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Gresham Mirror Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1910, Page 8

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Gresham Mirror (Newspaper) - December 23, 1910, Chicago, IllinoisWe wish to impress the people of Englewood and Vicinity with the fact that dentistry in All its branches is practice by that we guarantee our work to be carefully and perfectly that we do it at one half the prices for the same qual Ity of work other dentists charge. We Are giving a special discount of 2.0% our regular prices which Fol feb. Is 1911 no pain Teeth extracted .50 5 ver fillings----500 to nerves killed roots filled.2.co Gold fillings. Foil All work done Gold crowns.5 of to 6.5o absolutely without pain and Pride work.5 of of Jast ten years or longer porcelain crowns.510 porcelain crowns cast base.8.00 p ates red plates 31ack rubber. 10.00 plates Gold Teeth Gold inlay fillings u la i Vail a 4 onto 5.00 Call and see us now we can surely save you Money pain and time or. kettles red Cross painless dentists 525 w. 63rd Street Cor. Parnell ave. Phone Normal 854 closed tuesday and thursday evenings the National theater. Management of the National has made a special Endeavor an extraordinary attraction Christmas and they now take in announcing that Harry Flaney is to be this attraction. Clay Blaney s comedy is Well known from his performance in Klaw Erlanger s pro of Little to Call for commentary. The a Benin is for. Ford s readers As a pro hustling Young Wall Street who is very much to r. Fact where the Cherub himself in that quaint does some of his Best work and or Mathes is a Nave the rest of the company give Good support and the play is exceptionally Well rendered throughout and you should see the company in it. Next week comes the sparkling comedy that is accounted Clyde Fitch s Best work. Porn of speech which is typically an of nmn. He does so. Or. Blaney has opportunities in this new com eur he makes the most of them. A to the Story of the Hoy from Wall s it concerns the love of , of the Cherub and the count t ass Vecchi. An american girl. Klaney s engagement opens at to National theater on sunday Christ afternoon. On monday there a i Cal Holiday matinee and the comedian s great popu in this Section of Chicago or. Managers have been prevailed i r give Dally matinees. At these i the popular scale of prices i i in effect. Arch theater. With an ext a program for Christ Mas week the Arch is doing a Good business. The Bill now on and that will be on until monday night consists of the four London girls with Paul Kahn in a sparkling electrical girl act the Garnello in a Bright com Edy sketch and the Indian chief ten c Nihoa. In y posing and . A special matinee will he Given v Priit and an extra program Lor next week that with the new pictures will Rake the Bill an Good the Trevett. I Jan 1st, new year 1? Day in Nan c1 of this Beautiful play House i a changed trom the Treve t to Kim Russ. By title More than no Scarf of then t res 01 Ron i trolled by the Sullivan and Civ iodine Rii Ruit an known. Starting Sun i Ija matinee on the same late this theatre play inclusively Sullivan Iii Cruz dim s big Road which a ill come dired from new York each Fyk acts play ii k the impress will net be been at my other Chicago ii Itin the current season. 1 stalling monday matinee do. 20, i will be Olfe Crl an r specially attractive program by mme. Lindini and her you Dereul horses. Others on the Bill Are Hayden Borden and Slayden or. And mis. Joe Dowling Irving Lon Rah am Irani Geo. Hillman und the s and c sex Tette. week s Bill has proven one of the Best Ever offered at this House. Besides the great Albini and Frank ii ush who Are two noted headliners there appears on the same program the musical Wilsons Long and West the original four dancing Belles and the wheelers in fun on the Loule which is one of the laughing hits of the season. The Marlowe theater wine Cristo that Standard of stories is receiving a splendid Rendi Tion this week at the Marlowe. Or. Phillips in the title role is doing most excellent work. In fact i can see a closer Conception of the author s mean ing than anyone not excepting o Nell that i have seen play the part. Miss Shaw Mercedes is Sweet and Beautiful not Only As the heart Happy Cata line Maiden but As the Proad court Beauty does be ably play her part. 11183 Truax is a bitter and Hiss Branscombe a handsome mile. de Redding As Al Lefort Box Ball winners. Heretofore Morgan Park has borne the championship in the Box Ball Bowling league1, but Englewood entered the Field and As a result the Vil lagers Are out of the running. Engle Good Defeated them on their own Patterson is alleys Ancl then went out to Llo Igan Park a week ago thurs Day Ancl skinned them to leaving 40 to spare. This places Englewood the Patterson As the undisputed champion1 of Cook county. At meetings held at the hotel la Salic i permanent City organization has been formed and Englewood will be i presented by several teams Allol whose Headquarters Are at Patter son s lion Ball Alley 22f. 63d St. In unfortunate position. Talking about Odd said a South american we ii revolutionary "1 will you of one. I met a Friend in Broadway a few Days ago. We talked together for a Block and then stood and talked a while before separating. Now it happened that on the very Corner where we stopped was the establishment of a Well known firm dealing in arms and ammunition which 1 had patronized in past years in my efforts to rid my country of its chief executive. And it happened also that there came along the representative of a detective Agency which is employed by the con sul general of my country to look out for possible revolutionary plots in new York. Ever since Ilien i have been trailed Day and Naglit. And i Haven t bought even a firecracker for five years. Always be careful when you stand on the Street for you never can Tell what people will think and the Linden theater. Christmas week at the Linden offers the finest vaudeville program that has Ever been put Over in Inglewood. Manager Hatch has secured for the first half of the week Edgar Foreman co., the carte comedy Star in the play let the strenuous and the rest of the Bill is equally Merito rious consisting of the Liel Zaros Neri lists Irwin o Neil singing Gladys Vance the girl with the Mirror dress Roland travers co., illusionists As Well As two sets of the finest motion pictures. The last half of the week beginning thursday Harry s. Mark co. Will give the singing Novelty the Blind beggar s and the rest of the Bill is Bell Rich Ards comedy musical act Telegraph four Jones k Walton in our coun try and Wells Sells com Edy acrobats. The Teek following the world s famous acrobats Florence family seven of them the Fea ure of s circus will be the Star attraction. The Linden is a mighty Good place to go to see a Fine show. The conundrum club. It was during the prune course at the boarding House breakfast table. The thin Man spoke i be got a new one this morning. Why is a one cent stamp like a began the stenographer with her eyes on the ceiling. No that s not the said the thin Man. My guess is because a Sale make it suggested the fat Boarder at the end of the table. Very said the thin Man but not the Correct Well we give it came in chorus. Because it s a single said the thin Man As he began to Dodge statesman. Why fall off having been shaven in Barber shops Many years we know a Good Jeal about Barbers and Barber shops foe Porter always interests us. No bar Ber shop Porter seems to last More than a month. For the first week the Barber shop Porter is a jewel but after that he begins to fall off. In two weeks the proprietor begins grumbling and in a month a new por Ter appears. Then the old Porter walks the Street looking for a Job. Since the Porter wants a Job Why does t he keep it when he gets Why Don t you do it Why do you fall off after you have had a place a while we All do it More or at Hlson Globe. With peals of laughter but never a tear for Christmas Day and All he year. The Yule tide warmth the Yule tide Chepov the Yule tide Sunshine full and 1 ree Tho pulp tide within thy heart and this my Yule tide wish for thee. 9 merry Christmas. I j a Diamond is so hard that it will make a Dent in the hardest feminine heart. 9 9 the fellow that has t a Friend in the world can get through Christmas cd. Auly anyway t 9 the Boll Weevil in the Cotton seems to have a great effect in raising the Price of the p it e Olive Oil. S this Christmas cannot be As Good As the one Mother used to Tut it is up to you to make the Best of it. 9 9 there is one Consolation by the time we Are old enough to realize our ignorance we Are too old to let it worry us. T 9 of course the Chicago City railway company is losing Money that 16 per dividend for the year is simply paid out of their losses 9 my. Weston could make a Quarter of a million people very grateful by making Angl Wood a present of through trains on sundays and holi Days As Well As after 7 p. M. 9 9 they were at lunch in a Down town when Casey s companion said i be swallowed a will Begorre Thot aught to tickle yer pal was the consoling answer. T j they say that some of he very Rich people out on the Lake Shore drive Are having their monograms Cut on their potatoes to distinguish them from the common spuds common people eat. 9 9 when Casey was asked if he thought there was any danger in going up in a flying machine he answered will 01 Dunno about the Goin top but it s the comin Down Thot might be on 9 9 i notice a lengthy article in a health journal on How to lie when this Way be All right., but i would suggest that they do something to induce people to Tell the truth when awake. 9 s when you meet a lady Friend now with her hat awry hair in a Tousel and clothing mussed up it is hard to distinguish whether she has been in an automobile wreck or simply in a bargain Sale crush. Some of that Carnegie peace fund should be spent on the warring democratic factions. It would take a comfortable slice to satisfy the Hearst and Sullivan factions and make them shake hands Over the bloody chasm. 9 9 when Casey told his youngest boy that lie should always count a Hundred before he struck another boy the son of his father answered Shure of will daddy if there is a sum wan around to hould the Ither Bye in Nolle i m Doin the Countin t sir i thrill at your daughter s slightest said the ardent suit or to the Young lady s father. You Are right Young said the practical Parent. Her slightest touch i Getie ally find to be about and that is enough to make anyone to thrill a few s 9 the teacher had explained to her class of Small children that an Indian s wife was called a then she asked can any of you Tell me what the Indian s baby is a shouted the Small boy at the toot of the class. S 9 will you have anything on your when i m asked the polite Barber who was shaving Casey and had Cut him several will Pyz might Lave me me nose there if Yez Kin git around it Ridout Cuttin it was the timid answer. 1 t it was at a religious Home in Engle Wood when the family sat Down for dinner All of the plates excepting the tiny one for the baby were piled on the table in front of the head of the House and he bowed his head to ask the Blessing when the Little Daugh Ter a mite of two years said wait papa Here s my plate Pray Over it 9 a hebrew boy walking on the Street with a five Karat Diamond in his shirt bosom met an old Friend of his late father and his Friend says Ike How Vas it you Vare such a great pig Dia mond when you just buried your Fader a month the boy replied or. Jacobson you know my Fader left a big Stone and Dis is de biggest i could be. Having an engagement to meet a Man at Hulsted and St. One cold evening 1 asked one of the usual loungers what he would charge to stand on the Corner and for him. He wanted a Dollar and i thought it too much so i asked Casey what he would take to stand half an hour on the Corner and he answered he Gorry of d Tek could judge Dolan had a Small coloured boy brought before him in police court yesterday accused of robbing a Chicken Coop. This was the third offence for the and the police had a straight Case on him. Knowing his father judge Dolan sent for him and very sternly said now look Here Abe this boy of yours has been up before me so Many times for stealing chickens that 1 in tired of a Don blame you said Abe i be powerful tired of seen him Heah then Why Don t you teach Nim asked the judge show him the right Way and be won t Roy ail Christmas hints your credit is Good at the Royal bargain gifts that insure a merry Christmas you Don t have to worry what kind of Christmas presents you Are going to buy this year. Our Mammoth new selection of High Grade House fur selection largest Quality Best prices lowest credit terms easiest Nis hings will furnish you with plenty of ideas. And no matter what you decide upon you will find that our special Low prices and Liberal credit plan bring it within your easy reach. I open every night until Christmas i presents for Mother Dinin tame 1 0.45 Side Bortl 12.85 China closet 10.6.1 Buffet 12.50 Kitchen Cabinet 10.50 Beautiful parlor suites handsome 3-piece genuine leather suites.24.5o handsome 3-piece genuine leather buites.38.50 cow Coin Range 29.50 handsome 3-piece genuine leather suites.47.5o handsome 3-piece genuine leather suites.58.50 turkish rockers 3-piece Library set Christmas presents for father turkish Rocker.ji6.7s Large Rocker. 4.75 missive Couch .14.7s Morris 973 Large Arm chair. 3.73 Christmas presents Tor the wife parlor parlor Rug. 26.7s Dretter. Music Cabinet. 6.45 Hall tree. 345 Capet sweeper. So turkish rockers. Turk so rockers. Turkish rockers. Turkish rockers. Turkish rockers extra handsome presents Given absolutely Freh during this Sale with your Purchase. Christmas presents for sister dres ing 8.45 Princess Dresser. 1045 brass bed. Parlor Cabinet. 11.45 parlor chairs. 975 parlor Limp Gas or elec tric up from. 5.00 writing desk. 5. J5 15.25 16.75 this handsome 3-piece Mission suite a is.95 to Sticky designed strongly built. Desk 25.50 desk chair special 25c weekly Christmas present for your sweetheart one of the Royal s 4 room outfits specially priced on Jour own terms of credit. Ladies desks Large variety of 1 is Gas Christmas presents for the children rubber tire collapsible go Carls. English preamp Slator doll buggy rubber tires 95 child s rockers.9l5c child s High child Morris music Cabinet artistic any desired finishes special notice All goods delivered to any part of Chicago in Plain unit Tertod Wigons in time for Chi Isumu. Christmas presents for brother Library 9.75 Wittine desk. 10.50 Chiffo Niers. 12.41 gent s Wai Drobe. 19.95 Christmas presents for husband smoking Library Case. 10.45 office chair. 625 hoi Rocker. 726 leather Kocker. 075 Royal furniture and carpet co. 6308-6310 Halsted Street be coming a has showed him de Light said tie father. A has sure Only showed him de right Way but he somehow keeps Gittin caught comin away wid dose chickens spite of All de precautions i Don Gib Here is another Christian scientist matter. A Well known scientist met a Mirlend on Stewart ave. Yesterday who seemed to be in great pain so he asked what was the matter. I be got a answered the victim. Don t you know if you had Faith you would t have a asked the scientist at which the victim came Back with Don t you know if you had this Toothache you would t have any and they separated in a grouch. Here is another that Billy Spinks tells me of an old scotch Friend of his who was visiting a Friend up on Perry ave. During the very coldest spell of last Winter. Owing to the age of their guest the kindly hostess placed a hot water bottle in his bed and the next morning said i Trust you slept comfortably and had every thing you needed or. a Well replied the guest. Boot i Dinna Ken the guld of Yon bottle in the Why was t the water asked the concerned hostess. A yes t was Verra hot All right toot be Worgol to put anything in complained the guest. How Rogers got his Start according to schedule. Eugene Higgins in the smoking of Cecile condemned the too hurried Tours of Europe that some americans make. Europe to give its Best said or. Higgins must be taken slowly. Once in an italian jct re gallery heard one Broad shouldered woman ask another is this Florence or what Day s the other asked in turn. Wednesday " then it s Florence " of Alaska. It i r that the total Forest Cochand area o Alaska is a Uvo i lately acres or Rico it l t per cent of the Lane area the territory. Of these about acre May possibly Bear Tim her of b us copt size Ancl density to b9 As saw Timber while the other acres is Woodland which bears some saw but mostly Only firewood. Famous sculptor when Young dry goods Salesman made a Carica Ture of his employer. A. T. Stewart was shown one Day by one of his confidential employees an amusing caricature of himself done in Pencil. Good he laughed that s excellent. Who did a Young Salesman at the Linen counter. He scratched it Oft As you passed the other morning. 1 Man aged to get it from him and now he s stiff for Jear you la see was the laughing reply. Scared stiff is said or. Stew Art with a twinkle in Bis Eye. Just Send him to me will a Little later a slim youth entered or. Stewart s private office and said he understood he had been sent for. Said or. Stewart gravely and holding up the sketch asked did you do the lad grew Pale and stammered beg your Pardon was Only a bit of meant no that s All very Well but you la have to give up your Job the youth humbly protested when or. Stewart burst out laughing and said Don t say any More my boy. I m Only joking. Your sketch is excellent and As it would be a sin to keep a Man of your artistic Talent be Hind a Linen counter 1 propose to sup ply you with the Means to study or. Stewart s proposition was grate fully accepted and it was thus that John r. Rogers the sculptor began Bis artistic Caree. Soft Hundred Dollar Bills old notes wanted by women Auto mob lists because they pm be easily tucked the request for an old soft Hun dred Dollar Bill has become so fre quent of said the ladles Teller in a new York Bank that 1 made so bold As to ask a Friendly what this feminine craze for shabby Hundred Dollar Bills stood for. All your Hundred Dollar Bill ladies j have autos i she asked. I admitted that most of them had. Most of them have country places within easy motoring was her next question. I thought a minute and said that Many of them were Semi suburbanites. She then went on to say that if i was any kind of a Sherlock Holmes i d be Able to put these facts to or and see that suburban living often necessitated rapid motoring that this meant arrest and that bail was a Good thing to have on band. An extra Hundred Dollar Bill pinned under a Cushion of the machine was fairly from theft and often saved the situation. A new Bill is too Crisp for easy hiding and pinning and is Apt to Rustle when touched. The old Bill s just the thing for tucking away in a Cardease or vanity bag or pinning in some pocket of the machine. Quiet Safe but was the Way she summed up the bailing Virtues of the shabby Hundred Dollar twelve Days in Well. After straddle tag a pole thirty feet below the surface of the Earth and within three feet of eight feet of water for twelve Days in an old unused Well near Bagley in Johnson county n. C., a Young German was found still alive and in the act of eating a Frog. The Young Chap was on his Way out to Bagley when he met two men Charley Creech and Doc Jones who were apparently intoxicated. They threatened the German who thoroughly frightened took to his heels. For ten Davs a search had been made for the missing Man and Creech and Jones were about to be arrested for his supposed murder. Searching party carelessly looked Down the Well As they were passing by it and Dis covered the Man who had been there twelve Days. He had fallen into the Well and lodged on the Cross pole. A week buys your Winter suit or coat laundry stamped for identifying. In foreign countries some strange methods Are adopted for identifying the contents of the Washtub. In some parts of France Linen is defaced with the whole name and address of the laundry stamped upon it and an additional geometrical design to indicate the owner of the property. In Bavaria every Patron of the Washtub has a number stamped in Large characters on Bis Linen. In Bulgaria every Laun dry has a Large number of Stamps engraved with designs and in Russia the laundries Mark Linen with threads worked in Arrow shapes. In some russian towns the police periodically Issue regulations for laundries. Capone Are Money that More Capone Are not raised is practically due to the fact that few people like the operation necessary to produce them. However Tbs is quickly Learned and easily performed and Capone Are big Money clothing for men women a 6342 s. Halsted St. 2849-51 w. Madison St. Hit sum Diirr in in Tat holding their own. About All Tbs Young Man for. The worlds work business so it bar mently Irei Ched by the Erett Mon Force Anc others so Short Only a few Days ago an 88-Yetr-Ou Ohio Larmor kicked because the would no take him As a Recalt u4 now a 92 year old Choc Asoau gets or 4 Milwaukee daily

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