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Greenville Record Argus (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Greenville, Pennsylvania Ohio a. Sign tax reciprocity agreement Youngstown a shoppers no longer can expect to Cross the Border separating Ohio and Pennsylvania to avoid paying sales taxes. An agreement Between the two states will reap millions of dollars in sales tax that up to now have gone uncollected officials said. Ohio tax commissioner Joanne Limbach and Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue Jim schemer signed the agreement in ceremonies in the two states on wednesday. They said the tax Issue had been raised by merchants in both states. Some merchants use the tax As a sales pitch to attract shoppers they said. A utne merchants Felt there was a fairness Issue a said is. Limbach. She said stores that do not collect sales tax from out of state customers enjoy a competitive advantage Over stores that do. Under the agreement the two states will share sales tax audit information and lists of customers who purchased items but did not sales tax. For shoppers the pact Means they will not be Able to Cross the state line to make purchases have the merchandise delivered to their Homes and avoid paying sales tax. The states initially plan to target furniture and appliance dealers which will be licensed to begin collecting and sending the tax to the other state officials expect to expand the Effort to All merchants later. A the fact that the tax is owed is indisputable a Scheiner said. Pennsylvania signed a similar agreement with new York in february said Wood spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Revenue department. A spokesman for the Ohio department of taxation said thursday that Ohio is working to reach similar tax accords with other states such As Wisconsin Minnesota Illinois Michigan Indiana and West Virginia. A a we re talking in general with tax officials in those states to see How we can work together a said Howard Byer who noted that there Are no indications yet when additional tax agreements will be signed. Those individuals who continue to avoid paying sales tax will be billed for a a a use tax by their Home state for their purchases. A use tax is imposed by states on purchases on which sales taxes ave not been paid. Although use taxes have been in effect for Many years is. Limbach and Scheiner said those taxes generally have not been collected from individuals because of the difficulty in levying the tax. The use tax levied is the same As the sales tax a a minimum of 5 percent in Ohio and 6 percent in Pennsylvania. Those who avoid sales taxes will also have to a penalty. Ohio will charge a 15 percent penalty. If the Bill is not paid within 30 Days additional interest will be charged Pennsylvania can penalize at the rate of an additional 5 percent a month up to a maximum of 25 percent. The record Argus 137th year a no. 110 your local newspaper serving upper Mercer county Greenville pa., Friday May 9, 1986 want ads 588-5000 Clear tonight sunny saturday see forecast Page 2 25 outs daily by carriers si.35 weekly a first glance a county dems say no to Larouche Mercer county democrats have joined the state and National organizations in denouncing Lyndon a Rouche backed democrats George elder of Grove City a Larouche backed candidate is running for the democratic nomination for senator. The Winner of that race will face Arlen Specter in the fall. Elder also is running for state committeeman for the county. U s. Rep Tom Ridge. R-21, will face Joylyn Blackwell of Erie in the fall election. Blackwell another Larouche candidate has no opposition in the primary. On the state level Steve Douglas of Delaware county is a Larouche backed candidate running for the democratic nomination for governor among Larouche a proposed pro Grams Are mandatory screening for aids and quarantining aids victims. Larouche also is said to believe Henry Kissinger is a soviet agent and the Queen of England is responsible for some International drug traffic. Gof women to meet monday tuning Council of Republican women will meet monday at 8 . At Sara Jamison s Home in Jamestown Crawford county commissioner Gene Rumsey is the guest speaker. Members of the hostess committee Are Sara Jamison. Ellen Moore and Mary Helen Valesky. Display numbers Jamestown asks Jamestown Borough Council has requested that All homeowners have their House numbers in Plain sight to assist police and fire officials in answering Calls Council also reports that any Cable customers can Contact the Cable company for service toll free at 1-800-634 1861 any resident or business having rodents should Contact Carmen Reichard at the Mercer county rodent control program the number is 962-5787 Borough Council also is reminding residents that under the new garbage contract trash will be collected every monday. Council will advertise the location and Date of the return of old garbage bags As soon As it is established according to Ruth Flowers Borough Secretary. To carnival set for May 17 the Hempfield interested parents and teachers organization it into it will sponsor a carnival on Mav 17 from noon to 3 . In the All Pur pose room at Hempfield elemental school. There will be games prizes clowns balloons Popcorn hot dogs and pop this event is for the Hempfield students in grades kindergarten through third Grade and their parents As Well As pre school age children. The Cost of All games will be five and to cents. Auction called off the a almost new auction scheduled for today by a 4-h Exchange group at Mercer 4-h Park has been cancelled a lotteries a Pennsylvania daily.076 big four.7 7 9 9 Ohio daily.0 i 4 pick 4.1824 a inside a Ann landers.5 church.5, 6 classified .9 comics. To deaths funerals.3 or. editorial.4 family news.5 Goren on Heloise. To remember when .4 sports .7,8 state regional news .2 television.3 u.s., world news.2 weather.2 Greenville record Argus uses 457-680 no meltdown . Energy official says Kiev u is r a National atomic Energy Agency the fire at the an inter official said today that chernobyl nuclear reactor has been put out. The mayor of Kiev said a Quarter million children will leave school Early this year because of the devastating Accident the Agency official. Morris Rosen told a news conference in Moscow that an adjacent reactor at the ukrainian facility was not damaged by the fire and was not in danger of releasing radiation the director of the .-affiliated Agency Hans Blix. Said at today a news conference a it is Clear the radioactive consequences of this Accident Are far More serious than in any Accident sofar Quot Blix also said the soviets never shut Down their la other chernobyl Type nuclear reactors As some reports indicated earlier earlier. Kiev mayor Valentin Gursky said schools attended by a Quarter million of the City a children will close May 15. Several weeks Early because of the Power Plant Accident. He said the move was not an emergency measure a we Are simply advancing the Normal school Holiday a Little bit a Gursky told a group of foreign reporters. Ukrainian Premier Alexander Lyashkov had said thursday that Crews still were trying to put out the reactor fire Blix flew Over the reactor thursday and said on soviet television that smoke was coming from it. But Rosen said today Quot the fire is Rosen said the smoke seen thursday was Light Gray and appeared to come from soldering Sand Lead Boron and Dolomite thrown Over the reactor to smother the fire he said smoke was thicker and Darker when the fire was burning Rosen also said soviet officials reported the reactor Core temperature had fallen to a degree that indicated the fire was out. Lyashkov had said thursday that the reactor temperature had fallen to 300 degrees celsius 572 degrees fahrenheit. A this Means that the burning has practically he said. Rosen said a meltdown never occurred but a statement by his Agency said the reactor Core was extensively damaged Rosen said workers were trying to build a Concrete shield under the reactor in Case a nuclear reaction should resume sending radioactivity into the Earth. Western scientists have said they believe a meltdown did occur. Ukrainian health minister Anatoly Romanenko was quoted earlier As saying on Kiev radio that school children would be moved out of the area As a precaution. Kiev the nations third largest City with 2.4 million inhabitants is 80 Miles South of the damaged reactor. At the Moscow news conference Rosen said workers were trying to Seal off the no. 4 reactor at the chernobyl facility where a chemical explosion occurred april 26. Setting off a fire and spewing a radioactive Cloud Over Europe. A the aim is to encase the whole fourth unit in Concrete and work has begun to place a Concrete foundation under the reactor a he said. Blix said at today a news con Ference that the soviets have agreed to release daily radiation Levels beginning today from a monitoring station 37 >2 Miles from the reactor and from six other stations along the country a Western Border Rosen said most of the 204 people injured in the Accident which officials said began april 26, were firefighters and that All had been sent to Moscow for treatment. Romanenko warned in an article in today a Issue of the newspaper pravda Ukraine that people should Wash Well water Down streets and Yards and keep children indoors As much As possible. A the situation has markedly improved since my last address. The level of background radiation is gradually falling at present it is in the limit of the norms recommended by National and International organizations and does not represent a danger to the health of the population. Including children a he wrote. However it was not Clear whether he was referring to radiation Levels in the Accident area or in Kiev itself. Lyashkov also told Western reporters thursday that authorities had not ordered the major part of the evacuation until six Days after the Accident and had waited for two Days to inform Moscow of the full scope of what is now believed to be the worst disaster in the history of nuclear Power. Today the communist party daily pravda said in Moscow that Kiev residents May not have been kept informed in a timely fashion a this provided grounds for All kinds of rumours which incidentally were quite actively disseminated by various a voices in the said pravda. Referring to foreign radio broadcasts reaching the Ukraine in All Lyashkov said 84.000 people were evacuated from settlements around the Power Plant in the Northern Ukraine after an explosion. Fire and meltdown in chernobyl a reactor no 4 spewed a radioactive Cloud Over much of Europe Quot the temperature of the reactor has gone Dow n to 300 degrees celsius 572 degrees fahrenheit a Lyashkov told the reporters a this Means that the burning has practically stopped the radiation is stable with the tendency re a a a a a a \. A. I Ai a. Ai Jar or i i fld i a Tiff a three jobs in one with visions of a Good Harvest in the spraying fertilizing and seed plan Road. Sandy Lake. Record Argus fall in mind. Scott Peterman of Ting. With this Combine he does it All photo by Doug Roberts Hadley re 2 goes about Spring in one pass at this farm on Creek More deficit cuts in House version of 1987 budget Washington a the House budget committee approved a fiscal 1987 budget that endorses a tax increase but unlike the Senate puts most of that Money toward deficit cutting instead of Pentagon programs. Democrats on thursday pushed through a $994.2 billion spending plan Over Republican complaints that it would cripple the military and that democrats would spend any new tax dollars Only a single Republican. Rep. Vin Weber of Minnesota joined democrats in the 21-11 final vote to Send the package to the floor. Full House action could come next week the budget proposed by committee chairman William h Gray Iii d-pa., would increase taxes by $7.3 billion Over president Reagan a budget plan a the same increase passed by the Senate last week. But while the Senate a bipartisan plan boosted military spending to cover inflation the House plan would freeze the military buildup the deficit in the House plan would be $137 billion $7 billion below the statutory limit which the Senate a budget just met. Republicans said they go along with the military cuts or new taxes Quot the defense department can to live with that budget Quot said rep Delbert l. Latta of Ohio senior Republican on the committee Latta proposed More cuts in Domestic programs to bring military spending up to the Senate a level but was Defeated As democrats muscled their plan through democrats also Defeated a Republican amendment to eliminate the tax boost. The committee plan would Cut military budget authority next year to $285 billion $1.8 billion below this years level the plan would hold $3 billion of that aside until Pentagon audits show How past years increases were spent. The Senate approved a $301 billion budget for the military while president Reagan requested $320 billion budget authority includes some Money actually spent Over several la 4 years so actual differ Cash spending totals the democratic plan spreads out Domestic spending cuts with Many government agencies facing an across the Board 2.5 percent Cut. Selected programs would be increased mostly those for children education and medical care for the poor. The red Cross Bloodmobile drained about 150 pints out of Reynolds students. Teachers and staff during their drive at the High school thursday. Here senior Margaret Mathieson can t Bear to look covers her eyes As registered nurse Mary Ann Stiggi draws blood. School nurse Margaret Green organized the event and local businesses provided Orange juice for those giving. The schools science trends class taught by Colleen Kelly served cookies. Record Argus photo by Doug Roberts commissioners offer support for Sharon steel by Doug Davis record Argus staff writer Mercer a Mercer county commissioners pledged support for Sharon steel during their meeting thursday. A Resolution passed by commissioners Harold Bell and los Cattron is a show of support for the company recently sued for $45 million by an environmental group claiming pollution violations. Commissioner William Reznor did not attend the meeting. Because of the serious problems of the company of the past few years this lawsuit is a threat to the largest employer of the county Cattron said. The county is offering Public assistance to investigate mediate and possibly help in the lawsuit he said. Cattron also suggested having Penn Northwest development corporation Mercer county regional planning commission and local officials assist Sharon steel if the company wants the help a a in a not sure what kind of action can be taken As a Board a said Bell. Commissioners solicitor Robert tesone said the Resolution is appropriate but there is probably Little action the Board could take. A Public hearing on the lawsuit would probably be ineffective tesone said because both parties would be reluctant or prohibited from attending. The intent of the Resolution is to assist where possible Cattron said a we will be on record offering assistance if it is wanted a he said. Commissioners also proving the Mercer county a1 development authority loan to preferred sales of Peasand the loan application of $230,000 will be forwarded to Harrisburg for final approval. Preferred sales is owned by Peter and Linda Lewnes and Thomas and adopted Industrial Christina Poole. The loan would be used to buy and develop a 22,000 Square foot building at 1642 Victor Posner blvd. For their plumbing warehouse and Supply business. The owners expect to hire five to seven people during the next years As a result of the loan the company now employs la. Reznor was in Hamburg thursday to meet with the governors Council on Job training annual and master plans for the new service delivery area were to receive final approval Rosie a Patio restaurant. Open for mothers Day a m to3p in. 12 Hurt in Tornado in Oklahoma Edmond okla. A a suppertime Tornado bounced through a neighbourhood injuring 12 people destroying dozens of Homes and leaving residents amazed that no one was seriously Hurt a i done to know How we kept from being killed but we did a said 74-year-old Frances forehand who suffered cuts and bruises when the Tornado Tore through the Home of her granddaughter Vicki Taylor on thursday night. A it looked like a big Ball of fire went through the police spokesman it. Mike Wooldridge whose Home was one of those damaged in southwestern Edmond said 12 people were treated at a Hospital for minor injuries fire marshal Ron Williamson said at least 35 Homes were destroyed and at least 30 others damaged. Although there were no reports of fatalities Williamson said be could not be certain that everyone was accounted for mrs. Forehand sitting in a Hospi Tai Robe at a red Cross shelter at Edmond High school said she was watching television with her grand daughter and two great grandsons when the Tornado shattered sliding Glass windows i started to say we better turn the to off and it just blew in on us a she said a there were Sticks pieces of Metal Glass flying around. But it did no to even break my mothers5 cakes. Dairy Queen 32 Hadley Road. 588 1610

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