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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1897, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1897, Greenville, Pennsylvania Tyft election will to found on a Nam Toto and tit pro Clyl tag Gennro a Goa aut and seven arc also very interesting this wok 4 m v i h the news fave you with oui1 nov of Talos in 1mfr but which is Trio same to per Thiel november la fest news from our Leoe on the col what lie boys nil Are time the halloween foot toll Tho misses Eda Hertzel and Mottie hath Are on the sick of was the guest of his miss Eda for several hours on a select Circle of friends sat Down to a private Oyster supper at backers last saturday tie following now students arc now wearing the Lavender of the Chrysostomou literary society Breuze and Blakely while Klies and Hieber have received the Royal purple of the president Roth left monday for but Roth is engaged in raising funds for the Purchase of a pipe Organ for tie conservatory of the Organ in question is at present in a con Cert Hall in new York and is valued at when put up Here it will to the second largest Organ in the Tho Beys will hold their annual banquet on Friday november Tho water brigade has been re organized and has already done some effective Wrork in the Way of cleaning the lower floors of Greenville halloween passed off very quietly this year to demonstration of any kind being and some have organized a College dutch baud with As of tues Day evening they serenaded the neigh and have established quite a local the when of wears White Matron of daily gave a Lilloween supper to a few friends us Iulus Miller is an excellent who has been visiting with her loft for her Homo Tho Lyric Quartetti Sang at the Thryso Sonios literary society last the following Young ladies have volume the fact that Westminster played he game with Geneva would indicate that the latter team is not one of Thiel a few weeks ago Geneva second team attempted to get a game with it might be an interesting urge Merit Woithe first the Loam is confident of winning the Allegheny Allegheny is stronger than Vcci this but has always been Defeated by Thiel has As yet no gome scheduled Foi manager Jonsson pro fers to arrange for a gome Here Waltl some god College but May be compelled to accept a game at some other Railroad there were eight freight wrecks 01 the Bessemer last Bessemer shops in this place an now working 10 hours a the work of straightening out the Erie Road Between Sharon and Sharps Villo is in the kinks will also be taken out of the line Between Sharon and Hubbard within a very Short time materially lessening the distance be tween the two Nipa to train if having been an the railway mail agent has Beni transferred to train and letters can now be mailed of that the pub lie should Bear in mind that mail sen on train 10 reaches new York in time for delivery in the Forenoon of the nex the next mail will not Roach new York for 24 hours military joined the Clit Ian literary society this fall the misses Hun nor Packard and hello Wood last saturday evening the ladies of daily Hall gave a Hallow you party in place of their usual saturday evening a very pleasant evening was spent according to the time honoured customs of that celebrated a novel and attractive feature was a Parade of the ladies disguised in White Robes and and much merriment resulted from the attempt of the uninitiated to penetrate the Amateur hypnotism also furnished some the subjects being brought far under the and going through some Peculiar music formed a part of the and a Taffy pull was scheduled but failed to occur on account of the Lack of the consistency of the Tho As furnished a very enjoyable evening for those pres Root Hull today the Thiol team leaves on the brie train for when they play right who has not to play for several will play his old position today against last mondays game with Grove City was cancelled by Grove City on account of their Gamo the saturday previous against it is not probable that the two teams will meet this Tho reports published in the Pittsburg and Cleveland papers regarding Dissen Sion on thiels team Are entirely out the greatest Harmony and there is plenty of Enthus left announced his intention of retiring from the and right will probably take his place at Moore will take the letters subscribers for this you cannot afford to do without a Good weal paper when it ouly costs per boy learn the printing inti must Huva Good education and nut to work apply at the a tvs for news will to on Sale at bitten Bauters and pollards news depots each now is it Good time to subscribe Tho commission of John Martin Captain of was duly delivered to him on monday morning by order of the state property in the Possession of k was formally transferred from Donaldson to John of Boulger and privates Benjamin and Alton Dorfer made the finding the property in fair condition after tie siege of storms and rain at coup East through which it passed this tie adjutant condemned a number of the uniforms As unfit for Drill on tuesday night was attended largely by the new and we Are informed that some of the Lazy boys will have a corporals guard to bring them to the armory of regular Drill nights if they fail to the election in at resulted in Hyuck being made second lieu subject to examination by the brigade is armory is now steam and the Parlours will be open every night except to the members of the they will be provided with the latest magazines and the daily and weekly Drill tuesday evening of each and every a new purchased from our Gen Ial now adds its presence to the Many improvements in the Drill room of the a question which caused some Little controversy among the members of not Long is positively decided in a rookies military hand Book As Fol lows a company upon the and upon the order of his Superior commanding shall discharge any enlisted Man of his com the Only reason that a company commander need give is that he believes it is for the Good of the a court martial is in session in the armory of at As to go to we will give its findings next new Oil the original Coal Man of Greenville and is now ready to furnish All kinds of Coal to customers at prices to suit the orders can to left at Acuros drug store and Heil num office at planing Yard of Bessemer Erie below Heilman lumber spec Itil Sale id fancy to will make a special offering of roman stripes and fancy taffeta in great variety of designs suitable for trimmings and mostly in lengths for on november we will offer All the Silks usually sold for 75 85 cents and Pur Hud make the Price for the Date mentioned 00 no such offering in fancy Silks come Early tuesday november you have Money to Burn dont Trade with us but if you want reliable goods at right give us a Keck son election summary of the local vote which was very the county vote was aug la Nii ticket Kico Liml Ita Timit nil Ragm two a title tie election of tuesday was the most quiet of any Ever held in this Only about on half of last years vote being the City went Republican As John for poor curried the town by a vote of 801 against 192 James for jury against James 180 for Coro against Tho by wards was As follows state 1st 2i 8d total James 140 120 875 of 74 4 189 Silas 7 j3 18 3 Amos 2 7 5 2 14 auditor Levi 151 Jim 887 Walter 8 70 104 p 7 10 8 25 2 James 2 Pooh John 148 880 08 78 51 102 Henry 0 10 8 24 july 158 898 James 07 74 48 189 0 10 8 24 149 is2 888 09 77 51 107 John f 11 8 24 i Mimer county the following in the unofficial vote for tie county state by atoms aud1tou Mccauley poor Kelly july Mccouuell lambs the official count May vary from above figures but the result will remain the Murk Himm wins Ohio is still a Republican him a has won put on the Small majority of while bus Moll is ahead at least our Mercer in Impf our county soldiers menu mint Tho tribute of Mercer county to her soldiers is finished with the exception of laying the Granite slabs around the out Tho commissioners View it with a great Deal of and Well they As it surpasses All expectations and is certainly both a massive and Beautiful it is made of Vermont Gran Ite and is decorated with three Brunsw one on ouch Side and one mounted on lie two Large cannons Are mounted on our at each where Are we at our fire department has refused to Atli Itury not formally tin Lloyn will not a Louil any Mon other Loral Sale Large lot of North main Well improved and ready for build requires no filling cheap to Quick of is Jennie Wasser Lias opened and is now to do anything in her Lino at reason satisfaction Short main and Mercer soft of Ever Soult Ellis Good Earnest values in clothing or gents furnishing goods Call on the up Odate main we have the largest Stock of boots and shoes in Mercer county Suid can fit your save you Money and give you bettor selection than Yon can get Keck Samuel son of the late John of the West died in a Lisp ital at Pittsburg last week and was lir ought to this place monday afternoon for the funeral services were Ion Duoto by Mckay at the United presbyterian tit Lii Nathan a former Resi Dent of West died at Williams november 1 Tho do leased was 55 years old and leaves a wife and family of three interment took place at Rock Ridge Jom Etory in West Lii Mali Hannah Homer died at her Home n the Mcdowell Block Hist saturday morning of aged 81 5 no Ziths and 15 the deceased eaves three mrs John Amanda Montgomery and can Orliw All of this Tho funeral services were held sunday afternoon at 3 conducted by interment in the Bho Nugo Valley Cem Leonard of Balouis died last wednesday morning at thu advanced age of 7t to was a Pioneer of this county Imd lived 44 yours of the farm where to he la iwo a family of six children to mourn his his wife having died but a Short time Tho children Are John of this place Albert Curtis and of Salem Peru Ejiu of West Greenwood wife of and who lived with her Vosler was a cons Towt member of the Salem methodist the funeral took place Tho Structure stands at the crust Side of the fronting Down East mar Ket k Tho which will to held on As previously announced in Tun is expected to draw an immense crowd on account of the excellent speakers who have been among whom Aro of Allegheny and of Harrisburg and also from the that Many people have never witnessed any thing of the the following soften new wore made by the on Friday morning of last week Coxson was Kon touched to three years in Tho Western Penitentiary for larceny and Roczei Viii stolen Ira Preston was sentenced to two years for each one of two eases of larceny and two years for breaking making a grand total of six years in the Penitenti Preston just finished in april it previous term of Coxson and Preston Giro and co sons father sentenced in the Mercer county court in 1881 to four and Oue Hiil years in the we worn penitent Joe Murphy was sentenced to two years in the Penitentiary for and has another trial which when ended will probably prolong his visit at that Art Murphy was sent to the Don found guilty of has yet been Jessie Quinby was sentenced to pay half Tho costs of but not was placed in Tho custody of Tho sheriff until she George Forrester and Burt Thomp son wore not he Hoy Are charged with complicity in a burglary which win committed near where they were taken for a hearing be fore the Justice of the Pence on wednes the latest arrival at the jail is of who is another of Llode Kerk a rutted for on the Tho Stroot gossip going Tho rounds As to Tho disbandment of Tho Greenville Firo department seems to carry the Fla Vor of truth with Tho firemen Are very close mouthed is to Tho real action taken at their regular meeting held wednesday evening but say openly hat although Hoy have not formally Dis banded As they will not at any fires or handle any department a this seems to a corroborated by the fact that the Burgess and presi Dent of Council were hustling All Day thursday to get an acting Foreman null a Mill cont number of men to Man at n portion of the apparatus in Case of in an interview with chief Packard to Aro informed that the men would in his opinion return to service Oil Tho basis proposed by members of the Tiro department at Tho september coun cil with a portion of to amendments presented by to new informs us that the Only action taken by Council at their tuesday even ing so far As Tho fire depart ment was the rejection of the firemen proposition in and liboro Tho on Tiro had the Council Council of twin in Hinant the City Council Mot in regularly session at Tho of Loco of Tho Borough at of with Tho following members pres by sheriff Riddle was the City tuesday mud parted Bills for Tojo Sale of the Sonal property of Frank at the suit of Fred Lias been in the employ of pouter for several Tho execution is for Tho Sale is to take place wednesday at 10 Jacob Halm Celinda Lake Emma Walter Sudie Andrew Annie John Jennie Sharp Rivilli mat Liias Sharon Margaret Sharon Cora Luko w1u Anna believe we can please both your Eye and your pocketbook Liis fall on dress come and look and see what you kick forget that the Lamaj Artville Snag proof boots Aud overs for Felt boots outwear All to Are their sole i receded slightly from their position the would have Mot the Iii half the Burgess was unable to give us any information that he has issued a Call to the citizens to Mil generally to All alarms of Firo until such time As the present department would go into Active or a new department could Botlic lure men say i Hoy Are ready to do business on any fair proposition advanced by this or whatever it May be at Tho Linio is an unfortunate thing for our and we believe that some concessions on t to of our us Well As the firemen would to of Avail toward the solution of the present in a jail Tor Volu Timir owing to a disagreement Between Tho Council and Firo Tho have refused to do Firo and it is my request until satisfactory arrangements can to made that Tho Citi Zens respond promptly at Tho alarm of and do All they can to got the Firo apparatus to the place of As Well As in extinguishing the it in a duly to owe our property and i sincerely Hope every citizen will realize Tho situation and to prompt to come to their will it the following business houses will join Tho dry goods merchants and close their places of business at 7 Oclock on and after monday november until further excepting saturday nights and Christmas week boil Ningon hitter Keck Olivor Dinkey Greenville furniture Packard hardware tumor Livingston tin in incl Tho famous Basso pro who has just Ron Rod from an extended european Sang at the United presbyterian Church Friday evening of last iambic has a wonderfully magnificent and delighted his audience beyond their sex Gamble was assisted by the Lyric of this composed of the Sara Kvit Mabel Lininger and Bertha they added greatly to lie evenings and wore Well As one of the celebrated Ahl Strom pianos took a prominent part in the local agent for he never misses n Chunco to show his to the Delight of All who hear a Good piano in Connie action with our musical outer Tuin Montri fills a Long foil and All lovers of music appreciate a cmdr rays kindness in furnishing a firs class instrument to help out on those special Collar ettes were never no stylish As this we can show you Tho proper things and our prices Aro hoods Pius cure Uver easy to easy to ent George president Homor and the minutes of the last regular Georgo a Peart before Tho that Tho ditch for currying Borough water running through his lot of second str Tot to re on motion Tho matter was re form to to Burgess and general improvement commit with Power Toncic As they doom first re port in to Tho water last regular was directed to As certain from the water com a 113 and re port to the Council when Tho Extension would to made on col and the water hydrants for fire purposes Bor placed As directed by Council at choir meeting on Juno reported that they had talked with some of the officers of the water who said Thoy could not Rimiko the Extension across Tho Little Shonn Ngo River this in they Hud agreed to but would begin Isho work As Early in Tho Spring of 1898 m and would Complete Tho exclusion before hey took up any other the reason Given for not extending Tom line Hiis fall was on account of a Lack of funds on Tho part of Tho water on it was Roc Alvort to to Artur Tho is Root crossing on canal near the crossing on Morecr near Tho property of Kurt and the crossing on Back of lutheran Ollof erred to the Secretary was Liing Ruotol to notify lie Burgess to have those what have taken out Cert Deates them to make sewer connect Loim to re new their it was moved by councilman Kondor and seconded by councilman the ordinance Bosforo Tho Council at Irist meeting be amended so to 70 cents for the first hour or fractional Purl of an and at Tho rate of 00 Conett an hour after Tho first at each fire and that Tho Firo to permitted to organize a Hook Imd Dor Corii Pliny not to exceed 20 inn in addition to the 78 men in the Throe homr and that they to recognized As a part of Tho fire and that the ordinance to passed an motion i twin moved by councilman Kilor and seconded by councilman Homer that anew roof lie put on the engine Currod and referred to the on Lime Fry Lewis Grimm Shaffer hoi Lilian Bros John Garbor co a Mel Vin Mcmanus id Greenville co Ivr cps Sykos Cirion House co Wendsc Livingston motor Bill win the table until the next cloak on monday and tuesday no vember 8 and to will give a special Sale of indies and misses will have with us for the Sale an agent from the factory with an extensive Hue of added to our regular cloak will make an Nauru buy Large from which to choose it new Winter this should in to Crest every lady wanting a new kick Mishawaka knit Tjie Only Alt nil Wool Boot on the hold Tho Goodyear Over for Jcck who he did you get that suit at it is a Bent i Ever had for lie Money Only Stitik Granite amt headstones at Greenville Marble prices that cant be powder pure

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