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Greenville Record Argus Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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Greenville Record Argus (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Greenville, Pennsylvania Pinion William Bright publisher general manager Page 4 Larry Howsare managing editor april 5, 1986parents can teach safety on bicycles letter from Washington Senate ought to consider Tauke s minimum tax plan the weather has turned. Kites Are flying. To shirts and shorts have been brought out of Mothballs and bicyclists Are out in Force. That Means children Are out in Force doing the things children on bikes naturally do a having fun caring Little. As Drivers adults need to begin looking for the Little people and the unexpected Maneu vers they Are Likely to make. Parents should take time to remind their children of the Good safety habits that tend to be forgotten Over the course of a Long snowy Winter a obey All traffic signs and signals. Go on Green Stop on red just Washington merry go round As it driving an automobile. A drive with traffic on the right hand Side of the Road. A slow Down anticipating hazards at intersections and curves. A use hand signals to indicate turns and stops a keep your bicycle properly maintained. Make sure the brakes Are in Good operating order. A when Riding at night Wear reflective clothing bicycles also should have reflective tape or markings facing front rear and both sides and should be equipped with a headlight for night use. Those precautions Are not difficult to take nor is it time consuming to attend to them. But they could prevent a serious Accident. Washington As the Senate turns its attention to wholesale changes in this country a tax code a revision president Reagan has heartily endorsed it should consider a simple plan advanced by rep. Tom Tauke of Iowa. Tauke a moderate Republican and an attorney by Trade has proposed establishing a foolproof minimum tax under which individuals and corporations who pile up exemptions credits and deductions to avoid taxes would have some of their sheltered income recaptured and taxed. There is already a minimum tax on the books under which individuals Are supposed to pay 20 percent of their income in Federal taxes while corporations theoretically must pay a minimum of 15 percent tax on their profits. But there Are so Many Loop Oles in the tax code that thousands of individuals and big corporations escape Federal taxes altogether. Tauke would change All that by slapping a minimum tax on All Indi by la Visser record Argus Washington Bureau How Many tax Breaks Are claimed they must pay at least a portion of their income in taxes a Tauke says. It is this feature that makes the plan most commendable. Tauke says his plan would make unnecessary the wholesale overhaul of the tax code that the House approved late this year and which the Senate is now pondering. Such wholesale rewriting he believes would undermine . Productivity visuals and corporations regardless of the tax Breaks they claim. Under Tauken a plan the minimum tax rate would be 22.5 percent for individuals and 20 percent for corporations. He estimates the Treasury would gain More than $25 billion in additional Revenue a $18 billion from individuals and $6 billion from corporations. In addition the plan creates a a super minimum tax under which even More sheltered income would be recaptured at a rate of 2 percent if the taxpayer could somehow avoid the minimum tax. A the Bottom line is that no matter and competitiveness Cost jobs and might even trigger a recession. A what americans want is simpler a Tauke says. They want a a. Tax Reform that ensures that profitable corporations and wealthy individuals Are shouldering their fair share of the tax the Senate in its deliberations on tax Reform so far appears willing to endorse a minimum tax. Members of its finance committee which drafts tax legislation have praised the concept though it remains to be seen How committed they Are to the idea a the tax plan reluctantly passed by the House last december Nock More harm than Good to the Economy a Tauke says. A the Senate on the other hand rightfully is recognizing the need for Basic fairness before Complex there is one More element on this debate that cannot be overlooked actions taken on Capitol Hill Are Seldom far removed from politics and Tauken a tax proposal is no exception. The fourth term congressman tried unsuccessfully to offer his minimum tax plan last december As an alternative to the House ways and Means committee version that eventually was adopted. The ways and Means Bill was adopted by a controversial voice vote which made it unnecessary for individual congressman to go on Public record As either supporting or opposing the measure. That still rankles some in the House including Tauke. Despite the setback Tauke reintroduced his minimum tax earlier this year and remains hopeful for its . Administration keeping intelligence from hondurans Washington the United states is clearly not suited to the role of an Imperial Power along the lines of the soviet Union or the old British Empire. When Moscow lays Down the official line there Are no deviations by the satellites . Client states exercise their right to dissent As vociferously As if they were at a democratic National convention. Last weeks dust up Over the reported nicaraguan invasion of Honduras was an embarrassing Case in Point the initial reaction of Hon Duran leaders was that the invasion was mostly Reagan administration propaganda to win congressional support for the contras. Only after president Reagan announced emergency Aid to Honduras a a move that looked suspiciously like a $20 million inducement a did honduran officials get their stories straight and agree with the White House version of events. Then they belied their newfound concern Over nicaraguan aggression by going off for their easter vacation Manana and All that. The momentary embarrassment unfortunately was Only a reflection of a More serious problem an appalling breakdown in communications Between the and honduran governments. Caused in Large part y . Insensitivity toward a supposedly valuable ally. Even though a nigh state department official was on the scene the . Government did t take honduran officials into its Confidence. The hondurans were apparently expected to Parrot the us line without even knowing what the United states is trying to achieve in Central America our reporter Jon Lee Anderson talked with honduran officials in Tegucigalpa recently. Here a what one of them said a we have the impression that the United staes does no to know what to do in Nicaragua. It is taking actions that done to Hurt the Sandim Stas but which hurts its allies a lot a for example. Honduras and Costa Rica the . Policy on the contras is very confusing the Reagan and Washington today by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate ministration Calls for Covert Aid which is then discussed openly. Then it Calls for humanitarian Aid and assistance but they give the contras not Only food clothing and Medicine but also boots for marching in the the hondurans have no affection for the sandinista troublemakers in Managua. But above All they want to avoid the Long term presence of nicaraguan contras on their territory. A utne Ideal thing would be to seek the exit of these people from our country a said a honduran foreign ministry official. A they Are hurting us and that damage is not being compensated by what they Are accomplishing i done to think it s Money the honduran government wants. But it would like to be allowed to take More of an initiative. The initiative for example to Sav whether it wants the contras or not a a honduran political analyst said a a it a a bad situation for us we know the Reagan administration Isnit going to abandon the contras but at the same time there is no possibility of the contras throwing out the san started we done to even share our intelligence information on what a happening in their own country a the problem a said the Diplomat a is that we done to care about the other daughter president Reagan a less controversial daughter. Maureen a the one who a in politics not hardback fiction a acknowledges that her Republican women s political action committee is a David among the go a i groups but she told us her Pac has Baths of Republican Imong fund raising Din Istas. For us its like being in the idol that the contras go and fight the Middle of a crossfire we Are Happy Jet the inside sandinista a but Nicaragua a a Well connected . Official said bluntly Quot the Contra policy has been one disaster after the other and the hondurans know it. They would like to have a role they feel they have enough knowledge and experience to help out but we be never taken them into As last week s Basto Demon raised More than $100,000 to Dole out to women Republican candidates she Hopes to be Able to give chosen candidates for local office $500 apiece and More to women seeking House or Senate seats. Most of the women who work for her committee Are volunteers she said. Confidential file the Little noticed War Between Morocco and libyan backed Polinario rebels Over the former Spanish territory of Western Sahara still sputters along after to years with no end in sight. But the Reagan administration s once enthusiastic support for moroccan King Hassan has cooled like the desert Sands and . Policy is now More evenhanded taking our place As Morocco a steadies Backer is France its one time colonial overlord French Aid to Hassan reportedly runs to More than $1 million a Day mini editorial. Our Good neighbors just up the Pike in Frederick md., Are still trying to get the Federal government to pay a $200,000 Bill plus 122years�?T interest for the Ransom the town fathers paid in 1864 to Confederate Gen Jubal Early who thereupon forbore to Burn Frederick. The town thinks its entitled because some $1 million of Union supplies were also spared this really was the last gentleman a War its Frederick a 13th try for compensation by Congress. In these Gramm Rudman Days though we re afraid the answer will Likely be a millions for defense but not a cent for is underground testing needed by Barry Schweid a diplomatic writer Washington a Twenty three years after the United states and the soviet Union banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere outer space and underwater they Reserve the right to keep testing underground the superpowers pledged in 1963 to make every reasonable Effort to expand that years partial ban into a comprehensive one. In 1974 they agreed to limit their blasts to 150 Kilotons a More than la times the Force of the . Atom bomb that devastated Hiroshima in world War ii and ample room to test old weapons and develop new ones. In 1976, they signed a parallel treaty to place the same limit on blasts carried out for such nonmilitary purposes As changing the course of Rivers. It was considered significant at the time that the Accra also established the principle of on site inspection. The soviets have always been reluctant to admit foreigners to their test Sites. The Concession to the Ford administration seemed a breakthrough on the Touchy verification Issue. Extending the principle to other arms control agreements already on the books and permitting . Observers to be present at soviet Sites with advanced technology could answer Many questions raised about soviet compliance. These questions have multiplied during the Reagan administration to the Point that some advisers to the president have recommended he allow the missile total to exceed the limits of the 1979 strategic arms limitation treaty when a new Trident nuclear submarine begins sea trials in May. The Greenville record Argus founded 1848 published daily except sundays new year s Day memorial Day Independence Day labor Day thanksgiving Day and Christmas at to Penn ave Greenville a 16125 Telephone 412 588-5000 and 412 962-4643 second class postage paid at Greenville pauses no. 457-680 single copy 25, weekly $1.35, Mercer and adorning counties by mail per year $70.20, six months $35 to three months $17.55, one month $5 85. Other rates available on request no mail orders accepted in localities served by carriers. Member of the audit Bureau of circulations publisher William a. Bright managing Howsare advertising manager. Robert a. Simons circulation a. Powell composing room Foreman John t. Soul press room Foreman James Alexander accountant. Pearl Adams All carriers dealers and Independent contractors keep their own accounts. The record Argus is not responsible for Advance payments made them their agents or representatives. The associated press is exclusively entitled to republish news dispatches originated by this newspaper National advertising representative is Thomson newspapers inc. Postmaster Send address changes to Greenville record Argus to Box 711, Greenville a. 16125 the daily newspaper serving Greene a and upper Mercer county the Point would be to show the soviets that observing arms control agreements cannot be a one Way Street. Reagan has invited the soviets to the . Test site in Nevada but since that might imply acquiescence in renewed testing Moscow has not responded. A fifth round of arms control negotiations is due to begin in Geneva on May 8. So far the talks have not produced any agreement on offensive or defensive nuclear weapons. The last major Accord was signed by president Carter and soviet president Leonid Brezhnev in Vienna in 1979 talks also involving Britain on a total test ban were recessed in november 1980 and have not been resumed initially . Reluctance to discuss the Issue further was attributed to the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in december 1979. But in the Reagan years the Issue of verification has taken precedence. Allegations that the soviets have fluted the 1974 treaty and other accords make it virtually impossible politically to consider entering a comprehensive test ban agreement with Moscow. The soviets meanwhile have refused to tighten verification procedures in the threshold treaty until it is ratified by the Senate. Brent scowcroft who was president Fords National Security adviser suggested in an interview monday that a Way out of the impasse would be to try to get the treaty ratified and then negotiate the verification Issue. A a there a Little threat to . Security in that approach he said. Then scowcroft said the United states could withdraw from the treaty if it could not get the soviets to agree to anti cheating measures Atter ratification. Bible thought my a the that by usury and unjust gain increase eth his substance be Snail gather it for him that will pity the proverbs 28 8. No matter How it looks from the top god has the final say Over the Bottom line. I it news America Syndicate 1906 congressional comment . Libya actions justified although the most recent confrontation with Libya is behind us. Our conflict with that country and with the khad Afy government is far from Over. Our countries have been on a collision course Ever since the terrorist killings at the Rome and Vienna airports last year. President Reagan decided to conduct military Maneu vers in the Gulf of Sidra for a number of reasons to respond once again to the reprehensible incidents at Rome and Vienna and to assert our right to innocent passage in International Waters. Members of Congress generally expressed support for the Maneu vers and for the military action which was taken when Libya fired first. Our response was measured discriminatory and entirely appropriate for the situation. As world opinion forms regarding the incident it must be Clear that we responded to a completely unprovoked attack. The libyans have no historic claim to any territorial Waters beyond the International Standard of 12 Miles the ships of the sixth Fleet were Well beyond that limit when they were a today in history by Tom Ridge . Rep. Fired upon and stayed at least 80 to too Miles from libyans coast. For the most part Little attention is paid to routine military Maneu vers which Are common throughout the world. The russians have often navigated the Caribbean sea through the hawaiian islands and in other . Coastal areas without incident. As Long As countries announce their intent which the . Did in this Case in the Gulf of Sidra and As Long As All International Laws Are observed. Problems do not arise since Ronald Teagan became pres exercised our right of passage in the Gulf of Sidra 13 times with Only one previous military Exchange in 1983 located on the Mediterranean sea Libya is a Gateway from the Middle East to Europe following the Rome and Vienna incidents our european allies refused to join in diplomatic and economic sanctions which we imposed the geographical proximity of France and Italy to Libya As Well As the extensive Trade which is conducted Between those countries causes some of our allies to refuse to enact sanctions. However from our perspective the threat and Long term consequences of unchecked world wide terrorism Are a much worse option. While this latest military Exchange did not escalate it will undoubted be used by the libyans As justification for further terrorism. However. As we have seen in the past the libyans will always find what they term a a reason for the senseless violence which they inflict on innocent citizens As Long As murderous Lead ers such As khad Afy remain unchallenged. As a world Leader and a frequent target of terrorism the United states must be prepared to respond to unprovoked violent terrorist acts in the same measured fashion As the Gulf of Sidra incident. Today is saturday april 5, the 95th Day of 1986. There Are 270 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on april 5, 1792, president George Washington cast his first veto rejecting a congressional measure for apportioning representatives among the states. On this Date in 1614, american Indian Princess Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe in Virginia. In 1621, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth mass., on a return trip to England. In 1887, Anne Sullivan achieved a major breakthrough with her Blind Ana deaf Pupil Helen Keller by teaching her the meaning of the word it la Iio tnt1 a c re Rel i nil nut in Tho tit q full in i a water As spelled out in the manual alphabet. In 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death following their conviction on charges of being atomic spies for the soviet Union. In 1964, Gen. Douglas Macarthur died in Washington at the age of 84 in 1975, nationalist chinese Leader Chiang Kai Shek died in Taipei of a heart attack. He was 87. Ten years ago the supreme court refused to review the court martial conviction of former army it. William Calley or. For the murder of 22 vietnamese civilians in 1968 at my Lai ending the Legal aftermath of one of the most bitter chapters of the Vietnam War. Twenty five officers and enlisted men were charged in connection with what became known As the a my Lai massacre a six were actually tried and Only Calley was convicted. Also to years ago reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes died at age 72. Five Vears ago soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev flew to Prague Czechoslovakia for talks with polish officials about soviet concerns Over the handling of Poland a Solidar Trade Union. One year ago Nicaragua ssi Minista government rejected pre Dent Ronald Reagan a proposal i talks at settling Nicaragua Sguerzi la War denouncing Reagan i demanding a cease fire and talks else a resumption of Milita Aid to the Contra rebels. Nicaragua foreign minister Miguel do Esic Brockman called the proposal Sun pointed to our Heads by the Gre Merican superpower. A today a birthdays actress Bel Davis and conductor Herbert v Karajan Are 78. Actor Gregory be is 70. Actress Gale storm is 65 ii Pressie most actor Frank Gorshin 52. Actor Michael Moriarty is 45. A Tor Max Gail is 43. Thought for today a where Apaul is master All men Are slaves a Anonymous remember when1 letter policy the record Argus encourages readers to submit letters to the editor for publication in our Quot speak your mind Quot column on the editorial Page. However it is absolutely necessary that the letters include the names and also must be signed letters must be originals and no Carbon copies or facsimiles will be accepted. Also it is requested that the letters be typewritten double spaced and As concise As possible no slanderous or libellous letters will be accepted and we Reserve the right to edit All letters. To years ago a creation of a captains position was discussed at the Mercer county prison Board meeting. A mrs. William Noll and mrs. Walter Caswell once again won the women a pair championship in the seven cities 12th annual Bridge tournament at Cross Creek resort in Titusville. 20 years ago a Scho Beton Pittsburgh. Makers of. Architectural precast Concrete negotiated to sell its business and facilities at Reynolds development. A the state department of Public instruction gave tentative approval to Reynolds school District Tor construction of an addition to an elementary school estimated to Cost $850,000. A proposed merger of the Mercer Lawrence Butler and Armstrong county chapter of the american heart association was discussed. A Greenville businessmen a association asked Borough Council to extend the Courtesy parking program then in effect saying a a. The plan is gaining 30 years ago a Jackson centers supervisors adopted a 1956 budget calling for a two Mill increase in the local tax rate. The boost raised the tax on real estate from seven to nine Mills. A concerts at Jamestown n y., and two Pennsylvania communities were presented by the senior concert band of Penn High school during a two Day bus trip

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