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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1897, Page 4

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News, The (Newspaper) - October 9, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania The a Ivory Stu Livy at the hews publishing no Lla Hingco of ten made known on 8 Atu Hiva y 00 of m kit 9 1hh7 Republican von a Tab Koil auditor major Ltd Lvi Chester for Pooh John Unity Hempfield for Sandy for the state capital him proved no exception to my never Aronld have Chen entered Ami now that it is broken Down in absolute full no Tho wreck go should to swept out of the Way Miil Mio commissioners should go on about their anal fico is instructed by he evening Tele till the off Leicil ballot for the coming dec turn will to Meh smaller than that used last the uniform size i 1 be six the first column will be used by Ilio pc publicans and the others by Tho Ami Allborty Thorn will to the usual Blank column for Independent the Peoples party Lias Uii Ido no state Noirl will not Bec two of the trouble to obtain signatures necessary to secure a column on the in Craw Ford county the populists split on Nomi nation for associate judge and there will be two rival candidates of the party in Tho the last session of the legislature the election Law was amended hour to the name of any Candi appearing More than once on the judge of re gently decided this provision of Tho Law was our my Neal Tho great apostle of who had been sinking gradually from old ago for about u died Attis Homo in sat urday he was conscious Al most to Tho last he was bom in ill in 18bi As mayor of that oily began his for and succeeded in getting Tho Law which in 1884 was incorporated into the state Constitution his title of general was earned in Active service in the civil that now too much recently complained of by Tho Kansas has invaded Bry ans own while bryans neighbors arc paying off their debts and starting Bank lie is looking Forward to another Eastern Cuba will at last get rid of it is too bad that the cubans could hot play to Butcher act on him before to gets out of Tho calamity howlers will learn some thing to their interest by raiding tip some of Tho results of Tho Qiugley Tariff Tho material for the new Bridge Nero Sitho Henry hollow arrived Mon they commenced work wednes Day Harry Thompson died very Siul monday to was buried Kuhn preached the funeral presbytery will moot in this place Ono week from next october at unit time Kuhn will be ordained Ami installed As pastor of Tho prosby Torian Church of this loss and re turned from Cleveland last Ross had Boon purchasing hoi fall Stock of millinery her will remain a wok to copy Horn is Henry Houser and Little grand Are visiting friends hero this unwarranted to interrupt Tho state Capitol com Mission in their preparations looking to Tho commencement of building operations As promptly As possible is to imperil Tho Prospect of scouring a shelter for Tho state legislature at Tho next biennial it is already into to much time having Boon wasted in aug with Tho Competition of and any further delay May to fatal to Tho Nind purpose of construct aug Tho two Chambers for Tho legislature in time for Tho next As contemplated when Tho building commission in Woro a Thoro be Tho gravest reasons affecting the interests of Tho Commonwealth to justify Tutor Fronco with Tho commissioners in Tho performance of their such an interruption has Boon on that Aro of no pos sible moment to Tho Ono James an of Lan who claims to have Boon awarded the first by Tho Board of snort out an injunction restraining Tho commissioners from adopting any plan whatever for Tho Capitol building at their last in Pursuit of his own personal regard to Tho welfare of Amor pro poses to put a Stop to Tho building of Tho Capitol and to enter upon a Legal contest which May be vexatious by prolonged to determine a Vury indo Llanito and unimportant Point As to Tho authority of Tho Board of exports to practically con by into him Tho architect of Tho state according to the statement put Forth on behalf of Tho Capitol Commissi ours who rejected Warners jut can hardly find any standing in As his design did not comply with Tho Requiro Monts of Tho act of legislature authorising Tho construction of Tho the Board of exports in their report to Tho commissioners stated that neither Warners plan nor either of Tho others which they selected was designed in accordance with the requirements of Tho and it is understood to to on this ground that the commissioners decided not to accept either of Tho de signs sent them by Tho with re Spect to Warners design Ono of the commissioners stated in u Public i cannot vote for that plan because it is against the this ought to Warners Cuso and with it the whole business of endeavouring to procure plans by compe that method was condemned by competent observers when it wus adopted in this and its failure was distinctly Nino times in 10 architectural competitions in this one to procure pious Stoneboro miss of Salt is visiting with her Uncle and and John comrades me Sweeney and John Woods attended a meeting of the vet Erans hold at Moroder monday evening of the Stock shipped three valuable horses to new York City last hurry Mcnielly moved this week to near now where he hns secured miss Bossio Kelly and Poland and two who Haye Boon visiting John Kelly and family the past two returned to new York of who has been visiting with his John Tho past returned to his Homo Mesa Jonio of and of visited with Segars family last of in and Vance of Tho fast was in town last Halo Martin is visiting friends near Pittsburg for a few Woods Canon shipped two carloads of Stock to last Satur Tho minors of Halls Grovo City and Jackson Center Hugo Ros mod the Prico being 87 cents por Ruu of and of visited at Edgars one Day last who has been at Tho a summer resort near Tho past has returned and up his gallery Maine Miller has Tho contract of delivering goods for Llou Sor for the ensuing the Oill Cial Board of Tho methodist Church decided at their mooting last tuesday evening to Rop apor and paint the in Turgor of Tho Patsy of was in town advertising for the Yun Ango county to to hold at thu former on Friday Satur october 8 and Good in neat values in clothing or gents furnishing goods Call on the up Odato 177j mum Green As positive cure for and pm Unis of All salvation Oil Lias no Frank 518 pm tit writes Tell used salvation Oil in my family and can say it has no rival a a Lii ii Mentz it certainly cures i sprained my ankle and it cured to and since then i have always used it for any pains and salvation Oil is sold for Only 25 no other remedy will do Tho work As prow rerun Ftp president Mckinley hns ngot to obtain Tho Confidence of the conservative pc plonk overwhelming of this country to has had it for years earned it by his record in Congress and As governor of no Man knows better than he that his enemies and the enemies of the Republican party have been hoping Ever since Tho Day he was inaugurated that he we Natl commit this government to some Radical Eithur Domestic or that would result in Check ing the Prosperity now so generally spread Ever the by creating a but from the Day he was Nomi major Mckinley has firmly believed that his administration was Des tined to Start Tho people of the coun try upon an Era of Groat and hns been fully determined that it was his a duty in Harmony with his to help along Prosperity in every possible of doing anything that would be Likely retard ill enemies thought to Luu fallen into their trap when was cabled from Europe that has been submitted to but Tomsy were badly Tho proposition submitted to Spain was a peaceable intended to help along Prosperity in Tho United by bringing about Peaco in Cuba and a restoration of the Commerce of a year we had with Tho Island before the present revolution As will be seen when Tho instructions to minister Woodford Aro undo Mckinley has no ambition to add any new laurels to his military but to aspires to have his administration linked in the minds of the people with Good times for believing with most Seu Siblo persons that Tho triumphs of com Merce and Industry Aro much better and greater than the triumphs of War a vigorous protest against the action of Tho Board of naval Ollices which Rej commended Tho establishment of 10 dry docks at various without mentioning league Inland was made to Secretary Long by senator Penrose and representative the insisted that league Island had always Boon considered one of the Best places in the country for a dry As it is situated beyond the reach of hostile in fresh and close to Tho largest Supply of labor in the United Secretary Long did not indicate his but he called attention to Tho naval Board being Only and said to was not bound to accept their recommendations As his Secretary Wilsons plan of having All Tho seeds distributed by the depart ment of agriculture sent in bulk to Washington and tested before being sent out cannot be carried owing to Tho construction of the act appropriating Tho Money to Purchase the a decision of comptroller of Tho rendered at Tho request of Secretary says Tho seeds can Only to purchased Al ready put up in packages and labelled for in his annual Secretary Wilson will probably recommend a change in Tho wording of Tho Tho seed clause of Tho next appropriation Exco Gressman of who is visiting said 1 think to have entered on a career of Prosperity that bids fair to to i am out of politics but Boli ovo that everything is favourable to Tho continuance of the re publican party in Tho administration is proceeding in a cautious and conservative Way on All the Groat questions of Tho Day and is deservedly senator who passed through Washington on his Way from new whore to was called on important to resume his work in Tho Ohio said the state ment that to had left Ohio because of a Row with chairman Dick was a Dom a ratio fully to gave his impression of the situation in Ohio thusly it is a foregone conclusion that Tho republicans will gain a swooping i have made Sev urn speeches in Tho and from what i Havo soon and 1 do not think Tho democrats Hayo seen a Clinco to Tho return of Prosper Ity has effect Iolj killed Tho Douro Oratio no argument can to made against Al wheat and higher prices for All farm the am munition of Tho calamity howler is gone and to has nothing left on which to can be kept senator Llanuza will be returned Ami Bushnell will to reelected by a Largo senator Foraker will resume the stump in Ohio this out of course that Lio about his having quarrelled with chairman Dick Aud senator Himinna will Continua to occupy it prominent position in Tho columns of i democratic newspapers of a certain a we have had Tho pleasure of no the read made clothing and Mer chant tailoring departments of Gibsons great on Price clothing House and to can assure our readers of see ngon oof the most Complete lines of clothing Ever shown in Mercer they Javo working business suits and dress suits that Are Well Worth looking for Young men and that Are of the latest and their prices Are so Low that anyone can buy a new fall suit for very Little Money and to Well their line of overcoats is line and so cheap one need not go without they have in Stock overcoats for Young men boys and and All Bright fresh from the Gal and examine their clothing if you want a or single of any cheap and that is Tho place to will and Charles Fisher Aro there to show All who May and give the people goods As and Foi less Money than Ever before the House is making up some Grain suits and overcoats to order from Call and see Tho a in the use you Well and give Yoi Good Aluos for your pro tidal a ugh Makoff am jewelled All kinds of jewelry carefully and correctly repaired tit hard time remember the stand Liberty gambles drug store and bring in your Best qual Ity mainspring fitted guaranteed for one 75 fire and Accident sure As where did you get that bad Elm sick headache and tired feeling a to Are your liver is sluggish take Carters Cascara Are sure As Sunrise to euro and you will feel like a now Prico 25 at Blackmon Bontzos drug ask if you want information about Home seekers ticket agents of the Pennsylvania lines will furnish information regard ing Home seekers excursions to Var ious Points in the snip Host and it will pay to e if you contemplate apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket or address the Best of companies office in Hewitt jewelry main clearance Hows to offer one Hundred dollars re Ward Lor any Case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Walls Catarrh Cheney Tol we the undersigned Bave known Cheney for the last 16 and be Lieve him perfectly honorable in Oil business transaction and financially Able to carry out any obligation made by their West wholesale Kinnan whole Sale Halls Catarrh cure is taken inter acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the Prue per sold by All drug testimonials knit the Only ill knit Wool Boot on the sold with the Goodyear Over for at Keck who Are closing out their Stock of Beady made clothing at a discount of 25 per or 14 we Are also ready in our merchant tailoring department for fall and Winter we can furnish a Good fall and Winter suit As Low As made to give us a 185 main o a v you want to save to say on a Furnace and buy a stove at Cost Call on the stove during fre that is the nicest overcoat i have seen this fall who did you get it from i bought it at and Tho cheapest 1 Over urn e will sell special rate tickets to Allegheny on account of exposition up to october Sousa band will to present Tho last two should see our boys and youths school solid ones Only Keck executive Board of the Stone Boro agricultural society met of Mon Day and arranged for the payment of purses and general after settlement of All expenses a dividend of 25 per was be sides a Reserve of 10 per to to used in improving the itching irrigation of Tho or itching in any part of the Doans ointment is Worth its weight in no matter How Long standing the do aus ointment will not fail to give instant t during september to will sell stoves it the stove to stops be cough at once this is the season of the year when All Farmers should look after their Stock and Seo that they Are in Good to insure Tho above re sults use Acuros Loyal English horse and cattle aches Coll rated Chicken cholera cure and aches Gap to guarantees to keep your Stock in Good condition or Money re Green finest line in the of specially manufactured the Shenango printing the time was when Money was that was what we liked to recall As the Good old and they were but dwelling on them too Long we Are Apt to Overlook the opportunities of the better be Gin these Good old times Are not coming in the direction you Are they Are coming or a new Road bed with new new motive new so we press Forward and adopt the methods of the this we introduce to your notice a very Fine line of mens and boys they were bought at manufacturers prices and we mean to give you the Benefit while they mens former Price we Are going to sell Thorn at former Price our mens Clay these goods Are Well known to the Trade to be All worsted and fast a record breaker at mens and youths overcoats in chinchillas and Cheviot in the newest shades and strictly up Odato we Aro Selling lower than Kane opera 168 main and 6 8 race True Best pm Force to your Dye Chamois face and lotto and everything in the drug line cj1eap acres drug 199mam

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