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Hammond Lake County Times Newspaper Archives Jan 7 1913, Page 3

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Hammond Lake County Times (Newspaper) - January 7, 1913, Hammond, Indiana THE TIMES. SPORTS IS FAVORITE FOR CROSS BATT Twenty times good! The pleasure contained in this package of Fatimas has made it the greatest selling cigarette in the country. The pleasure of absolutely pure tobacco. Distinctively Individual” Mexican Is Down to 134 For His Clash With Master of Ten Round Game New York. Jan. 7.—Joe Rivers, the latest addition to our pugilistic ranks, spent a busy afternoon at his training quarters between training and greeting a host of newly-made friends who took advantage of the holiday to see the Mexican In action. Rivers went through the daily stunt of rope Jumping, punching bag and when everything was cleared off the decks started in a four round melee with Tackey Hommey. Packey is not one of our greatest battlers as far as science goes. He is there with the wallop and delights in getting slammed. For twelve minutes the pair of lightweights buffeted one another around with neither overlooking an opportunity to slam. The visitor showed up to great advantage. He worked faster than ever, showing that miserable weather did not bother him so that you would notice it. His wallops were straight and plenty and most of them hit the mark. Rivers convinced the fans that he will give Leach Cross a strenuous time and there is no doubt he wll lenter the ring a hot favorite. He is now down to 134 pounds and says he could get down to the required poundage, 133, any time he desires. Joe has developed a slight fondness for Broadway and hates to leave the bright lights in his wake. His training quarters form a strong contrast to the white way. Woodlawn Inn. where he is quartered, is only a few steps away from the entrance to Woodlawn cemetery. Rivers is not stuck on the close proximity of dead ones. A more lonesome or desolate place after sundown could not be found. Cross started In work today at Lake wood, where he gets In shape for all important battles. Leach is a master at the ten-round game and figures his knowledge of the short bout will prove of inestimable advantage. nm n uke ll IEI lUS' to CMY RE-ENTERS RING OU UC OUR SEMI ANNUAL GLOVE CLEARANCE COMMENCES DOUBLE STAMP DAY. This is the biggest Glove Bargain event of the year. We advise you to come in early Wednesday morning, as your size may be gone later in the day. The Banner Item of the Sale is this $1.25 Glove at 69c. These are not seconds, but regular $1.25 One-Clasp Mocha Gloves; they come in black only, full range of Ladies' and Misses1 sizes    69G while they last, per pair BY SPIKE. Tonight Jimmy Clubby, idol of Hammond and Milwaukee fight fans, will mix It with Ray Parker of Chicago In a ten-round no-decislon go at Fond du Lac, Wls. The outcome of their fistic knocked out In    three rounds by Al Palier in New York and Is now in London contemplating a return to America,, i encounter is eagerly    waited    for, as But he won't    have to come back    his wide following of admirers are here. Three of    the best heavyweights    awart-e tflat the battle    is only    a feeler In the United States—McCarty, Palier and Willard—will go to him. id WI WI Ila for James, who is preparing for his tilt with Eddie McGoorty the latter 'illard was the latest to announce J part of this month, his plan to fight Bombardier on Brit- Many of Jimmy's friends are on the Chicago Heavyweight Will fh ”ol> Hnt'wl!hln,a “T'ks he wl“ i an,x,°“a ,ea‘th“uf[,“ “ „haa ®    Jo    leave    for England with his manager, noised around that Parker is a clever Charlie Cutler, in an attempt to beat j youngster and Is liable to spring a sur-Pafzer and McCarty to the punch.    j prise at Jack Brunkhorst's arena to- If Wells was an American and pos- ! night. But Jimmy has hung out the sessed of his same ability as a ring- j “we should worry sign” and word ster. a battle with him would not be comes from his training camp that he greatly sought. But being a subject * is in the best possible shape and not The whole heavyweight boxing situ- °* the king lends an International as Dash to London to Beat McCarty to Match. to be surprised if the pin feathers fly as James is going to mix it from start to finish. A number of Hammond fans left today to be at the ringside tonight. Whether Clabby trounces Parker or not, Eddie McGoorty will be his next opponent, the Buffalo, N. Y.» promoters being the lucky bidders for the ten-round tilt. McGoorty is the only real contender for the welterweight championship, having defeated Mike Gibbons, who has also attempted to step J into the middleweight ranks. For the j past year Clabby has been endeavor- j log to get a match with McGoorty, but j every time his manager, Frank Mul- | kern, popped the question McGoorty j took the short cut to the woods. Fol- I lowing the McGoorty fight Clabby will J take on Mike Gibbons, this being the fourth time they have met. atlon seems to center in Bombardier Pect to things and permits any enter- ;    Shanks    or    any    other    good    heavy- __  J _ i —    sari ilk Mb V.A I 4 I AM MMV K A    ~ Wells, the British champion who was KS Cheer Up! won’t be bothered by the blues if you keep your liver active, your bowels regular, and your stomach in good tone by timely use of the time-tested, beneficent, ^id always effective family remedy beecham’s PIUS Sold everywhere    Is    box    ca    10c..    23c. TITLE FIGHT prising manager with a battler    who    can    be oMalned for Jan. can whip the Bombardier to annex the 2J 24    wlllard    wlll    Rive    his    an- champlonshlp of the world. Well* re-    .    .    „r ...    ..    ,.    *    ewer today. move* the sting on the world part.    _____ Cutler will be enabled to meet some of the best European wrestlers abroad BRONSON GETS and the two plan to make the tour something like the Jeffries-Gotch cruise, which was quite successful from a box office standpoint. Willard will be forced to win by a big margin to get the decision before a London sporting club. But everything Is with him. The referee at the National Sporting club remains outside the ring and clean breaks only are permitted. The battle, if before this club, might draw from 35.000 to $7,500. Eddie Pantry, matchmaker of the Summit A. C. at Fort Wayne. Ind., has offered Wlllard a fight with Jack Leon, Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 7.—Ray Bronson is matched to box Hillard Lang, the Canadian welterweight title holder, at Indianapolis ten rounds Jan. 15. Lang won a shade newspaper decision over the Hoosier a few months ago. Bronson Is after Mike Gibbons ! again and he said today:    "I will meet Gibbons any time. anywhere at 145 | pounds ringside in any number rounds for the title $1,000 on the side that I beat him." ROGER BRESNAHAN NOW MB CAT CHER Former Leader of St. Louis Cards Agrees to Terms Offered by Murphy. CITIZENS GERMAN NAT I0NAL BANK ’J Hammond, Indiana UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Organized and Charter issued by the Treasury Department of the United States May 2nd 1906 Today we represent over $1,200,000. A remarkable growth considering that this Bank has not combined or taken over any other Banking Institution. On this remarkable showing we solicit your Banking Business. We pay 3 per cent Interest on Savings Accounts payable Jan• 1st and July 1st of Each Year Accounts opened by January 15th will draw full 6 months interest, interest to be computed from Jan. 1st. Roger Bresnahan is now a Cub. This 0f was announced officially yesterday aft-I want”to wager ernoon by President Murphy and Manager Evers of the west side club. Evers arrived in the morning, and after completing plans for the spring training trip of the Cubs he and Pres- J ldent Murphy called up St. Louis and ; had Roger Bresnahan paged. The for- * mer manager of the Cardinals soon responded abd announced that he had come to a settlement with the St. Louis club, had the money In the bank, and was ready to accept the terms recently i offered him by the Chicago club. What these terms were was not glv- ! en out for publication, but President Murphy wished it said that he had outbid Barney Dreyfuss. the Pittsburg owner, who paid $22,500 for Marty O’Toole, the largest sum ever paid for a ball player. That doesn’t mean that Murphy paid more than that to get Roger. It means that he offered Roger more money than did Dreyfuss. and also more than Herrmann of Cincinnati. It was only another case of money talking. 25 Dozen Children's 2-Clasp White Kid Gloves that we have been featuring in recent sales at 95c a pair, your choice while they CQ/\ last, pair... DOU One Large Lot of Ladies' and Misses’ Kid Auto Gauntlets in tan only, never sold for less than $1.50, per pair, Wednes- (lay...........Owl# Regular $2.50 Black and Tan Kid Gloves at $1.75 CHILDREN’S ALL-WOOL WORSTED HOSE SPECIALS f   .......... ■■■»—■■' INTRODUCTORY SALE of the A greatest figure-reducing corset ever sold at so low a price—the new $' values up to 50c, sizes 6 to 9%, special, pair...... 19c WOMEN'S UNION SUITS, heavy fleeced back, cream color only, regular 50c kind, at.... 39c WOMEN’S PERCALE HOUSE DRESSES, perfect fitting, figures and stripes, all sizes, at...... 98c The extremely long skirt has the latest Nemo invention, “Lasticurve-Back”—broad gores of elastic Lasti-kops Cloth, extending far below the back steels, as shown in the picture. Every woman will understand that this means extreme style with comfort Two models: No. 324—medium bust | ^3^^ Improved Self-Reducing front. Of superior white coutil, sizes 20 to 36. SPECIAL LADIES’ SWEATER COATS, pure wool, fancy knit, shawl collar, oxford gray, cardinal and | i Q white... I B I 9 SPECIAL CARMAN HAIR NETS, the best 5c net on the market, all shades, Wednesday, double stamp day, 7 for., 25c SPE* ONE DAY SPECIAL from our Drug Section. Or-King’s New Discovery, $100 size “...59c SPECIAL MENNEN’S NARA N G I A TALCUM POWDER, the regular 15c boxes, Wednesday only... IOC SPECIAL LADIES’ FLEECED HOSE, an exceptionally good quality, per pair, while they last, only..... 8c SPECIAL BOYS’ WOOL SWEATER COATS, v-neck, plain gray or combination colors, $150 and Aft $2 values. 9(IC SPECIALS MEN’S WOOL RIBBED UNDERWEAR, broken sizes of regular $1.25 garments, on sale Wednesday at.... 79c LADIES’ VICI KID SHOES with patent leather tip, choice of lace or button, $2.50 values.. regular 1.69 LADIES’ FELT JULIETS, ^ome are ribbon trimmed, others are fur bound, several colors, $1.50 values at..... 1.00 Oouble SAH Green Stamps all Bay Wed. . SAVANNAH GIVEN BIG JOJO RACES Vanderbilt and Grand Prix Events to Be Decided at Georgia Course. New York, Jan. 7.—Savannah. Ga., yesterday was awarded the next running of the Vanderbilt cup and grand There is more Catarrh In this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be Incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced It a local disease and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced It incurable. Science has proven Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only Constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally In doses from IO drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the ays tem. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. prix automobile races. No exact dates for the contests were set, but they will be run between Nov. I, 1913, and Feb. 23. 1914. This announcement was made last night by Harvey Granger, representative of the Savannah Automobile club, who, with a committee of five other Georgians conferred yesterday afternoon with the Motor Cups Holding company. Granger said the committee was cordially received by the contest board, and that both races were awarded Savannah without stipulation or opposition. So far as he knew, Granger ndded there was no other applications for them. Granger said the Savannah course would be shortened to about ten miles, and that on the days of the races it would be policed by Georgia state militiamen in order to prevent accidents to spectators. According to Granger, the course now is in such condition that the contests could be held within forty-eight hours. Granger also stated that the Automobile Club of America and the Savannah club would start to work immediately to try to secure entries of foreign cars. P. I. TO MEET FARREII TODAY Chance Due Here for Conference With Owner of Yankees. Chance Is due to reach Chicago from California at 11:40 a. rn., and Frank Farrell, owner of the New York club, is due at noon. It Is probable they will get together early in the afternoon, and many believe the papers will be signed within an hour after the two meet. A number of Chance’s friends, headed by Charley Williams, secretary of the Cubs, are going out to Joliet to meet the California train and escort the P. L. into town. Still others are planning to be at the Polk street station to welcome the former west side leader. According to reports Chance will be offered the biggest salary ever paid a baseball manager. Although Owner Farrell never has made public the amount he will offer, it is understood It is to be $18,000 per year with 5 per cent of the net profits added. The biggest salary ever paid Chance by the Chicago club in the seven years he was manager was $10,000, and that was only for the last three years. Chance won four pennants and two world’s championships in seven years on the west side, and then was released last fall by President Murphy. Before sundown tonight Frank Chance, Peerless Leader, formerly with the Cubs, is likely to be signed to a contract to manage the New York American league team for the next five TM TI. NEW GOLE LINKS IS FORAMEN ONLY Organization Formed as Old Elm Club Has Site on North Shore. the formation of the Winnetka Country club comes the announcement of the formation of the Old Elm club, whose grounds will be located 400 yards east of the railroad station and Chicago electric station on the Green Bay road at Fort Sheridan. The new organization is something of a novelty in that it is to be a golf club for men only. Women players and juniors may be invited for special occasions, but essentially the club wlll be a place where the sustaining golfers can enjoy themselves and be sure of getting a game at all times without much waiting. The club Is in no sense a competitor of any other organization, and while the majority of the 150 members will have other affiliations, these, it is expected, will toe continued. Many of the members will use their other courses for daily play, but during busy periods they will be able to play at Old Elm. The club has purchased 140 acres located on the famous ridge sloping to the west, and 80 per cent of the land overlooks the Skokie valley. Only a little of the Skokie marsh is on the property and this will be used for a short water hole and for landscape purposes.    I TIMES WANT ADS SERVICE—TO YOU? ARE FOR lf you contemplate building or es-^ tablishing a dairy farm along the north shore, you had better hurry up or the j golf clubs will get you. Links in that section are getting almost as common as burglaries in the city. Following

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