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Hammond Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Hammond Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Hammond, Indiana The weather increasing cloudiness and warmer sunday moderate to fresh South to Southwest sunday Mon Day cloudiness warmer. The Hammond times Tri City edition vol 231. Member of the Ovied press associations and the International service Hammond Indiana sunday March 19, 1939. Published daily except saturdays sunday edition Deu Virld bundt mormans Price three cents seek Hitler pact us. Acts to punish nazis for grab 10 men in Stra Oship test disaster two dutch representatives aboard when huge plane Falls to Earth older Vivash March 18 i i1 i a 33 passenger air plane i it to Fly in the sub stratosphere our feet above the Earth crashed today while on a test flight ten men killed two of them were representatives of the dutch airlines the dutch representatives a Twa line Pilot and seven pm loves of the Boeing aircraft com Pany of Seattle were aboard the big four motored plane when it was taken up from the Seattle Field for a test flight when it crashed through the Trees and into a Small Ravine near Here All lost their lives cause not determined cause of the planes failure was of determined one witness be i the plane expected to cruise through the thin High air at nearly four Miles a minute was in a Power f Lve others thought the Tail fell some said it was a Wing that crumpled the dead Earl Ferguson 31 Boeing chief test Pilot Julius bark co Pilot who was handling the controls at the time of the crash Harry t West flight Engi Neer Ralph cram Engineer w c Doyle Engineer j Kylstra Engineer Harlan Hull Twa test put j Pearson assist ant sales Mimpei p Guilonard manager of the toval dutch airlines Amsterdam the nether limbs a g von baov1hauer Lutch Airm s Amati Mclim most witness however agreed t e Stra Tohei p streamlined Low v in Monophae powered four 1 100 horsepower Wright Evelone r Sines lost its Tail right Wing tip d one it was Plung i to the Gro ind halt work on others the Boeing factors in Seattle announced that construction six 33 passenger Stra toners be built for pan american air is at a of Sio oooo each uld be stopped until the cause the clash was determined the Tushner Avis designed so that i i sengers and would ride in led a ism filled with super i urged air huh would be kept at i Ormal flight Lesel Dan site Robert Beihn Gei regional repro it native of the civil aeronautics Thorit in Seattle went to the european nations shudder As War hits b United press refusal to recognize German con Europe shuddered saturday night quests consults with soviet rus under the Impact of hurried prep Sia rations by the democratic Powers j recall Amassa to oppose the armed conquests of Dor to London and defy British French protest against annexation of Czecho Slovakia which is de fended As warranted by conditions totalitarian states developments Washington state depart ment to Send note to Germany pro prepare great triumphal Welcome Estig aggression Treasury or for Adolph Hitler who is expected waterway to develop area leaders say District pushes project in Goebbels orders All out to Greet Hitler dered penalty duties applied of German imported goods mail ice to former Czecho Slovakia sus to deliver an important declaration to Reich Stag next week troops Pended j massed in Transylvania at wartime sought to ral strength government denies Lon by a United front against Germany s illegal secure of Czecho Slovakia and the expected italian bid for greater Power in the Mediterranean the Cabinet met to map plans Britain protested to her Manv refusing to recognize the annexation of Bohemia and to Avia King Carol of Rumania reportedly appealed to King George against draws rebuke from nazi overlords nazi threat to Rumania of techs unimpressed by British Paris chamber of deputies granted Premier edouard Daladier cower of dictator to Speed French War preparations which May in clude mobilization of specialized troops if conditions warranted Home France joins Britain in Don statements that Germany demanded economic control of re mania but foreign sources insist ultimatum was delivered to Bucha rest and rejected population alarmed by War fears of jews foreigners and czechs seek to flee German secret police As terrorism before Congress French artion Budapest Regent Nicholas Horthy inspects newly conquered hungarian territory of car Patho Ukraine while hungarian troops vainly attempt to end resistance by Ruthema separatists fighting re ported scattered but severe appoint Rosene Al objects to to water Board Cio peace plan mayor Martin authorizes promotion of present treasurer to Post Green turns Down labor Congress proposed by Lewis Leonard w Rosene treasurer of Washington March 18 the Hammond Board of water american federation trustees will be reap posted to serve on the Board for four years of labor tonight flatly i ejected the Mavor Frank r Martin announced Congress of Industrial Organiza yesterday the appointment will be submit Ted by Martin to the Council for its approval on March 27 Rosene served As water Board tons proposal to make peace in the ranks of labor All Union men in Congress of labor member of the federations exec by organizing an american John p Frey b Lous p Ade growth of the Calumet Region and its development As the Indus trial Center of the United states hinges on the inclusion of the grand i Calumet River improvement appropriation in the omnibus Rivers and i harbours Bill under consideration by the Rivers and harbours committee of the House of representatives in Washington that generally speaking is the feeling of Many of the Region s civic and Industrial leaders most of whom envision an influx of industries to line the Banks of the River from the Point where it connects with the Indiana Harbor ship canal to the Sag Channel in Riverdale engineers ask just How much of an expenditure if any the Rivers and Harbor committee will recommend for the much desired widening and deep ening project is unknown at this writing United states army engineers who conducted a Survey on the project recommended that the fed eral government spend to give local industries a waterway outlet to the Mississippi River Val Ley markets the Gulf of Mexico and South America rep Mansfield chairman of the Rivers and harbours committee was reported to have said that he thought it would be included As an item of the omnibus Bill what the representatives from Berlin March 18 up propaganda minister Joseph Paul Goebbels took no chances tonight on germans giving fuehrer Adolf Hitler a triumphal Welcome when he returns to Berlin sunday the fuehrer once More has assured peace in Central an official proclamation by Goebbels said the watchword for sunday for the entire City of 4 500 000 is out into the streets All houses should be be flagged and decorated sunday evening should be de voted to Joy and enthusiasm and thankfulness for the historic deed of the fuehrer Long live the fuehrer our peo ple and our greater German Reich sorority gives to Charity Beta Gamma announces Nej from Sale of motion picture tickets British will consult with 3 other nations Washington invokes Strong economic and diplomatic pressure on Germany Ohio Pennsylvania new York and trustee for two Vears after a state Tive Council charged that the peace other Eastern states do with the supreme court ruling upheld the plan was originated by the com expected recommendation when the must part the proposal advanced b presi cent John l. Lewis of the Cio name the first Board without coun cil approval under a new state Law the water braid Law also cd aged the length of trustee terms from a staggered to a str it four ear Pend other trustees Are Percy t Smith president Herman Scurfield Steve Moskoff and or r o of Crow ski Roy Rogers was replaced this veal by or Ostrowski Columbus Smith and Melva Miles were the con vision earlier ousted when the Martin appointed that the proposal and measure reaches the floor of the House is another question a waterway from the Calumet called for an unification of the i manufacturing distr it to the South Al and the Cio with the Railroad would encroach on the Rich mis brotherhoods in a labor Congress of which neither Lewis nor presi Dent William Green of the Fedenia Tion could be officers after careful analysis and consideration of the proposal submit Ted by the Cio an official Feder Gatior announcement said we Are boat d took Couit fight Rosene a office after a Sis Sippi River Valley markets held by Eastern concerns which Are Able to ship by boat via the Ohio River and its connecting streams As a result observers Here expect that a great Deal of pressure will be put on the House members of those states see fast growth Here improvement of the grand Calu in Cluff if to at 111 former president the first Ward democratic resides at 4816 Cedar Avenue is employed As a Foreman at he Plant of the Carnegie him ois steel company he is 33 year old g Vance does not offer an possible met River would make this Corn solution of the problems facing my mtg one of the world s great us est Inland sea ports Lake Calu the federation announcement met which is three Miles Long and the Strain her made its first dec 31 1138 with test Pilot l imn id t Allen of n i work i v the control Allen has Tes Wii All Boeing Pline develop its of recent was including the transoceanic clippers i e four motored army Ertress and the army super bomber the Stra Tolmer with its tear Diop Cabin had a Wing Span of 107 feet 3 inches a length of 74 feet continued on Paye Tuo Bandit holds up Hammond Baker a Middle aged gunman fled with e made it Plain that Lewis plan will nearly two Miles wide already pro not be considered when labor con Vides dockage space for scores of frees representing the Cio and the vessels municipal dockage Facil Al meet Here next Friday to i cities would give local shippers an itsume peace negotiations initiated i Opportunity to obtain even More by president Roosevelt favourable freight rates Green called the Al executive in addition 11 Miles of canal Council to meet Here wednesday to Short line Over that Section of the consider terms under which the grand Calumet River to be widened unions w hich originally left the j and deepened would provide Addi Al to form the Cio could now tonal private dockage for new m return to the federation he said the question was raised by the Cio Beta Camma Upsilon sorority of Hammond yesterday announced that its 1939 Charity project the i of motion picture admission ticket books netted the sorority for its Charity fund which represents 25 per cent of the Gross sales announcement of the sorority s project was accompanied by a statement of receipts and expenditures on its 1937 and 1938 Charity projects from the Beta Gamma follies of those two years the sorority raised three fourths of which was donated to the Owca and the Calumet Goodwill Indus tries the statement said Twenty five per cent of the net proceeds of these two projects was retained by the sorority for the following charitable activities Myca and Goodwill 262 03 Goodwill industries build ing fund Martha Washington Home for crippled children tickets for de school children to Navy band concert league of women Vot ers United welfare drive 1937 Purchase of a bus for Brooks House Brooks House milk fund thanksgiving baskets 1937 Christmas baskets 1937 Eye glasses for a school Chiw american red Cross Lay Ette fund Hammond High school de Bate team women s Field army for cancer control milk fund for a needy family 1937 boy scouts 2 to Camp for 2 weeks each american red Cross Chi Nese Relief girl scouts 2 girls to Camp for 2 weeks each Hammond Community Chest 1938 thanksgiving baskets 1938 Christmas baskets 1938 assistance to Aid for deaf scholarship funds milk for needy family 1938 report due my. On murder test Crown Point Manh 18 report on the Resul of a lie Detector test on Charles 52 and his on Keith "2 charged with murder n the my try slaying of Freida to Mai 22 ear old Gary girl fall is petted to be made monday by prof Leonard heeler head of the North Western University crime detection Laboratory who conducted the test in the count jail Here meanwhile father and son both of whom Are charged with murder in perpetration of rape Are languishing in the county jail As authorities awaited further developments the Borman girl s body was found last nov 3 in a Field near Griffith she had been missing five Keith Alson Fiance of the girl was questioned at the time but he was released after he established satisfactory Alibi and passed a it Detector test. At new York meetings of the peace conferees this week Al officials said the question was purely 535 in an Early morn my Holdup academic and did not indicate the yesterday of Sam Shansky 472 Cio unions had applied for re Indiana Street Hammond a Baker admission and his Helper Orval Greer 625 the federation suggested that Indiana Street i negotiations for labor peace broken Shansky told pore he had en-1 off in 1937 be used As a starting tired his garage to get his truck Point when the conferences Are resumed it insisted that if labor forces ate to be reunited they must for saturday bakery goods deliver Les when the Bandit pressed a Gui to his Back the to Dup Man i do so under the Banner of the reeled a flashlight upon a Liansky american federation of labor in the 1937 conferences Green Green suggested dissolution of the while he searched the victim no funds were obtained from Grcar Shansky was Able to give a meager description of the robber Cio and return of the nine unions to the federation rebel hundreds see old engine lumber through District Bullet victim recover 10000 500 1000 2500 15000 2500 4000 4000 500 1000 1000 1000 4493 2400 1000 3000 25000 4000 4000 2500 20000 3574 bulletin London March circles declined to comment tonight on the United states imposition of Tariff penalties on German goods it is unlike cd that Britain at present will Appl any punitive tariffs on a spokesman said Washington March the United states today invoked Strong economic and diplomatic measures Short of War to condemn na7i aggression m Central Europe and Reich fuehrer Adolf Hitler s annihilation of Czecho Slovakia nazis strike Back recall Londo envoy Berlin flatly rejects two protests from France and England Berlin March nazi Germany struck Back at the democratic front tonight by flatly rejecting British and French pro tests against annexation of czech Slovakia and by recalling her ambassador to London by s h a r p 1 repudiating the had the Treasury department imposed charges that Adolf Hitler penalty duties on German imports broken his pledges and that incl to this country while the state de Sion of Bohemia and Moravia in apartment drafted a Strong formal greater Germany was illegal the note expected to condemn in Plain government added to the Tremenda language the Wanton lawlessness Ous Strain on relations with the of Germany s temporary ext Ingu ashment of the Post War Czecho Slovakia democracy strains relations further the dual action placed the United states in line with great Brit am and France in parallel action condemning nazi expansion in Cen trial Europe a Defiance of Merna Tanal pledges it strained further the already taut relations Between the United states and nazi Germany and appeared to approach the extreme of peaceful protests against aggression suggested by president Roose velt when he told Congress that there Are Many methods Short of War but Strong and More effective than Mere words of bringing Home to aggressor governments the aggregate sentiments of our people democratic Powers a triumphal Welcome for the fuehrer is planned upon his return sunday night from the new protectorates within an hour after sir Nevile Henderson the British ambassador left by Tram for Home the govern ment announced that or Herbert von dark san the Reich ambassador at London had been called Home for consultation it was believed unlikely that either would return to his Post soon relations with France also were strained by the action of the Paris government in calling French ambassador Robert Colondre Home for consultation on monday but it appeared further clarification of the French attitude would be awaited before decision on recall of Germany s envoy to Pai is nazi official sources also were coincident with the two admin by the United states is ration moves chairman key j action m Tariff penalties Pittman of the Senate foreign rela on German goods which they tons committee announced that he a Lowed unofficially As a move to will introduce a Bill monday to re j Ernp Nastize american disapproval peal the present neutrality act and of the annexation of Checo so substitute a measure permitting the United states to sell munitions on a Cash and carry basis to any nation engaged m a declared or undeclared conflict plan new Nail note nazi engulfment of the Czecho slovakian democracy brought developments Over a wide Range in Washington As the administration moved vigorously to express its a Varia the official statement regarding the British French protest said in connection with German initiative to restore Tranquility in Bohemia and Moravia As Well As for the peace of Central Europe the ambassadors of Britain and France presented a demarche to the foreign office in protest against the alleged illegality of the Ger it is officially reported that the Horrance of aggression they in Man step i eluded 1 acting Secretary of state sum two diplomats were informed that Ner Welles announced that a note the Reich is not in a position to is being prepared for delivery to accept protests of this kind which have no Basi or morally total 392 20 unit built in 1861 chugs to new York world s fair As exhibit hundreds lined the Erie night of was in Hammond today from North of state Street Well past the City limits and As far at other Cit ies and towns As far Southeast As Leroy to Hail the William Crooks famous great Northern railway locomotive pulling a two car Tram on its Way to new York world s fair the engine built in 1861 chugged into Chicago yesterday from St Paul its funnel shaped smoke stack and other antique appoint ments reminiscent of the period of railroading of More than three quarters of a Century ago were noticeable to onlookers the engine puffed along at about 25 Miles an hour through Hammond on its trip to new York where the train will be shown m a world s fair attraction. Indianapolis ind March 18 physicians today expected Little Jimm. Grimes age four to get first they must remove his right Eye four Days ago the said he live a Bullet from a gun discharged accidentally by his father Cecil Grimes 29 had entered the child s right eve for several Days he Lay unconscious in a Hospital then he Mur marred one word mama since then he has remained Semi conscious physicians said an a Ray revealed his brain tissues undamaged fragments of the Lead however lodged behind the right eyeball surgeons will operate this afternoon to remove the Eye meanwhile in Jimmy s Hospital room where Only one person at a time is allowed his Parent have alternated in remaining at his aide Gold flees Europe Washington Marca 18 political turmoil in Europe today precipitated a new flow of panic capital to the United states and swelled the american Treasury s Gold stocks to a record shattering Peak of loyalists ask Spanish peace Madrid March 18 u p the Republican defense Council j tonight broadcast a message to the massed armies of nationalists Gen Francisco Franco asking whether the nationalists were prepared to negotiate an honorable peace Julian Besteiro a moderate Lead i or of the old socialist workers party and a member of the de sense Council broadcast the Appeal by radio to the nationalists who have been massing their armies for Madrid we Are prepared to Start negotiations which will assure us of honorable peace which will avoid useless shedding of Besteiro said we await your decision Besteiro was one of the Moder ates in the new defense Council and Long been an advocate of peace the defense Council which overthrew the regime of Juan neg run was formed to negotiate peace but first was forced to fight for a week against a communist led rebellion in the army the rebellion was dually surprised after much bloodshed and sever fighting in Madrid. The rejection was reminiscent of the United states rejection of a German protest against anti nazi Learned it will Rei Erate Welles statement of yester Dpi condemn ing in strongest terms the absorption of Czecho Slovakia 2 the Treasury or died effective speeches by members of the Roose april 23 that penalty or counter velt administration mailing duties be applied to hundreds of items of German goods in a move which probably will Cut drastically into already curtailed German Trade with this country 3 the three former Czecho slovakian provinces now dominated by Germany were placed on the United states Trade Black list Spur defense program 4 mail service to Czecho Slovakia was suspended temporarily to per Mit waiters to recall letters to nazi dominated Czecho slovakian prov inces which they might be unwilling to submit to inspection of nazi police 5 Congress alarmed at develop ments in Central Europe prepared to expedite action on president continued on Page tvo design conference to sound out Russia s attitude on joint program bulletin Bucharest Rumania March Rumania and soviet Russia have massed alone the frontiers of provinces athwart the path of any German March to the East it was reported tonight although the rumanian government denied that technical mobilization was under was from authoritative quarters it was Learned forces in Transylvania along the hungarian Frontier had been brought to full wartime strength of about men. Conferences were underway pans directed particularly London March great Britain was understood to night to have decided to consult France the United states soviet Russia and the British dominions on a United front against Ger Many s March to the East the British program was said on High authority to have been approved at an extraordinary session of the Cabinet at which the three ministers of Britain s armed forces gave expert viewpoints on the strategic factors involved in a possible stand against German aggression in Central Europe seek Russia s attitude prime minister Neville chamber Iain and foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax reported in retail on their conversation with the French american and russian ambassadors while similar ambassadorial in at sounding out soviet Russia s Atti tude British Cabinet ministers expressed desire to know whether and in what form and to what extent Russia would intervene if Germany should thrust at Rumania which is the last Barrier to the soviet Ukraine a report also was received from sir Reginald Hoare British min ister at Bucharest explaining the German economic demands on re mania Hoare was understood to have re ported after a talk with the rumanian foreign minister that Ger Many made proposals for close rumanian economic collaboration with the Rich which the Bucharest government found it impossible to accept he asserted however that the Reich had not presented any ultimatum follow consultation policy the Cabinet also discussed the possibility of introducing array conscription in Radical de parture indicating the Gravity of the s no decision was reached it was reported following the Cabinet meeting some diplomatic sources circulated a Story that the government had definitely decided to resist German Conci pachment on Rumania Poland Greece or Turkey if it should be but official sources plants narrowly escape in Jungle air clash attempted new March discounted the report As Phil Plant millionaire Playboy and setting that the Cabinet endorsed the policy of consultation which in fact has already been started the government also was under Cotta tuned on Page two his wife narrowly escaped injury when the Imperial airways plane in which they Weie return ing from a big game Hunting expedition was forced Down in the wilds of Africa it was revealed today they were in route from Nairobi to Cairo after spending their Honey noon in Africa search ing for new specimens for Frank Buck s Jungle land at the new York worlds fair news of the Accident was received by w k Wesley Persona Friend of the plants catholics donate today to Aid jewish refugees special collections will be taken in churches of Lake county the Way of american Christian Ity will prevail m All Catholic churches of Lake county this morn ing thousands of parishioners at tending masses in scores of churches will be asked to Contri Bute to the welfare of 150000 jews driven from Germany and Austria during the nazi governments re cent purge special collections were to be taken at All masses at the direction of Bishop John f Noll of the fort Wayne diocese in a communication to All priests Bishop Noll asked that Lake county s thousands of catholics be urged As christians to help the jewish cause Many of the county s foreign us born catholics came from sections lice chief Thomas j Mart Sci that All Illga betting m sea Johnson to pay Gamble Fine Bill Johnson 48, negro Pool room operator and reputed num Bers Mogul in Hammond seized by Hammond police in a gambling raid in a Large storage building in 5030 Honman Avenue was fined on gambling charges by judge Joseph v Stodola or in Hammond City court fines of each and 90-Day sus Pended jail terms were meted out to Jessie Buchanan 27, of 411 Michigan Street b d Warfield 33, of 20 Plummer Smith 41, of 4935 Hohman Avenue John Nowell 38 of 431 Plummer Street Norbert Smith 41 of 5032 Hohman Avenue j w Jones 24, of 5030 Hohman Avenue and Lloyd Brewster 37 of 20 Plummer Street each was found guilty on charges of frequenting the establishment the two raids conducted tues Day m pursuance of orders by of Central Europe from which the jews Are being driven by nazi and fascist government. Handbooks and poolroom must by throttled netted 14 persons

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