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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1897, Page 2

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News, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania Wain facts Etc Garding de deals for the men hinging statement from senator of Bufi Bays he 18 in Houman of Juno out an interview Deil fam ii reasons Why Swallow will not be an feat Factor in the Llnore next political special political atmosphere in the state of Pennsylva beginning to Clear up to a considerable and out of the mists mud rumours of the past ten Days the Leaden of the various elements of Republican party Are beginning to see Tetter and Are obtaining a More acc knowledge of just where they the toot that senator Quay met David Martin and Chris a Tiger just before election for the sole purpose of the organization in order to out As Large a party vote As pos sible caused much and was approved by some and denounced by but misconstrued by a very Large proportion of both the people the Active now that mat have calmed Down somewhat All viands Are beginning to look upon these incidents of political life in a More in movable and practical nose have a knowledge of the inner Workings of the organization have Learned from sources that cannot be doubted that there have been no slates or arrangements of any charac Ter in either local or state the attitude of several of the most conspicuous Quay men in both Phila Delphia and As Well As throughout the proves the truth this for it was very generally reported in Philadel and believed by Many Well mean ing that senator Quay had made actual and tangible terms with David and that state sen who has been one of his most valuable friends and allies in the Quaker had been deserted and left out in the As a proof of this it wan asserted that senator Quay had concluded a political bargain with by which William la Martins was to in unanimously renominated for the Yoa Lou of receiver of there la to truth whatever in senator Quay has personally denied the and Martin admits that there is to justification for the to make Jiro of More conclusive senator a Hiram comes out with a Public state ment that there has been no and that there will be no More than he is now preparing to wage an Campaign against the nomination of senator Quay la aware of and the fact that Ike has not to interfere in the slightest degree with Durhams local plans would to Maka it cer Tain that there had been no Quay mar tin compact in Sta this connection it is quite interest Lac to note the exact position of Durham in this he represents the Young element in the party who mrm opposed to offensive and have used their Best endeavours to a healthier tone in the local to when he was if Thero was a Deal of any charac he Bald that As far As he knew there nothing substantial in the Rumor of deals that had been agitating politicians of the Quaker he added to this you can that if such Deal were made i would not be a Varty to More than it is not in the Power of any person or Bilge or to make any political bar Canna for i stand where i have for the last three in favor of cleaner politics and Batter City gov i am for honesty and Manli Ness in and i do not Bellevo the people of Philadelphia will Uver get either from the Fow men who have been and Are now running the Republican City organization for their own profit and political Advance How do you regard the meeting be tween senator Quay and David mar i am not responsible for senator and do not pretend to explain his i intend to stand by my friends who have so loyally stood by and i will do this regardless of what others May you Are credited with opposing the tease of the Gas works that is i was against t be cause j believed it was a i never pretended to have a monopoly of Vir but there is a limit to the patience of the and i think it in going to be reached pretty if this thing keeps up there will be a Lively time in this it la within the Power of the to change the existing order of things whenever they choose to do lying and deceit May be Buccat Ahful for but they wont last i have mapped out my and that policy is to stand by that element of the republicans of Philadelphia who Are uncompromisingly n favor of better government and clean i propose to stand by Thun until they Are victorious and it is made possible for self respecting people to go along with the Republican t t what is True of Durham in the is equally True of the Loyal and consistent Quay leaders throughout Tho great Many misinformed per have loudly proclaimed that sen slate Peter of the it pub Llean Guch worthy men congressman Charles co hell fld William Stone were All to receive orders to quit the Field and give a Clear track for the Nomina Tion for the seat now occupied by Dan Iel congressman Stone has been in Philadelphia during the past few Days and he has had no Hesi tation in declaring his belief that the stories Are without in do ing this Nan Given out a Brief state ment which has the ring of manliness and sincerity about colonel Stone 1 came Here from where plot in English Union men were prepared Burn the cite in to it Tufi Eltoft to Trade a counter movement to Ono which it was Southern it Ltd Oil Olio Lourei a fade by Tho old during the first year of Tho a grizzled colonel while recall ing incidents of Tho Groat business connected with Tho recruiting of volunteers in Pennsyl Campaign for and i believe that t will i am making my Campaign solely on my own without any Promise of support from any fac Tion in Republican but i Hope that All Republican will be for i am keeping strictly in the Middle As the hotels in that became crowded and i made it a custom to Stop at in remain overnight Thero and run Over to Tho capital Early in the and thus i passed Many nights during 1861 in the famous old hotel of the deals and making my Appeal direct to the people of the Well knowing that the matter is entirely in discovered Superior Grade of cigars win and of this shop i became a regular ordinarily i was their i will be a candidate until served by a Young but i fre the votes Are counted in the a gently saw in the shop on old gentle under no circumstance will i withdraw Man do j was Tho Propri i from the fight until it is Stone friends assert that he has developed no Little strength in Allegheny while Magee and Flynn have been enabled in the factional flight a of the last two years to control a majority of state delegates one Day i was rather surprised by Tho old gentleman stepping Forward to wait on me after i was served to said if you Aro not in a i would to pleased to have you walk into i from the Stone followers my private office and have a that their Choice for governor will readily Aud he led the undoubtedly turn the tables on Magee Way to a room acc a ctr of the h Tittl i m and Many of plot burgs municipal leagues Are supporting Tonca and so Are the Busi Ness it is pointed out by Stone sup porters that he has other sources of for years he has fought in Congress for restricted in with president whom l had Many but j no sorry to at Bay the number a sadly i dloil6 was plainly but comfortably and having the appearance of Long and habitual pushing toward me a Large split bottomed my Host remarked for Many i have been the next Congress he Hopes to pass such accustomed to receive my of a Bill that will meet Mckinley a a of which the passed Congress last but it was vetoed by president Cleves i stones fight for restricted 1m migration has won for him in his gubernatorial so h is the support of the patriotic orders of the organizations would like to see without desiring to detract in the slightest degree from the laudable ambition of any Man to become an As Pirant for the highest office in the gift of the citizens of the it must be said in All Candor and sincerity that Widener is the least desirable of any of the candidates that have yet been mentioned for the gov he is a Man of Force and Why so11 i because of differences in he replied i need not remind you of the condition the country is or Tell you How completely men vary in their ideas of nowhere is that a Lobor Biauce greater than hero in m and nowhere is Thero greater danger of its leading to a you Surprise i 1 knew Thero was considerable secession sentiment and that months ago it exhibited itself leading to blood shed on Tho but i thought All that had passed by no he the rebel Southmont in Baltimore is As in tense and bitter today As it Over but he is intensely unpopular the apparent quiet is Only on Tho sur you Aro in the service of the and it May be As Well for you to to informed exactly what the situation Here j Tho people of Baltimore Aro intensely Southern in their feelings and All the slave Strong with the rank and file of the holders Aro and they Are the leading and even the Best friends of following them is the class will in his own and this is a weak Ness in a candidate for a High office that cannot be wisely overlooked by the delegates who will have the Power of naming the nominee of the the Republican candidate for the chief magistracy of the Keystone state next year will have to be a Man who is which always toadies to what is consid ered the and after these comes a Largo disorderly element known As Tho plug who Are willing and ready to do anything that looks like resistance to i know beyond doubt a that the leading secessionists hero Are thoroughly organized and Are Tho first favor Able Opportunity that to declare openly for Tho new confederacy and starry Baltimore and Maryland if out of the How is All this to to done i in their plan is this they know every Man upon whom they can Aud their strength is Well Thoy have dubs which meet Tho leaders have control of plenty of and supplies of arms Are Bogi Ilner communication for and the Harrisburg Pari son has accepted the nomination with i and they Are waiting Only for i his warmest supporter in a tangible Opportunity to Philadelphia if banker Wharton Bari such an Opportunity would come if Tho Widener will not claim this distinction for their he is Best known to the citizens of Philadelphia As a traction magnate and the head and front of an offensive Street car the Philadelphia which la generally recognized As the leading Rej publican newspaper in has said in the most positive terms within the last five Days that if for the Youj error shop he could not be these facts Are known to the party they speak and can be taken As a most emphatic denial of the Story that senator Quay had been foolish enough to elate Widener for the there has been a Good Deal of unnecessary jubilation Over the size and character of the Swallow vote in the last some of his Over zealous friends have already nominated him denunciation by England of the commercial treaties with Germany and made in compliance with the request of the now Dominion govern have led not Only those two a but Austria Hungary to Tho conclusion that this measure tends inevitably toward cooperative Protection for England and her colonies As against All competing there is a con sen flits of opinion in the leading papers of Austria t this is a symptom that Tho principle of Complete free Trade has lost ground in one of the leading politic economic journals of the to says that England now finds herself in the opportunist Staga of Protection As experience is the usual pre cursor of a protectionist this journal considers that the altered policy of the protective Tariff of the United states and the predominant influence of the agrarian party in Germany will be anything but favourable to the renewal of the Continental com Mercial treaties that will expire in Tho year Austria hungarian and the sugar Export in will also suffer from any restriction in Ger Man Trade with the English As most of the goods Are shipped at German the Handel museum goes still stating that Tho change which has been evident for a considerable time past in English views May now be characterized As a Complete it is stated that England has decided to enter upon a course which will Lead to Tho establish ment of a pan Britannic Zollverein on the basis of a reduced Tariff for English goods in the British it is not yet known what England proposes to offer to the colonies by Way of but without such compensation it will to impossible to create the pan Britan Nic customs the future will How whether the colonial office in London has already made arrangements which will overcome Tho numerous difficulties involved in its proposal or the treaties were denounced Tho Solo object of securing the advantages offered by this is a mutter of interest and importance to our american commercial our now Tariff is a great Afflic Tion to England and to her great Colony North of they see clearly that a persistence for years in maintaining Protection on Tho lines of the most scientific and sound economic principles that this country has Ever adopted is certain to make the United states a More important competitor than it has Ever been before in All the markets of the if Groat Britain should so far change her code me policy As to establish a Aubri Tamsic Zollverein with her col she will outer into a fight for commercial supremacy against both the United states and the Continental governments that hold to and Tho inevitable result will be a redistribution of Trade of a magnitude that the pc Sost prophets will find it difficult to Story of a War who a now engaged in mapping out the preliminary Steps that Are in tended to pave the Way for his Nomi nation As Barker is an enthusiast in poli hut his Public career has not been marked heretofore with any notable or Brilliant on the his political pathway has been strewn with failures and Barker is and has been a zealous Bryan ail is recognized As the Foremost Champion of free Silver in this part of the United another of swallows supporters in Philadelphia is Wayne who was the Ted states minister to Italy under Tho Cleveland Mao iveagh was formerly a but left the party of his fathers because of its determined stand in favor of a protective Tariff on american he deserted in the heat of a National Campaign and took the stump in favor of Cleveland and free it will be that if Swallow becomes a candidate for governor it will be upon the platform of free Silver and free two issues that never have been and never can be successful in it is no Idle prediction to Gay that if he is in the Neld next year he will not poll on half of the vote he received at the late a curious tryout took his Long Glass on Shore with him and found it useful for Rovou not orig the position and Moco Odius of the to made Tho acquaint Ance of it russian who also to joined in it Long Glass a species of 110 which was not tit All uncommon during the Diego of Tho Early As soon As it Confederate army made an Advance to Ward thing they expect should Tho Union army meet with another serious reverse in Tho if Beu Rogard had pursued Mcdowell after the Battle of Bull they would Ivo risen and Many Wero the curses heaped a Jook him for his As Thoy expressed to follow up his i do you Union men propose to do if the movement you anticipate is made Burn Tho just is certainly As the russians burned Moscow will we Burn Baltimore if Tho rebels hero Tuko it out of Tho How con so few comparatively in do this1 Tiro organized Aud for this one in every part of Tho City preparations have Boon Aud when the time comes 100 or More fires will to started at do you know what this is to taking from n closet Ball of or about the size of a Largo Cocoa it is a fire thoroughly Satu rated with plenty of these Uro and at a understood Thoy will to lighted Aud thrown where Thoy will certainly Provo to know Well enough that to cannot resist Tho organized but you can rely upon it that Only the ruins of Baltimore will Over become a part of Tho Blu holding i Juinor saw my old Union Loving tobacconist after that for not Long of Lenvard i was sent to the army in Tho Southwest and remained there until the end of the we All know Light they Recondo stored ouch tilt Baltimore remained in Tho Union other with their Long to Soo if Lull wa5 not but to anything new Hud been done during the it Holt who Confederate army never made night As soon As they were sati Sll serious Advance on so find Thoy mounted their respective Para waved each other Friendly recon jumped Down and blazed War is curious j4fe of vice Admiral sir George that Tho Opportunity waited for by the rebels in Tho monumental City never How much there was in the old mans Story must remain j Only toll the As pfc was told to York the Man who Tho Malo for to arc father the Man who composed Tho Musio for Whitti ors we Are Fathor three Hundred thou Sand Strong is an old and somewhat decrepit piano who carries on his business near his name is Ono Day soon after lincolns Call for More then a Young was on his Way to from fort Wayne for the purpose of singing at a political and Loyal he bad considerable reputation As a composer and Singer and Tho Republic ans had asked him to come and help on Tho Way he read the had just been Irving studied formulated a hummed it and got the and that oven ing lit Tho Defiance meeting to Sang Tho song for Tho first when he had and Tho last echoes had died men mounted their chairs with wild swung their hats and broke Loose in cheers that rang with he Sang it again and and they would scarcely lot him Tho nest night to Sang the song at fort and again aroused Tho Sanio to wrote out the music Aud sent it to the publisher who had handled what he had instructions to publish it on his usual terms of it was publish and inside of a month More than copies had been in a few Days Tho publisher in Ileal and Irving never received a Dollar for Tho new York speakers thousands of Public lecture preachers and readers so tormented with Throat these delicate organs being overtaxed be come susceptible to Al e a d Bijj Rissew he Klong Tath dropping in the fc6 All these Ara v War forerunners of and Are but stepping stones to More serious complications it agnews Fow Peu harmless and and we cure All such trouble relieves a to n i pan but proclaim agnews catarrhal pow wonderful particularly for singers and Public myself and wife were Botjo subjects of tonsillitis and found anything to equal this great remedy Quick action curative is wonder i face fitly recommend it to Ray Bdrm cd Dpi practical watchmaker and All kinds of clocks and jewelry fully and correctly repaired at hard time remember the Liberty near gambles drug and bring in your Best Quality mainspring fitted Ami guaranteed one 75 Hee and Accident xxx fix the Best of companies office in Hewitt jewelry bop1n september for More than 56 years it has never failed in its weekly visits to the Homes of Farmers and villagers throughout the United it has faithfully Laboured for their Prosperity and Happi Lor the improvement of their business and Home for for the Elevation of american manhood and True it has told at the fireside interesting and instructive stories of the doings of the the nation and the it has advised the Farmer As to the most approved meth ods of cultivating and harvesting his and the proper time to convert them into the largest possible amount of it has led in All matters pertaining to the welfare of Farmers and and for Over half a Century has held their Confidence and it is the new Yoke weekly and we furnish it with the news one year for Only Cash in address All orders to the stews publishing write your name and address on a postal Send it to Tribune new York and a Sample copy of the new York weekly Tribune will be mailed to a hand saw is a Good but not to shave Sapolio 13 the proper thing for i the worlds most Friendly smile Are f always ready for the Well dressed t theres no mistake about i Energy May miss its f May go virtue itself May file of but there is always a Welcome i and measure of Success for Good clothes f if you wish to test this bit of philosophy just order one of the elegant suits of born Chicago merchant tailors fit and Perfec a porn Wirtl kill port 9 the Moridi a Piaf St fit b pc

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