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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1897, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - October 30, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania I Dorf forget to it Taftt a Nett of weds veto Tho straight Republican per thie College mrs Mctolf fit 30 latest news from our lege on the the air account of the Kelv and hit foot Iti ill i Venosi who Lias been sick for some has nearly recovered and is Able to attend recitations Roth is absent this at tending to College and Synod both is spending a few Days Al my Homo in who is now located it has been visiting Iho col lege for Tho past few while Here lie took in the game it the conservatory band was organized thursday with rather a there is no reason Why All those who Cau play should a Good band is needed at Tho take some interest in this Tho Halls of Greenville Hall received a much needed scrubbing on the Hilo of october Tho Thiel foot Ball team went to Erie to play the on arriving there it was found that the game advertised to played against the Erie athletic As the arrived at Erie about 9 instead of resting As they spent Tho first part of the Day taking in the Points of in the afternoon at 8 Oclock they lined up against team much heavier than them Thiel played a half hearted and at the end of the second half Erie Hud scored 22 Points Ngai ust Erie plays a very fast article of and Thiel did not play half Tho game of which she is there is to excuse for Thiel allowing herself to to beaten by such a Large although Erie has a team which ims few equals in this part of the Trio Westminster the second of the series of three games to to played with Westminster was played at Sharon last resulting in a defeat for Thiel by a score 12 to the first half Westminster outplayed Thiel and scored two touch one on steady end runs and line and the other on a run of about 80 Yards around the after tins Possession of the Bull and brought it within 10 Yards of the and As Only 10 seconds play tried for a goal from the Railroad to the to Nln Over the new last saturday was pay Day on Tho 0 i and after i mud 16 Oil to Erie will be discontinued Between and engine 888 was Tho first to be turned around on the new turn table in the my Stoat new the first train passed Over Tho now Boss Iner Road it consisted of 52 i loaded with Iron Ore for Tho car Negie the Bessemer Road had a gig of at work this week building n switch from near Wick station into the Lime Stone Beds near Harris Tho Bessemer Road will be ballasted with slag its entire Tho work of ballasting with this material Lias be gun on Tho lower end of the Tho it is now stated on very Good author Ity that the Bessemer Road will have an to the business part of the City for the pin pose of Landing Tho Pittsburg Lake Erie is about the Only line with which the Carnegie Road will not come into conflict so far As the passenger business is and the latter corporation will stand ready to outer into satisfactory contract or agreement to carry Pas sengers from Bess Ciner to the Tho Pennsylvania company and the territories Are reached by the Bessemer and while Tho latter May riot become a passenger Road of any importance for some nevertheless the fact that the new Road will to an open competitor for business out of rival makes it appear As if no traffic arrangement for a passenger Entrance to the City can be made except by cooperation with Tho another Rumor of a More startling no but less Aud which could not to was to Tho effect that the would give Tho car Negie Lino the use of its Road from Brad Dock into Tho water Street unless the people submitted to the terms of the men to vote for next James Ifa Joh Lafai of r merge r h t the of the Commonweal i ver is Iii Charger with i the news in Brief from our ill Llyl of Lluc evening of september i 34 a woman who was sowing for her at county la Nus Tim air Rungi the her Lillo boy mid herself saw Limbert in rough a Register in the floor Haing criminal relations with a Nuudi unknown to she also or tin the hours during this happened j As being from or s to i j Tho defense showed that there is a have Lorenec Between and Limber the following criminal been heard before judge Miller Wiir to Tho custody of Mimir children that during this term of Tho Quarter sessions in company with and of Coult Burg and of in the Case of Jessie Quimby and Mill Dinovo from Burg Hill to Greenville on who were charged with looping both a disorderly and a Bawdy powells at 7 10 or 8 i the evidence of the common Lur try and Limbert got out of wealth was not thought to i11k their actions were to bought Spry Fth i i 1 at pm abort s to justify laying the costs on the was driven Down near Bowers so Niichter was not each to pay on half the but i House by Ladd and mend to i where it would not lie in or t i flow to throw no ret a Riding for Ira Coxson and Willis Ladd and Limbert at 1 1 p were indicted for larceny i As was and they Trot in and Chil which was in the be Couch half Thiel outpla3tcd their and retained Possession of the Ball nearly the after few minutes play Muntiu made a no of 85 Yards by a cleverly executed and crossed the goal for a Al though Thiel had the Best of Tho argument for the remainder of she unable to score and the game curled with the score of 12 to 0 in favor of by a mistake of the the time was called four Miu utes before it was or the result might have Beau Good Earnest values in clothing or gents furnishing goods Call on the up Odate Muziii to have Tho largest Stock of boots and shoes in Mercer county and can fit your Savo you Money and give you bettor selection than you can got Keck Oue thing is and that is Tho fact that when they Loose from the connections at Tho bes Semer officials had some object in View which they were not ready to and it May be that some negotiations Are pending Between Tho and the Bessemer for an Entrance to the water Street but to matter what has been going 0110 thing is Aud that the fact that the Bessemer people have arranged a Deal whereby they can land passengers in and receiving stolen which goods consisted of u harness Stolon of Walter j of Jackson Preston and j thirteen men from consist Cox Oti wore found guilty of both charges j ing to Burg where and and were remanded to jail to await sen1 Klingonsmith was found Washington letter from our Kari Ilner october president my Kuloy not begin the work of writing his animal message to Congress until after he returns from where to will go he last of this to remain until he easts his void for Tho Republican but to is spending considerable Lime just now in obtaining from of the Cabinet and in discussing with them Ina Toiv that will be treated in Tho men All of the members of to Cabi net have furnished him with Tho sub stance of their none of which Niv yet Tho administration devoting any time to Tho consideration of he answer of Iho now Spanish ministry to Minim or Woodfords the full Tost of which is now on its Way to Iho substance of it bus been known for some Lime and hns Boon fully determined to Grant the new Spanish Mim try a reasonable time in which to try to put its new policy in to of oct in the Only thing that change this program is Tho manner in which the Spanish reply deals with the Otto Rio which have been made by this to prevent Shodo parture of Tylli busking parties for if the Tomi of the answer is what Spanish publications have indicated it to in will be promptly resented by Tho admin Moro than been by this government in efforts to prevent Tiili storing and to Livo up to its International obligations to Aud no intimation that this government has been negligent will to tolerated from it is thought that tech talk appeared in Tho Spanish Pubors solely for its effect at that nothing of Tho will to found in he Secretary a Igor will attend Ilio moot ing of this army of the Tennessee on wednesday and thursday of this at he left Washington to More polor of october Bill in and on pcs my draw Vovsi Congo Nulato Antt no kit the Good appear Junco of the i wish you Zihni umlaut Mut enclose us it 10yoais exp Irineo in Tho bids nofts Tau Glit to that Yon could not Livo Colu Idoly upon Yong among our of Okay will Lingo Liis Topin for to Smitow henceforth Tho fourth in the series on a and sit poor will to Rovou by Tho Junior league in Tho Kottiry room of Tho methodist Elna Ejli Chw Vou to n so Cine will Nuich in Tho to Foroud i Lundli sunday morn ing and the will 1x5 insisting Auto Dodic Tiou of to new Orch near of at Nellc former pastor of Tho of receiving stolen but an to has j John huns and John Dwyer wore i wife and child who must be sworn and testified to in imports and most Likely by the county if he be reputation for chastity being seat to and Asho had been in jail 97 Days awaiting to Vas discharged to appear before the court on his own recognizance of of the third Mon Day in Preston is 0110 of the men who wore arrested for Highway robbery committed in Greenville a few years Pound Koy for Miller Loolu owner Cuil Liuyu mum by chilling at the news new hubs Ribera for til k you Nii Siut of font to do without a Good local who ii it Only Coats of i Pur Eoy wanted to Luau the print Iii Iasi must Luiu Hooch Giitl not a truth to apply at to news fou the news will to on main at and pull urls ii Kwh i Ipoh each now is a Good Trinu to i Job lot on Kotb Mitiu Uncle for build Rte Jusimi no filling to irate to ii Uick Quiro of Lut Uhtof David i in Tiu Ori Iluma Hurt of Murcott at april Stu Sci on motion of a oui to Tiu i Giulii in tin Inkuls of 11111 i of divid de to unit ii will Mako report Hiruo to t lilo us in tilt tint it lend Tot he 1 my ii Jit at 151 Wain on 1hh Clay of nov 10 us Linin ill was Iii Luau All Elizabeth Barrett died at the residence of her Thomas Clarksville wednesday evening of last Tho funeral was hold at Michaels followed by inter Lieut at John John Ash Ono of Tho oldest and most respected citizens of died monday morning at 4 aged 80 9 Mouths and 11 a week previous to his Ashton was stricken with and remained in an almost unconscious condition up to Tho time of his the funeral took Philo wednesday at 2 it Olin John an an highly respected citizen of this died at his Homo on South main sunday morning Oarus was born july near be ing in Bis 70th year at Tho Timo of his to received a stroke of paralysis in from which to never fully to received a second stroke on saturday which proved Canton was engaged in Tho Mer Cantile and warehouse business at big this for 13 years previous to the abandonment of Tho old Pitts Iorg Erie to served six years us Justice of Lii peace at bit and internal for tins District in at which Lime hit removed with his family to this lie to As a Preston and of Sou were found guilty of stealing watch from George of Jackson Henry Guu Sloy was charged with As heretofore the Ren dered a Vor Diot of not Biilly and prose Mutrix to pay Tho about Tho local contractor of to soldiers received u Novoro j fall on saturday evening by stepping on a truck which was standing out 1 Side the Humes the truck shot throwing his foot from under him and causing his head o strike forcibly against a window at first was thought to was seriously but he is now about superintending the Erec Tion of Tho at a moot tug of the commissioners and Sault with intent to commit rape of a held wednesday Little girl of about 13 years of near it was decided to Dodi Eule thu Sharp a boy As William Camion understood the clerk Given in next when he called William Kelly to have sheriff by his vigilance and de called he was empanelled in the has met with considerable jury with William Kellys name on the within the Hist during tur week live men named pres it leaves the defendant privilege to toil Genii Mckelvey and Thompson is ref Iise Tho verdict and have a new Cupell from was detailed in Tiik Mannio charged with Formica fit that within the past was found not was to week All but Jeroen hive Heeti in captured it Kiji in Jouin i near was Leci Deil 10 tie last who is Monument on november instead of to 15 Yeins was found but As formerly report this Ivy t v11 i Date is now sett Parlin Wilnis w be Villi Iii my in Lmar Tho j and it is hoped he will he the pay Usu j sheriff located Mckelvey at Cleveland George 1orrcstcr was charged with telegraphed the there to to stealing two pairs of shoes at Tho Grove i on Tho Lookout and Arron him if City fire of recent defense a few hours when ii bunt to nomm plead Dunk and that to was helping to remove goods out of Tho reach of the from Cleveland to Home Tho verdict was not guilty of Lar they had his the Sharon of leers but of receiving Stolon and univ Ling in nov a narc la Lus 110111 the defendant to pay the who was in hiding Athis in Tho cases of Tho Commonwealth near when the Sli Erin against Fanny hum Iell and Martin Nitsou indicted with Alul who plead guilty returned from Cleveland with m Kelvey of fliers flopper and of came with Tho other Loa Viii Green the Only Ono yet at the when u really Good idea is made known the average person of intelligence wonders Why it had not been thought of an of that kind was Hud Tho Cabinet by Secretary and at Onee Mot with general the government issues three kinds of paper and Tho notes of ouch de nomination of each series different which Are Only which Are taken advantage of by that dust of who make a practice of raising notes and passing them in crowded places or upon ignorant and unsuspecting Secretary gages idea is to one design Fin All the notes of the same value of the three kinds of notes and to make design simple and distinctive that it will be impossible in mistake a note for a or a for a Tho which will probably be put into effect us soon As 1 to plates can be will to welcomed by the handlers of Money in Banks and business to whom the pictorial Silver certificates now in use Are a Souro of much the of def fled As of the coast and geodetic Survey Lias Boon asked for on the ground of his general to fill the position into which Cleve land put him for no other reason than to please Don charges against diff Leld were filed Early in i present mid he would doubtless have been asked to re sign had it not for the before the or Juirl and signed a paper to tired have guilty to this in very Active and influential i and from to is the head of the Republican org in this d i publican Iris at that plead coercion by her Hus diet nent of Bill Oiler Elm rfcs d criminal Intercourse with her band to her former plea and denied any pull wore carried Over to the january court in order Ilmet testimony released Gitson on his Gool but As the court Felt satisfied that she perjured she was remanded to a Tewart Hodge was charged with obtaining a lease of a near so menu under false was found no guilty of to pay tin the decided that the in dict Iii Mil the Cas of in Munmon wealth was a very Petty Wlinich should be orc i the a was at fron ii four or five acid cvidiiii1 the in Dispi Ite okie to had rec i Ivi i 1 in to bought it Are poor Ami the county pays Nonoi guilty win witnesses May be Pinsent at their hear Tiddle deserves credit for his collective Pursuit of the Commonwealth from their f Uthit do predict Vit Oiivia Jeler in Knapp slain Iii Jilin Huirt poor else Lii Twilett Soldier Stoyer influence of his who in a prominent Michigan by Tutor Plait was in Washington sat he said his had no special political he spent half an hour with president Mckinley and told him and his other Washington Fri kids that things were looking More favourable every Day for the election of Tracy to be the first mayor of Realor new and i to was absolutely r Tain i would win by a plurality of to twi in Charles chief of the Bureau of ordinance of lie Navy depart i is Iii posed to the of a Iii Zient Plant of r fighting in his annual to see retard Lul Lierno will the Tomo Itow Tho sunday holi ool will hold its Ivelo Malion in Tho holy communion sort los Johna Chat nah 10 preparatory services this afternoon 2 English services tomorrow English sen ices or Hulem it Mckay in giving a series of pro ind ii to his sermons on Sabbath morn Ings on the Tui comiry work of Tho United 1resbyierinn which is very much and which Brit Ift to his people much needed knowledge on Theno the ministerial iwo Lialiou Mot Hist monday Anil a Penni Mienl organza lion Wiik Eftee fed by the Oli if Ien of and Tho next moot ing will beheld i to monday november at u the subject of Tho disco Mio Tho methodist Church tomorrow coniing glorying in tribulation ashamed of an will to made to get All Tho shut him out or Iho morning any who Liim and know of persons who cannot get out to Servito without can do Good by Liri Wiging them sunday morn United if Aud Waltor l then will lie a leg Ulyir of John Friday All tie comrades Are earnestly to to in the inspecting Ell Leer will to in attend Ance to inspect he Gand Datos will Lin placed for thu of swing the Date Iho dedication of Tho Merwin county soldieih1 nonunion to Lii been positively fixed for november and All arrangements should Bonado at the meeting next Makii ilium of Orlain pril i111 iritis god the methodist the by tuck Fla ap1r 5twl Orl horus airy of Lily Mellil or Olli Ziatin join Wood Urb Cath t Puii Wirt to Ninov Olio fungo Alley lit t of said m a Dambly und do Joseph ill id Al till Wlinich he a 3 interment in the Tillotson drive in dress in guilty to Tho both a ii House wits ii in out of Iamb of int to a Memphy Epli me Kelvy plead if Why to Tho charge of tin1 by tardy if in age achy n a Lola were Given time to raise Iii weary in default of which they will to i i to id i i y ii i i inv ii Eliv a Juluin whirly to Chism i in i Pelline it property in new to Al property Jiu now venious Lii i lie c than ii i adj Miel n in in Iii in acquire a in e in i j and Tiit in won in time find thus Iri i Ojiri Noti rii1 tiie ii nor Sall inv a City Grovu last saturday store 21 to favor Inive Conneaut Allegheny Luil so Iii to favor Thiel Kru it saturday store to favor Kcal tool second team Liskh hint Sala Nlay score id to favor Thiel wednesday score in to favor we it that a handsome and Lllan Olio made it Jibson he Lilieni bet Kuil the Only All Luibil on the hold with Ilir Iii year r in at tin a a Piil ii Lilc Rio a Ajuis Liat Ihn and Dillie Tilly when need would Ilu i any s gained hoods pills cure liver Bil Kasy to Ebay to absolutely Puro

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