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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1897, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania V t i i i be Tho so ref it if you wish to Tince in Rel in Tab a word to he i r Job printing Wal ftf4 ado it Itrat Vic Tif Mirt win Tim if flu mob per november volume the news in Brief from our of Dunt Iloni Simons Chise Krops suit continued with the Aid of judge of Beaver and also by continuing several the court was enabled to dispose of the trial list set for he novem Ber the Case of Beal be Simons the Adams express was from beginning to a night session was held on Friday to enable the attorneys to make their but Tho charge of the court was not made until saturday the jury retired at sat urday coming in at to get some additional Light from the retiring again they were not in to come to an agreement until sunday at at which time a sealed verdict was which was opened and read monday the verdict found in favor of plus stiffs to the amount of and also submitted an objection of the minority that they would answer in the affirmative to the several questions of the court concern ing the authority of the express and also to his acts and promises to Beal if he Hud Legal otherwise they would answer in the there was for a time some dispute whether or not the verdict should be but it was decided to accept it and it was re several Reserve questions were submitted to the court Aud will be held Over for Tho argument the Princi is whether or not Tho Promise of our Mercer plot Winch the tin offered in evidence showed a in Dahunan to Beal Viz that if they would bring no action against the express company the company would stand Between them and any loss they might was sufficient to toll the statute of limit if this question is decided in favor of the Beal Simons cannot if in favor of the Plain Tiff they recover the amount Given in the Frederick Arnold Fisher was tried saturday before judge Arnold had working a tailor of for the past 11 for which he was paid at the rate of a but claimed a which he said was the wages agreed upon Between the tailors of Sharon and the Sharon therefore a suit was brought for some which would be the defense was that was All that was agreed on and that that amount had been paid and receipts in full a verdict in favor of the defendant was Adam Bolm Thompson it Bolm has a Patent pruning for the Sale of which he sold certain territory to the All shears sold outside of this territory were to pay a Royalty of 50 cents each to one thousand pairs had been sold in which territory Bolm claimed was not within that sold to de and therefore this suit was instituted to receive the Royalty the Case was tried before judge Wilson and a verdict for the defendants the Case of Ray John Ray was no suited and a motion to have it stricken off the record this leaves the Way Clear for the Plain Tiff to bring another but changed As it must the suit instituted by and Krops against the Peoples electric heat Power was taken up monday morning and the evidence of the plaintiff gone the which was then opened produced a plot which showed the defendant com Pany to have a frontage on canal Street age of Only 50 feet to belong to the com on account of this difference of and because the plot of the defendant had not been recorded in time to enable the plaintiffs to familiarize themselves with the court continued the further trial of the Case until the december list and notified the defendant to drive stakes marking out their land and also to give the plaintiff and his at Torney notice when to did that the plaintiff might know the exact Lino of the Laud they the remaining cases continued until the december list Are As follows Gaston use Burnett and James it David Garrett George Fred Jones Charles running also the Case of Jaxtheimer Plimpton Leech it Al was con tinned until december this Case was to be tried tuesday and All the witnesses wore Here for that but the counsel for the defendants did not appear and therefore it was continued until time to enable other counsel to prepare and try the Case of Stevenson Riddle was tried on monday after noon As per Steven Sou had a judgment note against Samuel Stewart and knowing Stewart was involved went to him for a said to had certain lumber which might apply on the Stevenson would not accept it unless it was moved off stewarts this was a few Days after it wits sold by the sheriff at sheriffs Sale As the prop erty of St Phousong then brought an action against the sheriff for what the people kind words front Trio so who arc tart tin itome steel last week i bought a Home comfor Range from Tom and after fair trial with Coal and i find i just As the Salesman have baked Mako and cookies with the very Best and most satisfactory is an extra Good Niu does not use As much fuel As our Las stove by on third and in Olio half the Timo with very poor to wrought Iron Range arc not a trait to set up the Home Comfort to stand 61 fall on its own and i wish to say right hero that we arc entirely Satis fled in every shape and form will our r James James Miles for recast of this is to certify that we have a set an improved Home Comfort Range for i and can say that it is All and everything that the cos claimed for to have found it to be a 1 Good cooker and and believe to have received full value for the Money paid for and classified of Ohio col logo of dentil All ids of clan till work pro starvation of Tea natural truth u rooms Over wests main and Riv i 1or ii ouzo on first inquire of Coal new Ault scribers for tub you Uii not afford to do without n Good Johnl up Exir who it Only costs jute Sath news will and poll Row Ouw Salo at depots wich now is n Good time to culling wedding inv by Lurnis Iod on Short Levu your order at the news auditors to to final account of estate of a at 11 of october in w or Pliakus and october on motion of attorney for ii is appointed auditor to Miako distribution w Otto monay in the hands of accountant to mid those entitled by tub Tea is hereby Given that the undo nogued of Tutor appointed by Tho orplmiih1 court us per Ino above order will be tit his office in the Bor Ough of Greenville of november tvs 10 Oclock to dist Jurgo the duties 5 Siirid when and where All in ties in Way attend if they see november the value of the an award was made Aud filed on tuesday in favor of defendant deciding the plaintiff had no cause if action and was to pay the Leroy Williams and Brimmer wish to plead guilty to the charge of Lar Ceny of a harness and two blankets from Rainey in Wolf Creek town ship in order that their time May to run a motion was presented by Gillespie Pettit to Issue process of pow Ell to pay the costs in Tho Case of motion was granted and process will be issued not a Coors december Tho costs in this Case amounted to about leh to Anna Belle lot in Elias Donner to 53 acres of Laud in Greene about a mortgage of was entered for record at 9 november in the recorders Tho american steel casting company being Tho Mort and the guaranty Trust of new Tho the docket itself is a larger one than that entered by the Bessemer Railroad for which covers 28 pages in Ono of Tho mortgage Tho american steel casting is said to have purchased several old Mills in Sharon which they will on account of two Coal cars being piled one of top of Tho other at Tho be ginning of Tho Mercer Mercer passengers had to be transferred at that Point on at a recent meeting of Tho Board of of Tho cottage Stuto Cossitt and of and several Butler county doctors wore elected of the staff of associate judge of Mercer attended court on tues the Case of Mattocks Hunt was Tho last Ono culled and of Tor i panelling Tho All other jurors wore excused with the thanks of Tho Mattocks and Hunt Bolli live in this Aud Uro near Mattocks owned a Largo Shepherd dog which his Little boy took with him to Hunts to Hunts Little girl and Tho boy wore pulling Tho dogs ours and Tail and Dur ing that Timo Tho dog snapped Tho Little it seems also that Tho dog was in Tho habit of running out in the Road and Barking at Hunt to came offended at his Little girls which was very and shot Tho although while on Neutral Tho suit was brought for damages for Tho loss of Tho dog which was a very Well trained Tho jury retired at at about i they came in for More but got nothing More than was Given in the courts at i they rendered a ver dict in favor of the defendant and Plum Tiff to pay a Large number of Mercer people at tended the Moon suit at Franklin on have secured again this fall another lot of now single Woolen Blank such As to Hud a Rush for u your those who bought lust year know what a bargain they those of you who Haven seen dont know what you Are Keck Sony bargains in clothing gents fur which have been bought before the Tariff took effect and will be sold lower than Ever at Leech our now Home Comfort Range has proved to to just As Tho Salesman repro Seu cd and i would not part with it for in reason i never have seen a stove or Range that would Conio anyway near equating it for a Fikiuo and suffice it to we think it the Acme of Weible Jennie Miles Northeast of wrought Iron Range bought one of your improved Home Comfort i take great pleasure in saying that it has proven entirely it bakes heats requires but Little furnishes plenty of hot water for All purposes in fact it is tothe Home what improved machinery is to Tho and As such we cheerful recommend it to our neighbors and axe Box this is to certify that i have Beer using Tho Homo Comfort steel Range and Flud it satisfactory in every respect would not Exchange it for any other know the company furnish Tho re pairs free of Only company to do this i know Maura diet we purchased a Homo Comfort Range seven years and it is just As Good As it is a Good Baker and Only re quires half the fuel to operate we find it very convenient and consider it a lifetime we purchased a Homo Range six years ago and like it Roal it is a Good banker and also a fuel and very i am Well Mahy after using a Homo Comfort Range for Vovou i find it All of pc rally As a Baker also it can to rim with u smaller amount of to whom it May concern i Havo used Tho Home Comfort and am Well pleased with a a Heurit with it cannot to and is a grand Tho Homo Comfort i is Tho finest stove there gave Good would not take for it what i paid for it and do without san by november i wish to say to Tho Public that our Home Comfort Range is All the Salesman claims for it does not use half As much fuel As our i put half a bucket of Coal in the Range at 9 and cooked dinner with the sumo and Hud plenty of ire at 1 m the tank is just the thing for swim escapes from and about seven your ago we bought one of Tho Hume Comfort it is Al most i Good us the Day we bought and has Given Complete i november to take pleasure in saying that our Home Range is the most perfect Range to Over to begin it does not use More than on fourth of the fuel our and is an Excel Lent Tho heat does not pass out Thimika the but is radiated through the House when the tank is simply perfect no stove or Range could do att to secret Mound inet in masonic Hall tuesday night and elected the following officers High Aero John Martin Feezor Secre Carlin Calvin Bonifay James Heilman representative to grand Fay Horrick the chapter cuter tallied two of the District John of now and John of three candidates Given the Royal Arch they were of of Grove and William pot of this of Grovo an old member of Mound Hopter was also Greenville their regular semimonthly moot no tuesday were Loni plated for Tho sorrow Day son cos to to held of december u Laird opera an elaborate program is to be consisting of sacral Van of and of will a cordial in is extended to the Public to it end the Heliy until for a Telegram to the Pittsburg times rom the Home of James Stuto Suys that e announced on saturday that to would ask Benjamin pros it t state to a copt the Cash a ship of Tho state Treasury when Lay Woods term Haywood he is familiar with every detail of Tho served us cashier before boing elected and i Hope to will accept Tho under i have not ten dered Haywood Tho but i will do so within a few among ou8 Tho subject of Tho sermons at Zious ref Onues Church tomorrow will to Tho Power of even the lords Bishop Stanford will preach at Orange Vullo in the Evango Licul to Morrow at i instead of monday stated last there will to services in Clements episcopal Church tomorrow at 11 and 7 subject of Sermon in the evening will be thankful a Solo will to Sung by miss Lulu Hogue at i he evening the United presbyterian sunday school will give n cantata Christmas it is in Chirgo of misses Margaret and Jennie Minnie Perl Armstrong and Thomas at a congregational meeting of trin Ity lutheran Church last saturday after the resignation of was not of presi Dent of the pit Tilburg presided at Tho meeting and occupied the pulpit both morning and de livering two a Bio Irti Ivelli mull ail Nizoil for a Bosho inor Oji orator at Liis was arrested tuesday night by a Clov Elaud Eha god with having a baud in Winkler murder it he was examined in the office of Gillespie and although Cross examined very to told a straightforward Tuttle proved an Alibi but wont to confident that to will soon b3 on thursday prior to Tho Mur Dor on Friday to Hud Shargo of Tho Tower in Tho Yards working until 7 reported at Tho of Leo of Tho chief dispatcher and shortly after repaired to Tho hotel Bel Vedere and wedding Harry n popular Young Sharon and Misu Floi ouzo daughter of Attico and worn married at High noon at Tho brides Hottie Oil Mivle Avert Tho Baptist Foll Pirido is a popolin1 of was at Brunch Tou wednesday on Busi Ness connected with the for which company to is and having completed his business by noon to concluded to walk to this nine instead of trusting to Tho uncertainty of travel by Tho to re Porte that on the Way to overtook and passed two arriving in town in time to visit his acquaintances hero and get taking the evening train for City kills Kurs our old representing Henry Newlund of one of Tho largest fur houses in Tho will to with us on november with everything in All come and Soo Tho new capes and during this Sulo to will give special prices in our cloak and to make next tuesday the Banner Day of our cloak poorly executed photo of ones self is worse than nothing but you dont that kind at Smiths gallery nothing but Tho Best i7 nights horrid is instantly relieved and hired your dealer ought to keep Good Earnest values in clothing or gents furnishing goods Call on Tho up Odate main Beli ovo to can please both your Iyo and your Pooka took this full on Cross Conio and look and Seo hut you kick did you got that suit in now j got it it int t Tine that is Tho Pluto to get your moneys i Only paid for did you got for Christmas mat surface Cabinet of my Sisters at Smiths he ends Eliom All on childrens and babies 57 now thing in ladies Felt boots jul Only at kick you Liao Money to Burn dont rude with us but if you Wurl reliable at right give us u kick Selling Young mens and boys suits Aud overcoats for less Money than Ever offered before at would be mom acceptable than u artistic Cabinet photo for a Christmas present from a Friend Smith Cun Supply 87 Gaines Sharps Vullo Dora Shari Han putt Oreon Jackson Anna Todd Wolfcreek Ross now Vornon Vornon Fisher Lake Louise Clark Coolspring Thomas Newell five Points our Rio five Points Filer Findley elite Ray Findlay Kirk now Vornon Mortigo Hogue vow Vornon Eppi Ugor Plain Grovo Lola Rodgers Lawrence John Brown Helen Moriaty Sharon Mccormick now Bridget Sharon Harry Williams Sharon Florence Rico Greenville John Billig Cire Novillo Lavina Kittli Bowman Rocklund Ackson Clarks Mills Burnett Slarp Sivillo Emma Smith Sharp Sivillo Clark Eva Deforest aught Doctu Anna of lady of this City and the Groin i a Weff known having Boon in Iho employ of Siplo for and Williams Dep vied on Krio train for in extended tour to Etc Nhoh extends Railroad Tho now bomb on private car is no Juht a now goes into pfc of on Tho work on the now Union depot of Tho Railroad will to commenced about an engine on Tho Ervi got into i rouble in Siou Hugo tuesday evening by bucking Dan Vul into Railroad men know m Tho which is but Little Brooking u rail in several and letting to on Tuo Down on Tho no Ina Torkil dam age wus done and Tho main line not interfered Tho first of four Dumi Igo ardts Gaius pc Tho Bessemer Railroad for kind in Tho construction of Tho Oil Tho Road begun at John Mccoy Lias sued Tho company for damages o his properly Assignee of Tho notate of Samuel wants and Elliot Tho suit of All in tho1 Appeal of Walters from Tho award of the viewers tin Hess Tho damages to his Walters owns u flour and food Tho now Road cuts off u part of Iho Mill such u Way that repairs and changes in Tho Plant no made Tho Railroad ruin through the in ill Yard und has driven Tho country Trade away from Tho Board of viewers allowed Walterh but to asks for there Aro 170 witnesses to Toul Ify Sharon Sharon Sharon null Allah a Raro Trout will to offered to the people of Greenville december Tho now York Mulo Quirl Etmound miss nol to Nichols us Tho uus Picos of the Thryso stoning being Polivi nully acquainted with this can guarantee our music Loving people Somel Liing they cannot chord do not allow it to pass us Victor Horbit und Thunbo regular mooting of John Dickey Post Friday next to Hopo the comrades will turn out to Iho mooting us it is Tho night to elect of fliers for Vallik Follin Liik to tin1 a Iiorio of ten diff int font Ball Hui in played in the attention of our Farmers i to the list institutes to to this county his Winter by Tho Stato department of Willod by Tho local Board of inn Titus managers for Tho thew Aro in Tho of All nor and Aro open to Tho expense of conduct ing them is borne by the 2fo collections Uro allowed or Iho Novor Tising of any Tho Are upon farm topics for Tho Benefit of arrange your to As to u fond und Purl in Tho All classes of Crimms Uro and interesting programs Havo pre the county chairman ii of Indian who will to glad to Houd programs or information As to Mercer and Milbrook to buy institutes who will Inuko Tho for Shoul Dovillo and can to Hud of Bur the Stuto speakers who will to Are in Stuto co logo Tho Zinsli Uleu will Lio held at the following Dutoi and places dieoniirih530 and 21 deeeuibei82 and Dee Ejnair and talc a Yousik town Carlisle pro Voity i m 4 in m j Cornell University Niew new at we Are Selling boys Fem Willi Larno and Olio up and childrens calf skin school shapes a pair Best and Cau be bought cheap at reps Hutcheson Tillotson s Telouk Salo mime in another you Are looking for in overcoats or you will find at blooms up Odato clothing he Meinberg Tho place and main our Lino of ladies and childrens wraps will found the j urges t in Tjio All to ask of Yon is to Call and see and prices will talk for kick you cant euro consumption but Yon can avoid and cur Oivory other form of Throat or lung trouble Liy the use of one minute cough for Sulu by wants to pay for a when will buy the sumo Stylo of Tell la stov10 flt Jive your friends u Nico Lieut Oil pinot photo of children or made at Smiths they will up pre opiate it per dozen formerly 117 Tho Only All knit Wool Boot on Tho sold wit i Tho Over for at i Cuccic it did Yon get that suit f it is a i Over had for the Money Stock Granite monuments and headstones at Greenville Marblo Pri cats that Hunt Liuva another lot popular and suits at Call the attention of our readers to Tillo Souh cloak sule announce ment to found in us plier the takes

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