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Hamilton Daily News Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1940, Page 1

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Hamilton Daily News Journal (Newspaper) - August 10, 1940, Hamilton, Ohio / year after year shows steady growth the journal news has been gradually gaining year after year until it now goes into practically every Home in Hamilton and in the entire trading radius covering a Large Market for the advertiser. The circulation that produces results Joliet Ait taking two re 3 Anvil Tok us Cut Ham i Ltd n journal a a a fort Hamilton in i79lr we vol. 54�?no. 200 Atu Rda a Augustio. 1940 to a Terreri no second clan matter Price three cents Post office. Hamilton. Ohio Riff i a. Id . 7 it too readers inc it to Lluu the j0urml. News family possible readers. 18 pages weather Hamilton and Vicinity Cloudy with showers continued Cool tonight sunday bomb British munitions plants a a a a it i it let it a a a a a its it a a a a a a a a a a Ltd a it it it it it a it a $ it it it it a a 4> let it it it it it Ltd it 4> a a new Deal shuns Compromise talk in conscription fight a it it it a it it Ltd it it it it it a it it it it it Ltd it it it it Ltd it it it it it it it it it it it it # its it it Ltd it Ltd a a it it it a it it it Ltd a it it it a it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it propose plan Egypt is prepared for declaration War against Italy great damage for delay in draft Date voluntary enlistments at record for peacetime Senate debate a a a Ltd it it it it it let it a it it it italians capture Hargeisa forces Are ready Somaliland capital bombed meet invaders Roosevelt and Wallace Confer Corn to be resumed monday after week end recess cite la. S. Policies ammo Clofed pres it Washington aug. To. Administration Leadens turned a fold shoulder today to talk a Compromise in the Senate fight Over Contin Tion. Senator Barkley Kentucky the democratic floor Leader expressed the opinion to reporters that conscription and voluntary enlistments could not be linked a in such a system a that offered by senator Maloney a Conn As a substitute for the Burke Wadsworth Bill. Maloney would require the registration All men from 21 through 30, As would the Burke Wadsworth Bill but he would delay the draft until january i while voluntary enlistments were a bought these enlistments did pot fill the army a quota conscription would be ordered. Peacetime record army enlistments totalled 23,-412 in june and 31,958 in july a peacetime record. The army a strength was 270,183 cd july 31, Sud will he brought to 322,922 As quickly As possible Maloney said his proposal appeared to be attracting increasing support despite administration opposition and the reluctance conscription opponents to agree that the draft might be needed while the nation was at peace. One the latter group senator Nyer an said he was willing to have men from 21 through 30 Register in order to have the draft machinery ready if War came but could see no reason for abandoning the traditional american peacetime policy voluntary enlistments. He predicted that supporters would find it necessary to Compromise the Burke Wadsworth Bill before they could obtain Senate approval. Debate monday this View was echoed in private by one administration strategist who said he had no doubt that some sort conscription Bill would be voted by the chamber. He said it was a touch and go a however whether the Maloney proposal some similar Compromise would be adopted. The Senate will resume debate the Burke Wadsworth measure monday after a week end recess. The discussion began yesterday. Farley accepts Delaware Post Antoo lated prow Wilmington del., aug. To. A James a. Farley retiring postmaster general and democratic National chairman today was appointed chairman the coca cola Export corporation. Robert w. Woodruff chairman the coca cola company a Board directors announced Farley had accepted a position a in charge All Export business and particularly the expansion our business in foreign Farley a resignation As democratic chairman becomes effective August 17 and he leaves the Cabinet August 31. Woodruff indicated the retiring postmaster general would report Here after a vacation and said his Headquarters we Ould be in Wilmington. Associated Presa Rome aug. To. Italian troops driving towards the coast British Somaliland have advanced to a Point beyond Adu Eins East Ila Geisa the High command announced today. Capture Hargeisa already had been announced. As this italian column pressed no curtsy special to to Virnal a Ftp. Hamilton Bermuda aug. lady Charles Kennedy Purvis wife the commander the Royal Navy a american and West indies Squadron was one two the highest placed matrons official Bermuda society who greeted the Duke Windsor with a crusty but did not curtsy to his american born Duchess upon their arrival at Hamilton Bermuda. High water Routs 10.000 from Homes 4 annotated Prenn i Crowley la., aug. Cross state and Federal agencies hurriedly mobilized their forces saturday to administer emergency Aid to 10,000 refugees driven from their Homes in Southwest Louisiana by two Days torrential rain which natives said surpassed the landmark flood 1927. Answering urgent appeals from mayor Buatt Crowley in the Center the flood gov. Sam Jones at Baton Rouge swung into action to marshal state Federal and Relief agencies to Send in Supply boats and administer available Aid. Jones estimated that there were 10.000 persons homeless and in need immediate supplies declaring that most them were a Cut off from the outside he appealed for food clothing bedding Medicine and boats to Send into the disaster area particularly to Crowley where the Brunt the floods entered following the Gulf Mexico Hurricane which swept along the Louisiana coast into Texas two Days ago. I Nam main Kwiw Kwiw nmwm>mw0w a Mem it r bully sight Walhalla s. C., aug. To. Up a Pete Bauknight parked his Auto near the Home a Farmer returned a Short time later to see it being smashed to pieces by a ferocious Bull. The bulls ire was aroused by the sight his image in the car s headlights Bauknight said. Jobless by Steps up Tempo Columbus o., aug. To. Of a accelerating its activities to a National defense Tempo the state Bureau unemployment compensation today prepared to name More than too new employees to expedite placement skilled workers through Itig reemployment service. Administrator h. Atkinson said he would name new office managers at Cincinnati Findlay Ashtabula and Bridgeport next week and that too additional interviewers would be appointed throughout the state within to Days. Atkinson said the expansion would permit a More Complete and accurate classification skills among Ohio a jobless All whom must Register for re employment before they can participate in jobless insurance benefits. Some appointees he added would replace staff members summoned l i Huff ii ugh beyond Adu Eins the daily italian communique said planes bombed Berbera the capital and chief port British Somaliland. The raid was reported to have damaged a ship in the Harbor and set afire two British planes the ground. Station bombed other italian planes operating along the egyptian coast near the Border Libra bombed a railway station platform at Mersa mat Rah and concentrations mechanized equipment and British positions at Sidi bar Rani the High command said. Italian authorities insisted the British battleship Resolution As Well As a destroyer were damaged seriously in the Aerial bombardment British warships August i. Jane a fighting ships lists the Resolution As a battleship the Royal Sovereign class 29,150 tons armed with eight 15-Inch guns and carrying a Normal complement Over 1,000 men Livest five re taken by mishaps i \knoiitilr<1 pre i Columbus o., aug. accidents and drowning took the lives five ohioans yesterday. Tragedy visited an Akron family vacationing at Ceylon Junction 15 Miles East Sandusky As Wilma Mishler age 15, slipped i from an inner tube while floating in Lake Erie and drowned As her 11-year-old sister Wilda looked . The victim was the daughter . And mrs. William Mishler. David Rex age 70, drowned after slipping and falling into Sandusky Bay. An automobile crashed into a j Bridge abutment eight Miles South Lancaster killing William b. Richardson age 30, a passenger. I nine year old Neil Smith was injured fatally at an Oxford Street i intersection As an automobile struck his bicycle a birthday gift. Another traffic victim was Martin d. Firestone age 54, who fell from the trailer a moving automobile at Cleveland. Workmen injured in Dayton beast Dayton o., aug. today began to remove debris a $50,000 explosion and fire we High a few hours before had wrecked the rear a building used by the Inland manufacturing company division general motors As a storage building. Three men were injured slightly in the blast. Several other workmen had left the building a few minutes prior to the blast. Firemen worked speedily and prevented the Blaze from spreading to 3,500 Gallons naphtha stored in steel Drums too feet from the building. The explosion is believed to have been caused by Gas accumulated in a Large drying oven. Famed italian Tenor is reported dead Rome aug. To. A the death Alessandro Bonci age 70, famed italian Tenor was reported today by the Rome radio in a dispatch from Milan. As a boy he was a cobblers apprentice. Help to indo China pledged by China japs move in Cudahy leaves for Home \ i ii a Ltd pres i belligerent Powers settled Down today to a punishing War air Power and the United kingdom the european continent and Africa Felt and heard the crash bombs the Thunder anti aircraft fire and chattering machine gun fire in growing volume. Italy claimed further gains in her land drive into British Somaliland and All the belligerents issued communiques telling Aerial exploits. With the War Aerial bombardment argument and political mane vering involving at least three continents Egypt prepared to change from passive Alliance with Britain to Active military cooperation with the outnumbered British forces in Africa. Ready for action the press issued warnings against italian propaganda while the armed forces stood ready to swing into action the moment italian troops in Libya launch their anticipated drive into the land the pharaohs. Germany now has withheld her threatened invasion England past the five Day period High summer tides which ended last night but Aerial attacks considered As a a preparation continue. Tokyo newspapers saw Britain a withdrawal troops from Shanghai As an attempt to come to an understanding with Japan before the a Battle Britain begins. The United states stuck by its own position in China despite the British move. China promises Aid China promised to help Indochina if Japan undermined that Semi orphaned Colony France. John Cudahy United states ambassador to Belgium As he left for Home was quoted by the London daily mail today As saying that he would not retract a one word the interview he granted this week praising the behaviour German troops occupying Belgium. Cudahy who also stated that Belgium would face famine this Winter if food was not supplied by America was reprimanded by the state department and called Home. His friends in w Ashington expect him to resign from the diplomatic service. Legion assails student paper Athens o., aug. To. Up a a student editor insisted today there was nothing a a communistic about voicing editorial opt position to the compulsory military training Bill pending in Congress. Criticism was hurled at the Ohio University Post student paper by the local american legion Post and the Athens messenger. The k. T. Crossen Post the american legion demanded that . Herman g. James president the University ban in american elements. A if Ohio University is to continue As a Haven for Young radicals reds trouble makers and democracy haters then that fact should be made known a the legion wrote doctor James who is in Alaska. Special to Jon nil Newi. Hyde Park n. Y., aug. Roosevelt right told a rally democratic women at Hyde Park n. Y., that he and Henry Wallace left vice presidential candidate planned to keep arguing about dutchess county and Iowa Corn a for the next four the women assembled at mrs. Roosevelt Salkill cottage cheered the implication. Prison fugitives captured after slaying woman companion wounding police chief pre i Oilton okla., aug. To. Two prison fugitives who hurled the shot torn body a woman from their speeding automobile wounded Oilton a police chief and kidnapped a Farmer were held today As officers sought a motive for the woman a i death. Tho gunmen Bill Hall age 25, and Joe Lovelace 24, surrendered to Highway patrolmen last night i after a running gunfight. Hall had been shot five times. Hostage shot Bill Glimp Drumright tin Fanner hostage whose car the bandits commandeered had a flesh wound in one leg. Patrolmen mistook him for one the fugitives. Sheriff l. L. Fisher said Lovelace declared the slain woman whom he identified As Jeanne Colp age 30, Asher okla., was thrown from the car because a she seemed to he dead and Hall complained that her body interfered with his driving. As they drove through Oilton following a pistol Shotgun Duel in which police chief Ben d. Clark was critically wounded Lovelace said he noticed the woman was badly hit. He contended Fisher said that he did not know who shot her nor did he account for her presence in the car. Clark and Constable c. L. Irwin Hunting three men who robbed an Oilton restaurant earlier in the Day halted a Black Sedan in which Hall Lovelace the woman and a negro were Riding. The officers leaped to the running boards. A Point Blank Shotgun change knocked Clark to the pavement. Irwin emptied his pistol into the car fell off As it sped away. The body the attractive red haired Young woman was found a business Street a Short time later. Roosevelt inspection new England defences 4 \nno<iu4��?~<i pre i Portsmouth n. In aug. To. A president Roosevelt began a weekend inspection new England sea and land defences today by observing conditions at the Portsmouth Navy Yard where five submarines costing $27,500,000 were being built and plans a several others were being drafted. News briefs denounce exemption theological students Philadelphia aug. To. Up a declaring that a undoubtedly this country needs a compulsory military training program a the Catholic Standard and Timon denounced the Senate military affairs committee for failing to exempt theological students from military service. Uncle same a wheat elevators Are filled to brim while severe shortages face conquered nations Chicago aug. To. Up a How has the european War affected the american Grain Trade for weeks trading pit the futures exchanges has been practically Idle and noir supplies Are piling up and owners Are frantically searching for storage space. Last year there were approximately eighty six million bushels old crop wheat carried Over the largest Stock since 1933. Canadian surplus when the 1940 wheat crop started rolling to Market it found Tiant elevators filled almost to j rapacity. Wheat therefore has backed up into country elevators and old freight a Al my to Fth Wood. Attune 4 elevators in Northwestern states is the huge Canadian surplus which is overflowing into storage bins this Side the Border. Chicago theoretically has a storage capacity 53,569,000 bushels but approximately sixteen million bushels this space is in elevators which Are part feed Mills malt houses and Transfer houses. This leaves about thirty seven million bushels space for commercial Grain storage. At the Start the Harvest season there were already Twenty four million bushels hand with More coming All the time. Easterners say Canadian wheat will Roll into the Northwest in volume Tor alar a at Tho head the lakes Eastern ports and in country elevators British blockade european countries conquered in military operations in the last year Are reported Short wheat and others Are shut off from american supplies by the British blockade. The Corn crop has been damaged by heat and drought in the last few weeks but official government estimates yesterday announced that a crop 2,248,245,-000 bushels was in sight this year a reduction 167,752,000 bushels from the july i. Estimate and 370,891,000 bushels less than the 1939 Harvest. The government. A Llotd la Ikui it i \ it it a a Iii jail Preuh i la Del Phi a Bald win locomotive works officials expect to begin a within tax months production $5,689,725 Worth giant tanks for the United states army. Washington labor department reports 241,315 new dwellings valued at eight Hundred Twenty five million dollars built in non farm areas the United states during first half 1940. The figure represented an 8 per cent increase Over the first six months lust year. Chicago a women a Christian Temperance Union convention asked to support legislation designed to abolish Block booking motion pictures. San l. Lewis suggests a alternative to conscription shortening the period enlistment to one year and increasing the pay the army. Fire destroys House As family sees fair West Alexandria Ohio August Eby and Ilia family we Ero made homeless Friday afternoon when fire destroyed their House a mile Southeast Here when they were attending the Preble county fair. Marcus Peters driving route 35, a half mile from the dwelling saw the smoke from the roof and sounded the alarm. Several Bove ran to the flaming House broke in a door but were Able to save Only a few pieces Furni pc nah accompanied by Secretary the Navy Frank Knox the chief executive arrived by train at 7 59 a. In. Eastern Standard time Frog Hyde Park n. Y., and went immediately to the Yard. Francis p. Murphy Republican governor new Hampshire joined the presidential party at the Railroad station. New Hampshire and Maine state police combined with secret service men in closely guarding the president As he was driven under a scorching Sun to the Yard Over a route from which traffic had been cleared. Boards yacht the commandant the Yard rear Admiral John d. Wain right also joined the president at the station and Rode with him to the base. Within an hour his arrival at the Yard the president hoarded the White House yacht Potomac continue a agr 3 Hughes Sells flying Laboratory to British new York aug. To. H5 a Howard Hughes famous a flying Laboratory a in which he flashed around the world two years ago to set a Globe encircling record left los Angeles lust night heading for a wartime Mission courier service Between London and Egypt. It wats bought several Days ago for an undisclosed sum sources Here a id by the British purchasing commission. The Low winged Lockheed waa expected to land at Floyd Bennett Airport late saturday. Crew less ship found Laden with Grain Gijon Spain aug. To. Up a a Crew less ship heavily Laden with Grain was towed today into port at Aviles by fishing vessels which found her Drifting 40 Miles from Shore Iii the Bay Biscay. Advices from Aviles said the ship had been identified As the 8,000-ton greek freighter Basilio is done to shipyards Germany not to concerned Over occupied lands first obligations for food Are toward own people France in need medical supplies it a Deli Tell pre i Berlin aug. To. The great British munitions works at Faversham the Pobjoy aircraft works at Rochester and government shipyards at Sheerness and Chatham the thames were bombed the High command announced today in a resumption Large scale raids England. Great fires and explosions resulted from attacks yesterday at h ave Rah Ara and at Rochester in Kent the High command said while a a great number bombs All Caliper so hit the two shipyards in Kent where Britain repairs damage done to her ships. Great damage also was done to the docks England a big East coast seaport at Newcastle the High command added and a runway the Airport at Bristol in the Southeast was reported destroyed. The sinking by submarine another ship 8,700 tons was claimed. 1,500 planes downed totalling their own victories in i defense against air attacks the germans said 1,500 Quot enemy planes had been brought Down by anti aircraft fire since the Start the War. Two British planes were shot Down yesterday. But it was admitted that in yesterdays British raids some civilians had been injured and buildings damaged in German territory. The nazi press took a Way View Germany a Winter food Prospect. But was less sanguine about occupied lands Over which it said Germany could not be expected to he too greatly concerned. The papers said an adequate food Supply for Germany is assured and that even the Balkan crops a while not record Breakers a Are More than sufficient to feed the Southeast. This varied with statistics released by the rumanian Institute business research which said the russian grail Bessarabia and the Northern Bucovina included 35 per cent the rumanian wheat crop 38 Ier cent Barley 53 per cent Rye and 23 per cent corny enough to have supplied Germany a import needs blockade final while emphasizing Germany a food prospects the German papers frankly were not optimistic about the occupied countries particularly the Low countries and France which they said were being pinched by the British blockade. Germany a first obligation is toward germans the press asserted. While Germany will be actuated by humanitarian motives to some degree she cannot be expected to concern herself too much Over populations which fought Germany and now face want be cause they have a ruined neglected deserted their own farms. This stand was emphasized in a German broadcast addressed to the United states and heard today in new York in which the nazi propagandist known As a a Okay suggested Britain could Avert a a serious food shortage without aiding Germany by relaxing her blockade the continent food shortage Richard Allen european Delegate the american red Cross returning to Vichy yesterday after a tour the 2s Camps in German occupied parts France where French soldiers Are held said they badly needed food and medical supplies. Allen told influenza and dysentery outbreaks and diets bread soup and a few vegetables with meat when they can find it. He expressed Hope some Aid might he permissible. The civilian population in the occupied area is not badly off yet Allen said but its situation will

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