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Hammond Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Hammond, Indiana The weather shatter. Thunderstorms and f Star mar Sunda. Moderate South to it Hind unsettled and Coaler Ute in a the Hammond times Tri City edition vol. Xxxv no. 5. Member of the United press associations and the International news service Hammond Indiana. Sunday. June 23. 1940. Published daily except saturdays sunday edition be lit eked sunday Moriconi Price three cent British fliers bomb Krupp works peace or War solons leave Quot a Stasil uppermost As gop convenes Connersville ind. June 22. A up or. He or it Coleman of Connersville and mrs. Dan Martin of Cincinnati of. Sister who were separated in childhood. 43 year ago were reunited today. The two women had not seen each other since they were adopted by respective families from the Brookville orphanage in 1#r7 after passing defense Bills miss mane Cawley 1034 Bracken Street Hammond was one of Tho winners of an electro Lux refrigerator in the essay contest sponsored by the Proctor and Gamble company on a Why i Lake p. And g. the refrigerator was installed by the Northern Indiana Public service com planes rain begin talks with destruction Italy right away. Hoosier delegates Wool Pron Turnn run a a a a Sest a Quot a a soviets deny Strong anti War Plank run 0 take recess for Willkie forges ahead planks in ind. Gop convention massing army at 3 Points also attack aircraft Plant in Bremen say German warship torpedoed terms secret pending chs Oil a la King May cease by i tomorrow morning frenchmen to italian pact to by Harold i Kon times political reporter Philadelphia pa., june 22. Peace or War is the Issue As Dele Gates from the 48 states the District of Columbia puerto Rico Alaska Hawaii and the philippine islands gather for the 22nd convention of the Republican party. Committee is working on platform for demos state convention but John a. Reichmann it United staff correspondent Washington june 22 con Greas approved the final phases of president Roosevelt s 33,000,000,000 defense program. Levied $1,-050,000,000 in new taxes and then recessed until july i so that re not concentrated along German Border say red communique fighting lulls join England terms severe Moscow. June 22�? y i i Ralph Heinzen a it h l. Pero United press staff correspondent it United press staff correspondent Bordeaux june 22. An offi j London. June 22.�? up a Etal announcement said tonight great Britain reported officially i that Franco German armistice be. A a. D got nations have been a virtually j tonight that swarms of Royal air Onciul a an fore plane had bombed the in a Crit a a a Sald Indianapolis ind., june 22 publican members could attend official soviet communique tonight port ant Krupp ornament works at Bere will not be mane Public until this is the City in which the a endorsement of president their National convention at Phila denied that soviet troops in lit by Essen the Focke Wulf aircraft an agreement is reached with Italy amp founding fathers signed the de it tar time Man there in order to give its readers first hand news on the doings of Lake county and Indiana delegates at the Republican National convention in Philadelphia the Hammond times has sent its political reporter to that convention. The Hammond times also will have its staff reporter on the Job at the Chicago convention of the democratic party in addition to its staff Man this newspaper will it Aery the stories of the United pre is and International news service correspondent s. D Phi ha�?~1 10&Quot he Plant at Bremen the German held. A. A a. Gram and his recommended uniter a the break neck Pace of leists German Border r. I Natch was unusually rigorous at Khi you training movement were j Uve action a at usual saturday the mutant Rumor of russian dutch Bare of v\.he, and a Tehwa. at a a a a a a a yer Plank which Semion had a a vhf appear.,. Of troop concentration on the Are i word were allowed to be in the i Izill in hot annual a la a a for in Dit did Quot a Huaman front or have Cir a Quot nest had bin bom a transmitted. No mention of the 1 presen cd to to Journ ment. This time the vacation curated in Scandinavia. Reports actual signing of the Rorr Matiee was Erat in state convention thursday a pm a a a make we a by Only a that str min a troop have Coneen a Quot a a dds a a a Quot a a a Bra a a _ a Quot Anu med in Hie a Resolution committee working a a h Rush had the dual treated in East Pruvia have been no und a by Ithan a Bohr be d under the direction of state chair Dumph Chr nub tan denied Berlin. Captured by a Bitiah trawler ranch a Quot a Quot a Man Fred k. Baya i it drafting the Zzz a a a to no. In shh. Of Ltd a gun Battle. To Page document purpose of letting the republicans denied in Berlin. Go to Philadelphia and to com the soviet press today gave great platform after conducting a series 1 of hearings Early in the week. The youth movement would pro 7u by t de a compulsory National or of. R Ani trill air re said thai pm a i Council of Sincli plete a non on vital appropriation prominence to dispatcher from the. Derent Soua Irons of heavy has been in almost continuous ses Bills by a fore the new discs year Baltic states by the official Tass Tabers had carried out Success a Ion last night re assembled Churchill say armistice was signed without authority bulletin Lon Don Lune i pm Lien. Harlem Ile a Auric undersecretary of War in the Cai a of former Premier Paul key Nat id tonight appointed himself Leader of French National outside France and urged them to continue the sir against Germany. London june 23. A sunday by Josi 111 w. .iik.ti. Or. United press staff correspondent Berlin june 22 u p it a France signed Adolf Hitler s terms of armistice tonight St 6 m pm 11 50 a in. Cd in the Forest of com pie be and her emissaries hastened immediately by air plane to Rome to learn Italy s Price for a peace. Not until six hours after a French italian Annist n e is signed will the German order for cessation of hostilities be issued. The agreement was announced officially three hours later in Berlin and broadcast to the German i people by radio. Vide a compulsory National program for physical mental moral cultural and vocational training. Ade 4 billion fur defense not Only did Congress put la a Ful raids Over Northwest Germany a 5 30 p m it of Short recess. Thus asm shown by the Baltic people for the red army. Tad sections of German held Wra revealed that the French Netherlands Belgium and France j delegation which has negotiated George Iii and where a platform i now Brin by j Othar Imiru Tinai Tate in la Voun descendants of these courageous patriots to end the Rule of Boose j veil the second. Quale training of youth the plat tin approval on the last tag de tile dispatches said that demand the raid Over was the first with the germans will also Nego form says will determine the sue-1 Money Bill the sl.t66.9i7.90k by ing voiced for Mucial re it ported tempt by of Luth plane mate with Italy Cess of democracy. Supplemental deficiency Bill but forms liquidation of anti soviet to destroy the Krupp works which j the German demands were said the democrats ask for a con la House initiated another de elements and release of political produce m08t of the munitions for hrs to detailed and technical. A a a a a a a a us it was said that the document outlining them was 40 typewritten pages. It was officially announced that fighting virtually ceased during the Day and few operations still were going on. The French War communique a heard in London on the French radios id a during the Day the Ger a a w Register protests prime minister Winston Churchill by that hour the French Dele in a dramatic Appeal to All French i Gates having placed on ret a re their men Quot wherever they May be urged spokesman s protest against the them today to join great Britain in a severity Quot of the German cordite War against Germany and hint it nuance of the state labor division i Fen a measure destined to Cost at prisoners in Lithuania. Latvia and he to German armies. The air minion of Lindet it or de Nee from Kina and a broadening of its work Call 4.000.000,000. It approved the a a Thoni. I try the Pla leg had anon of i Nae pc Nae Nee to a in of attention the fact Thal incl. 70 per cent naval expansion Bdl. There has been no editorial or several direct hits on factory build has fewer strikes than any i which would add 200 warships to i official comment on the develop of in a and important Railroad sidings. The Fleet. The Senate is scheduled ments in the Baltic states. Wreck Supply trains to take up this measure after the try. Stockholm. June 22 <u.p. The air ministry said that Kas in in farm Plana the platform recess when the administration is Sel. Rothenburg and Gottinger also also Call. For a continuation of i scheduled to Send up requests for pm Kesman dead. Had been attacked by the planes which raided the Focke we Ulf Plant even More billions in authorization j Toda a any foreign Power had w Here the Republican party was or Talent policy. Established in 1836 to meet four other planks include to make the America impregnable made new demands on Sweden j Essen years later in Chicago and Nomi \ maintenance of Indiana Educa to aggression. There was no official elucidation of in Over Northwest Germany mans a it it reconnaissance elements Nate Abraham Lincoln As ifs can carnal standards continuation of the atmosphere in Congress was enl Quot sons Vohy the parliament Supply and ammunition trains m the direction of la Roche sur dilate for president. Mate financial assistance to local identical to regular adjournment i8umr"oned yesterday in twin Osna Brueck and Bremen Yon and Poitiers. Enemy pressure Prim e or War party. School units and operation of High evenings. While the House awaited ret extraordinary session. Near the town of Rheine were m be Region of the Rhone to As j Wuthe War party of ism be Grade educational system Senate action on appropriation Tallinn Ems Nia june 22 wrecked by direct hits a the min somewhat increased. In the South come the peace party of 1940 or will Temperance and strut in measures in disagreement Mem up a leftist government Friend a try said. Most of the raids took pm Quot a repulsed Quot it v i Berg lolled in the seats and some b to the soviet Union held office place during last night. Baar peace on Point term Bra Nung la school textbook apply-1 staged an Impromptu vaudeville tonight As demonstration in favor at Kasse the air ministry said an officus communique indicate How. Rep. Louis c. About dem of closer ties with Russia a went Sev it Rel bombs fell on the Fieseler in at the final French decision Socrat of mich., was master of Cere Esthonia Latvia and Lithuania aircraft works. Hangar the air won old be made on the basis of joint monies. He Lead his colleagues in a a a a a drome and military buildings were Sudy both German and italian song a god bless America a and a. Pct raided in Rothenburg. An aircraft a mands was read t0.lhc press by. ,. A. A a. Left me Call you sweetheart Triy a Lens i the de pact. Storage depot was said to have Charles Pomfret. Minister of inter fully selected Ami Nolen Wiite and the tentative draft compiled Dur rep Albert Gore. Democrat o. 1 j Cal Lejb in damaged at Gottinger. The a or a cryptic remark by Pomfret dignify inure the pre convention my the last two Days after three Tenn. The self styled Champion so dec entering War ministry also said that a Large Oil i Cut ded Ita a Ifni finance. Acu i jes j u in earnings last week. Will be fiddler of Tennessee rendered a Rome june 22�?<u p a italian storage depot near Hanover had Philadelphia Rich in history lore sent to the regular state Coneen violin june. A m displays flags from every building non platform committee wednes a a a of Nom cd pets. Commenting on a ton to arid Bunting above every doorway iday. Wien passed by the commit a a Pawn signing of the italian Man. R. A quiet expectancy prevails in tee the platform will be presented speaker William b. Bankhead t unan and japanese Trade agree j t h. Thu Rock ribbed Republican City to the state convention thursday 1 re.,Tallon about old Jim j111�?T pm med out today n a a he. The vast importance that is at at the Fairgrounds auditorium. I Bledsoe. Skipper of the Good ship at this is the third Trade pact \ a i. A Uhm Arl Prate Belle we hich caught fire Italy has signed since her Entrance 8d in a combined submarine and when they fed too Many Pine knots Bito the european War. A a Atlace. According to a Eom to her in a River race. Miss Jessie Germany and Yugoslavia Are the mum a issued by the air ministry ,. Sumner. Republican of ii obliged oth a two countries to have con a Quot a admiralty it said five British a Quot of minister studied with a ditty about a farm girl and it Lud d agreements with Italy Dur planes a old two enemy planes were the. Mol of the morning and a minister s son. Ing the past few weeks. Yugoslavia in Battle in w hich 50 Ger it revert to the Militancy of its for Cement of liquor Laws. 3 Frt a school textbook w ill it select a its Standard. Ing to Public and parochial schools i bearer an interventionist a non a alike. Interventionist or an isolationist 4 commendation of the a Tivin grave responsibility rest with ties of the Public service Tommis t he delegates who have been care i Mon ached to the approaching convention is epitomized in electric lights beneath a Welcome to delegates above the Entrance of the venerable Union league club of Broad Street. It says a love of country with a feeling of reverence delegates View the old state House Independence Hall where the Vonti americas agree to meet the reporters asked him his opinion after he read the announcement. A you need Only look at my face Quot replied the minister. He was smiling. The meaning of the communique also was not Clear. It said cd that the new French government which yesterday signed a German dictated armstice a without a constitutional Churchill determined to fight Adolf Hitler s armies to the end. Made his Early morning eleventh hour bid for the support of the French Empire the French Navy and air Force and the French army of the Middle East. Shortly after he said the British government had a heard with grief and amazement Quot that France had capitulated to the German peace demands the prime ministers hint that the French government of aging marshal Henri Petain lacked a constitutional authority Quot was believed to have been made on the grounds that the Petain government never had been Given a vote of Confidence by the French parliament. It also was believed that Churchill was indicating that a new French government in a exile Quot a similar to those of Poland the Netherlands Belgium and Norway might be established soon in great Britain. Church ills declaration was in a statement handed to representatives of the press who had been on All night duty at the ministry of information at 2 a. Rn., a Liaison officer of the ministry called reporters into tace press room and i Moreo terms London june 22.�? up a Germany armistice term for France it was said without confirmation tonight provide for German italian occupation of France until termination of the hostilities with Britain other terms were said Here to be surrender of All French War stores. Surrender of ail Gold and foreign currency Reserve supplying of Coal and Ether raw materials to Germany Over a fixed period of time. The government of marshal Henri Philippe Petain was said to have been in disagreement Over acceptance of the terms but it was believed that if France submitted completely another French regime would be set up on foreign soil the Senate reread shortly be la a promis do us a a Quot a Quanti Man participated. Fore 9 and the House stopped work of my a what Corn and the l. For a week at 9 to d in fat m return for which Italy will sex e air Mist to reported that a la it to Yugoslavia Masjid a or reconnaissance plane today Sank w a tit t w t republicans nominate u1 Mercury Sulphur tanned a Large German Supply ship in then Nui Congress . They Sec the Washington. Jon 2j.-tu.pu i the a a it con rss imend5 to a Good and dried crud the car North s and that in Daylight re Betsy Ross House where the first the to other americas have and Quot main on the Job with �1a h Ieon Naissant Over Northwest Der american Flag was made and touch j agreed in principle to thu govern the Caldy Bronze of he Liberty Bell ment s plan for an emergency con i British planes were reported mias read the head i. Suit att be conference on the inter newspapers Are anxiously National crisis. Secretary of state scanned by the Delegate. They Cordell Hull said today read with interest these headlines details of the meeting during in the afternoon papers which Western hemisphere prob or rim report France accepts la is arising out of Nett develop armistice Terma Quot i ments in the european War. Have a gop convention deadlock looms not been determined but it was a rival candidates spurn Deal Quot considered Likely that the Confer Boom for Willkie re caved in enc would be held soon at either Wake of Cabinet Coupe Havana or Rio de Janeiro. Republican sentiment for Aid to one of the principle subjects on allies rebounds the Agenda it was understood a a a a a a m Varn a Curasi ars a Vasa in u a in frequent recess form no Man agreement signed on june 18 a. ,. Frequent rec for Mony week. A by hot 0ern an n or Carl clo. Many j nday. Two Ai drome and because of the Crim Diug and senator Ciannini. 11&Quot"1. Bombed. Ivo or until the International crisis is alleviated a continued on Page two concerns omy. A problem. Continued on Page two this is no time to loaf an editorial to wan. America must work. There is no possible my in which the United states can compete with Germany a presidential candidates to be might be president Roosevelt s under our present Wagner act and our on hand for convention a plan for a huge 2.000.000,000 Cartel a and hour Law the Best information available through which the Western Hemi today was that the 28 Indiana Dele sphere would Deal with totalitarian Gates would cast nine votes for nations on its own terms Hull sex Willkie. Six for Dewey six for Taft planned that the proposal for a car cont j no a a a on to Quot a Ltd a Riff come cd nerd on Page Arith the consultative conference on the Cartel subject the state de american Industry has been asked to Speed up production to turn out fabrications for defense under Laws that completely throttle Industry. But the United states must have unlimited production if it is to survive in a world at War. Germany for the past six years has been working while England was muddling and France piddling along. The Early afternoon the text Thich col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel last night handed the French plenipotentiaries. New meetings of the Council of ministers Are to be expected before the general result can be expected the negotiations should in fact continue and be concluded first with the German delegation. Thereafter the French plenipotentiaries wih Fly to Italy and join the italian plenipotentiaries. Only after discussion with Italy can the government reach a definite conclusion on the whole of the double negotiations and take the decision required in the interests of the believe terms severe the communique appeared to indicate that the French desired to obtain Germany a final terms then get Italy a minimum demands and Reserve a final decision until the joint proposals of the Axis Powers could be placed before the French Council of ministers for study. Whatever the communiques gleaning belief was widespread Lions were already in route by German air plane to Italy if no hitches occur it was believed Here that the a cease firing Quot order May come some time monday this forecast was based on a belief in German circles that the French would be Able to negotiate ,wu1 a Viavi an agreement with Italy with the read them the statement in which ame Speed As the French German Churchill said he had a heard with armistice. Grief and amazement that the j the plenipotentiaries agreed on terms dictated by the germans Franco German terms 27 hour and have been accepted by the govern j 20 minutes after Chancellor Adolf ment of a Hitler handed to the French die the wording of the statement in j Gates his demands yesterday. Dictated that the terms of the French German armistice signed last night in Cora Pisegne Forest May already have been known by the British government. No one in official quarters indicated what the terms were but it was said without the armistice was signed today in the tame old Railroad dining coach of the wagons lits company where on Friday Hitler received the French delegates and where 22 years ago marshal Ferdinand Foch received the germans on a similar confirmation that they provided for Mission but one where the Post German italian occupation of France until termination of the Blitzkrieg against great Britain Valparaiso a a it gutted in s25.000 Blaze i to the other Western hemisphere governments. Valparaiso lad. June 22. U pm fire. Believed to have been caused by lightning destroyed a factory building of the p. Re kaolin industries one mile North of Here late this afternoon Calumet City policemen recover stolen machine ,. Calumet City police tto Dav were Valparaiso firemen aided by 30 seeking a party of Joy riders who members of the \ Valparaiso xxx Early saturday morning took an m fought the Blaze for three Auto belonging to Raymond bide the 40-hour week led France to its downfall because the French loaded while the germans worked. The Man or the nation that works is the Victor while the Man or nation that Loans is the loser. Any farm boy will Tell you he can plow More Corn in eight hours than he can in six. American Industry can do the Job it is asked to do if it is Given a Chance. The Here that Germany a terms Are be american Workman is the Best craftsman in ver but ther it was not hink to Indi a l. #. Cate that marshal Henri Philippe the and just As patriotic As any in the Pekin fraoc., is Premier world but he can t do in five Short Days i expected anything else. What a German Workman does in seven i in any event the British embassy Long Days. Hours but the building was come 543 155th Pirn for a tour Plet Elv destroyed two Volunteer of night clubs and cabarets firemen were overcome by fumes by Iczak reported i car stolen from chemicals Twenty five per at 2am a squad led by police on Are employed in the Plant Man Ben Kulczak toured the City which reclaims chemical from Pho and finally located the ear in Back wages and a lowered Standard of living to graphic films of a resort at 103 state Street where i the loss is estimated St 5-5.000. It had been left by the Joy ride re. I these men believe in limited production the United states under the leadership of men who Are distinctly anti business and anti Industry has been trying to get by without working. The result has been lower and British citizens were reported ready to leave France As soon As possible. The embassy and consulate Here said to be turning Over their interests to the United states for representation. British diplomats were said to be motoring South with the intention of embarking for Britain. British citizens were taking similar action. The Council of ministers meeting under president Albert Lebrun eras in almost continuous session. Ittie of a to i a. In. Last night and de first line or defense of this nation and liberated until 3 a. In. It resumed nothing must interfere with the full perform j sittings at 8 30 a. In and continued Ance of their duty continued on Page 2 what would you think of Congress if it passed a Law that soldiers and sailors could Only fight five Days a week it no Oulen t it be ridiculous to limit the hours of combat by Law getting prepared to fight is As important As fighting. France Learned to her sorrow. The workers in our industries Are the four injured in Cairo air r a10 Cario. June 22.�? ins a four people were injured by falling shrapnel today when the egyptian capital experienced it first air raid alarm of the Arar. The warning was sounded at 1 30 a. In. And the Call Clear signal was not Given until 3 a in. Italian planes were seen As Searchlight and anti aircraft batteries went into act Kyi no bombs were dropped. A quoting a reliable sources in Ankara As authority the Berlin radio in a broadcast picked up by neg in new York claimed that British pilots and egyptian ground personnel clashed on a. Egyptian Airfield the German announcer asserted the British pilots Drew their revolvers. Lions of France and Germany Wen reversed. Gen. Charles Huntziger the Aba Tian bom German speaking Chiel of the French plenipotentiaries. Aged the armistice for France at the order he said of his government col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel acting for Hitler singed for Germany. A continued on Page two new Latvia refine Stockholm. Sweden. June 22. Bijj dispatches from Riga i Latvia said tonight that a new Radical government had been formed and that its first action j was to Grant amnesty to As political prisoners. New Street mop business directory and Street Index of Hammond and Calumet City will be published cd a Section of the Hammond times tuesday Juno 25 la Rem Bay a Stead. Tax refute wbk trib a pfc Mimp in for

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