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Gresham Mirror Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1910, Page 3

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Gresham Mirror (Newspaper) - December 23, 1910, Chicago, Illinois3 when you need Money you will need us and we will be pleased to help you Over your temporary difficulties half Bate loan co. We loan on furniture and salaries i uni or to Ora name Bonn m. To sum p. M. 6301 Halsted Street floor Purdy Caubre architectural Metal works 006 w. Phone went. 788 Copper and galvanized Iron cornices Sheet Metal tin slate tile and Iran roofing. Metal skylights. Jobbing attended to garbage cans and boxes phone Wentworth 766 r. D. Roggeveen dealer in Coal feed Lee building material rubble and crashed Stone Brick Lime Sand and Cement 8531 South Halsted Street m Standard shoe repairing co. Shoes repaired while que wait or called for and delivered prices reasonable 213-215 state Street Bruch shop 424 w. 79th Street Lowe what Worth 2030 fourth floor Aasten Branch 654 n. Park Avenue Tel. Ait in 642 g. Skill d optician f i a i e d m Houija itt stir Day i is room 207, Marrick bldg 357 v. 63d St. Telephone 3144 Normal f. J. Hoffman successor to w. L Trice furniture co. Re furniture repairing re folding. Calr packing us skipping Matt reuse Kenon cd and made to order 142 w. 68th St. Tel. Stewart 938 lived to see his idea go octave Chanute father of aviation who died in Chicago invented the glider Yean ago. The recent death of octave Chanute Chicago mourns the loss of the first heavier than air Bird Man known As the father of Avia Tion Chanute perfected and flew in a glider which was practically the tame machine a the present biplane without an engine Chanute is credited with being the originator of the Odd Fellows Temple 6316-6318 Vale Avenue offices Assembly Halls and reception rooms finest Englewood foe terms Abd Vulli att Spinks sixty Thiril Street and Yale end Lewood state Bank Geo. Woollacott Carpenter contracting and jobbing Tel. Normal 1590 6342 Parnell Avenue corns corns Don t Cut them it is dim Erous 25 cents Worth of Mcneal Corn killing plasters will remove six of them roots and All a akan ibid Send a Quarter today for a package Money Back if Yon Are not satisfied d. I. Mcneil go., too Stewart he Hue Englewood hat fag Toby t. Lindstrum co. All kinds of Panama Straw stiff and Helt plating Silver Nickel co fee r tinware chandeliers oxidizing Etc brass be i l Rena shed Liucc new. S Ove phonographs records. Supplies fail of Edison and Victor it cords received monthly Chas. W1dmaier, w. 63rd St. Mortgages i sell carefully selected mortgages on Oklahoma farms Ting 7 per cent interest. Reference first National Bank of Englewood Call or Send for list. Telephone went Orfa w. H. Sharp 219 West 65rd Street cleaned blocked and trimmed fall line of a to Date Gnu fits in Stock 4016 so. Halsted Street Inglewood m Hall that pleases 5921-s1 Lowe ave. Wra Worth 23 abstract work examined James Rea company real estate Loans and insurance West sixty third Street we will Lent our club House Hall for parties receptions entertain ments Etc to rep Tab e people for particulars and Rales w. B. Page 6321-2j Harvard Avenue phone event world 800 heavier than air Craft which have now brought Fame to scores of Birdman. Chanute was a native of France in 1882, As vice president of the american association of engineers in convention in St Louis he suggested that the development of the gasoline engine which had then just been Dis covered would make it possible for Man to Fly fellow engineers told him it was undignified and unprofessional for an officer of an engineers association to make such a prediction but he led to see his prophecy Ful filled while he sat in his Garden out bide of Paris and the frenchmen flew Over his head to do him Honor Chanute was born in Paris february 18, 1832 and came to apr la with his parents in 1838 he was a civil Engineer on Many railways and had been an officer or honorary Mem Ber of the British Institute of civil engineers Canadian society of civil engineers american society of civil engineers and Western society of civil engineers he was the author of Many Engi Ngenng papers he made Public his ideas on the Conquest of the air in a volume published in 1s94 entitled Progress in flying machines Chanute offered the Wrights flan Cial assistance when they were Mak ing their experiments but they declined it it was at his suggestion in 1903 that they had their flying machines patented the Wrights have made Public acknowledgement of their indebtedness to Chanute for ideas plans and valuable suggestions the flying machines of today Are merely variations of the Chanute machine with Power applied but be was the first to suggest the application of Power to the flying machine although he did not do it himself he made flights in his gliders before the Wrights or any of the other heroes of the air began their Power machine experiments and a caped without a serious injury Cornelius s. Kelly funeral director and Ern Balmer carriages for All Occa Noni private ambulance Tel. Went. 63 6851 Wentworth Avenue Bacon Thayer real estate Loans. Insurance. Rentino and collecting 69th Arcet and Union Avenue Wentworth 2422 Theodore f. Ehler lawyer Pradines n nil the courts Telephone Wentworth 23 712 w. Sixty third Street the first sewing machine one pictured Here was constructed during first half of the last Century. London oldest original sewing machine we have is shown below it is As will be noticed very roughly constructed and was made during the first half of the last Century by Charlesk. The a Nathe of Snowshill near Eves Ham it is built on a four legged Wood free with each package of Coffee Tea or flour Quality guaranteed Trade Mark rep the first sewing machine. S tool which supports the table Ca which the machine is carried this curious and Clumsy looking fore Runny of the delicate machine of the present Day is now tha property of the South Kensington museum Violet decoration cup and Sancer pie plate Large dinner fruit Saucer Large soup plate fancy punch Glass ask your Gro fsr put up by Frank c. Veer co. I Chicago a King s Hobby. Late King of slam had an extraordinary of collecting empty match boxes of All nations in this connection an inter Esting Story is related during one of his visits to London the King while passing Down Bond Street one after noon accompanied by two members of his suite espied an empty match Box which had been discarded by its owner and thrown away into the Middle of the thoroughfare without a moment 1 thought the Monarch dashed into the Middle of the crowded traffic grasped the much treasure and was nearly run Over by a passing cab the fact How Ever that he was Able to add a new specimen to his under such than compensated urn for the risk which be had run Way to Shine. The Only Way to Shine even in this false world is to be modest and unassuming falsehood May be a thick crust but in the course of time truth will find a place to break Ruskin wrongly chastised. It sometimes happens that in thai life we Are chastised More severely for our mistakes than for our mis deeds Wisdom of by Ellen Thornycroft Fowler. Jewelry you cannot make any mistake in considering is before purchasing your Holiday goods of Llamo mls watches pm a pc our minimum expense enables us to always maintain a policy of Best qua try at lowest possible prices. In repairing we Are unexcelled and that is Why we can give you sat Sac Tiomi Complete Hugo f. Franson optician and jeweler 6441 8 Halsted is that sore Throat. Out for it now if your child complains of its Throat Don t delay Sun at once for a bottle of Havett s preventive All first class druggists sell it and 5011 will save a big doctor s Bill and no end of trouble and possibly your child s life a Happy Christmas Christmas is made Happy by your remembrance of othe is. Whether that remembrance appropriate depends upon your ability to select. You will Bat no trouble to select a present when you look Over our Magni i Lieut display of the latest or gift goods May we make a Sugges Tion As to those gifts most appreciated it is a pleasure to show you our Complete Dit. Play whether you buy or not Call at your convenience. Robert r. Pegram prescription Corner 59ih and halted streets Tulip Hunt Wentworth Bis a merry Christmas Pinnol be expected unless Coal bin is Well supplied with of oui extra heat producing Coal warmth and Comfort a the first essentials to Teal m it give us the Honpor Tunt of sup piling the Means to secure Happ Tbs we still some of that Good Coal Winch we Ohall be 1 to it live at inv time and in and Quantity a. L Strachan son. Coal and building material phone Normal 5836 b1i d St b o and c t r r line near Irving ave review and Christmas scowl Zimm for do. 25, 1910 Sam a Amnion Lor thl paper lesson text Luke 2820 memory 13, 14. Golden text fore god also hath highly exalted my and Given him a name which la above every name 2 9 Golden text Christ Mab Tver unto you in born this Day in the City of David a Savior which la Christ lord 2 11 doing business on the Square is the nne m Ftp moment of oui Hup among Nii inv other High Grade look Point with Punde to our lint of carpenters steel squares handle the product of the bust m Liev Aie ruefully nil in and will Unsod the Maik inns Are Calcai and Plain All squares Are not Square do no inn a Buu Aie an i ii is n hut come to lib and or will in w Jou to test a equate to Icahn it it is True one thing you be Liitt of out paces Aie just Light c in not Budt them in where f f. Porter co 214 w 63rd St. Dress making neatly and promptly done Frici very reasonable shirt Waist s a specially 1024 West .3d, 2d floor Corner of Carpenter St. Best Buck enamel made Shii its Fineff sushi no Auto outfit Complete without can. If not at your eee prank f. Porter co this paper on Sale. Ems paper nil always be found on lie and subscriptions will be received Fin it at Kellner a 445 w 63d St Al masers 407 w. 63d St Hookland a 63d St a station pain Paine 63d St and Harvard ave Emil Forks 343 w. 63d St. 63d and Halsted its. Mrs Fox s store 1645 w 63d St Reifschneider 6641 Halsted St Stamps or Silver pays for this paper on trial for four months Jesus Christ brought into the world for every person two ideals or goals of life but these two Are to interwoven together that no one can Realiza either Ideal or reach either goal with out the other one is the other social the personal Ideal la perfection of character and of the whole being in heavenly Beauty and Power and this going on forever in an unending development it is to bring into our lives the highest and Best in order that we May use them for the service of Man or god Peter wished to abide on the Moun Tain of transfiguration but Jesus sent him Down into the sinful and suffering world carrying his vision with him. In order to do big common duties with the highest motives and to fight Battles with the Assurance of Victory. Now just Here lies the Blessing of Christmas it is Good to dwell on what the coming of Jesus Means to us. And to give Many gifts of love but the full Blessing comes Only As we carry the same vision the same spirit of giving into All the following year. The second Blessing of Christmas la the social transformation of Thea world into the kingdom of heaven where All the inhabitants live Accord ing to the Laws that make heaven what it is where All social arrange ments Are for the Best Good and Hap piness of every citizen where All Busi Ness is done according to the Golden Rule of love where All have the com forts the wealth the education enjoyments the Power of service which he can use in a word it in the answer to our Dally prayer thy kingdom come thy will be done the Noble ten is the Well earned title which ten chinese men gained for themselves by passing an Examina Tion which made very evident their knowledge of the Bible this Bible knowledge examination was held in Hunan China some time ago the syllabus of the examination which is Given herewith was Long and comprehensive and it meant the hardest kind of work for the competing chinese who just a very few years ago seemed utterly incapable of spiritual Aspira Tion they worked strenuously for six months and the outcome was absolutely amazing today it is a question How Many churches in the entire Christendom could be found with ten men who know the Bible As these men do through the generosity of an eng Lish gentleman and some austrian friends a very attractive prize was offered to each successful competitor j consisting of a handsomely Morocco bound Gilt edged mandarin Bible eight secured 98 per cent or Over of the syllabus and two 92 per cent the bibles were presented by mrs c in ton a daughter of one of the Man Darm translators the effect of this Bible study is most marked in prayer it is said that rarely do mature christians of lands blend the promises and other words of scripture so beautifully in Ihei petitions As do these chinese t is suggested that our readers teat Cir knowledge of the word by these lest Lons old testament repeat names of old testament books repeat Gene is i repeat origin of Sabbath Gen. 12 names the 12 patriarchs genesis 49 repeat the ten command ments sex 20 3 17 repeat Solo Mon s prayer 1 Kings 8 22 61 re peat psalms 1, 8, 23, 32, Al 95, 103. Repeat key verse from each chapter in proverbs repeat Isaiah 53 give summary of the Book of Jonah re peat Mai 3 10 18 new testament repeat names of new testament books repeat the beatitudes Matt 5 3-11 repeat the lords prayer Matt 6 9-13 name the 12 apostles Matt 10 2-4 re peat the great commission and institution of baptism Matt 28 18 give summary of Mark s gospel re peat the magnificat Luke i 4655 repeat the Golden Rule Luke 6 repeat the institution of lords sup per Luke 22 1520 report John 1 118 give an account of the trial death resurrection and ascension of our lord from the four gospels Pentecost repeat acts 217 choosing of the deacons acts 6 5 repeat Paul s discourse on Mars Hill acts 17 2231 repeat key verse from each chapter in romans repeat 1 corinthians 13 give summary of Pauls second letter to Timothy re peat hebrews 1 repeat 1 John 1 name the seven churches in revela ton repeat Rev 7 917 repeat Rev elation 21 to locate Bethlehem i asked How i could get there from new York. They told me quite accurately who was Herod was he a jew Why king7 what does Wise men mean what was meant by the East the Star might it have been a Comet or two stars in conjunction what does that mean what was Herod troubled Why were chief priests and scribes called where can we find the passage quoted in v 6 i had to Supply Mac 6.2 and every boy satisfied himself that it was right by looking it up and in like fashion through the lesson c Foster. Temptation. If you cannot remove temptation from the boy then reverse the order and take the boy away from temptation Roby Day methodist Kan Laa City it s finer being a very Small piece of Sunshine than a very Large Bank of fog it s no use boasting of having the spirit if your life is As Fiat As cold soup. One of Tom Hood s last shortly before his death being via jolted by a Clergyman whose features a Jwell As language were More lugubrious than consoling. Hood looked up at him compassionately and said my dear sir i am afraid your religion does t agree with Plano he i reminiscences. Fatal Handicap. If a woman s vision is bounded by her wardrobe she is predestined to failure a a wife. That u Why than they Are Worth. Drop in and look Over our line. Here Yoa will find displayed All that is up to Date attractive Eua Interi Tia of in the line of suiting at persuasive prices. Call and see us. Phone Wentworth 494 open eveninc8 except Friday cj4 t. B. Wood studio 6250 we Atworth not St. Special inducements for wedding and the largest a d Oest equipped operating room in the South Side. Fitted with son a j electric lights Combiner sittings from 8 m. To 8 p. It. Set Ciao prices la , confirmation and co Namion haunt and a Trot High Grade flashlight pm cos made at your Home. Make appointments phone Normal 502 hisses Olson and Shimek facial Massage and Scalp treatment electrical treatment manic int hair dressing hair goods made to order Pace and hair preparations. 721 w. 63rd Santt pane vhf. 40t Hirsch s Corner Market grocery Choice meats groceries fruits vegetables butter eggs fruits Aud vegetables received daily fresh from the country special discount sales every week 501 West sixty third Street Telephone Wentworth m Englewood i a cd company window glazing contractors 63fd place Tod Hamud strut phone Wen Venh 2926 went. 2689 we. J. Ehler hardware and stoves furnaces and hot water heating Sheet Metal work of All kinds House furnishing goods. South Halsted Street g pharmacy 300 w. 63rd Street Corner Princeton Avenue accurate Aid prompt prescription work. Nurse and sick room phone Wentworth 1932 the ont a original Palace of sweets ice Cream soda quiches Cooling drinks of All Kincs i m id chocolates fudges 230 West and every Dainty confection. Sixty Hird is. Keflon s bakery has a reputation for the Best bread pies cakes and pastries. Wedding parties and banquet supplies. 457 w. 63rd. St. Tel. Went. 137 maybe Miller manufacturing furrier furs of Ali kit Ida made to order Large Stock of High Oracle 1-Urs always on hand repairing and furs stored for the summer City store Mentor bldg. State St. Randolph Lerrick building 63rd St. Ave. Bread better than Home made we sell loaves a Day Shulze my co. Englewood s greatest business Success advertise to others As you would have them advertise to j

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