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Greenville Record Argus Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 3

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Greenville Record Argus (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Greenville, Pennsylvania Work links record Arcus saturday april a 1986, Page i work play share direct link this column is called a work links a a and maybe once in a while it is a Good thing to take a look at just what that Means. In our society Many people seem to have a very narrow definition of what work is. They see it As something you do from 9 to 5, for pay for roughly 30 to 35 years of your life. Everything outside that definition is somehow put in other boxes As play or Leisure time or fun or retirement or education. The boxes go on and on. The current economic restructuring in our country is causing every one of us to take a Good Hara look at that definition of work because it just does no to seem to fit anymore. For one thing there is that whole business of education. Education a As Many have traditionally defined it a was seen As a one time thing. You did it when you were Young. For the less motivated students education was just a Way of marking time until you went to work. For the Mare academic youngsters it was a ticket to College and in turn College became a ticket to a Job. No longer the vast majority of our so called work Force is going to have to train and retrain repeatedly throughout a working career. In Large part this can be traced to the by Mary Agria rapidly changing technology and the changing demands instead As Chams resulting loss of certain traditional that keep us from realizing our full occupations and phasing in of new career options that would not even have been a possibility to to 20 years ago education in our modern world it is a lifetime process then there is that Box labelled retirement. We used to assume we would do it at 65 or 70, hopefully with a Large enough pension to enjoy ourselves. Some workers in fact put up with unfortunate unhappy career no to that magic moment when they Are n choices for years a looking Forward to that magic moment when they Are free again to do what they chose career changes when they chose. And then with economic change comes the reality of Early retirement for some of us. Longer lifespans. And the Issue of living productively beyond retirement a using our talents in new ways to serve our society and give meaning to our lives. Work and play. Education and employment. Careers and retirement. These Are not isolated boxes any longer in our modern world. The various roles we Are required to play Are blending and merging with one another throughout our lifetimes whether we Are Happy or frustrated by this flux and change depends on our capacity to link one aspect of our lives with another. Are we building those links successfully or Are we viewing these changing demands instead As chains nip potential As human beings. As a child like most other children i used to grumble at times about work whether it was household chores or practising lessons or doing school assignments outside the windows of my Day to Day tasks i could see the magic world of fun and toys and playtime beckoning my parents bless their hearts were Wise Wise people and they gave me a link Between work and a a that has seen me through a lifeline of crises worries Job minting a Mary a my folks would say a there Isnit really a difference Between work and play. There Are just two kinds of play serious and not so they would go on to explain that what we did for a living our household tasks our studying our Community service and Volunteer activities were All really forms of serious play. What a child idealized As fun was really a less serious play a a silly time that kept our lives in balance. Just As a meal with All desserts gets awfully Boring after a while a to say nothing about fattening a so a life full of nothing but less serious play would not ultimately be fulfilling. So the trick was one of balance. And of seeing that work and play Are not opposites but part of a continuum that goes on and on and on. As a Childe it did no to make a lot of sense sometimes. When my brother and i really wanted to be running around the Campground instead of putting up the tent. Or when we wanted to be talking in the school Yard instead of doing our algebra. But after 20 years of working at this business of serious and not so serious play it is finally starting to make sense it is what enables a person to face retirement and aging with a sense of renewed enthusiasm. After All is it the salary and Day to Day routine that makes a Job rewarding or is it the Chance to use our talents. It is an idea that gives More purpose to and takes the fear out of education at All Ages and All Levels a in a world that demands that we keep on learning in order to survive work or play or work in play and play in work ? As parents we can give our children this precious sense of linkages that can last them a lifetime. And teach them that work is neither a dirty word nor a be Ali and end All like play it is an aspect a ideally a of everything we do. Counselor s Corner underage drinking returns with Spring it is that time of the year again. Spring the time when we say goodbye to the cold of Winter and hello to the new warmth it is a time of Flowers leaves grass gardens and underage drinking while everything else is announcing a rebirth of life and Promise teenage drinking brings on loss of dreams and often death before 20 the return of Spring brings sadness to Many parents Ana friends As they recall the snuffing out of a life before maturity. The soggy spectacle of Spring break activities on Southern beaches Ushers in the drinking season for students and will soon be followed by Erom time and graduation. These ave assumed the status of traditions to be observed yearly but with some deadly twists. Traditions they have been for years the deadly twist is the Richard h. Jackson great increase in the amount of alcohol and other chemicals that get consumed during the celebrations Spring break Means a Chance to act crazy without the supervision of parents or school officials prom time is Romance a time of make believe graduation is both a time of ending and of beginning but for Young people it can be frightening the future is no longer set by semesters and summer vacation and friends who have always been there will be gone crazy romantic sad All three Are used As reasons to drink. More specifically reasons to get drunk. Social drinking for younger people is starting to mean getting drunk not just having a few drinks the greatest killer of those under certified addictions Counselor Greenville regional Hospital 25 is not disease nor physical illness but it is accidents mainly automobile accidents. More than half of these accidents Are alcohol related and a great number of these occur in the Spring in most states the Legal age Tor drinking is 21, so if an 18-year-old is killed while driving drunk then in addition to the tragedy of the death several people had to be breaking the Law underage drinking is against the Law but so is Selling or serving alcohol to an underage person. When a person older than 21 purchases alcohol for a younger person or for younger persons All Are breaking the Law. Parents who serve alcohol to underage people at graduation open houses Are courting several kinds of disaster. Not Only could they be playing a part in a tragic Accident there is a Chance of offending parents who do not believe in giving alcohol to children. These parents could respond with Legal actions even if no problems result from drinking a Mother and father have just shown some children that it is of to break the Law Sandy Lake Council accepts resignation of fire chief by Nancy elder record Argus correspondent the awarding of Street bids and the resignation of the Sandy Lake fire chief topped other discussion of Sandy Lake s Council session thursday evening. Campbells paving of Grove City was awarded the Contact for paving Mckaney sparking lot and Lacock Street from main Street to the Bridge at an approximate Cost of $11,552 38 Campbells won the bid Over six other companies. The Borough will also allot $3,500 for the tar and Chip repairing of Coal Hill Road Ana Railroad Street As far As the funding will allow. The work will begin As soon As possible. Sandy Lake Council received word thursday evening of the resignation of the Sandy Lake fire chief Scott Schell. Schell gave personal reasons for his action. The fire company a executive committee has temporarily appointed Raymond Stockner and Ronald Snyder to jointly assume the duties of acting fire chief until one can be appointed a 15-minute executive session was conducted to discuss reasons for resignation. In other matters the Council approved an earned income tax refund to an area couple for the years 1980 through 1982 due to an armed forces exemption. A Learned that a demonstration of copying machines and typewriter will be Given at the Borough office later this month. A approved the registration fee for Raymond Stockner to attend a waste water course in Meadville $65. A accepted a letter of resignation of Joseph Reiser from the local planning commission effective later this summer. A approved the signature and return of three Grant contracts to the Ca for Borough building renovations. In a related matter approved the signature of a contract with Lee Strickland an architect from Oil City for detailed information on designs for renovation of the building a passed Resolution no. 2 of 1986 waving the provision that the police May contribute to the police pension fund for 1986 a Learned that the Spring Borough associations dinner will be april 24 at Stoneboro fire Hail. A Learned that the Pennsylvania emergency management Agency will have a Day Long seminar for Public officials at the Mercer county iving Center on april 16. This is designed to help municipalities establish and implement a policy during High stress emergencies. A Learned that mayor Ron Snyder received a complaint from a resident that a foul smell was being emitted from the Sandy Lake sewage Plant earlier during the week. Snyder investigated and contacted Plant officials who spread chemicals to deviate the odor he also noted that work had been done to machinery inside the Plant that Day and degrease added which had caused the odor problem. Repairs Are co tuning at the Plant. A heard mayor Snyder place a ban on parking along the entire length of Broad Street effective May i for a period of 90 Days. A discussed the problem of bicyclists within the Borough who Are ignoring Road rules and running Stop signs. Police chief Donald Oakes will work up a bicycle safety program and implement warnings. A approved the Purchase of three tires for the patrol car. A Learned that the esp machine will be re installed later this week in the Borough with restrictions. Restrictions to Miles an hour Grace with speeds 35 Mph and under and six mile per hour Grace Over 35 Mph a heard a letter from Mercer municipality vices rather than hiring consulting services. A turned Down a proposal made by Tom Montgomery Ana or. Dennis Charlton at last months meeting for the construction of a new building on the current Borough building site due to the awarding of the Grants through Ca. A heard the police chiefs report for March As follows seven traffic citations two non traffic citations 68 incidents called in with 21 investigative incidents from Calls one traffic Accident 14 assists to other Public safety departments four assists to motorists. <23 business checks and 46 Mckeever checks new president Ruthanne Beighley above has elected As this year s president of the Greenville chapter of United Way at a Board of director s meeting thursday night. Other officers elected by the 24-member Board were Ralph Eckelberger first Vic president Marie Julian second vice president. And Almira Cashdollar third vice president. Beighley is a local attorney. Record Argus photo by Fred Rose easter egg in Sheakleyville by Cheryl Gray record Argus correspondent Shirley a twin kiss. South of Sheakleyville sponsored its 14th annual easter egg Hunt recently the owners of the twin kiss. Kim and Shirley Bowser said they had coloured 120 dozen eggs for the Hunt. They furnished a variety of prizes for the Hunt. Two Hundred thirty children started to run and pick up the coloured eggs at the sound of a Sheakleyville fire truck Siren these children were divided into three categories these groups were five and under six to eight year Olds and nine to 12 years. The boys and girls in each group who collected the most eggs were rewarded for their efforts by receiving a Large chocolate Rabbit. These children were five and under a boys Steven Adams with 17 eggs Ana girls Jennifer Guthrie with 21 eggs six to eight year Olds a boys Aaron Alsdorf who gathered 31 eggs. And girls a Barbara Osborne no collected a total of 13 nine to 12 year Olds a boys. Josh Kepple with 19 and girls Kelly Gruver with 14. Ice Cream treat prizes were Given to various children by drawing their names from the registration boxes the grand prizes for each group and their recipients were five and under a Mike Vanartsdalen received a transformer hot wheel tricycle for the boys and the girl s Winner was Megan Becker who received a cabbage Patch kids hot wheel tricycle. In the six to eight year old category. Kahle Sullivan received a baseball and Glove and Kim Klink received an am pm radio. Stephen Snodgrass and Regina armogost were the winners in the nine to 12 year old groups. The ice Cream treat prizes which were Given out were certificates entitling the winners to either a sundae Milkshake or banana split. The winners of the sundaes were Megan Becker. Sheila Myers Nicole Lewis Andrea Arbuckle Jenifer Alabran Joshua Snyder Erie Davison Joshua Mcafoose Brian Arbuckle Jimmy Johnston. Stacey Voorhies Mindy Stallsmith Marci Musgrove misty Baker Dana Vanartsdale Brian Gray Wesley Sindlinger Mike Larimer Jeff Chizmar Jonathan Bailey Kristy Musgrove. Mary Ann Filer Karen Griffiths Regina armogost misty Becker Mark Turlij Stephen Snodgrass Chris Johnston Jay Sindlinger and Ryan Ridge. The 30 winners of milkshakes were Emily Stallsmith Stacey Mccartney Crystal Conway Chrissy Davison Nicole Owens Bruce Dickson Preston Brocklehurst Morgan Breese Keith Walter Ricky Gall Lade Brocklehurst Billie to Coxson Nicol Heffern Tessa Marshall Becky Roberts Kahle Sullivan Brian King. Greg Vanartsdalen Robbie Coock Ryan Peterson Heidi Sodano Mandy Conway Lisa Grafton Heather Scott Jennifer King Jason Osborn Micael Fleek Jed Kepple Josh Melvin and Samuel Perry. Weather forecast the National weather service forecasts rain from the Dakotas to the mid Atlantic states for saturday. Showers Are forecast from the Gulf coast to the Midwest and for parts of California new Mexico Nevada Utah Oregon Idaho and Montana. A laser photo satellite photo fridays weather satellite photo taken at 1 30 . Shows Clouds causing showers and thunderstorms from Eastern Texas to the Midwest. Dense Clouds Over the Northern Plains Are associated with a Low pressure Center located Over Southern Nebraska. An extensive area of Low and Middle level Clouds covers the Northeast while frontal Clouds Are visible Over the Northwest. A laser photo a weather a a regional showers and thunderstorms Are Likely saturday and sunday. Highs saturday will Range from 55 to 65. Lows saturday night will be in the 40s and the lower 50s. Highs sunday will be in the 50s and the lower 60s. Extended monday will be Breezy with a Chance of showers. Skies will be partly Cloudy with near seasonable temperatures tuesday and wednesday. Highs will be in the upper 50s to the 60s monday but will fall into the 50s by wednesday. Lows will be in the lower to Middle 40s monday but will fall to the lower to Middle 30s by wednesday. Around the nation by the associated press Strong thunderstorms moved across the Southern Plains on Friday and at least two tornadoes were reported in Arkansas As Hail pelted parts of the state. The tornadoes were reported near Glenwood and Percy in the Southwest part of the state. The Glenwood storm toppled Trees onto houses and damaged a Mobile Home and the Percy twister caused minor damage police said. No injuries were reported. Two to 4 inches of rain had fallen since thursday morning from Northeast Texas across the Southeast tip of Oklahoma to parts of Arkansas. Hail was reported in several Arkansas towns including Elm Springs Lowell Lincoln. Huntsville mount Gay Lor and Rogers Oklahoma also hit with severe weather reported Hail at Vian and Stigler. Thermometer s evolution traced in the modern age the concept of temperature is easy to understand. It is simply what you read on a thermometer but if you did not have a thermometer As the men and women living before the late 16th Century did not then you could Only discuss the temperature by comparing it to something that everyone is familiar with. For example the temperature today is above freezing this statement gives us an idea of what the air temperature is because we know what freezing feels like. It was not until the invention of the thermometer More than 300 years ago that we were Able to associate the temperature with a number. It has been known for Many centuries that substances when heated will expand and when cooled will contract. Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei used that observation to construct what he called a therm scope this Early thermometer was just a Glass tube Quot with warm air inside. Galileo inverted the tube in a Container of water As the tube cooled the volume of air inside shrank. A weather world enabling water to move up into the tube when Galileo again warmed the tube with his Lianas the air expanded and the water level dropped. Unfortunately because the device was open to the air. The water level responded not Only to a change in temperature but also to changes in air pressure it was 50 years after Galileo s original invention that the air pressure problem was finally corrected by Ferdinand ii the grand Duke of Tuscany. By closing off the therm scope at both ends the grand Duke created the a a florentine thermometer the thermometer was filled with alcohol which like air expands and contracts but has a much lower freezing Point than water finally in 1714, a German physicist named fahrenheit Decidua to replace the alcohol thermometer with one that contained Mercury a a Metal liquid which has a lower freezing Point than water and a higher boiling Point than alcohol or water. Fahrenheit decided to follow the example of the great English scientist sir Issac Newton. Newton called Zero the freezing Point of Salt water and designated that the upper limit should be the body temperature of a Normal healthy human being Newton decided 12 degrees should fall Between these two Bounds but fahrenheit feeling that his Mercury thermometer was eight times More accurate than newtons let eight times 12 or 96 degrees fall Between the upper and lower limits. This made the human body temperature % degrees. Unfortunately the melting Point of ice and boiling Point of water were now fractions to Cor rect the problem fahrenheit adjusted his scale slightly so that Freez my corresponded to 32 and boiling was 212. It was this adjustment that made the human body temperature the now accepted 98 6 degrees. Fahrenheit a thermometer caught on although in present times most of the world uses the celsius scale on their Mercury thermometers the United states still uses thermometers calibrated in the fashion of Daniel Gabriel fahrenheit a thermometer a deaths Eugene Emmett Eugene Emmett 30, of rid Ruff Sdale. Pa., formerly of Greenville died Friday april 4, 1986, in a vehicular Accident on route 20 near Harrisburg he was the son of or. And mrs Roland j. Emmett Greenville. Obituary information was incomplete Bessie Sherbondy Bessie Sherbondy 46, of Val Persio ind., formerly of Jamestown died Friday. April 4. 1986. At Porter memorial Hospital. Val Persio. The daughter of Grover and Alice Selvage Waite she was born aug 6, 1939, in Smith Mills a. Her Mother of Jamestown three sons. John Glenn and James Florida a daughter. Sherry Sherbondy of Val Persio two Brothers Zebual and Harold Waite both of Pennsylvania six Sisters Ruth Hunt Ohio. Dolores Mcclimans Jean Herrick Rose Calvin. Hannah Tate and Gladys Floch All of Pennsylvania Ana two grandchildren survive. Obituary information was incomplete mrs. Robert Hazel Marie Gilkey mrs. Robert m Hazel Marie Gilkey 98, of 3 Shady ave. Green Ville. Died at 5 . Friday april 4. 1986, at her residence she was born March 13, 1888. In Mercer. She was a member of first presbyterian Church Greenville. Her husband and two sons Robert m and William survive obituary information was in Complete. Correction mrs Norman Louise Raub Norristown is a surviving sister of Esther Blair mrs Raub s name was incorrectly published As Norma Louise in the Friday edition a funerals Blair a mrs. James s. Esther e78, of i e. Stewart ave funeral and committal services will be at 2 30 . Sunday in William k. Baird funeral Home 14 Louisa ave. The Rev. Robert k. Nace of Zions reformed United Church of Christ will officiate. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 . Today in the funeral Home. Burial will be in Shenango Valley cemetery. Diraimondo mrs. Vincent a burial will be in St. Cemetery. Michael a mary71, of 117 n. Third St. Ext., West Salem township. Mass of Christian burial will be at 11 30 a Monday in St. Michael a roman Catholic Church. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 . Sunday in Loutzenhiser Jordan colonial funeral Home 366-68 s. Main St. Rosary service will be at 8 30 . Sunday. Hetrick Burden i., 49, of 9 Church St funeral mass will be at to a Monday in St Michael a roman Catholic Church the Rev. John Lynch of St. Bartholomew a roman Catholic Church Sharpsville will be celebrant. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 sunday in Robert f. Leipheimer funeral Home 1246 Roemer blvd Farrell. Burial will be in Brookfield township cemetery. Neff a Jay k85, of state route 7, Williamsfield Ohio. Graveside services will be conducted at 2 30 pm. Monday in Cherry Valley cemetery Cherry Valley Ohio where burial will follow John Annandono of tuning Community Church will officiate. Kiwanis club sees holy land slides slides of the holy land taken by the Rev. Clemens Farver were shown to members of Greenville kiwanis club at the recent meeting in the elks club. The Rev. Thomas Crenshaw program chairman for the Day introduced the speaker who gave important background material As his colourful pictures appeared on the screen. Announcements were made that spigot would like the various Greenville organizations to Volunteer their services in the april 26 cleanup program and the chamber of Commerce would like them to participated in getting tickets distributed for the car drawing. Bill Proudfit reported that four members of Greenville kiwanis attended an inter club at Emlenton that took place recently. Irish sing a Long set for sunday night if it is a Good Irish sing along you re looking for look no farther than St Rose Parish House in Girard Ohio located at 48 e. Main St., the Parish House will be Host sunday night and every first sunday of the month to an informal gathering of traditional Folk musicians called in the old country a Seisun pronounced a Shoon i. Admission is free the whole family is invited refreshments Are served those who play instruments Are invited to bring them to join in. The Seisun begins at 6 and lasts three hours for More information Call sue Doyle Trewella at 545-4351 compassionate friends to meet the compassionate friends will meet at 7 ., wednesday on the third floor of St. Francis Hospital new Castle the compassionate friends is a self help organization offering Friendship and understanding in me positive Resolution of the grief experienced upon the death of a child for More information Call Contact ears at 658-5529 no calling hours have been scheduled arrangements Are under direction of Baumgardner f funeral Home. Andover Ohio. Sherbondy Bessie m., 46, of Val Persio ind., formerly of Jamestown funeral service will be at 2 tuesday at the state line United methodist Church the Rev Alan Harris pastor will officiate she will lie in state at the Church from noon until 2 . Tuesday the family Sill receive friends at the James w. Baird funeral Home 416 Liberty St., Jamestown from 2 to 4 . And 7 to9p in monday. Burial will be in state line cemetery. Gilkey a mrs Robert Hazel marie98, of 3 Shady ave., Greenville. Services will be at la a in monday in Westminster Chapel of the first presbyterian Church Greenville. The Rev. Thomas Crenshaw will officiate. The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 sunday at the William r. Mcmillan funeral Home. 285 main St Emmett Eugene c., 30. Of rid Ruff Sdale. Pa., formerly of Greenville. Arrangements will be announced monday by the Loutzenhiser Jordan colonial funeral Home. Swogger Clyde 72. Of 558 12th St., tuning township services will be at 2 30 pm. Today in Andrew ii. Osborne Iii funeral Home inc73 Columbia ave the Rev Kenneth Miles of Wesleyan methodist Church. Jamestown will officiate burial will be in South Shenango cemetery. South Shenango township Crawford county a corrections Mercer county has not contracted to pay for $60, in Start up costs for the new Mercer Lawrence service delivery area As was stated in a Story in fridays edition the Correct Or. Doo aaa

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