Guardian in London, Middlesex
24 Sep 1862

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Guardian in London, Middlesex
24 Sep 1862

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Guardian (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, London, Middlesex No. 877. Wednesday september 24, 1862. Jariot a 6d. Stamped. Id. The. Week. The last week has been Fertile in those agricultural meetings at which county members Delight to distribute new waistcoats and political manifestos among the Rural population. At Buckingham or. Disraeli claimed for himself the parentage of those engines of social improvement and political influence find defended them against the ridicule of the times. And indeed there seems no substantial difference Between the medal which gives distinction to a Soldier and the certificate which bears witness to the skill and Industry of a meritorious ploughman. Or. Hubbard dilated on his pot scheme for the readjustment of the income tax. The name of the Duke of Buckingham once More appears in connection with these annual gatherings mid its present possessor received a Hearty Wol Como. In Warwickshire or. No Degato follows or. Disraeli s Lead in defending agricultural associations. In Berkshire or. Walter extolled the merits of steam machinery and Large forms. Or. Laing at Manchester has been decanting on his own private wrongs and the Public grievances of the Indian government. The complication of Indian accounts May to conceived from the fact that he and sir Charles Wood Are at Issue upon a question of fact As to whether there is or is not a surplus of some millions in the Indian exchequer. Whore adepts disagree about a matter of apparently such simplicity and appear both on their own showing to be right what likelihood is there that the outside Public will take the trouble to understand the merits of the quarrel what they can appreciate is or Laing s opinion that India is not capable of supplying much More Cotton than is necessary for the use of her own three Hundred millions of Calico Clad inhabitants. The recent experiments at Shoeburyness show that the Warrior is not safer against a 3001b. Shot than the Victory against the ordnance of fifty years ago. The increased Powers of defence Are equalled by the increased Powers of offence. The same number has been added to both sides of the equation. The privy Council office has issued instructions to inspectors of schools concerning the revised code. The office of assistant inspector u and the present districts Are Tobes us divided. Tho great commercial town of Belfast has been for the Las. Week in the hands of rival mobs of protestants and Koman catholics. Tho orangemen naturally enough regretting the loss of their former Ascendancy assembled in vast numbers but with most of their parliamentary leaders absent for tho purpose of petitioning against the oppression which forbids them the Pic Asuro of an annual Pusan of Triumph on the 12th of july Over their Koman Catholic fellow citizens. This of course provoked a counter demonstration on tho part of tho Koman catholics. Tho leaders disappeared As tho dispute proceeded from words to blows tho police wore Over powered and tho military sent for. Tho Aberdeen Synod have decided in favour of tho scotch communion office. A letter from or. Scabury published by the Bishop of Brechin which will be found in the supplement u important tho bearing of tho question on tho american Church. There is a ministerial crisis at Berlin arising out of tho sberal Chambers insisting on a greater control Over tho finances. They seem Likely to obtain their purpose. Austria appears to read tho lesson and prot by it betimes. Tho italian government continues silent As to its intentions Ith respect to Garibaldi. It is thought that tho declaration of  general amnesty is reserved to Grace tho wedding of the 1 in egg Maria Pia which is to take place this week. Meanwhile Garibaldi seems to be Well taken care of at Spezzia and professor Partridge s opinion of his wound is favourable. Pro wed by the Cool Way in which la France which is supposed w represent the opinions of the emperor has taken upon itself partition Italy into separate states in a confederacy the Jonn official Gazette has issued a spirited manifesto declaring a nothing but a United Italy will satisfy the italian people. Aho King in reply to a deputation of citizens from Forli also pressed a con adent Hope that in 1863 Rome would be Given u e italians. Bpm station of the Federal army appears Complete. F0p�i after blaming every other officer in the service of another command and tho general he a wanted appointed in his Stead. It is said that m Clellan Gono in Learoh of the confederates who Are raising Mary off Mut " the fir t time he a acted vigorously on the a Jujj ii crate time he be stirred himself if Washington i a Capitol of the Union one thing by 8 cd wage. We Sihau not have any More to no Ftp Tel i my cd la i is at any rate More of a Soldier w detail of the to1101 Angur Tishow How completely the confederates carried Victory before them and justify the proclamation of a thanksgiving by Jefferson Davis. Juarez it is said is about to put an end to the War in Mexico by tho cession of the cities of Mexico and Puebla to tho French. Do Van Attr colonial. Switzerland. From our Paris correspondent Engelborg Noar Lucerne september 18g2. " a deep Talo shut out by Alp no Hills from tho Rudo the quotation is jul Dorian and smacks of the sentimentality of tho author but it May to excused in the present instance for its apropos. Pow places he at once so easily within Roach and Are at the same time so absolutely secluded in character As this delightful Valley of Engelborg and it is because i see to Many English people visit it on account of its facility of Access and leave it again with half its beauties unknown and unexplored that i am induced to Send you some account of the impression loft on tho mind and body by a fortnight s sojourn in its angelic scenery and invigorating atmosphere. People arrive hero and go away again every Day coming seemingly just to take a look at the place because it is recommended somewhat me Grely it is True by the infallible Rod Book but to enjoy Engelberg is it deserves it requires to to seen in a very different fashion and Frame of mind. To begin then it May to said that Engelborg is Ono of tho few places really entitled to tho ambitious appellation which has Boon attached to its locality. It is eminently " Angelio " in All its features characteristics and adjuncts. Tho Road up to it loads properly to no other place and can to pursued further Only Over Mountain paths and during tho four or five hours most pleasant walk from tho shores of tho Lake of Lucerne which Are necessary to Roach it you fool that you Are advancing into deeper retirement at every Stop Whilo tho extreme Beauty of tho ascent makes tho approach worthy of tho spot to which it conducts. Tho Gorge resembles in fact in no slight degree that which leads to tho Brando chartreuse and proves that tho Benedictines in Switzerland Are in no Rob pct inferior in their appreciation of tho Sublime cities of nature to their carthusian Brethren in Franco. When at last tho Vale and Village and monastery moot your oyo you draw a Long breath and feel like one who has arrived at a Haven of rest after a Long pull up Hill. Tho scene is not Ono which requires or admits of inflated description. What is most touching in it is its excessive sweetness and , which soothe rather than excite to rapturous admiration. If you arrive at Vesper time at Throo o clock tho effect will not to diminished by tho deep tones you hear pealing from tho Abbey and tho position of tho Sun at that hour a vital Point in All Alpine scenery is such As to display tho Chaste and Noble landscape to great advantage your look glances with tranquil Delight from fresh pastures to dark Green Woods above these again to the stoop Walls of Rock which hem you in on every Side and High above All to tho now nearer Snow line which Marks the Elevation which you have reached. In the Plain tho chalets Cluster about the Parent monastery and reveal at onco tho half ecclesiastical half pastoral character and occupations of tho Valley and its inhabitants. Such Are tho aspect and impression of Engelborg As it first Breaks upon your sight. But a Sharp walk combined with Mountain air arouses feelings and wants which Are not to to appeased or satisfied Only through tho eyes and herein Lios another main object for troubling you with those lines. Ono owes it to those who have of lorded Ono Comfort and kindness on tho most moderate terms and with the Best disposition to to obliging to recommend them to others both for their advantage and that of one s friends. By All moans Thon if Over you arrive at Engelborg with the intention of staying there for some time which i heartily wish it May to your Good Fortuno some Elmo or other to do drive to tho hotel and pension a Lollor not mentioned by Murray where if you Are not satisfied with attention amounting to kindness with cleanliness reaching to Escrupulo sity with an excellent table and moderate charges Why then there is nothing for it but to say like do Borry that " you Aro hot tho Man i took you for and bid you go on in god s nut no As being of a mind and disposition Quito unworthy of the Pluto you Havo come to. When fixed in your comfortable quarters with Elmo to enjoy what you Havo Como to feel As Well As to see you can boat no loss How to spend tho next ten Days or a fortnight in a Way profitable both to body and mind. To breathe tho very Ulm itself of tho Valley is nothing loss than to Mako " simple existence delicious enjoyment and to drink from its fresh Springs of water is hardly a loss Troat. For contemplation and observation you have daily before your eyes the monastery its religious offices and its moral and social relations with the surrounding population. In such a place where there is no Church of your own Faith you May with convenience and propriety attend Matins vespers and complies in tho Church of the monastery and learn to fool if you Havo not Felt it before that it is a Sublime thing daily to Praise god in the midst of his noblest works and on the tops of tho mountains oven if tho result stopped merely there which it rarely does and did not react in spiritual Benefit on the worshippers Thorn solves. Your readers know me for no Romani ser. But sum clique / it was a great and True spirit which founded such institutions As that of the Benedictines of the Angel s mount for the glory of god and it vindicates itself inasmuch As it yet Bearett fruit every Day. The Alpine peasant of Engelberg attends Matins regularly at half past five before to goes to his Long Day s labour on tho Hills. On sunday the Largo Convent Church is densely crowded almost from Matins to midday by men and women in equal proportions this is easily seen because they sit on different sides of the Church All equally devout after their fashion All showing simply unaffected Day and demonstratively that their Faith has a Strong and durable bold upon their convictions. After eur cd the remainder of tho Day is universally observed As Ono of rest and social Intercourse it would to most unjust to witness such a scone in such a place and not Bear testimony to its edifying influences. The result answers the Means put in operation to effect it because the state of existence at Engelberg is one almost of primitive character. And is not the great religious question of the present Day this a How is the Church to become not simply mediaeval again but become to Modem society what the medi Saval Church was to medieval society what its Church is to the Valley of Engelberg at the present Day its guide teacher and Friend there is a Fine Organ finely played in this Remote Mountain spot. The Musio is excellent Roost excellent of All in its Mere Piffl Plecity and strictly ecclesiastical and religions character. Thereto Cut monks or rather i believe of the novices Are of that deep Sorosua Type which is so impressive in sacred Psalmody. 8ome_�f the latin and touching. It would be difficult soon to forget the expression of such strains As those Given to the Lucia creator Optime or to the magnificat or other chants at vespers or complies aided As they were especially at the latter office by the dim Light or rather gloom tithe vast Church and the Mystic twinkling of tho tapers Wiloh flickered through tho Black curtain from behind Wiloh the music and Volorea pealed. But these things i mention Only As the usual incidents to Romish ritual in every place Only enhanced and elevated Here by to manner of Celebration and by tho locality in which they Wero displayed. The decorous behaviour of tho congregation and the general bearing of tho entire population on the sunday wore most edifying to behold and showed that Strong religious and moral influences must be at work among them. Not a symptom of intoxication was to to seen although Kirsch tho spirituous liquor of the country 1b extremely cheap. The habits of the grown up people of the Valley Aro remarkably clean and it is impossible to Overlook the superiority in Good looks of the younger women Over tho generality of Swiss females. They remind one even of tho faces of Sorrento and would furnish Many a Good head for sacred painting. As for the children they Aro nothing less than angelic. There is a Largo school of fifty or sixty of Thoar kept by scours do St. Vincent in an outbuilding of the monastery and to see them going thither at Sevon o clock with their pretty clean faces and tidy dross is not tho least pleasant spot Taco in this out of tho world spot. Their performances in Reading writing and ciphering at a very Early age Wero highly remarkable All tho action and vitality of tho Valley soem to Spring from its Convent which not Only educates the children and makes the grownup population what it appears to to but Takos a Largo share in tho social Economy and administration of tho affairs of the Village. Thus for instance cheese making is of course tho chief occupation of these High Alpine pastures and tho monks themselves Aro Largo manufacturers of this Staple article. But by traditional usage they act As agents for tho Sale of the entire produce of tho Valley. All the smaller proprietors bring their goods to tho Abbey where they Are received at tho Market Price of tho Day and disposed of by tho Convent along with its own larger Stock to wholesale dealers a great accommodation of course to to peasant who makes Only his ten or a dozen Cheoros during tho season. In return for this and similar acts of kindly Aid and intervention in their temporal affairs the villagers Manifest tho warmest sympathy 1� All tho ecclesiastical business of tho Convent. On sunday last for instance a Young Monk was to celebrate mass for tho first time utter his rec option into holy orders. Tho entire Villa go was in Ste you might have supposed that every family was celebrating the birthday of one of its own members. All tho Young women without exception appeared with knots or garlands of tho gayest Flowers in Ali or headdresses and All of every age Wero attired As for a festival. Tire Good feeling existing Between tho two communities was a Mist Deablo and was evidently based upon a constant interchange of interest and Good of Licos. Some of tho Best features of Middle age life Stu linger visibly in this Alpine Valley. In addition to its own delicious atmosphere and striking Senory Engelborg offers an almost variety and Choice of excursions of a comparatively easy nature. A couple of hours walk fakes you Over tho choicest part of tho sure non pass which once gave its Namo to the entire Valley and its Convent. The Samo or less time will Mako you Well enough acquainted with tho Jau Ohlich and store passes both charming in their Way while Fourour ave hours will suffice to Lead you by tho Joch pass to tho Engst Lon Alp and exhibit one of tho Flost if not most extensive views of tho Oberland of which Switzerland can boast. But i am trespassing on tho guide books and must Stop although it was in fact their failure to do just co in my estimation to this unrivalled locality which first suggested to me to idea of sending you this letter. connected with the mexican operations Aro As numerous in Paris As speculations on tho roman question. La Franca asserts Itiat tho majority of tho Jaress government has decided upon proposing terms of capitulation to general Forey on the basis of the surrender of Mexico and Puebla to tho French. Marshal Castellano is dead. 1 tho Esprit Public publishes letters and documents seeking to prove that Max Ilni was tho instigator of the organisers of tho garb Allan expedition and says after tho defeat at Aspromonti asses urns disembarked on italian soil in order to attack tho most exult of personages. In View of such facts tho italian ministry Wero com pulled to Ordor n trial in Ordor to prove with whom Lay tho responsibility of tho blood that a been shod. Another Paris journal tho Patrie has an account from Turin of an audience Given by King Victor Emmanuel to a deputation from tho provincial Council of loll who Camo to congratulate his majesty on the approaching marriage of tho Princess plat tho deputation respectfully stated that to Universal wish was to see the Itoman question settled As soon As possible and tho King far from avoiding tho subject appeared to hear Thorn with pleasure. After listening attentively to All they had to say his majesty replied that to was Well award How important it was for Italy and especially tho Central provinces that tho Homan question should to decided thu tho was just As anxious for u As they Wero and to could Alvo them an Assurance that in tho course of 1803 tho question would to solved to tho Complete satisfaction of Italy and of the whole Catholic world. This declaration made a profound impression on the members of the deputation. Count Albl Clyl who was at its head asked the King whether they might repeat to tho populations which Thoy represented tho encouraging and hopeful words they had just heard. Ills majesty not Only authorised but expressly desired Thorn to do so. The Patric says that professor Partridge has Gono from Spring gardens to Spezzia in a very different character from that generally supposed and that his humane Mission is but a pretext invented by lord Palmerston in order to establish without exciting suspicion communication with Garibaldi i a divine Providence says the Monde Profos Sisag to give to summary of its correspondence from Rome has manifested itself these latter Days by the death of monsignor of Caputo Bishop of Ariano lathe kingdom of Naples to was the Only italian Bishop who had betrayed the Chacon to devote himself to the cause of the revolution he was attacked by Carbuncle and after Tome days4 illness mortification ensued and killed him. He was about to be named archbishop of Milan by King after that he was to consecrate the Abbt a Sisilla archbishop of Turin and those two would have been the nucleus of a schism they Wouldhave separated totems holy see and Prool Almed the National Church to Caputo to to Render an account of Bis in to

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