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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1897, Page 3

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News, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania The new woman and her my Fyrnn Tiann used to Tiptn and Aplin the glistening or knit it pock is who bit null Fock the Cradle to and and when Hilt if ft9 worn of Thon with soft spun yet in it was soon Nindo now nil through nil for my grand no Slie would darn my Grundy is Durh firs Dnny Tutor spins the wheel with her glistening toe whole duty for Sho int so Sho Daro not you but when Hor wheel of polished with nothing to form Vern hits n Snag kerplunk and gets a Shes almost sure to darn it Waterman in Man versus Gordon Watts had reached that time of life when a Man becomes a kind of walking sportsman there was very Little in Tho Way of record times and record distances that Watts did not his soul was consumed with to be he spent a certain portion of each Day in a solicitors but this was sheer Good for it is impossible to imagine any subject that interested him less than and it was Only in deference to the wishes of his family that he sat on an office his real life began when he donned Box ing sat across his machine or was stroking his club Watts was at Tho height of his masculine when Tho Man versus woman subject came up for Dis to had one can anybody Tell me of Ono single record which is held by a of i talking to would having put would replace with Tho satisfied air of a Man who has disposed of a troublesome matter and declines to to bothered with any f Urther while Tho record for every thing was held by Man Watts failed to see How there could be a doubt As to which was the Superior consequently it was a cause of great annoyance to him when one saturday afternoon a lady sprang into Tho smok ing apartment in which he reclined on his Way to him hot was Sho was almost Cool anal fresh As when they you will Honvo to consider yourself Sho said to keep that tip any longer when you no evidently not in condition would to dont trouble said i know i Huv out got your but at least ill keep going As Sho you keep it up another half for Ono you Haven had the right sort of this waa rather too much for a Man we considered himself a judge of but it was to was a very fairly Good with plenty of strength and but Sho had All Tho finish of a varsity Learned probably from a we wont argue about to said rather you have beaten so theres an end of you dig Tho water too Doop and got Forward Sho con with the aggravating smile still on her but i shall Laud Sho turned her boat toward Tho Shoro and Watts continued his Way up an angry and humiliated a train was waiting in Tho station As he and he ran for jump ing into Tho first Carriage that caught his it was not until to had shut Tho door and the train had loft Tho plat form that he saw what he had he had got into a compartment Roj served for and in Tho Corner of it sat Tho girl in Tho White i bog your he muttered didst notice it was a ladies car Many who la discusses the it Doest the this Subtle to i showing a Row of merciless Teutli his pipe in his As Shu i dont require in Carriage All to this is said Watts in very said the who had evidently been running for the for Sho was somewhat out of it cant to i had no time to pick and the train was an express from Barnes to and any Ordinary Man would have been rather pleased at a tet Patete with a Nice looking girl who showed no signs of being prudish by re not so it was an an of his privileges As a the proper place for a Wom an is anywhere you Liko except in a smoking do you wish to to put out my pipe he inquired in a tone of not at she in i think i will smoke a cigarette Sho produced a Dainty cigarette Audi having lighted became absorbed in the fashion plate of a ladies a Watts returned to his study of Victor wilds Pedigree with a bitter scowl on his she was really a charming creature in her White Blouse and Tan coloured Belt and if he had seized his Opportunity and tried to strike up an Impromptu flirtation it would have been but he was above that kind of hero we Are at Sho said As the train Drew up at i Hope i Havo not annoyed you very much by sitting in the Samo i As everybody the exact Force of a remark depends entirely on the tone of there was something very provoking in Tho Way Sho a kind of Somin malicious not at he said de lighted to Havo your it is quite the usual thing for ladies to Uso smoking it was rather but he was Zirri no Man likes to to laughed at by a especially when to de Servos Watts strode away with gloomy dignity to Tho whore his Skiff was having Over hauled it with the air of an paddled leisurely up half an hour later to found himself alongside Tho girl to had met in the to gave her turnout a critical look and was forced to admit it was decidedly Sho honoured him with a Friendly Little nod of to which to responded by lifting his Cap very slightly having taken in All the Points of her Craft and noticed that Sho culled rather to stretched his Back with Tho idea of passing it was hero that a trifling Surprise Mas in store for it May to that Tho look to bestowed on her and her boat was one of fancied superiority Aud that Sho resented for Asho Quick ened his Pace Sho quickened hers Aud kept Beautiful weather for the time of the int it she said with that aggravating smile on her to said shortly and set to work seriously to get some Pace on Tho reflecting that the sooner to got Clear of this confounded girl Tho bet woul4 you like to race she said just As you he it was Early in the season and the River was almost Watts set his Teeth and did his after a few minutes he to the the Ladys boat was no longer a lev she led by about half a fees hotly she was Clear of have Oij enough she called no he five minutes later he was by her at first he thought he bad worn w but a glance at her face there was Tho slightest possible stress on Tho made him evidently she was not going to spare i How far did you got she i to named the spot where to had turned you didst go i Hope our Little race didst take it out of you too this was said with an air of inno j which it was impossible to take offence at but it was none Tho less j she continued Hor crushing process i until the train reached Barnes by Crow ing Over him about the the j crowing was done very delicately Aud but it was Sho discussed form and told him to depended too much on the strength of his arms and j not sufficiently on his and Alto Gether made him feel More Liko a cock Lucy Novice than a racing to do Watts to submit1 Ted to it fairly three weeks later they met again tin1 Der Rathor Odd and this time Watts had his Chance of scor to had been paddling about on Tho River for an hour or two when he Felt a splash of there was evidently going to to a heavy it Hap no conts locally Tutun Ludg to How in of Plum m for Al Coholic Johnson travels for a now York state wine and Brandy producing firm and is veritable mine of information concerning wines and alcohol methods and processes of refining and aging and besides is n connoisseur of no menu Quality in everything no one Ever Paw him drink More of any Al Coholic liquor than Tho half dozen drops to sips before passing a wonderfully near infallible verdict of a nevertheless Johnson remarked our any to a Friend that to took an occasional not an alcoholic but a has Heesh has Heesh exclaimed the Ive no ways regarded that As More dreadful than perhaps it replied i dont advisor any one to use but in parts of Europe and in nil Oriental coun tries Many persons Uso has Heesh As i Tho effect of the drug taken in Tho in Ger Quantity is to stimulate the in it Krems to release Tho soul from the body Depres mental business All in Are thrown and the mind revels in an abnormal and pleasurable i never experienced any unpleasant persons of different temperaments Aro affected in different 1 knew a Man who wanted to try a dose of i has Heesh with to had a most Vui pleasant time of to raid that his mental sufferings were or rather of some thing mysterious and More Gro some than All the ghost stories Ever told rolled into one awful horror oppressing him throughout the Short time that to was under Tho spell of Tho to never will try for which i am for to might get into the habit of Johnsons business takes him among pharmacists a Good and by Way of adding to his disclaimer of being a has Heesh slave to remarked that every druggist has among his customers Ono or More opium fiends who do not fool the bondage of the although they Aro i saw a clerk Mak ing 100 Small powders of morphine one said Aud i asked him Why to was putting up so Tho clerk replied that to put up that num Ber every thursday for a certain lady on renewal of a physicians Prescript Tho physician had authorized the and Tho patient had been Tak ing Tho Morphia for several years in the same Tho habit probably grew out of Tho drug having Boon pre scribed originally for the Relief of Somo obstinate the patient Only know that the powders kept her pain this Samo drug clerk also told of the successful cure of a sufferer from Trio opium another lady who re Ali cd her situation and longed to to the Man who is not in sixty of left of Are and 1 have worked and and gift got All that 1 have Motl h is not Tim simple thought of that i Tia that when 1 in Tho cold Martli Llo think of to no 1vo Laboured on from Day to Day with Ono Liopo in my towns that whim i wits Laid Newny id Olavo a void you to always show that 1 had livid and but now at inst that dream is 1vo got to Shiro Tho common 1vo thrown n of Veroff today and Lison from my for 1vo icon but Luo Plosa with wild thoughts in my id fondly thought Tho Mill would not run if i wort not Thoro to but its a not right though Ivo Bimini and that Tho thing that and terms Kutsor in Cleveland men Burn spontaneously Moll Cal science records inn non of the combust Loti of Lileton from when Dickens used so effectively spontaneous combustion of Tho human body As a Climax for a to had Back of him a Groat Deal of evidence that such a Miracle bad actually taken Phi in in article on the pathology of in Tho old French encyclopedic a Jayr gives the Case of a woman 50 years of ago who had made a practice of going to Bod drunk every Day for Many he Bones wore finally found in Tho Bod with Tho flesh charred from As scientists sup by spontaneous Tho somewhat similar Canso of Irinco Pitt is Given in Tho transactions of English Royal Sho was Tho wife of a fishmonger who lived at is and Slio was found stretched on Tho Kitchen floor by Hor Burn Tho girl without her body and legs resembled soldering coals and when water was thrown on her gave Forth Tho odor of scorched accompanied by a suffocating Tho girl ran from Tho House and called in the who found nothing but Bones and charred flesh loft of the had Boon a hard a third Given in a French is that of do to yours who lived near it is Sho was very lean and that for several years she had drunk nothing but her waiting maid found her burning in her Tho Llroy in her As in Tho seeming to originate in Wio flesh itself and not in Tho water thrown on her failed to Cheek Tho and Sho burned until nothing but her Skeleton remained in Tho Tho chair itself was Only slightly York commercial hotel r opposite if every Altino Faust commercial Trade satisfaction 1831 1898 country the Best of the agricultural indispensable in All country residents who wish i keep up with the terms reduced for i flux four six Tbs hews and Tho country one or one Ell Tolmei Rienth which will lie stilted by mull min Iii Stiim int six larger Piiper free All the of this your to now n Premium for every it will be seen lint Iho Del Terence Between in Enst of the country Lenl Lenim and thut of other Elhiu Lunil weeklies Lime readily to re by milking up u to loss Jhuti a event n for Speelmon which will to Iii lot and see whether thin enormous Del Cronic in Cost should prevent your inv Init would you manlio of such m difference in buying Medicine or food address to Cir to the lie a real Oli Muf aft of Send of ills newly Kotoni Illet to cure consumption Nett All could to mom Fli Ropic or carry More Joy to the than Tho offer of of 181 Pearl is now York confident thai to him discovered All absolute euro for consumption and All pulmonary and to its great merits to will of to any Render of Tiik who in suffering from Throat and lung Trou Bles or already this now scientific oot Irso of Medicine has permanently cured thou Sands of apparently hopeless the doctor eos Siden it his religious which to owes to human donate his infallible offered is enough of comm not and More so is the perfect Confidence of the Groat chemist making Tho pro to Lias proved the dreaded consumption to a curable beyond Auy there will be no mistake in the mistake will in overlooking the generous to has on file in his american and european laboratories Esti Moninas of experience from those in All parts of Tho delay until in is too address 08 Pino new and when writing Tho Doc please give express and Postoll Micev and mention Reading Thisu Ticla in Tiik ivs Otts the Only sure and reliable female 1ill Ever offered to especially recommended to married Alc for t i t i Raj la Lull i Jukl Vul us poised that to was at a part where there f she t h acc was not a scrap of shelter on either i a she had been drinking so much Bank for a mile or two except at one place where a huge Elm Hung Over Tho water and provided one of natures us to had scarcely reached it when to heard Tho swish of looking through the he saw the girl in a White Blouse coming Down Stream at racing a gleam of Triumph shot into his she was making for Tho same but there was Only room for Ono and to clearly had Tho right i of prior lilo slowed Down and backed water skilfully until Sho caught sight of safely sheltered under Tho thick a look of vexation Camo into her you must make room for to some Sho said come he seizing a Branch of the tree and easing his boat out into the Sho paddled into Tho what Aro you going to do now she asked in a doubtful i shall make the Best of my Way Back to youll get wet Sho i must Chance to i two you a Good turn for Tho Nice Way you treated me when to raced Tho other if Watts had thought for a week to could not Havo hit on a better Way of humiliating Sho was a thorough Little sportswoman and Felt the satire to treat her with Courtesy after what had happened made her feel very much smaller than a vulgar revenge would Havo she told Hor Best Friend about it and said i was never More taken Down in my i would much rather have got wot but its always Tho Way when you quarrel with a Man treats you generously and makes Vou foul Watts modified his views of mans superiority from that your and has never been known to re peat his celebrated argument about rec Ord especially Asho has taken Bis conqueror into life of Tho longevity enjoyed by astronomers is and an astronomical Jour Nal gives a Long list of them who have far exceeded Tho threescore years and among the eminent names Aro cos who lived to 97 Caroline Herschel to sir Herschel to Newton to Mary Somerville to Halley to sir George Airey to sir David Brewster to sir Sabino to Humboldt to Schwabe to Santini to and fou tuello to regular Ity of habit conducts to longevity in any walk of and it is a necessity to the to the Calm i Pursuit of those who study the counterbalances the effect of late watch bugs and exposure to the night i laudanum a the doctor began by allowing her Tho equivalent in mor Phine in taken at Tho hours at which Sho had been accustomed to take Tho to kept her on a nourishing and stimulating diet and very gradual without Tho patients reduced Tho size of Tho doses of after a time he substituted for our of Tho morphine capsules daily one of Tho Samo filled with Cinchona an alkaloid of peruvian bark like but the patient did not feel Tho another cinch Nidia capsule was substituted daily after another we kor and so until after Somo months the Habitude was Tak ing nothing but cinch Onidia our two morphine doses Tho As gradually As before were and the patient was told our any that who had had no mor phia for a Sho was surprised and but Sho at last realized that Showns i dont know that every one could to freed from Tho opium habit in that Tho druggists clerk told to of a fellow employee of his who had a Pas Sion for he had found him Sev eral Timon asleep or dozing in a Heap of Excelsior packing in Tho and it lust discovered that Tho Young Man had been stealing to would saturate a put it into a pasteboard hold it Over his and thus amps the Tizo you know that the sensation of passing under Tho influence of Ether is very it is Akin to Tho exhilaration of Tho patient about to to operated upon is in a state of High no matter How great his anxieties july As noon As the Ether has begun to intoxicate but in our part of where Tho making of Otheen has been squelched by Tho Tho simple natives have taken to using product not expensively purified like that used by Only instead of in Haling it they drink it induces extreme then and Trio drunkard awakes with a a Eick stomach and an Sweet taste in Tho just As the surgeons j patient the Ether drinking makes i Man noisy and quarrelsome and Ivekic while its exhilarating effect j and is in other ways far worse than a Man May lie drunk and so Ber again in 15 the local clergy Aro very bitter against the excise men for driving oat the comparatively harm less York mail and a new of ciscon Nipoa your glad you Are j put it there purposely to your Hon new who of i me indoor to make a Good portrait in Tho Ordi nary room is quite a difficult As pennyroyal ills and take no skid Foh Price per 0 boxes for motts chemical for Sale by 1 the Arlington hotel All the Light to to had comes through Tho window and leaves the Shadow Side of Tho portrait this can somewhat be remedied by the Uso of n piece of White Muslin bout Isfort Long and about foot wide or stretch a string across Tho room parallel with the window and fasten it to a Point about six feet from the and also six feet from the fasten the Muslin Over Tho top of the window and throw the other end Over Tho allowing it to fall to the this forms a sort of on half Side of a and this somewhat confines Tho Light and reflects it on the Shadow Side of your object and helps to brighten and often Tho in using curtains for a Back ground place them Back of the Sitter ii far As Tho Wall will so As to pro Duce n soft place the sit Ter about Throe feet from Tho window and about opposite the far Side of Tho pull Tho window Down from Tho and perhaps it would to Best to cover up Tho lower part of Tho window with Somo dark cloth or close All doors so As not to have any and then make lid Boos in now York mail and Quick service and polite Nylon lick Kales commercial Trade Iii a correspondent of hams Horn Nar rates a pulling match Between a sea lion and a Farmer near in old German Farmer chanced to to driving along t when his watchful Anxo w greeted by Tho sight of a Largo sea hoi Somo distance out on Tho fast it was Tho work of a moment for Jacob to Ninko a Lasso of a Tont Ropo to had in his fatten Tho end of it to the Hind Arlo and adjust Tho noose Over Tho sea Lions head Jacob jumped into Tho Wagon and started homeward with his the lion did Tho and As his team was Tho stronger of the two Jacob a tarted Seaward at a Good and Only saved himself and his outfit by springing quickly to Tho grasp ing his Jackknife and cutting Tho Munnah a masculine woman Lias always been the Abhorrence of men and women Sho is As repellent to Vuturo As an effeminate Tho woman who dresses in mannish who walks with u who talks in a harsh who assumes an air of Busi Ness who is always threat oiling to do things that Are unrefined or difficult because they Havo been mans is a subject of amusement to gome and of aversion to Brook Lyn in no need of Little children being tortured by scald Eisma and Hkin Witch Salve gives instant Relief and cures for Sale by of water Duran to sleep stopped Nam nil a Lily by anti dish cures children and nil nuts Irlee sold by Szirom drug from coughs and colds should Hoed the warn Ings of danger and Nave themselves suf Fering and fatal results by using one minute cough it is an infallible remedy for croup and nil Throat and lung for Sale by will make special excursion rates to Allegheny and Nickels Good going november 1 to for return on account of methodist Dpi Opal Church wonderful South american blood cure quickly nil euro Fylous turn to in Ilia cures blotches mid sons on tin tin blood n Mill Ihu skin Yousik my if uni would a cup lilo Oil Poon will ill i us Tiuan of do not full to Nus this Mai Stirly blood which him per of mod Tuuli Cyrus in All cd flite of blot lured Coith Tomillon und depravity of tint Dud Liu Ullh hold by Luoin co of says that when lie has n spell of indices and feels bad and in takes two of do Witts lit tin Karl i scr at and Inis nil right tin next Many thousands of of her do the same do you for sail by adj the flags for 3ritish ships of except the Royal Aro made in the government and the enormous number required be judged from the that in the color soft Otto Hathew alone about Flag in heart spasms agnews ouro for the heart a wonderful no Organ la thu human Anatomy today whose diseases can Emoru readily dul Clcil than of Tho heart and medical Ilu Coury has Ina Ilc them Aii enable to proper if you Havu palpitation or Bhuri neds of weak or swelling of fact or pain in be left fume Long drop any of besi heart no matter of Bow Long agn Cwa cure for the heart will it u bean set cello quickly acts f rely h i was Given up to flu by and one of agnews cure for the heart gave to and Sli Houlto toy my of fifteen year s it Luff in 30 Sale by surow modified of the new Able till Liiko general Pix Einiger a Gonic of flip ii jul Kei iils out Hie following to Gard Iii Mio modified a Coop Tinl Piik Senott Assolin Tiona Noble the most and in the Rule to signing he nit Hugu h rip and issuing Trio Ono Jingo under lie Rule Lio Iwler of in of inn Kerible ticket at his and Siffus Nia Aipou lie Buck of he Purl of my strip Elose to lie Pru sedinic Petnel Nneal it Guiot to signed in indelible Pencil or Wotli will not be and Liis i us signed wit i Trio upon Bis i rival at n or Illo him by a me Sheriger or by Tho hotel Porter or in some other tout upon he Clurn of Tho station Duel Hin Liekfet ready and shh a Ngongo cheeked provided to has Milo Hinish tin adv Nee Thero Loro need no More delay at Tho that Lou or on the Furnin in Hie use of Trio now Minu there in using the old form of mile age inter form Good Only Over one of while Tho is Good the old form of exc Lingo ticket w valid for continuous Pii Kongo Only on a certain train and while Tho now or modified form to Good on Auy train except the on either the Date of Issue or the Day thik new form has been simplified to Render it easy of Issue and to better accommodate and the Lucid Riingen accompanied Tho old form will in Proforo in the Early entirely Bliter interline tickets from Points on Ono Rai Avny to Points on via through car lines and via junctions Oliero connections arc close and there Are no to Ruih no being prep Rod is fast ii Poh these tickets will be issued in Exchange for coupons from i he interchange Able mileage and a Ngongo will to cheeked convenience could not be enjoyed by the use of Tho old form of mileage the above alluded to have been approved by the mileage ticket bin will of Ijiri cedi Iii pow sought and will to in Al Lect on or to fore december or Justus Hook an tour new forms of Exchange and inter Liviu tickets can lie printed and distributed among Tho Iho thousands of agouti of of i Iki 10 diff front railway Over Whoso Linen the tickets Are Home no crids of lie Linen lint been supplied with it in believed hint these Amend mints to a a slut which is already and will place the new interchangeable mile age ticket beyond the reach of Iii hopi Lilc for life by Annm or scalds May by avoided by using Lowitta Witch Hanoi Ali egret remedy for piles and for All kinds of sores and Ukiu for knee by drug to Gibsons for your cloth ing of every Over Coats and Ulster in every style and and cheaper then Ever at cant afford to risk your life by allowing a cold to develop into pneumonia or instant Relief and a certain cure Are afforded by outs minute cough for Sale by seines tons Orul furious lit the place Iii to in a Laii Rul or particular attention paid to main real two Tury other nut Hiil Liik wot Story House Twok Lory House two Story House two Liry Klch ii Pluto roof 1 Robiou barn 6 rooms Kitchen slut roof i Tiuliu Jook u hotel properly in Smull with Good Loca Tion fur Hullih Tikot on main Morisu 5 Isar Koll Liik targe lot und two Story Ulato 7 rooms meteor two Story 7 Stewart also want to buy 8 to 5 acres 10 West cheap to Quick two building lots on Coltri Mavillo office oppo to National

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