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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1897, Page 2

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News, The (Newspaper) - October 9, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania Styles in mom to to los and in the dressing of Beds there is n pro Morin curl More color will to used than for a dozen Thorn will be flow Oral How Ninny now fabrics mid designs and n now Stylo of Bod spread to Tuko Tho i Nee of the time honoured this announcement appears in Trio new York Sun along with Tho following details the Moat of stylish of the now laces is n combination of Renaissance and Royal thin is combined with heavy not for bedspreads and pillows nuts and used Over White or coloured silk or Satin Tho second Inco in popularity is n coarse Linen Tor with clusters of Batto Borg it edges in n scant frill Tho now sateen apr oils designed to to used on brass Tho third while More Benneti Fol thin either of Tho will not porn inns Boho popular because of its exit is a heavy variety of Duchess und is used to Border handsome hand embroidered Linen spreads intended for brass Many of Shoho spreads conto in being particularly designed for twin Tho embroidery on these spreads is in some instances done with coloured Wash but the finer specimens Are worked with White Linen to take the Punoo of Tho old fashioned Mav Oilles there is a now spread called patented it is claimed that while equally Bountiful As Tho Marseilles Tho now spreads Are Roro reasonable in Price and More the now Bod although called patented Are made entirely of Cotton and come in Many elaborate and Beautiful both White and these game Satin spreads come with centers embroidered in White other embroidered spreads Are made of Plain White he stitched and with several rows of mexican work six or night inches these spreads also have in Tho Center Largo embroidered monograms or intertwined they May or May not be lace trimmed according to the taste and Tho size of the pocketbook of the among cheaper spreads English Dimi fashionable a Quarter of a Century have Boon revived and can to Hud in pure White or Tho newest among Tho elegant silk comfortable is filled with lambs bilk with n double frill of Tho seven inches in around Tho Over this double frill is n fall of lace of Tho same and Tho body of the comfortable is tacked with tiny these comforts blocs Are intended to Tonko the place of Tho Down filled the objection to Down is its it Lorna to develop a Margurito Pincushion got a Yard of Ivory Surah a half Yard of Groom n Quarter of a Yard of Bright yellow Pongee some stiff cardboard and a Small Quantity of wad the world Flitt it wow to fore Bald reached Chap Teit tto have told just Why hoho simply dirt our Day to Cutno to himself on Tho Banks of Tho Klondike with a stomach full of baked n Spado in no hand and a pair of blisters Tho chapter our bronzed and blistered by Tho summer Sun and Frozen and bleached by Tho Winter toiled one Day to struck it heaps on heaps of shining Metal lie shovelled into wheat sacks twid heaped Tho sacks High in Tho then on Tho top of Tho Heap to inns in Tho world is minol to Mouth Cristo had been chapter How much lifted Cvar Dyora Tho chief of Tho Indian packers was How much take Tho Indian could not dont know you Pigeon toed old numbskull of a bring on your procession ill Settle at Dyca through an and then for Days and nights they toiled toward cilia item How much Tho scone was and an inter Preter put Tho question to the panting red who were rubbing Arnica on their shoulder Tho Indian Jabb ered and be stimulated and whats Tho Bill to began Tho impressively to says hell Tonko Tho Gold and and Call it York twisted in letters of s our boasted civilization Supe rior to that of a social theory Adi the gym Neefel wrought in Tho methods of Ltd application by Thuc Spe Cial in Iron Typo 1rodticcd in our special Trio conservative theory of social development has always rested of Tho Brino general principles grouped around a Central thought that of creating a Small class with Tho Power to give plenty of hard labor to Tho bulk of Tho people Iti Exchange for a Small portion of Tho wealth Thoy should a Fine is it riot it is much older than Tho pyramids of that to can find it wherever great Heathen civilizations grew and flour often for centuries Long and thanks to that Fine Tho theory in question has been considerably in Tho last 25 years most it has made More conservative than Over that More destructive than because what is it that to should pre in common parlance Tho Power of Trio few to fix Tho conditions on which Tho Many shall Livo and struggle and with us few Joys As As they rapidly pass through life As Clouds pass through space when driven by Tho lash of Tho Marque risk Cut out potau from sovino Cross Bur White Tho petals to to from three to four Inchon Long null Throo quarters to in Inch As n out a round Poco of curd Bourd with a 12 Inch and Lay quite a two Ipoh depth of Tho wadding upon Boug Onro Ful to Punoo Tho pudding in Trio to keep Tho wad Ding in cover it with a Poco of Thiu White which can to jammed to Tho under month nud then sew on the arranging them to that Tho Shorter ones May Homo of top of Tho to Deorato Tho Una vol Tho yellow Pongee silk nud who Tho strands Uro separated out them into two Inch lengths taking eight or ten strand at a catch them Down with n stitch in Tho Middle to Tho padded curd Board until every part of the foundation is completely this will give Tho Fluffy effect of Tho Flower and All Tho uneven ends must to Cut to that there remains an oven surface of about an Ipoh in in which Tho Pius a to Tho frayed silk must to placed Quito to the so that Tho joining of Tho petals to Tho Canter my to completely for Tho mount of Tho Pincushion out n Square of card Board a Little smaller than Tho whole Flower and cover it with Tho Groon attaching it either by stitches or glue to Trio secure a Roll of Hutiu covered cardboard upon to which the Flower must to it must to deeper at the Back than in Tho front so that the Daisy May incline Forward it a Buflod they were sitting on Trio Broad veranda of a summer resort hotel and Trio Ono in Light Gray ventured to suggest to Tho our in win to that her husband was evidently very what do you mean asked Tho Ono in knitting her brow Aud look ing to writes to you every Doest to Rotor cd Tho our in Light that exist what troubles said Tho our in actually scowling at Tho troubles you i cant help thinking Hes afraid ill pack up and Como Homo unexpectedly if to a bachelors somehow very few women Aro both Good and Homo with some men is a place to go to when Tho other places close by looking at any girls hair you can always toll whore Tho Iron was too hot who Over a woman trios to Box a Childs earn and she always Toko that if a woman Cut up All her Good dresses just before Sho attempted Sui Sho would never fail a woman would rather her husband didst kiss her at All at Homo than not to put a lot of Toudor Noss into it when to does it before York Prosa Canning All plums May to canned after this says Tho ladies Homo journal to oath Pound of fruit allow three Quad ters of n Pound of Wash Tho Vilums in cold Drain and with Largo pin puncture Tho put a layer in Tho Bottom of a Sprinkle Over a Little of the and so on until All Are cover and stand Uway in the morning put Bui Floront to ill two jars in Tho Bottom of Tho preserving bring quickly to the boiling skim and Uloan in Tho usual incl Ileal scald or wipe off Tho fuzz and the peaches pour a hot syrup Over them three successive made As follows boil a quart of Vine Gar with 4 pounds of sugar and allspice and Cassia tied up in to skim and add the booking it Emtil Well then Skint Cut the fruit and put into Stone boil the syrup five minutes longer nud pom1 Over the the next morning pour off the syrup and boil Down repeat for three two Dif Orcut will require to provide two housemaids in this and i note you Havo Only Thoro is Only one mentioned in Tho first and second but you must remember that Between these two acts a year is supposed to York Sun Day it boomed to do you moan by circulating Tho report that i Livo a baud to Mouth existence How dare you that was Tho Way it soom of to whenever i Callou you put in most of Tho Timo Diana Polis Money in dont moan to say Youvon found a sure Way to Ulco Money at Tho Racos As i never i do you buy tips i soil York Tho one says she has such very Small Shes Hoard it so often that its Given her Tho big proving ills own even that Placid historian and philosopher of Washington history is but a record of Tho crimes and miseries that men Havo inflicted upon each Trio truth of that fact and Trio unreasonableness of its existence can Only to fully grasped by Tho few toward Tho end of their Havo been Able to enjoy a quiet existence and Uso their Days in Tho study of gods truth for Trio Benefit of As Long As to remain entangled in Tho struggle for through wealth or no matter in search of bread or to fail in most cases to appreciate Tho potentialities of men for Good if they would give up their selfish in Tho worst part of hard lives Breed and it happens that today it is pretty nearly is hard to make both ends moot As to keep wealth after you have got Tho writer Jaimot place his linger of a single Friend of his who has improved through wealth in the last 80 years or is not that an indication of Tho immoral of i of what to May Call our destructive conservatism up to co years ago to were satisfied with giving to most men plenty of work for Little now to Havo Learned we can now give piles of hard work to some for Little pay and not work enough to others for them to keep our present conservatism More destructive thai All evils Ore bound to grow if not neither in our personal nor in j our social relations can to trifle with neither Tho individual for Tho nation can with impunity Overlook Tho eternal moral Codo of and where is Tho morality of our present social status bad As it was among Heathen nations and up to 50 years All men could find work and Livo after a Tho f of had Tho Power to Rob Tho work ers out of 80 or 40 per cent of what Thoy it was reserved to Tho end of our glorious nineteenth Century to Rob up to 00 or 70 per cent of what Tho workers produce and decree what proportion of those workers shall re main Idle and gradually sink Down into that degradation which makes men in1 different to All honest labor and evolves Tho professional City ours is Tho Only civilization which can claim Tho glory of having of Volute that lowest human in Tho presence of that dreadful social deformity As a Climax to Many old and ancient and our is Apt to to provoked with Tho inertia of Tho classes and masses As Well As with their attachments to political and Industrial systems so inadequate to All our present because what is a political system but Tho prototype of Tho Industrial our it May evolve it is Horo that to Havo to stick to evolution and to logical with ourselves by repudiating every political Para her every Sot of every social status that May feed a Industrial or economic system As Tho Ono which envelops every our of us with sordid perceptions of with the More aim of How to got along a Little better than some of our Brethren that was but Tho life Coli copy Tiou of Tho old what was Trio use of christianity coming to upset the old nations if to had to repeat their old blunders and make them worse j three Days Havo As those lines Are Siumoo to Hoard of Tho tragedy in Pennsylvania Between 100 men with modern weapons and 800 workers who had not oven walking Sticks in their March along a certain Public with no intentions to Dis obey Tho Law of Tho out of Nino or ton lending dailies in now York City Only one has courage enough to take a baud against Tho wholesale murder of gome 80 two papers openly approve Tho Mas Actu the rest seem to to Well pleased with since Thoy say nothing against Doos it not look As if modern christianity was getting ready to be that Tho real Reli Gion of Christ May Havo a Chance for resurrection Jose new York sunday to major Bas a War Fca Aat be i believe to has been married 60 Roi Evelond Ilain a City the ins Tho Toad it wholesale murder has again been done in Tho name of As in Tho Homestead Workingman have been shot to death by armed hire As on that dreadful Occa Tho soil of Pennsylvania has been reddened with Tho blood of men who Havo toiled much for insufficient pay there seems to Havo been no excuse for Trio ruthless shooting to death of More than a score of unarmed labourers and Tho wounding of is others by a band of deputies near last Friday Tho minors were proceeding peaceably along the Public they had a right to to even the dastardly arid cowardly sheriff who ordered his Posso to fire upon these defense less men admits they were riot on Pri vate property and that they had committed no overt acts of he is a murderer and his men Aro murder and each of them should to tried and punished for Tho commission of the highest crime known to Tho but behind those brutal slayers of Humn i beings As constructive sharers in their Tho corporations that armed these destroyers of human and even Tho custodians of judicial authority who Havo Lent the Sanction of courts to uphold Tho outrageous edict that free men can Boen joined out of exercising the liberties guaranteed them by Tho Constitution of the United states and of every state in Tho grasping and cruel capitalists have gone before them and sworn that men who have clone no wrong Aro surcharged with an intention to do injury to their the wholesale murder at Lattimer is Tho logical outcome of Tho usurp Ativo procedure of certain Federal judges in Penn Sylvania and West Virginia in granting injunctions depriving citizens of Trio right of peaceable of Tho right to Uso the Public and inferentially of Trio right to exorcise free Dom of Little wonder that an ignorant and subservient with this judicial interpretation before his should bar the Public highways to the of peaceable Little wonder that to should order his armed minions to Sloot Thorn Down like dogs when they refused to obey his Tyr Annous Little wonder that his order to slay was obeyed and that the horrors of Armenia were duplicated of Tho soil of free there on that Pennsylvania Moun Tain Road was written in blood these facts property is above the rights of corporations Aro Trio rights of individuals Ore combined wealth and its sharers Are the wards of Tho courts and Tho which is the Basic value maker that underlies All Tho possessions of the one and is entitled to the fullest Protection of the has been As was ish Intel from the tent of his by the aggressions of aggregated capital and its Offiel holding these Ore the conclusions the millions of Labouring men will read Tho recent butchery of miners on that Pennsylvania Moun Tain other millions of american who Are on the farms and in the in the professions and in other Linos of will hear of this Slaughter with Thoy will Trace its causes to their the thought will Como to them that Tho oppression of Tho Irum Blest stratum of our social Fabrio will step by to the oppression of All the they will if any element in this Republic by corrupting Tho fountains of suppress Tho rights or take away Tho liberties of any other Tho will grow and spread Liko Tho deadly Upas it will Poison and destroy Tho the Freedom and the life of our thinking american citizens will act a manhood and Dic Tho problem that confronts Thorn is too big for Thoy will determine its solution in Tho right a majority of Tho american people Are not yet ready to agree to the principles embodied in Trio government by injun a majority of Tho voters of this country Aro not prepared to place Tho Dollar above the or to subscribe to Tho doctrine that a Coal mine is Worth More than the life blood of a score of Tho broken hearts of their wives and Trio tears of their that Tho victims of this tragedy Aro famished and poor makes them More entitled to Tho protecting Rogis of that Law in Whoso name their Slaughter has Boon their deaths will quicken action in Tho slumbering Trio american people will moot the emergency thoughtfully mid effectively with but with Tho Majes tic sweep of enlightened suffrage Owak eyed into motion by Tho Resistless inspiration of not by but by ballots will Thoy take those aggressive corporations and their judicial tools by Tho throats and hurl them government by injunction has written its own death warrant in letters of City a Halacki Muhs efforts Are boing Tuulo to amalgamate Tho various unious of blacksmiths and blacksmiths Thoro Aro a Large number of local unions in various but Cook works Independent of the or and in Case of strikes fails to produce effective the idea is to i skein into ouse National German workmen Well a correspondent of Tho american machinist writes from Berlin to hear much about Tho Low wages of Ger Many and of Tho menace she becomes on account of it is interesting and instructive to observe that As Germany progresses and becomes better Able to compete in Tho markets of the world wages show a decided tendency to in Tiluy Havo risen quite appreciably within the past Flo in Ono shop i found men operating a producing parts of a simple machine which was by aug systematically and earning piecework 05 Marks per or about Horo is equivalent to More than that amount in where there Are plenty of men doing the Earno class of work who would by no Jne uus despise suck bilious Ness is caused by torpid which prevents ton and permits food to ferment and put Fly in the then follow oods g if not bilious fever Eba i i f or blood hoods i i i s tills stimulate the m m m Rouse the cure con an Hod by nil the Only tills to take with hoods the history of Down elixir is Idon with the history of new Entil Hill for lust fifty it cures Cui Fth did is tin Chiue of wifi in Tolar Ihlen bid breath of Henry Baxters mnm1rnke hitlers to move tie Chupo and prevent the coat Only 25 Arnica Oil liniment in my Host remedy known Lor stiff for Sale by English liniment removes All softer calloused lumps and blemishes Furui blood All swollen Snye by use of one warranted the most wonderful blemish Curt Iver sold by Shrom wonderful South american blood cure quickly dissipates All so Romulous taints in be cures blotches Ami Soros on the thoroughly cleanses the Elnoil of abscesses und Erupi renders the skin Yonne a and if you would escape blood Poison with All us train of do not fail to use Phlp inn Terly blood which has per retried such stupendous cures in All cases of shuttered Constitution and depravity of the Bud health signifies Bud sold by Shrom it a great Surprise is in for those Olio will go today and get a package of it takes the place of the it is a food full of find can be Given to the children As Well As with great it is made of mire looks and tastes like the fun put grades of mocha or Java Patis Fles a cup of grairi0 is Lottor for Tho system than a be Iii so its is what Coffee Breaks Clown Niino builds ask your grocer for 15c and 7or Alt Hii Lous and nervous they purify Tho blood and give healthy in Tina to the entire Cuso trjs7ipatson and per Wales wanted an idea who can think of some simple thing to Patent protect your ideas thay my bring you write John Wedde Dunn Patent actor for their prize offer and now list of one thousand inventions Jylli not Only give an alarm when All inc Lions Are but it will Alto True alarm of when boxes Are pulled at the same time when the outside line is grounded or Short circuited or with any combinations of these us also is such that it cannot be burned out by lightning or High tension Henry Stewart secy and Cit Chestnut Philadelphia to years Trade copyrights anyone sort liar a be Titi and description May quickly whether in invention la probe Fly communications strictly oldest Agency in to Ivo a Washington in engr Tonkon through Kluun room left ipod club not leu in Tho scientific beautifully inmost of any scientific terms a years six spec Tonti copies and hand Book on a tents sent address Munn so Kew and trademarks obtained and All Pati ent business conducted for moderate 5 our office is opposite Patent office and we can secure Patent m less time thaa to sri Remote from i Send drawing or with desc i we if patentable or free of our fee not due till Patent is a How to obtain with Cost at same in the and foreign Patent a cases i ref if m if so Vic w of s3 k a t3 1 Harold electric Telephone sold no no vol limbo or headed in store and or autust Convoy hence Bent Heller on Ninon from 85 to it one a a Rebl once Means a to nil tiie Fine no work any Rondy Lor Eben can be put up by any never out of no in san u Lifa a Money write Harrison a clerk York weekly Tribune every member of every family on every in every in every stale or for for Noble for True it gives Cill important news of the it gives All important news of the it gives the most reliable Market it gives Brilliant and instructive it gives fascinating Short it gives an unexcelled agricultural it gives scientific and mechanical it gives illustrated fashion it gives humorous it gives entertainment to Young and it gives satisfaction everywhere to to furnish the Shenango Valley and new York weekly Tribune both papers one year for Only Cash in address All orders to the Shemago Valley write your name and address on a postal Send it to Tribune new York and a Sample copy of the new York weekly Tribune will be mailed to a hand saw is a Good but not to shave a is the proper thing for Thia cures p Lum of evil Impo Emcy and wasting do ii it Cru contains no i i Nies Tia and p uly in Rolert by

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