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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1897, Page 2

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News, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania Breezy fulfil its against the a k Chines in Philadelphia and the Quaker City a determined Effort to strip David Martin of his vindicated Jago Scotts severe i Tonko to inn in him to May Tho a Cath in the unseat jct Flold stir Blind Cooper nil Tho manner in which lie Slizus up Trio special mat ters in the Bunte at have been rather quiet during the past but the attention of the people of the Commonwealth in now entered upon the fight that in being made against the political machines in Philadelphia and the citizens in both places arc in a state of it should be clearly that they ire not fighting the Ile publican party in these but that the con tests Are directed against the arrogant that have made the party machinery offensive to thousand a of Loyal Tho people Admire Lead and will follow a aggressive loader who has the interests of the state and the party at but will not submit to the dictation of self appointed political masters who Are in polities solely for personal profit and self Tho fight in Philadelphia is particularly in spite of the stories that have been circulated concerning a Deal Between senator Quay and Dave to nearly All of the political supporters of the United states senator Are now engaged in a Lively fight which has for Kab main object the dethrone ment of David mar tin As the political Boss and master of the Republican party of the Quaker Martin defiantly declares that he will re nominate and elect his As receiver of senator Durham and More than half of the Active party leaders in Philadelphia Havo served no Tice upon Martin that he will do no such United states senator pen Rose has come out in a Public in which he declares his intention of supporting senator he adds that if it is necessary he will take the stump in favor of the Durham Candi Date for receiver of the whole affair is Likely to have a healthy effect upon the politics of and it May be the Means of averting worse troubles in the pendent movement in poll Adalphia which has paid some attention to theft Rayfl that Swallow and other Independent candidates car ret very Little com fort out of the election the official returns at while Swallow polled whom he run against for treas polled and the in carom had a majority Over Crown of or More than More than swallows the a alter Campaign was directed Aca Insl i he Republican and it utterly Enfield marshal Thomas a very careful student of american pol agrees with the inquirers Analy Sis of the election this is the manner in which Cooper diagnoses the Case the remarkable vote received by the be Sutlon Loving Swallow will Bear any sort of analysis of special discomfort to republicans his votes Are readily Hla prohibitory colleague received half As Many totes an or above the usual prohibitory Beasom received less than his Republican showing that 000 Kepu Blacano voted for fifteen thousand More voted for Thomp Independent making disaffected Swal lows actual prohibitory vote was his actual Republican vote and his democratic vote so we can readily see How this vote was Manu there Wall democratic Dis gust at the Reading convention and its Chicago and there was direction from some Quarter to democrats to swell the Swallow so As to help democratic party next returns Are just a Little not thick enough for a re publican next year or any other an Independent vote cutting from both parties in anything like equal pro portions cannot harm the Republican it behoves the Republican party to see to it that there is no occasion for grumbling that there shall be a fair contest and that the state convention shall do its work in there in no disposition thus far to slate any it May be slated positively that so far As senator Quay is concerned he has kept hands we Are glad to Nofe that representative William who is engaged in a desperate Battle with the Chris a gee machine in has announced that he will remain in the Neld to the his courageous Atti tude against Bossis ought to make him As Many friends in such a Man is needed in Wash atm letter a from the National on Moth of Tho topics of Neil Lonill tiny sort ably Nimshi Fryml Walt Roni Loii to Kroon our or Kulnar november no president for years has paid More deference to the opinions of members of his party than Mckinley and no president has Ever taken More pains to ascertain the opinions of his callers upon Public while there is 110 question of Public importance which president Mckinley has not n former c i practical watchmaker and one of the interesting events of Tho has been the Complete vindication of general Rueder from the false and malicious charges that were Mado against him by some of his bitter political Fred Van Val the Secretary of the Busi Ness mans league of compelled to pay the Cost of tha prosecution after Tho grand jury had ignored Tho indictment against Gen eral in sen tend no Van Val Kenburg judge Scott said in part these indictments have been in and re Are directed to pay the this situation cannot Surprise it la probable that it was not intended that these complaints should be a witness deemed by the District attorney to a Whoso name has been widely published in connection with the cases As having knowledge most in has not been brought Tou were in consultation with him last his name does not now Aimer on any one of these nil of which have been carefully prepared by one of your personal counsel not now Here to require the attendance of wit Nesses from Many portions of the and Tho production of papers and telegrams of various it does not aeon that this could be in when these subpoenas came into the hands of the special District attorney he noticed the at and requested to be informed whore the mls blog witness could be this he wan re Tho summary writ of Tho court was unable to reach you Ciui Hod a petition to to presented bore in your own asking for of the special District you wanted the trial while his Pur pose was to prosecute As he was appointed to it not to reasonably assumed that the Law was invoked Here in an attempt to stay us Arm in another jul and that tin court wan to be made an Agency in feeding a enl Rover by which has the atmosphere of the Commonwealth with the rank Dot of its political scandals the in favor of colonel William of As candidate fur governor next year seems to to growing Elro Nijor every ills friends in 1ltihburk live Boon very and As a result of this Ilia candidacy is assuming first reports from different Fec Llono of the stale indicate a Strons especially among the old sol Diers and Ibe members of labor or to heartily favor the Conics Siun because of his Natl Tala upon the immigration private letters and telegrams from Chester county indicate that Stone is particularly is rung in that and that prospects for winning Gates to slate convention Aroun usually in this connection it night be stilled that the stronger Colo Nel stones candidacy becomes tha does the Independent sentiment appear in u is believed that the nomination of Daggres e Man like colonel Stone will i nipping any possible some of the Ait Tori of Honor of the general Benedict Arnold fought a Duel near Kilburn Wells in 1791 with lord after Arnold missed refused either to Firo or to saying that if the general was not satisfied to could keep on firing until to in 1804 the turbulent lord Tho symmetrical arrangement of Whoso whips and Sticks Over his Chimney piece is described by frown Tho thick bludgeon to Tho Topar lost his life in a Duel to owed to u vengeance do Captain Best had caught a sharper named Symonds in Tho act of cheating and kicked his Faco to a Tho mans wife wrote Canu Elford an Anonymous letter to Tell him his Friend Best Hud slandered a Duel was fought with pistols they Woro Tho two Best shots in and Camelford fell with a mortal you have killed said Tho dying but the fault is wholly i relieve you of All Tho but men of mature years and established reputation risked life As recklessly As Tho wildest Young guardsmen or London Charles James Fox fought a Duel with a Cabinet in four shots were Adam Fox ural in Tho air and apolo said you have behaved Liko Manof in toward Tho end of Tho last a Duel was fought Between Warren Hast Ings and sir Philip Tho latter being dangerously shortly in lord Macartney and Sadler quarrelled at Tho Council and in Tho Duel Macartney Cei Ved a dangerous Tho Karl of Talbot and fighting a Duel at night in Tho Garden of Tho boil lion at and discussing Tho conditions of it beforehand in a private room Over a is a tableau do George Canning was seriously wounded when he and Castlereagh met at put Ney in Iso to Exchange four in Tho Dol Between Henry Gittan and Corry a Bullet shattered the hitters As Lato As 18155 Roebuck fought a Duel with Black of Tho morning when two shots were exchanged without Tho fighting Parson was then As Well known us Iho lighting the Henry editor of the morning was a dead and with what his contemporaries will a profligate to was most successful As a to linked fighting Fiu a a Young Barris Ter who was his assistant and several but Mit his match at last in Captain Stoney who gave him a severe but whom Lio also Cornhill Well defined opinion of his be in vites the freest expression to be some times convinced that his own arc Erron just How he takes every Opportunity of drawing out the opinions of his callers on matters of which Hisa Nuttal message to Congress will while his which will to a Long has been All blocked what lie hears Between now and when the final Revis ing is done May make material differ ence in portions of if there int an arbitration treaty be tween Ore if Britain and United states before the adjourn meet of tills session of it will not be the fault of president Asho intends to Send a now treaty to the Senate Early in the drawn to meet the expressed objections to the one that was rejected by the Senate at the last representative of Whoso prominence in Republican councils makes his opinions upon legislative mutters of passed through Washington on his Way where he expects to eat his thanksgiving dinner from an Eastern in reply to the question As to whether he thought cur Rency legislation probable at this session of he doubt if a Bill can be framed that will meet with the approval of both houses of is not that the House will take tip legislation in Lino with the recommendations of Tho presidents i take will to reasonable and and strictly along the Lino of Tho record and plat form of lie Dolliver says to thinks the Early annexation of Hawaii absolutely certain and regards that and the settlement of the Union Pacific Railroad debt As among Tho administrations most creditable his opinion of Congress talking the cuban question As advocated by democrats and anti administrations is worthy of More than a passing to said if the combined Wisdom of Tho executive and Tho state department is not equal to solving Tho cuban i do not believe it would help matters to throw it into a a congressional joint attorney general Mckee a is pre paring Tho papers that will to necessary in foreclosure proceedings against the Central Pacific which in january owe Tho United states government nearly so that no time will to lost in Case Tho company As it is expected it will if foreclosure proceedings Aro they Aro Likely to include Tho Western Pacific Railroad exports on Tho cultivation and marketing of Tho Export tobaccos of Ken Tucky and Tennessee Are invited by Secretary Wilson to write what they know on Tho to to used in a series of tobacco bulletins to be issued by Tho department of accepted contributions will to paid for the rate of a thousand and while no length limit is it is not desired that any single communication shall exceed ten thousand the conclusion of the members of Tho executive committee of Tho Indianapolis financial convention of last which has been holding a monetary con Ference in Washington for some time not to make their report Public until after president Mck Iulys message and Secretary gages annual report Havo been submitted to pro Bably Means that the measure which Tho committee will recommend to Congress will to in the main along i lie Linos As the financial recommendations that will be made in Secretary annual report and endorsed by president to in a statement just issued by this much More Confidence is expressed in the passing of financial legislation by this Congress than there Are indications in sight to president Mekin Lcy Doest believe in the brass band method of announcing in Advance what lie intends doing he pre fers to allow acts and Tho sporting Householder that one cat less in Tho world at any rate All kinds of clocks and jewelry care fully and correctly repaired at hard time remember the near gambles drug bring in your Best Quality mainspring fitted and guaranteed one 75 fire and Accident Job it Igloo versus wuits transportation to uni proud Dor i 1 Hato to do but you May Tell him a ticket at half clerk a Minto cays Lios not a Ilous Uio Zubor of Tho Railroad toll him to Tako pleasure in in Ming him a tuvo but Floro the Tongue of to Tuuu is smaller of Uncle William to aunt be Julie i that seems quite like the old courting its Tho first time Youvon put your Arm round my neck since our Sil ver Homo her she said with severity is she came out of Tho you Havo been sticking your fingers into that Leoti i Haven answered shaking his head True she after look ing at him it was your As a matter of she was inclined to reproach herself for not realizing at first glance Tho Way to had gone at the too i believe it to to a remarked the spindle thanked Young that persons become to some extent that which they habitually feed then Why dont you eat freely of veal asked his elder you Haven nearly As much calf about you As you ought to trib not a you never Tell to that i look Young and Sweet any pouted her brute of a husband re i seem of late to have lost my Powers of Tho Windy do Tho Chicago girls have Largo feet Why does a Sloop have a keel she can stand up in the you new York the red mind statistically inclined tourist in of Havo been told that there Aro no Bald loaded indians Alkali reckon that in some of pm raise More hair than they York sunday a useful aunt Margaret has had five Cooks married from her House in three is that to Why dont you Send our daughter Julia Over and see what aunt Margaret can do for women no Gibbs at last has got his wife to ride a How did to manage it had somebody Start a report that he didst want her to trav a representative Chicago As Tho Chicago Man who kept five wives on a salary of fico a month has a business head to will probably stay right where to is and lecture on Tho Francisco Why to Irala ocl her it was Tho Glrst repast shot Over Ami Hor Brit jul now husband Sut him Down Bho cast upon Law Faco a Finis Kizik yet found Nho there no disappointed he praised Tho praised Tho Juicy into raptures Oer the Oggs shed and vowed his honoured Mother could not Umeka Flueh biscuits if for nil her life Sho you tin fellow was a knowing Heap and few Rex she Hail n brickbats in her Denver Post the Best of companies office in Hewitt jewelry main born september for More than 56 years it has Newt failed in its weekly visits to the horns of Farmers and villagers throughout the United it has faithfully Laboured for their Prosperity and Happi Jor the improvement of their business and Home Lor for the Elevation of american manhood and True t has told at the fireside interesting and instructive stories of the doings of the the nation and the it has advised the Farmer As to the most approved meth ods of cultivating and harvesting his and the proper time to convert them into the largest possible amount of it has led in All matters pertaining to the welfare of Farmers and and for Over half a Century has held their Confidence and it is the new York weekly and we furnish it with the news one year for Only Cash in address All orders to Thoj stews publishing write your name and address on a postal Send it to Tribune new York and a Sample copy of the new York weekly Tribune will be mailed to iils to sneak 1or to has done Niovi to maintain our National abroad Sinio Tho 41 h of lust Maith than his Piodi Rossor did during his full Utin of four and not Tho Lossl it his in that Lino was i lie of x7 american from Spanish prisons in Sato Best do Wilts Little Karly risers cure bilious Siek for Sale by this is the season of tin year when All far More look after their stick and that they Aro in Good to i Suvo i to above use Ohros Koyal English horse ind cattle Acuros celebrated Chicken cholera euro and Ohros Gap to guarantees to Koop your Stock in Good condition or Uio Noy whether Blind or relieved by application of Olit Nat a and in 3 to 5 n is Send Rue 13 dozen More of agnews 1 prescribe Large quantities of t is a wonder worker in Aad 9 cure for for Sale by shr Iii a hand saw is a Good but not to shave Sapolio is the proper thing for Are you a Coward we Are told by the famous that any Man is a even in if his garments Are ill sitting or in a by if you wish to enjoy the t of elegant attire you should order your and overcoats of my 3qo

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