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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - March 18, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Volume devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer county Itlie Peoples tells the truth and gives our correspondence to tit some of the newspapers have flounced that the primaries for the Nomi nation of the county officers should be while there is quite a difference of the banners especially desiring an Early the reasons they give is that the agony is All Over before Lor planting time comes and All their other Spring they do not want to spend on half of their time talking to candidates when they should boat while if it is held Early they will be found at the House and not away out in the the republicans can nominate just As Good a ticket in one month from the meeting of the com Mittee As they could in six and the result would be far More Farinon some of the candidates also express themselves in this Thomas a Mill worker in was brought to jail on thurs Day of last week by Constable Niemey had gotten into an altercation with his one word bringing on another until he thought his life in danger if he did not use some he struck his she struck him Back and then she went before Squire Thomas and preferred a charge of As Sault and Battery against him for which the Squire gave him so Days to William Langley was brought to jail Greenville Friday by officer Mel he was charged with Drunken Ness and was sentenced to 80 but some friends came to the Rescue after he 3iad been in for a Short paid his Fine and costs and he was George Doyle and Harry Ozark were brought to jail saturday by officer Ozark and Constable Ole per from they were charged before Squire of that with vagrancy and were sentenced by him to so Days on monday morning on the came to jail with two who gave their As William Mouis and Hugh they were arrested near and taken to the Borough Squire Williams sentenced them to 20 each on pile Constable Clepper came up monday irom Sharon with John of who chief of police Grain 3iad attempted to arrest for being drunk the streets of that he resisted the officer by striking him and throw ing him but was finally conquered and on being arraigned before Thomas a Justice of the a plea of guilty of resisting and an officer and was sentenced 9 months in this will no doubt be a Good lesson to a few of the would be toughs who Are in the habit of resist ing officers after they know they have a breach of the Mac will have a Good Long time to con Sider whether or not it would be advis to go along without troubling an in the future while in the act of his wills probated and letters will of Lucinda late of Grove has been pro bated and letters testamentary issued to of Grove will of Norbert late of Stone was probated with Elizabeth Houser and Theodore Houser named As will of Jane late of was probated will of late was probated the will of late of Benton has been in the clerk of courts the will of John late of Shenango was probated Fri Day and letters testamentary issued to Robert of administration were iss Jed wednesday morning to in the estate of James late of Delaware de letters of administration have been out in the estate of late of Sandy Lake by Nathan March 181899 pen Yak in use and John Mary and Jewell use Cornelius jew Ell John Mulcahy and Bridget Mil James Michaels Thomp pears and Feather now Lewis Tirey Elijah Bearce and David administrator of Isa Bella deceased Fitch Mcdonnell Fitch Jeff Stalky deeds Bear it unto Lester property in Worth Nellie Sopher it to Frank property in Wolfcreek Patrick Cahill to Mary property in William Granger it to Frank property in West Salem Anna Arbuckle to property in Mariah Veach to Thomas property in Joseph Gibson to William property in Hickory Perry to Hiram property in Pine Samuel Barnes to property in Grove Elizabeth Giebner to Robert property in Sandy Maggie Klingensmith to Thomas Washington a weekly of inter filing Tolci from the National capital special correspondence to March leaving Washington for a much needed president made the api Point outs of second lieutenants in Thi regular army provided for by the army there Are necessarily As for every heu Teti Aucy there were a score of applicants the appointments were divided pro rata among the the Only condition imposed by the president being thai each of the to thug men appointed should to mentally and physically qualified to fill the position asked for the responsibility for these appointments executions Clara Snyder Zahniser Abel Mevay David John Reed and executors of de lint Zahniser and Angelina Mcbride use of Young George Iron City savings and loan association Joseph Hollobaugh use Hazen Edwin James Sellers it the first National Bank of use of Alfred uber it Stevenson Ery an4 Helen assignment of a Herancourt brewing to Power of Jennie Hull to Power of Henry Keck it to John Hutche property in George Tato to assignment of a John Williamson to Frank property in Findley John Williamson to Elizabeth Heas property in Findley Maria Mcgowan to James Brun property in Fairview Michael Schumacher to John Hutche property in Eckles to John property in Corea to John property in John John property in Nelson to property in West Salem Fletcher to Josiah prop erty in West Salem Nathanson to Power of Moyer to Power of 0p marriage Walter Castle May Laura Hamburg George Frances Leon Frances James Mary Lizzie Thomas Cora Lacka Bannock Cain and Ollie both of secured a marriage License tuesday evening and were United in marriage by clerk of courts Gil at his liar net to Margaret of aged 88 was found dead last Friday night by her Homer with her clothes burned off and two Scalp wounds in the right Side of her broken parts of a lamp were lying around the indicating an sex but the police locked Smith he claims his wife death was purely an Accident caused by the explosion of the but How she came with the cuts on her head he is unable to he claims he went to bed about 11 leaving his wife in the he was awakened shortly v after Ward by hearing someone fall in the and on going Down stairs discovered his wife lying on Hor Bank in the Middle of the room a mass of As quickly As possible to extinguished the but she was her and hands and the upper portion of her body1 were burned almost to a Smith was admitted to Buhl hos Pital to was More seriously burned in extinguishing the fire at his residence than at first both hands Are burned nearly raw and his face is also blistered and one is in the coroners jury rendered a verdict of accidental jjucklen8 the Best Salve in the world for Salt Rheum fever chapped and All skin and positively cures or no pay it is guaranteed to give perfect Satis or Money refunded for Sale by Shrom rests upon the senators Ropoc Setd Tives who recommended the but As Tho president made the requirements it is not Likely that any mistakes were accompanying the president on his vacation Are the vice president and senator at whose Resi Dence the party will be and several How Long the presi Dent will remain away from washing ton will depend entirely upon Public unless called Back by some thing to will probably stay at Thomasville a couple of possibly although it is not his intention to transact any routine Public business while Secretary Porter will re main at the White House for the Pur pose of making telegraphic reports to him of anything important and in Civ ing any orders it May be necessary for him to in a statement just made Public concerning the work of the last chairman of Tho House appropriation gives a More de tailed statement of the appropriations made than was possible for him to make and says during Tho whole of the four years covered by Cleve lands second the material Aud Industrial condition of Tho country was and its contemplation does not bring satisfaction to any american but the fifty fifth beginning with the and Mckinley Anlo promptly enacted legislation which a yielded the additional revenues needed t pay the Ordinary expenses of Tho govern and has at Tho same time protected american with the enactment of that Hope Anc Confidence struck hands Aud Tho Coundi Tiou of Tho whole country improved aug has continued to improve from tha time to the labor is now universally employed with increase cd and with such employment the Means Are supplied for increased con the vast increase of Tho Navy and the creation of an army of a Quarter of a million together with Tho in crease of have not in Auy appreciable degree checked our Industrial which began coincidentally with Tho incoming of Tho present administration and the fifty fifth the Navy department has no information that Admiral Dewey health is in a precarious condition Mouths ago Admiral Dowey was Given leave to come Home whenever to desired to do aug he has since remained at his Post from and because he desired to com Pleto the work in which he is engaged this is strictly military governor of and military Gove Ruoi of the have each been authorized to enlist a battalion of natives for the regular army if they consider in Wise to try the the officers of to administration officials Are not at All concerned Over the renewed report that Germany had succeeded in purchasing the Caroline islands from Spain they regard it As a matter that concerns Only Spain and and Aro consequently indifferent As to whether Tho report is True or now that Lawton and the reinforcements he carried with him have joined general at it is of petted that a Rushing Campaign will at once be set in motion against the and decisive results Are looked for very in late general Otis says he has information that the whippings already administered have made Tho rank and file of the filipinos anxious to give and that it is All their leaders cow do to keep them in the As the Campaign against them is Likely to consist largely of Bush Lawtons extensive experience in Indian fighting will make his services the sort of n Man Lawton is May be judged by one of the names Given to him by hostile indians in the West some years Man who gets up and fights in tote Middle of the the War depart ment has not required Otis to sub Mit Bis plans for the Campaign against the believing it to be better to Leavo him free handed to carry out the Campaign in his doing exactly Asho May think Best to scatter to agntnaldo8 and if capture that Slippery the old Story of the republicans being divided into Reed and ant Reed men has once More been Given a Start by those who would enjoy nothing More than to see the republicans split into such there is no More foundation for the Story now than there has been for its numerous if speaker Rood to will to elected speaker of the next unless he positively declines to Servo As to Lille the Chrysostomou and cures Tonia thou literary societies elected officers last Friday officers wore also elected to take charge of Tho the College monthly Tho elections resulted As follows presi Dent Charles vice president Sam recording Secretary Paul corresponding Secretary Aud treasurer w chaplain Hoff Man and critics librarian Fred Dent Vico president Howard recording Secretary goo go corresponding Secretary goo go treasurer will chaplain and critics Laird messenger Fred Thio Lensia editor chief associate editor Harry business manager Paul assistant Nan Agor Walter Exchange editor Bert local letter from 1st s january to Deak sin and to Laud a few clays ago your very Welcome also clipping and that piece went through Tho interchange and received eight big bundles of papers rom kind friends whom i Havo a Over met regular feast of i Haven much news of interest this except that Tho tenth boys ire to the right of us of outpost duty and if the insurgents tackle us to know our conf Doh inthe ten t Beau Hom up their end of Tho As they proved what kind of stuff was in them the night they were alone in Tho trenches and were attacked by the the principal topic of conversation at present is Tho philippine i dont think there Are a dozen men in the regiment with Tho same for my own after looking carefully Over the situation and studying these natives from various my conclusions Are these that Tho United states would do Well if they took charge of these islands for a number of or until such a time As Tho people hero have an army arid Navy and government capable of defending themselves against other foreign or if at Tho end of that time they proved themselves Cap our country should give them the of course Tho United states should receive Money or Somo of these islands in payment of Tho trouble and expense they have gone to in behalf of the i think by doing this to shall earn Tho love and Grad tudo of a people that Havo Long Boon oppressed and these people Aro very Quick at learning and with some Good schools would improve wonder should to con Vinced by argument that it would to to their in Forest for those islands to remain United states property and for them to share Tho Well and but by taking them by Tho Throat and forc ing them against their will would not to like America or Tho teachings of men who Havo made America Tho grand and glorious nation she is were to to withdraw our army and Navy now to would leave them in As helpless a condition As and Somo Laudgraf Bing nation would step the works of our people should to to protect Tho weak against the the misrule of the Spanish government is plainly to to soon on All sides Tho poverty and ignorance of Many is simply and so for my part i say give them a take into consideration what Hoso Birds of spaniards have done to in a fight we could whip it i dont think we could Ever quench to revolutionary spirit in would break out at the first to Spanish Way of teaching them was o blow into them from a gun what they lond it talk into and we can see Low Well she fared in that Stylo of i May to wrong but i Lave failed to hear an argument that convinced me i was j remain yours in Pui Jujj Send you a paper from dont criticize it too among our of no catechetical class in the lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon at 2 Tho subject for the Christianen Deavor society at the United Presby Terian Church tomorrow evening will 1 9 a Temperance services at Tho Baptist Church Sun March follows morning 11 divine Selec Tion sunday school at 12 Oclock 0 evening service 7 pro Why Matt is a criminal subject of the souls cry and services in Tho reformed Church on March As follows at sunday subject of the Good Shepherd morning service at 11 subject of Tho Cost of Tho Christian life Christian Endeavor it 0 self Mas Tery evening service at subject of Tho Church As a Factor in character building a very interesting Aud spiritual ses Sion of Tho Pittsburg conference of Tho United evangelical Church has just of Tho Junior Tho conference having convened at Haw Clarion president of Tho Central Penn Sylvania and the financial agent of Tho Samo wore present and delivered very inter Esting addresses showing Tho hopeful Ness of said Boozer was transferred from Tho Shoua Ugo charge to Cherry tree Allegheny Harmony takes boozers Placo at details Carter one of Tho most widely known horsemen in Pennsyl died at his Homo in Crawford lost at Tho ago of 00 he had Boon ill about six weeks with to is survived by his wife and three an old resident of Hickory died at his hour i tuesday after a Short to was a native of Scot Laud and had lived in Hickory township for Over 40 to loft a wife and Flo his funeral was hold in to wish every our to know Tho advantages of Gas As a fuel for to Desiro to got Tho experience of those who Havo tried it to therefore offer Cash prizes of in Gold for Tho Turco articles or essays containing Tho Best statements of Tho advantages of Gas us n fuel for As follows for Tho Best for Tho Soroud Best and for Tho third Best conditions of Riih any woman residing in Tho Borough of Greenville May articles Aro to contain at least Jisoo words and Aro limited to each article must to received by Tho Groon Villo Gas company on or Bosforo april each article is to to signed by a fictitious and for identification must to accompanied by a sealed Renvel bearing Tho name used and enclosing the real Amo and address of Tho John Martin and saw vol Havo kindly consented to act As Tho real name of Tho writer will known neither to Tho judges nor Tho company until after Tho award is and then Only Tho envelopes containing the names of Tho prize winners will to Given to Tho Tho Greenville Gas company reserves Tho right to publish Auy article sub or extracts but the real name of Tho writer will not to published without Hor Tho literary excellence As Well As Tho Hub cot matter of these essays will to taken into consideration by the Jib Gas a wait my in oar Page Best form of House Ott i irked for Sale at news Small unoccupied dwelling in Thuc Mcdowell Flats was destroyed by Early last saturday criticising your it might to Well to glance Tho diagram to has of Baor has already nearly goo copies of his How americas Victory if you can afford to rent store Ftp co in Green Villo you can to buy advertising space in tub Aro not the Only Job printers in but do Hico work and will please try tits Niwa i Tho Nook Moon forty purchased Tho Krops Corner Mcmoor and Clinton this week Tho buc Koyo clothing of Enate will open a clothing Storo in Tho room now occupied by Fried mint Johnsons buggies and farm wagons have stood the test for 22 you will make no mistake if Yon bar Bis goods in Dois Slor Lias purchased Tho House and lot on South High in which to now from with april 8 tint a tvs will Publ Teh a list of april Lotus know lit ouzo where you intend to Tho favor will to greatly court Quay Morgan played a weeks engagement at Laird opera House this it is a popular pric6 and gave Good Wilo moved thur Stock of clothing to this blood will Havo Lurio will Tako Possession of Tho room vacated by alarms of fro were hounded sunday from Tho residence of Fred South main and goo go Louisa the damage in both cases was tk6 Eymold podia Britannica Wotli Tho new american has been added to Tho Library of tins Nicks any of our readers will to Welcome to Call at Tho Oll co and make who of a movement is on foot to form combination of several of Tho largest Droit Mills of Tho country into a the Kimborly Mill in this Placo will to included in Tho combination if Tho Deal goes formerly mechanical of Ginor in Tho Tubo Mill in this Boon appointed superintendent of Tho Ell Wood City Ami Greenville Miller has Boon appointed assistant superintendent of Tho local King will return to this to curo u cold in one Toko laxative Bromo quinine Tab All druggists refund Money if it is to euro 95 the Geu Umo ii each list of letters remaining uncalled for in the Posto Fieo at March 1h Horn tort l Brown Minn put Dix my Kishor we foully mra j j Kig Tuer John Killoy i k Lewis Mihwa Ida Muu Oualdo Esther lira k Henry Wilson v a persons calling for above letters will please give Date of our new Stock of window mounted of Best Spring is now we can save you Money of shades Keck who has been at Chicago this returns to Fredo Iau Institute for the Spring Seo our Bobby tailor made suits Aud shirt waists before Keck Olih toil Tho special meeting of our City coun cil last saturday evening to Settle the Light question resulted in a postpone ment until Tho next regular april All bids were rejected Aud monally and Tho Light wore instructed Tot request now bids from Tho several companies with Tho right re served to reject any or All no other business was considered aside from the fixing of Tho tax Levy and wages for Borough Street and All of which will remain toot Samo As last Tho Street commissioner and policeman will each per Mouth per the Borough tax Levy remains Tho Sam Cir As last 0 and Tho sinking fund j a of this and Otto who is at present superin tending Tho construction of an electric Light Plant at Araugo will open up a meat Market in Tho room wow occupied by Mclimans and will be glad to receive a portion of Tho Public Mcm Hun expects to return to Greenville on april wit ii Tho subscriber will boat Tho follow ing named places to buy horses from 5 to 8 years in Good Tosh for mar weighing from 1000 to 1000 Poulda March 31 lines March 22 March 2j Browns March Why do vim Zuj Jaunt my she Yaugo Street property Ami several building lots in a desirable Liou for Sale Spring Lino of ladies tailor Niada suits now of Sale at Keck Lino of Blank books direct Tho Tho Shenango printing a splendid Hue of Black Ere Tho proper things for ladies skirts l s

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