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Greenville Record Argus Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 4

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Greenville Record Argus (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Greenville, Pennsylvania Pinion William Bright publisher general manager Page 4 Larry Howsare managing editor May 24, 1986 liability insurance next week s topic Washington merry go round soviets Hatch bizarre Kidnap swedish Royal family plot to it did no to take Long for liability insurance problems to have an effect locally. Greenville memorial Pool will be without a diving Board and slide this year for the first time in recent memory having been removed because liability insurance with them in place is prohibitively expensive for Greenville area Leisure services association. If that a the last problem Here that comes about because of burgeoning insurance costs. Greenville can count itself Lucky. In Youngstown and other areas there s talk of closing whole playgrounds obviously there s a lot More potential for trouble and the solution to the spiralling costs Isnit obvious if one exists the forum topic this week is liability insurance costs the answers to the question of How to hold Down insurance costs already directly affect some of us and indirectly affect most others. What can be done at the state or Federal Levels of government to slow the rising costs9 what can or should insurance companies judges and trial lawyers a All directly involved a do about the problem what can local governments do. Other than continue to eliminate services or programs As they become too expensive to maintain within a limited budget9 what if anything can private individuals do about the situation to respond to this weeks topic write the record Argus co Community forum to Box 711. Greenville. Pa., 16125. To be published in next weeks forum replies must reach the record Argus by noon thursday and should adhere to the letter policy displayed below Washington a not since a the Man in the Iron mask has there been such a bizarre plot abduction of the swedish Royal family by soviet commandos to assure Sweden a neutrality in Case of an East West War. The Kidnap plot is revealed in a recent highly sensitive . Intelligence report on the Spe Snaz As the soviet special forces Are called. The purpose of seizing the Royal family the report explains would be to sow confusion in Sweden and stifle any notion its political leaders might have of joining nato countries against the soviet Union. For their own mysterious reasons the soviets have targeted Sweden for a wide Range of harassment espionage and apparent training missions for the Spe Snaz their arro fance is sometimes unbelievable. To years ago. The swedish army had to use machine guns and grenades to repel soviet frogman who had landed on the Island of a Moe near the swedes Karl Krona naval base Over the last five years in fact Sweden has been a a invaded Mort than too times by Spe Snaz min submarines code named Argus the manned version and Zobuk the Remote controlled drone. These 65 ii Tot ideas former legislators have reunion by Lawrence Knutson associated press writer Washington a few legislators aspire to become a a former member of at least involuntarily. But there Are now More former living members of Congress than the 535 politicians currently serving in the Senate and House and last week 66 of them answered the Roll As the 15-year-old United states association of former members of Congress held a reunion in a place most of them knew Well the boor of the House of representatives. Speaker Thomas p. Of Neill jr., d-mass., got things off to a gracious Start by installing a former House Republican Leader John Rhodes of Arizona in the speakers chair to preside Over the meeting. But o Neill resist a verbal dig or two. Democrats have controlled the House since since 1957 and Republican leaders a including Bible thought my a Eye Are of god Little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the w orld i John 4 4 god is greater than any problem you face allow him to have his Way in your life and see your problems answered Rhodes a have eyed the speaker ship with envy and frustration Ever since a we never turned the Gavel Over and so Republican leaders have looked year singly with their eyes to the seat up Here a said of Neill a but they have never had their seat on the s0dt h rep. Robert Michel rill., the current gop Leader and a 30-year House Veteran wondered Quot whether there is any member who has been in the minority longer than i a it does get mighty debilitating and discouraging a he said. But despite the Lack of majority control there Are consolations. Michel said. A what we have done together Here i do not think is Ever going to die the Battles and the victories and the defeats and the sense of comity and civility that can be found however deeply buried beneath the squabbles. He said a fall of these come Back to us when former members join but House majority Leader Jim Wright of Texas said that he thought things were really better in the Good old Days. A some of the folks coming in Here today Are not As steeped in the traditions of civility and accepting one another a sincerity in the same degree As they expect others to accept he said. The nonprofit bipartisan association which promotes research aimed at increasing understanding of con the Greenville record Argus founded 1848 published daily except sundays new year s Day memorial Day Independence Doy labor Day thanksgiving Day and Christmas at to Penn ave Greenville a 16125 Telephone 412 588-5000 and 412 962-4643. Second class postage paid at Greenville pauses no 457-680 single copy 25�, weekly $1 35, Mercer and adorning counties by mail per year $70 20 six months $35 to three months $17 55, one month $5 85 other rates available on request no mail orders accepted in localities served by earners member of the audit Bureau of circulations publisher William a Bright managing editor. Larry Howsare advertising manager Robert a. Simons circulation manager Robert a. Powell composing room Foreman John t. Soult press room Foreman. James Alexander accountant. Pearl Adams All carriers. Dealers and Independent contractors keep their own accounts the record Argus is not responsible for Advance payments made them their agents or representatives the associated press is exclusively entitled to republish news dispatches originated by this newspaper National advertising representative is Thomson newspapers inc postmaster Send address changes to Greenville record Argus . Box 711 Greenville a 16125. The duly newspaper serving Greeny in end upper Mercer county Gress presented its award of Honor to one of its founders 87-year-old former rep Walter Judd r-minn., who served in the House from 1943 to 1963. As the meeting closed former rep James m. Quigley a athe associations current president extended an invitation to All current members of Congress to join the organization after retirement or terrible to contemplate As it May be a if in some future january following the november elections they May suddenly find themselves former members of a when it happens be assured there is life after Congress a Quigley said. A to paraphrase the scriptures we have gone before you to prepare a place for those who will come after us a now i w Ould not want to suggest the place we have prepared is exactly Paradise a the former congressman said a but for most of us it will do until the real thing comes a remember when to years ago a mrs. Dorothy Brink was honoured at a Tea by the Jamestown area High school yearbook staff. This years Book a a fhe pillar was dedicated to mrs Brink with the inscription a your warmest thanks go to mrs Brink for caring about us As individuals and helping us to prepare for any Challenge we might face in life a a approximately 2,300 students were to graduate from 12 High schools in Mercer county. Greenville listed 202 seniors in its 94th graduating class and Reynolds had 200 a the largest amount Ever a in its 16th graduation class. 20 years ago a proposed Scenic development of Pine hollow through which Shenango Valley freeway passes was approved by Sharon City Council. A Shenango Valley Hopes dimmed of being Able to change plans for construction in Hubbard township of a proposed new million Dollar office building for Sharon steel corporation 30 years ago a a George w Guthrie scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh was awarded to Victor p Rockhill president of this years senior class at Penn High school a the congregation of Zions evangelical and reformed Church named a woman As full time assistant to Aid or. Paul c. Shumaker in his pastoral work. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate foot mini subs Are launched from a Mother submarine and can crawl along the seabed on their Tan like trades or skim through the water by propeller. They have a maximum operating depth of 344 feet. The mini subs Are used by Spe Snaz naval brigades which report to the Gru the soviet military intelligence organization. A Gru naval Spe Snaz concentrates on attacking enemy seaborne nuclear delivery systems or support facilities a a secret Pentagon report explains. A they can be used to attack Shoreline targets or can be used against Interior targets when sea infiltration is preferred a in fact the mini subs have already made it into Stockholm Harbor to within a mile of the Royal Palace. The Pentagon report also notes a both ground forces and the 2,000 men of naval Spe Snaz can infiltrate. Various vessels including merchant ships High Speed Craft or submarines mini submersibles launched from either subs or surface Craft can be used either to infiltrate teams or to conduct an underwater attack against ships Shoreline or underwater targets. A in Sweden Scase the mini subs Are undoubtedly conducting reconnaissance and training activities their frequent and flagrant intrusions have been understandably demoralizing to the swedish Navy. One naval officer. Capt. Hans Vonhofsten has publicly complained a defense policy has too Long been based on ignoring the facts. The extent intensity Ana seriousness of the submarine operations in our Waters Are passed Over in silence belittled or even ridiculed by civilian leaders a another swedish naval officer capt. Goer an frisk reported that he had made Contact several times with submarine intruders but could not take effective action because he had no anti submarine helicopters on his ship. Meanwhile the Spe Snaz mini sub a distinctive tracks have been showing up in strategic locations All Over the world. Tracks identical to those left on the swedish seabed have been found off Gibraltar and near japanese naval bases. Some were detected in the soya straight Between the japanese Northern Island of hokkaido and soviet Sakhalin Island the route soviet warships take to reach the Pacific from Vladivostok there Are even unconfirmed reports that the telltale Spe Snaz mini sub tracks were spotted on the floor of san Francisco Bay last summer. Footnote the soviets intended intimidation of Sweden appears to have backfired. Though determinedly Neutral for the better part of two centuries Sweden has asked nato for help in patrolling swedish Waters for soviet Spe Snaz submarines confidential file did libyan dictator Moa mar khad Afy sneak off to Berlitz sometime in the last couple of Vears state depart ment sources have noticed a dramatic improvement in khad Afy a command of English and greater effectiveness in dealing with the English speaking Media. Khad Afy has always been a showman of course with his Goering like love of splendid uniforms but now he seems to have mastered the Art of tossing off a a quotable remarks. One observer guessed that khad Afy is preparing for the Day a when Good morning America Calls. A information dilemma Congress is trying to figure out How to make the tons of government in formation available to the Public by computerizing it yet avoid the huge expense of setting up a data Bank one suggestion is to farm the project out to a private company and let it recover its costs by Selling the information to the Public. But this raises the question of How the government would keep control Over its data and whether it would be proper to charge the Public for information gathered at taxpayers expense answers anyone mini editorial is Harvard getting senile the distinguished University now celebrating 350years of sometimes prickly Independence knuckled under last week to Elliott Abrams assistant Secretary of state for inter american affairs As is his custom Abrams refused to share a platform with an administration critic in this Case former ambassador Robert White. So Harvard Dis invited White. Such regrettable behaviour can be expected from apologists like Abrams but we can to suppress a feeling of disappointment that Harvard officials seem to have forgotten that the free Exchange of ideas is an important part of the University a tradition. Letter from Washington free mailing for legislators a privilege that should Stop Washington probably should come As no Surprise that a retiring senator who has less of a stake than other lawmakers in maintaining the status quo. Would Lead the Way in reforming one of Congress Dearest political Perks free use of the mail Republican sen. Charles Mcc. Mathias or of Maryland who Steps Down later this year after 18 years in the Senate has introduced a Resolution that would trim funds for Senate newsletters and other mailings to constituents the funds involved Are much More than just Petty Cash. This year franked or free mail is expected to Cost american taxpayers a record $146 million included in those mailings Are newsletters notices of town meetings news releases surveys and a myriad of other a a official communications nearly a billion. Biz vis nieces will flow from capital Hill to he unsuspecting and often uninterested Public this year. The Senate unanimously passed the Mathias Resolution last week. And while it was Good news for those who believe mail costs have gone far too High it looks As if the House May refuse to take similar action. The debate Over franked the word comes from the latin a Francus a or free mailing privileges is of course not a new one. The practice has been around since at least 1660 in the British House of commons in the United states members of the Continental Congress mailed under the Frank it has been used Ever since by the vice president principal officers of Congress senators and representative except during a Brief hiatus in the 1860s, when it was suspended because of flagrant abuse of the privilege by lawmakers. Franked mail by Law is limited to material that will a assist and expedite the conduct of the official business activities and duties of the Congress of the United but that limitation has not always been Liz Visser record Argus Washington Bureau observed today the controversy Over congressional mailings seems More timely than Ever for three reasons first the practice now is taking place in an entirely changed political and economic environment called Gramm Rudman Hollings. Gramm Rudman the deficit reduction Law Congress passed late last year is forcing cuts on a number of programs dear to various interest groups and Congress is no exception. Lawmakers took their 4.3 percent Cut like everyone Elso on March i when the Law went into effect. That reduced this years mailing appropriation from $100 million to $95.7 million. But lawmakers already were spending Way beyond that level. A second reason the Issue is timely is the proliferation on Capitol Hill of rim ibid it id spit out reams of a a personalized a letters computers and their at and perform other ingenious feats that make sending Large amounts of mail easier than Ever before. A third and perhaps most compelling reason to rethink the practice is that mailing costs Are tied inextricably to election year politicking and free mailing is one of the numerous advantages incumbents enjoy Over their challengers. A study for sen John Danforth by the congressional research service an Independent Arm of Congress found that postage costs leap dramatically during election years. During those seasons. Congress is the largest single Federal account of the . Postal service in off years it ranks about even with the Treasury department and the armed forces in mailing Levels cars found there is no question that some congressional mailings Are legitimate. No one would suggest for example that notices of town meetings should be halted but those announcements make up Only about a fifth of All franked mail cars said news releases Are Only about 2 percent. By far the largest share 75 percent Are those Pesky often blatantly political newsletters that arrive with increasing frequency during election years a congressional newsletter is a four or six Page document usually mailed to every household in a congressional District or in the Case of senators the entire state it tells recipients what a wonderful Job the incumbent has been doing in Washington. There Are elaborate rules to curtail self promotion but they Are honoured in the breach. Danforth who has Long opposed such mailings at taxpayers expense has Cut out the practice in his own office he estimates that Between 1977 and 1985, he has saved the Federal Treasury $5 million. During that time he figures he could have sent 26.7 million newsletters at an average of 18 cents postage each they would have run $4 million. Add in the Cost of paper printing and handling and it comes to about $5 million he says if All lawmakers did that the Sav Ings would be significant. One senator spent $3.8 million on i in 1984. In addition 12 senal. A a counted for half of the Senate mass mailing expense that year last year the Senate began releasing the amount each senator spend on mail to constituents the House has no similar Rule it is time to curb the abuses of Thi system. Frankly the Public has halt it. Washington today disclosures Don t disclose much by Donald m. Rothberg a political writer Washington a the financial disclosure forms which All senators Are required to file often done to disclose much a and the report by sen. John d. Rockefeller in is the most obvious example. The figures on the West Virginia democrats form fall somewhere Between $100 million and $150 million Short of estimates of How much he is Worth. The other senator from West Virginia happens to be the Leader of the democratic minority Robert c. Byrd. His financial statement tells what Little there is to know about his finances he has four Bank accounts and a . Treasury Bill a pretty fair country fiddler Byrd earned $124 last year in royalties from a record album. Both statements Are covered by the same rules. Byrd just does no to have much to list while Rockfeller a statement goes on for Page after Page of trusts and limited partnerships stocks and capital gains. Viewed from the Bottom up it is Clear that because Byrd is not wealthy he is forced to Tell All while his colleague being Rich As a Rockefeller gives just a hint of his holdings viewed from the top Down the richest senators might ask How much is enough should the great grandson of the founder of Standard ii be required to list the value of each of his Trust funds or even More list what is in them there Are Only three of the Trust funds. Each is in the top category for the disclosure forms meaning each is Worth $250,001, or More. No doubt those Trust funds Are Worth millions More than that base amount. Because the senator is a member of a family with fabled wealth the Public would love a full accounting. On the other hand does the Public have a right to Riffle through Bis financial records simply because he is a Rockefeller who a the wealthiest member of the Senate sounds like a simple straightforward question the disclosure forms ought to answer. But they done to. Based on the disclosure forms the richest senator is Claiborne Pell or i. His listed assets total $17 million give or take several million. Next in line with assets listed As $9,9 million or More was sen. John Danforth r-mo., heir to the Ralston Purina Fortune. At $8.8 million or More was sen. John Heinz r-pa., of the Ketchup and pickles family. Rockefeller a form lists assets of $1,070,000 a and up a a figure that would leave him far Down the list. Educated guesses have placed that senators Worth at closer to $150 Mil lion which would make him far Anc away the richest senator. Does it matter who is richest of poorest probably not although Rockefeller was Able to pour $12 i million of his own Money into his Campaign for the Senate. What matters More is ethics and the forms done to Tell the Public any thing about that. Donald m. Rothberg is the chief political writer of the associated press the letter policy the record Argus encourage Reader to submit letters to the editor flt publication in our Quot speak your mind column on the editorial Page however it i absolutely necessary that the Lette include the names and also must b signed. Letters must be originals and n Carbon copies or facsimiles will be a Cepter also it is requested that the in ters be typewritten double spaced an As concise As possible no slanderous it libellous letters will be accepted and w Reserve the right to edit All letters i i

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