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Hammond Lake County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1913, Page 5

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Hammond Lake County Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1913, Hammond, IndianaTuesday, Jan. 7, 1913. THE TIMES. 5 ■ ..... IIN TUB SUPERIOR and CIRCUIT COURTS J LAKE COUNTY COURTS AT A GLANCE Vacation now on for superior courts Nos. I tutti 2. January term for those courts opens Monday, Jan. 13. Attorney Walter l*otz sitting us special Judge in the McConnell divorce case in room Xo. I. UKF, SI FF.RIOK < OI IIT, HOO* 2. Judge Johannes Kopelke. At Crown Point. Settings for third Wednesday, Jan. 8: 457—Tolleston l.br Co v Ibranji. 45S—Northern State Cank v Pishkur. 120—Kieselbach, Herman, v Frank Mi-halcik et a1. L VKK-POHTllR CIRCU T < OI HT. Judge W. C. MrUutiun. At \ «l para Iso. MIKE SORRY HE SPOKE Returned to Cell When He Calls Police Thieves. Mike Kozitske of Fast Hammond learned a life-long lesson in the city court this morning when Judge Barnett found him guilty on a charge of drunkenness and imposed a fine of IU. Sunday evening Kozitske was arrested at State and Hohman, where he was found in such an intoxicated state that the police were unable to book him. Monday morning Chief Austgen opened his heart and ordered Kozit-ske's release as he did not want to send him to Crown Point in default of payment. When he was being released and given his articles of value. Mike thought he had more comingt han what Information. Court hearing motions and taking up matters of minor importance. is awaiting the completion of the Leeds-Cushman will case which is being tried before Special Judge A. D. Bartholomew. This (ase, it is expected, vvjll last another two days. New Cases Filed. 9969—Room I. Westerlo & Campbell vs. Louis A. Bryan. Manlove, attorney for plaintiff. 9970—Room 2. W. A Zumpfe vs. J. J. ScbJlntS. Appeal. E. (J. Sprout, attorney for plaintiff. 9971—Boom 2. Freman Nason vs. Teo-fll lllinitski. Suit on note. I. I. Modjeska, attorney for plaintiff. 1530—State    vs.    Swift    A-    Co.    Appeal. 1531—State    vs.    swift    &    Co.    Appeal. 1532—State    vs.    Swift    &    Co.    Appeal. he received. He then became surly, accused the police force of being “a bunch of thieves" and said they took part of his money. Captain Hanlon ordered .Mike taken back to his cell. where he could meditate over where he spent the missing money. After spending all day yesterday and lust night In his lonesome cell, Mike was calm and peaceful when roused from ills slumbers this morning. Ile did not accuse any of the officer* of taking his money, nor did he become surly. Instead he faced Judge Barnett with a sorrowful smile and arranged to pay his fine, with ii vow of “never again.'* It was learned that Mike spent the missing money in a Hammond satbon, and if it had not be< n for Officer Kunz, who made th** arrest, Mike would have awakened penniless. ARK YOU A TIMES HEADER? Eugene A. 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I    IC 20-Mule Team Borax, one-pound    4    ftp package.......... I    UC Small Can Pet MilkQC#% 6 cans for.........ZUL Your choice in our 10c cake department,    Qif* per pound.........U2ls You Must Use the TI JVI ES To Covet the Great Calumet Region or any part of it. It is the Only Newspaper in the Region that has a Guaranteed Circulation IDENTIFIED BY VICTIM AS AUTO BANDITS. Double Coupons Wednesday ASI Day GROCERIES INCLUDED Except Flour and Sugar Stork Pays 780 Visits to the Steel City in 1912—Most Births of Foreign Born Parents; American Percentage Low. Gary Fast Becoming Home of Slav Races. During 101- there were 7*0 birl ti* In (inf|r. Hut 2U2 of theae birt ha were of \ merirun parentage. Alg chlhlrea were horn to foreign horn parent*. Fertility In the lrlah. Jewiah. F.ngllah. Scot ch, Uriah anti < iiuadiau rum doc* not exiat In liary for hut 23 children were horn to parental of theae rn era. Of the totnl foreign birth* HIT were to Slav people. E. €. Minas Co Hammond’s Greatest Dent. Store © I Heavy Fleeced Cotton Blankets Although returns from midwives are not given reports turned iii by doctors show that the stork paid 780 visits to Gary during 1912. The grim reaper (•arrie*! off 452 of the steel city residents. These and other facts are giv*-n in the annual report of the health board of which Dr. W. 8. Faulds is the president. How lilrtha Are (laaslfled. Parentage of tho children born of foreign parent* are as follows: Austrian (including Croatia, Dalmatia, Bohemia, but not Hungary. 157 Polish ............................. 88 Hungarian ........................72 Russian ........................... 34 Italian ............................ 24 Galatian  ............. 22 Croatian .......................... 22 Irish, English, Scotch, Welsh, Canadian ........................ 22 German ........................... 15 Swedish ........................... 12 Slavish ............................ Norwegian ........................ 3 Jewish ............................ I Mongolian ......................... I Of the births 771 were of white parentage and 8 of negro parentage and I of Mongolian parentage. The Jewish child born is of parents that were born in Jerusalem. It should be noted that nearly half of the births in Gary are of the Slav race 317 in all. The total children born of foreign parents was 483 as compared with 262 born of American parents. Death List Heavy. Of the 452 Gary people who died last year 289 wert males and 163 females. Seventy-five of the deaths were caused by accidents in the steel mills, by automobiles, fails, and railroad accidents. Cholera Infantum claimed 79 children, tuberculosis caused 26 deaths, diphtheria caused 18 deaths, and 4 killed themselves. There were 63 still births and 23 premature births, and 4 suicides. But 4 typhoid deaths occurred, this beingattribute d to the excellent sanitary conditions. Appended to the report is the subreport of the health inspector. John Dorman, and the city matron, Mrs. R. M. Charleton. Little birl* Are Sacrificed. Mrs. Charleton laments in her report because the city has been unable to stop the employment of young girls in the Greek poolrooms and coffee houses of the city. Young girls of tender age live in these poolrooms where from fifteen to twenty men reside. The police at one time stated a crusade against this form of white slavery but it ended very shortly. From no Gary pulpit has there ever came a protest against the employment of little girls in resorts of this character. Newspapers of the city exposed conditions existing on several occasions but no re suits were obtained. that Mr. Brooks is a full-edged mortician and has been able to keep the secret for more than a year. Before Mr. Brooks came to Hammond lie vias a student * * f Hie international College of Embalming of Chicago and since his residence here has taken a post-graduate course during his spare hours at night, receiving a diploma with honors. During the past six months Mr. Brooks has been the assistant of Undertaker Charles C. .Widow. who wa* instrumental in Mr. Brooks receiving such a successful course and license. During Mr. Brooks* residence in Hammond lie has acquired a wide circle of friends who wish him success in his new accomplishment. Although he will still continue as manager of the Lake County Loan company and assistant to Mr. Neidow. his friends wouldn't be surprised in time to see him branching out in his own establishment in some other city. Two Rioters Arrested. A riot which occurred at East Hammond some time ago in which Evans Ramlch was seriously injured by being stabbed in the leg by one of the rioters, terminated in the arrest of Joe Leao and the injured man this morning. Th** arrest was made by Constable Ray Phelps and the cases were filed before Judge Prest. Each pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and battery. receiving a fine of 51 and* costs. Although the fight occurred two weeks ago Constable Phelps was unable to locate the two men until yesterday. The riot followed a quarrel and before the battle came to a close there was bloodshed and a half dozen men taking a free-for-all part. The balance of the rioters have not yet been located. notifying Leffingwell Will Speak. William Bruce Leffingwell. who has a very interesting illustrated lecture on Yellowstone Park, will speak at the Masonic temple tomorrow evening ut 8 o’clock under the auspices of the Hammond Commandery. Admission is free, and all Master Masons, their ladies and their friends are invited to attend. Cambridge City authority him of Fox's death. Fox was arrested here last summer on a serious charge, and while his case was being investigated he was a prisoner in the county jail. Last week, after a preliminary hearing, he was discharged from custody, but remained In the jail until Saturday, when he left bere to go east. He lived formerly in Baltimore. It is said his father now' lives in Bloomington, Ind. He was a traveling man, and when on leaving here he said he was going to Toledo to work. He had been in Lafayette two weeks when arrested last summer. New Cases Filed. 9972. Room 3. George f>ra< kert vs. L. J. Wirtz et a1. Mortgage foreclosure. George Sheerer, attorney for plaintiff. 997 3. Room I. C’onrad Eigemann vs. Ida Kin and ber husband. Suit on contract. Reilly & Hardy, attorneys for plaintiff. 9974. Interstate Construction Co. vs. Herman Linz. Foreclosure on lien. G, Sheerer, attorney for plaintiff. A NEW SYSTEM TO KILL HI KOST The Youhg Men’* Tailors of Hammond have inaugurated a new' system of falling direct from tho mills to the consumer. Mr. Greenberg, the proprietor, Is a strong booster for anything that tends to lower the high cost ot living, and especially in clothing. The agent of the Detmer Woolen mills was in Hammond this week and (dosed a contract with Mr. Greenberg agreeing to furnish him all tho wooden* needed at greatly reduced prices. Greenberg agrees to allow the public the full benefit of this reduction, or a saving of from $5 to $10 on a suit. HAMMOND PINMEN DEFEAT GARY TEAM A team composed of five Hammond star bowlers Journeyed to Gary last night, where they took the Royal alley pinmen into camp by capturing three straight games. Although the Hammond maple artists’ work was not sensational some exceptionally good bowling was done, some high scores being hung up which made the steel city pin-inen sit up and take noticq. The many tim*** that Hammond has rolled Gary they have always come back victorious. The results of last night’s scores arc: Hammond .,856    962    826    2,644 Gary .......SOH % 2    771    2,461 HAMMOND TEAM PLAYS AT VALPO Valparaiso, Ind.. Jan. 7.—The town basketball team will Friday night open the season iii its new quarters ie ilie w'hite church building on South Franklin avenue. The locals wdll he opposed by the Hammond Hubbard*, the big city team of Hammond, and there is sure to be a game well w’orth going a long ways to see. Fans of this city have for some time been wishing for Ittsket-ball, and from now' on, with the proper patronage, the game will he staged at intervals in the new location, which is said to make a very good place for the popular winter sport. The manager and players have worked hard to hring about this result, and are worthy of a liberal turnout at all garner. P. B. HOT Nedjl, However, Expects Many Will Soon Take Advantage of Law. (Special to Tub Times.) Whiting. Iud., Jan. 7.—Postmaster James J. Nedjl when asked if the local postoffice had been greatly effected by the recent parcels post law, caid that as yet there has not been any great increase, but he felt that before long tile new law would make the deliveries much heavier. Mr. Nedjl said ho had noticed particularly that several of the large Chicago stores had taken advantage of the new law by sending parcels through the mail, this being especially true of Sears, Roebuck ami company. A civil service examination for postoffice clerks wa* recently held, for the purpose of having an eligible list from 1 which to secure an additional clerk aa I soon as the business warrants it. FREE IN PREMIUM DEPARTMENT New Process German finish, made of selected stock, durable and sanitary; a fine covering jfor early fall; large size 50x72. GIVEN WITH 50.00 IN COUPONS 8ENB I \ ADIB TRIAL SI BSCH IP-TIOAf TO TilE THIES FOH Is Full Fledged Mortician. Friends of W. H. Brooks, manager of the Lake County Ixian company, and assistant to Fndortaker Charles C. •Neidow, did not learn until yesterday CLAIM VALUABLE GARY LAND Valparaiso, Ind., Jan. 7.—Th** heirs of George Block! Hr. are seeking in the Porter circuit court to establish their title to 198 acres of land at Gary, in the heart of the territory owned by the steel corporation. The land is valued at $800 an acre. Block! said he received a deed to the property from a fellow trapper, who occupied the same shack w'lth him in the sand dunes fifty-two years ago. The steel company bought land on all aid** until Biockl’s property was hemmed in. He refused to consider offers for his plat. Three years ago he began proceedings to quiet title. He alleged agents of tile steel corporation stole the deed. Two years ago Block! committed suicide. QUITS JAIL TO MEET DEATH Lafayette, Ind.. Jan. 7.—With only two days of liberty after four months’ incarceration in the county jail here. John Fox, age 38, was killed today near Cambridge City when he was struck by a Pennsylvania passenger train. John Fisher received a telegram from the man WANTS MONEY Why not see us. It’s our business to loan and yours to borrow, if you want it. We do it to your satisfaction in every way without any fuss, privately and confidentially. If you own furniture, a piano, horse and vt hides, or stock you can get any amount from $5.00 to $100.00 nod save from W to 610 on your loan. Repay us in small amounts by the week or month or to suit yourself. Mechanics, salaried people and others advanced money on their own note. Loans made anywhere In the Calumet district. “YOU’RE TO BLAME IF YOU FORGET THE NAME.’" LAKE COUNTY LOAN GO. 28 Rlmbach Blk. Over Lion Store. Phone SIN. HAMMOND -    - INDIANA Open evenings till 8 o'clock. Saturday n p. m. WEDNESDAY’S GROCERY SALE SUGAR—Best Granulated, with order of 1.00 or more, (flour or butter not included)    a IO pounds........................  ■    ** BUTTER—Elgin Creamery, finest quality od- tamable, per pound............../J‘I" VIL' FLOUR—Gold Medal or Ceresota, the two best brands, ^-barrel sack, 2.31; Vi-barrel sack, 1.31; ^-barrel sack...................... **■ or 28c 66c Brand 13c the! Grandma’s Pancake Buckwheat Flour, OC a 3 packages........lJu New Crop Hand Picked Navy Beans, 1 7 D 3 pounds......... I I lf Fancy Florida Oranges, sweet and juicy, 1 ftp per dozen   I OU Good Luck Butterine, SS* 19c Minas Blend Coffee, best value in Hammond, 4 lbs, 1.10; per ll SOAP—Kirk’s American Family? Fels Naptha or U. S. Mail Soap, with order,    QQf* IO bars.....................................uOw PICNIC HAMS—Edelweiss brand, weigh    I A- from 4 to 6 pounds each, per pound...........I TrU CAN GOODS—Sugar Corn or Kidney Beans, per can....................................... WEDNESDAY’S BEST BARGAINS Armour’s Shield Lard, guaranteed pure, per lh.. Snider’s Tomato Catsup, 25c bottle, 19c;    1    Of* 15c bottle......... I    41 Fancy Santa Clara Prunes good size, per pound.. ----  USU Carolina Head Rice, 10c size, — 3 pounds.......... Extra Fancy Red Alaska Salmon, Yacht Club or Red Brand,    ICH I-lb can...........I va 4-Quart Gray Enameled Sauce Pan or Preserve Kettle, enameled on heavy steel base, each.................... IOC Japaned Silk Stainer, blue finish, each....... 8c 2-Quart Blue and White Enameled Covered Buckets, tin cover, each.. Liquid Veneer Furniture Polish, for polishing all kinds    g    Q woodwork, bottle.......... I    U    if Crash, unbleached, half linen, 18 inches wide, very serviceable, regular 10c quality, 5 yards for............. (Limit IO yards to customer) 37c Phoenix Muffler, full length, sb.es 12 to 14, light blue, red. black and navy, regular 50c value it...................... 29c Storm Serge, 50 inches wide, all wool, the right weight for suits and jackets, good assortment of colors, regular 1.25 values  .......... (See window display.) 79c Cotton Suiting, plaids and checks, just right for school wear, | j fast color, yard............ I    |    C Boys* Tan Hi-Cut Storm Boots, "..OO grade, with 2 straps and buckles, sizes I to 5^s, special............... 2.90 Men’s 3.50 Hi-Cut Storm Boots, 14-J inch height, complete closed tongue] all sizes, special, per pair............. 3.00 Ladies’ 3.00 Velvet Button Shoes, fi-e quality, all sizes, special............... 2.50 Ladies’ 2.50 Heavy Gun Metal Button Shoes, ‘ Bunt" tip, sale price............ 2.00 10 Dozen Men’s Heavy All-Wool Underwear, shirts and drawers,! gray, tan and brown, regular 1-50 values. 5 Dozen Men’s Bradley Mufflers, all colors and sizes, regular :»Cc values, special...... 5 Dozen Men’s Gray Flannel Shirts, all sizes, regular 1.00 values..................... 89c 5 Dozen Men’s Heavy Union Suits, regular 2.50 value, all size* 54 to 44, special.......... 1.39 Week's Break Up a Cold Tablets.................. 25c White Pine and Tar Cough Syrup, for colds, 25c size ............ lie Palm Olive Soap, 3 cakes.......... 25c Beef, Iron and Wine, a strengthening tonic, 50c size................ 39c

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