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Grub-Street Journal (Newspaper) - May 7, 1730, London, Middlesex The Numb, if a Cjjmtffoap, MAT 7. 1730. An Efiay towards a new Theory of Phy-(ick, in a Difcourfe read before the Grubsean Society, by Ephraim Quibus, M. D. Nunc ratio quae fit Morbis, aut ande repente Mortiferam pojfit cladem conflare coorta Morbida vis Hominum generic Pecudumq; catervis Expediam.--; Lucret. L. VI. [ EI N G very fenfible of the great honour you have lately conferred upon me, in admitting me a member of this Society: I think my felf obliged ro endeavour to fbew that I am not altogether unworthy of. the place you have allotted me amongftyou. I flatter my felf that I fhal! be able to do this by difcourfing after a new manner, on a fubject of the higheft importance ; the health and fafety of Mankind. I am about to propofe a Theory of Pbyfick, different from all, which have been already invented : a Theory not depending upon prerarioua.ReafoningK, but fupported by a great number of curious and exact Ob-fervations. In the fir ft place, I lay down this univerfal Propofi-tbn, that all Difeafes whatfosver owe their Origin to Animalcules. This will feem no very furprifing Doctrine, to thofe, who are already convinced, as indeed tnoft are, that each animated body was once contained in one of thofe Animalcules, which the fagacious Lew-enhoeck firft discovered in the femen mxjeubnum I: is certain, that not only this, but all the other Fluids what-foever contain a great variety of Animalcules, of different foras, which inhabit each Fluid, as ther proper Elements There are very few, who have not had the pleafure of feeing thofe in Vinegar and Pepper water; and thofe who are fufficientlj curious and diligent, may fee other minute Creatures even in thofe pure and un-mixt Fluids. Now I only defire it may be considered, that there are many, various Fluids fecreted in every Animal body, and it being granted that each of thefe Fluids has feveral proper Inhabitants ; it will neceflariiy follow that there mult be an almoft infinite Number of various Animalcules in all fuch Bodies. Hence, it wiil be eafy to underftand, that various Difeafesmay ari/e. Thus, if we receive any Aliment into our ftomachs, which is of a deftruetive nature to thofe Animalcules, which inhabit the proper Fluid contained therein, it is eafy to comprehend that the confequences will be various, according to the different effects of this invafion on the con-ftitution of the Animalcules, If they are able to give fufficient refiftance to thofe violent attacks, and overcome them j we are fenfible of fome disturbance in our ftomachs, but the peccant humour being thrown off, is carried down thro' the Inteftines, and fo the diforder is ended. On the other fide, if the Animalcules are not able to fuftain the Attack, but fink under it: a number of their Carcafles, lying dead at once, will c2ufe an uneafy and dangerous putrefaction in the ftomach. And if the admitted Food be of iuch a nature as to occafion Arong conviilfions in them, this effect muff, have a fe-condary one on the ftomach, and caufing a tender motion in its Fibres, oblige it to throw up and difcharge the offending matter and the Animalcules together. Nor Will this diforder ceafe, till its caufe be removed. Nor will the ftoHi�ch even then perform its offices juftly, tBl a fufrkieat fupply of new Animalcules be generated, to reftore k to its natural ftate. And h?nce npp-?ars the neceflity of adminiftring an Emetick in theie disorders cf the ftomach : which by vellicatiog its fibres will oblige it to throw up the contending parties ; before the whole conftitution fuffer by fo dangerous a conflict. After the operation of the Ernetick, we ufuaiiy adnrioifter an Opiate, which generally puts an ead't the diforder. Whether this be effected by any power thofe Medicines have of taking off the uneafy veiiicaJons of the fibres : or whether they have a property of invi-gnraring the furviving Animalcules : or whether Opium may not even contain fome Eggs of the fame Animalcules, feems not altogether unworthy of our In-qu ry. Should I explain every Difeafe, according to my Hy-pothefis; it would take up much more time, than we allot.for our meetings. I fhall content my felt therefore to fpeak only of fome few at prefenr; and referve the others for fome future Opportunities. I have found, in obferving human blood on the Microfcope, th:u there js one particular Animalcule, amongfl many others, which s not very much uniiire the S*a rortoife in fhape. This, I am per/uaried, is rhe general caufe of Fevers. Ic is not improbable, that this Creature is more prolifick in fome feafons and conftkutions, than in others. When it happens that great numbers of thefe are generated, the veffels are diftended, and the Animalcules preifmg each other caufe a greater motion in the blood and consequently a quicker and ftronger contraction of the Arteries. The bodies of thefe Creatures being very broad.-and their heads froall, they frequently attempt to pais thro' fome minute veffels, which cannot admit them. This accident flops others rhat follow them; and more continually following, without being able to proceed j a dangerous obftrudlion is neceflariiy made, great numbers of the Creatures choaked, and the life of the patient in the utmoft danger. Now, if by proper medicines we can caufe any of the Glands lying near thefe obftructions to dilate fo far as to admit a large quantity thro' them, there is hope that the difeafe may be removed. If the Glands of the skin are thus affected, great fhoals of the Animalcules are thrown off in a profufe fwear; if thofe of the Inreflhies, by ftcol ; and if the Kidneys, they come away by urine. Give me leave to add, that the Sediment of the urfne is nothing elfe but hefe Animalcules dead in great numbers, which fink to the bottom of that Fluid: as will appear by examining them on a good Microfcope. I have obferved another Animalcule to be very frequent in human blood, which very much refembles a LoLifter. This no douht is the cjufe of rhefcurvy. For, when it is driven towardj thefuiface of the Body, along with the matter, fitted for perfpiration, it lays hold on the veffels with its claws, and caufes thofe uneafy irritations in the Skin, of which perfons fubject to that diftemper are apt to complain. I could eafily account for all the fymptoms of every Difeafe, if the time would admit of it : and could fhe'w how even our thoughts depend on varioufly figured Animalcules. So that when we fpeak of Maggots in the Brain, we ufe a more literal expr'effion than we generally imagine. I fhall beg leave to take mother opportunity of difcourfing before you on the application of this Theory to Practife: and endeavour to lay down a raoll certain Method of curing all Difeafes wbatfoever, by a various treatment of theie troublefome Inmates. To Mr. Bavius. Cbel/ea, May 1, 1730. S I R, YO UR learned Society having for fome ages claim'd a right of publifhing accounts of wonders; I de-fire to lay before you one which late'y happened in this Place. A Lady, who had for fome time loft the ufe of her fpeech, was directed in a dream to come to the Phy-fick-garden here; and eat of a Plant, the form of which, and place of growth, were at the fame time revealed to her. In obedience to this Viflon fhe came, and, tho' a ftranger to the place, went directly to the plant, eat heartily of if, made figns fpr a draught of water : upon the drinking of which the ufe of her tongue was immediately reftored.- Our Correfpondent proceeds here to communicate the name of the Plant, and giye a learned defcripcion of it ; But our Society were unanimous in their opinion, that the name of fo pernicious a Plant ought ro be fup-prefs'd. And the learned Mr- Proteflor Hecatcirqb thought it not improbable, that a Plant, which had a power of making a dumb woman fpcalc, might augment that Faculty in foine others to fuch a degree, as to become very deftrudivcto the rA:e of Sociery. Headoea thitrhew^a of opinion, that as-fr.itch care cu^ht to be taken tn de-ftroying this plant, as was formerly applied to the extirpation of wolves. Dr. Quibos, on this qccafioBi in-1 formed the Society, that he had tiHcovered fome Gland* in the T.ngue, which feparated an oiiy liquor, incapable of mixing with the nervous Fluid: that this ljquor was full of little nimble Animalcules, on which he judged the. volubility of fpeech to depend. He added, that be C;d; not doubt, but that the Plant, of which thr Lady had eat fo plentifully, contained a large quantity of oily, lubricating paiticles, which were capatue of reftoring the before mentioned Glands, to their wonted tone and ufe. H H We are obliged to one of our Correspondents for ths communication of the following Epitaph j ERR lies Honeft William Dawe, Altho' an Attorney at Law: If he he not fakir, God help the reft. The fame Gentleman has favoured us with aft dation of the Epitaph on the Bailiff, inferted in a formed Journal. He reads it thus; ERE lies John Coom, A Bailiff of the Boom; When he dy'd The Devil cry'd, Come, John, Come. This, as he well obferve.% is better, thin as it ftooti before ; One day he dy'd, t And the D.:vii he cry'd. Om day is fuperfluous; for he muft die one day certainly. The and and he in the next line are meer Expletives. LONDON. Thussday, Afr'd 50. By a letter under Mr. Edm. Overall's hand, printed id the Beft Boy, Jpr. 30. he gives an account of 741. i6s� 6d. diitributed among the Fire-mens Vsidows; which being added to the' fums diftributed by him before, make8 116 1. 19. which he fays has been a great and feafbn-able relief to the poor Widows, and fatherlefs Children/ whofe fubfiftence in a great meafure depended upon thft labour of thtir deceafed Husbands and Fathers. Laft night the Corpfe of the late L. Chief Baron Pen-geiiy was interred with great folemnity in the Temple-Church: when the Pall was fupported by the L. Chief Juftices Raymond and Eyre, and the 4 fenior Judges Price, Page,- Denton, and Reynolds. Pofl Boy, f Yefterday the Court of King's-bench ordered a Ruts for ar> information again ft Francis Draper of Market-Raifen in Lincolnfhire, Apothecary, for-forging a Certificate of the life of Anne his Wife, in whole right ha was entituled to an aonuityof 14 1- as long as ftie livedo the reverfionof which belonged to the Million Bank. It feems fhe died June 14, notwithftanding which he got [/fftppofe forged] a Certificate, [pretended to be] figned by the Minifter' and Church-wardens of the panfh, that fhe was living June 2^, 1718, and by virtue thereof received 31. 1 o s. at the Exchequer, for a quarter of 3 year3s annuity due at Midfummer. This Draper is iaid to be worth a confiderable Eftate in land and money, and in good practice : but having for this crime fu,b-jected [expofed] himfeif to the ignominy of the pillory, is fled from h's family and buhoefs, and skulks about in concealment and obfeurity. Foji Bey. 'Tis written from Cadiz, the iSthinftant, N.S. that they continued to refufe admittance to Britifh Ships coming directly from Gibraltar; yet if they touched but at Tetuan, or elfewhere on the Goaft of EarLary, they were freely admitted. D. Journal. On tuefday night died at his houfe inSoho fquare Co!.' Ed. Ridley, one of hi* Majefty's juftices of the peace for the liberty of Weftminfter, and Captain of a company in the 3d regiment of foot Guards, 'Tis fnd bis ilhiefs was ;