months. It was expected that the Calumet Avenue changes would follow within the year. The changeover la not a instantaneous decision b u t has been behind the general layout of traffic signals along Indianapolis Boulevard for several years Hoff Man said. He pointed out that for ten years the City has been work ing toward the ultimate synchronization of lights along the Boule Vard. Once synchronized traffic lights will be timed to enable a Motorist to travel from the five Points Calumet ave. And Indianapolis blvd All the Way to 173rd Street on the Boulevard it a steady Speed without having to Stop for a traffic signal Hoffman said. The effect will be to platoon traffic and will improve the flow and provide a More progressive move ment Hoffman said. In Hammond traffic lights on Indianapolis Boulevard from car Roll Street to 173rd Street have been placed with the ultimate idea of synchronization he explained. To in effective lights should be spot Ted about every feet Accord in to Hoffman. I modernizing the Calumet Avenue system will require greater adjust installation of additional lights along with supplemental overhead lights where traffic signals now. Exist Hoffman said he said lights Are being consid ered at 117th, 129th and 141st streets in North Hammond and Robertsdale that one or two lights will also have to be in stalled on South Calumet Avenue possibly at Becker 167th or Ken Wood streets. He. Said the Light at 150th St. And Calumet ave. Will undoubtedly continued on 2, col 1 15-Centtw of a girls in Gal City court a Tiff Between two Calumet City a girls Over 15 cents com Mission on a drink led to a fist throwing1 Brawl that landed in the City s police magistrate court Friday. Dorothy Marie Dunrovich of 1701. Mckinley St., Gary had charged Edward Amadio manager of the play 112 states. And Vic Iii Van of the same add dress a co worker Battery on the night of March 23. Police magistrate Joseph Nowak reported saturday that the two defendants appeared in court Friday but that the complaining witness declined to appear. Miss Dujmovich had informed Nowak s office the Day de sire to withdraw but Nowak had insisted she appear in court. Nowak said he was issuing a subpoena for her to testify next Friday when the Case comes up again. Friday Amadio told Nowak and Robert assistant state s at Torney that the entire trouble stemmed from an argument Over a swizzle stick Given a waitress for each drink she j serves As a Means of keeping count on her commission. The commission per drink is 15 cents. Both Amadio and miss Van Are free on each provided by David Keller. Soft policy in Algeria stirs riot Paris a mph of Young frenchmen shouting for a tougher French policy in Al Geria rioted and clashed with police on the crowded champs saturday after a bomb person was Hurt by the bomb and four in the ensuing rioting. Is shouted the demonstrators led by a group of men in the Blue and red berets of French paratroopers. Hel meted Security troops and police swooped Down clubbing them into Side streets. At least four persons were carried off by ambulances. One automobile was set afire. The demonstrations started As a group of organizations consisting mainly of right wingers and former servicemen assembled at the Tomb of the unknown Soldier to protest he disappearance of capt. Rene Moureau last june in Morocco. British strikers near 2 million London half million engineering workers left their jobs today As the total Ber of strikers in one of Britain s worst Industrial shutdowns of the past 30 years neared the two Mil lion Mark. A the engineering workers walked out under the Union s plan of gradually increasing the number of strikers. Another million is expected to quit by april 6 also off the Job Are ship Yard workers. The ceremony was interrupted by the blast of. A homemade pitched by a slim youth. He was caught and beaten by Sev eral demonstrators As he tried to flee. Police with Tommy guns and clubs rescued the bleeding youth. The demonstrators smashed a plate Glass window in a Branch office of. L express a weekly newspaper supporting the policies of former Premier Pierre Mendes France. I Mendes to the they shouted Mendes France opposes the government s current policies on Al Geria and apparently a More Liberal attitude. Liberate France from Ameri shouted the marchers at one Point about police and secu7 Rity troops took part in the mop up Calm was restored after 90 min utes. The famed thoroughfare was lined with Many american and British tourists. Toss of Coin wins 2 lives Johnstown pa., a Richard Juns ii -15, tossed a Coin with a Friend to see who would use their remaining Money and ride the last bus Home Friday night. Janson won and got Home about two hours earlier than if he had walked As his Friend he entered the House he found his sister Patricia 17, and her finance Hortas Lee Cook 19, unconscious on the living room floor. The Young couple was rushed to the Hospital where they were firemen said fumes from a leak felled the two. They Are reported in Good condition. Autopsy held in Effort to solve Puzzle Hammond welder killed by car near St. Louis a 3-year-old Hammond boy victim of a mysterious possible hit and run Accident thursday died saturday1 night and a Hammond Man was killed in a collision near St. Louis to. Authorities began an immediate autopsy late saturday following the death of Young Jerome Davis of 1114 Kenwood St., Hammond who had suffered injuries not read ily explainable. Cause of death was deter mined As severe cerebral con Cussion in the preliminary re port from the autopsy. The youngster had been admitted to the Hospital thursday with a broken neck broken Collar Bone and head injuries. Because of mystery surrounding the cause of the Tot s tej uries an immediate autopsy was ordered. Hammond police canvassed a two Block area on Kenwood Street Friday and saturday seeking pos s i b i e witnesses to an Accident which May have injured the boy. At the same time detectives were seeking clues to possible Crimi Ilal assault against the boy. It. Harold Petrie of the Hammond detective Bureau said from bits of evidence pieced to Gether by det. Sgt. Richard dear ing it appears that the hit and run theory is the most feasible. He said inspection of the boy s clothing showed quantities of gravel and Earth indicating that a vehicle could have been involved. Police admitted however that if a car is involved the mystery a deeply rooted. Investigators Learned that a number of youngsters and adults were on the Street at about the same time but that no one reported seeing the Accident. Based on reports of the boy s Mother the Accident occurred at . She told police she heard he screech of brakes and later was old by a younger son Raymond 2, that Jerome had Hurt his head. She then saw the boy staggering along the sidewalk mrs. Davis told police. V the Mother told officers she Carrie d the boy into the House undressed and cleaned up 3ut that he was unable to talk to her. Once the boy fell off a chair where the Mother had put police reported. According to the police department records they were called at .after the boy had been examined by a doctor. It. Edward Bakos of the traffic division said special investigators Are checking every possible Angle o the hit and run theory but have Little to go on. He said the depart ment in to firmly convinced that a car was involved. Friday night Charles r. Smith 52, of 38 Clinton St., Hammond was killed by a car on a Road near St. Louis to. Authorities identified Driver of the car that struck As Edward Stuteville of St. To. The Motorist Smith stepped from a divider strip into the car s path. Smith a welder was reported to have been in the St. Louis Region in search of employment. During the War he was employed seven years on government ships in the hawaiian islands. Services will be held at 2 . Tuesday at Hancock funeral Home Flora 111. Surviving Are a sister Maude Shank of 38 Clinton St., Hammond and a brother Kenneth Smith of Calumet City. Blast Carmel ind. From a gasoline tank truck explosion was estimated at saturday. The blast occurred Early Satur Day at a gasoline bulk Plant when a Battery wire shorted. The explosion damaged a garage and office building. The Tanker caught fire and most of the Gallons of fuel were lost. The Blaze was extinguished by the Carmel fire department is paper up apes

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