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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - March 11, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania To the hmm m of the people of Peoples it tells the truth and gives pkg Yakau in our Mercer Arguti Milit court deeds Ludmar mite Bikini to this a cose was heard before arbitrators thursday of lost week in which Powell was plaintiff and r Kelley was Tho arbitral Tow were Riddl and Thompson was the counsel for plaintiff and 0 Miller appeared for the both parties to this suit reside in the Borough of West who is tax collector for the Borough of Wes 1 brought this suit to recover taxes for the year amounting to this Case was heard before Squire of Shenango township on december nud a verdict rendered in favor of the or Powell took an Appeal the Justice docket and Tho cose was ruled out for the plaintiff testified that he had not received the taxes Iii dispute or any part of and had at different times asked defendant to pay his also that when he turned in his tax duplicate to the county lie had to pay defendants taxes Kelley was called and stated that to owned but one piece of real estate in West Middlesex and that it was assessed to him As Well As to the Man from whom he had purchased Kelley produced a receipt Given him by Powell for taxes on his real estate for the year he was also assessed with two a cow and on his to had no receipt for the tax on his personal Squire of Shenango was called anal simply testified that the suit had been heard before him and that he had decided in favor of the arbitrators awarded in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant for the sum of and costs of argument the following motions and petitions were heard before his judge on monday at 10 Oclock the of of Dela Ware was asking for the appointment of a guardian for Henry a weak minded per who has been living with the Petitioner for some the Petitioner Henry Adams owns a Lotof personal property but has no real and has of late become so weak in his mind that he is unable to take care of his and is liable to lose his mind entirely and become the victim of design ing that among his personal property Are four horses and he provides no feed for and keeps them in the stable in and out of the court granted a Rule to show returnable to the to Laird monday of at 9 the petition of libel Marcellus of was an action brought for i the libel laut charges cruel and barbarous treatment and says that life was endangered and that much in dignities were offered to her Persou As to Render her condition intolerable and life in Tho equity proceedings of the Mer mining John Grill and Samuel late of defendants answer was presented in open court and ordered Tho defendants filed and answered plaintiffs petition in Case of executor of Isabella late of Plaut and a Bond was filed by John Kelly is guardian of James a minor child of Seth in the sum of James by Eusau and Arthur Mcnally upon discharged is administrators of the estate of me late of a list of personal property was set apart to the widow of Thomas me late of Liberty de in restate of Nicholas de the report of Donaldson As was filed and confirmed upon petition of adminis Trator of the estate of Amanda Lato of Fairview a order was made authorizing the Gaid administrator to make private Sale of certain real estate situated in said town ship to of motion of a member of the Allegheny county was admitted to practice Law in the Mercer county the petition of was presented in the Case of Holibaugh use of asking that a Rule to show cause be granted where property was levied As tie property of Thompson Aud c 4imod by Mary Thompson and the Rule was granted returnable to the third monday of presented a Rule to show cause in the Case of David Hamilton executor of David to which Rule it was thai notice of the same be Given to the reformed presbyterian Mission and the Home an foreign missionary personally if any person could be found on whom to make but if not to be undo by the court ordered that the sheriff make re turn As to the a of e Hamilton was presented by Mcelrath asking for a writ of do Lunatic inquire do 0u of Jackson the court made the order that the Samo should be heard before a selected from those which shall boat court on March and that notice be served upon Hamil Luella Olive Meredith and the in the Case of the Commonwealth John the defendants counsel presented a petition to have the ord6r of the court this was a Case which was heard at the december term of last at which time an order was made by judge Miller that the defend ant pay to his Sophio per month towards her support and who reside in Sharps this were both in Mehl was called and testified that he was a and he is now 64 years of ago and was unable to pay to his wife the amount so ordered the court that he should to stated that he had a lot in of which was erected a storeroom which rents for per Mouth and a House which rents for per month also that he had acres of land in Puma tuning township which he could not and that lost year he sold the Hay off said land for he had another acre in Pyrn tuning township besides this and that his taxes Aud insurance for last year were on this property he also stated that he paid a Mouth for his when interrogated As to the rental value of his real Mehl was somewhat reticent and declined to express an opinion is to its yearly rental but after having described it fully the court thought that per year was a fair Mehl testified that she owned two houses u the Borough of Oue of which rented for per and the other was empty at 3he also gave the amount of the taxes and insurance upon her the Circum stances each of Tho litigants and their respective financial the ourt made the following that Lefeu Dant pay to his wife per week o be paid into the hands of of until the further order of the in March of 1897 a committee was no jointed by the court to inquire into the probable Cost of procuring suitable judg ment indexes Aud a system of indexes or All the offices in the court House to report their opinion is to the lest system and the Cost of Opy Iii the this committee was a pointed upon petition signed by ten members of the Aud was composed f the following persons Gordon and a report was made by this committee shortly afterwards that they had exam ined the various systems of indexing that were in use and that they would recommend the White system As being the most inexpensive As Well As Best adapted to Tho needs of the they also reported the Cost of Tho books would not exceed and that if Tho judgments were to to copied into them for five years Tho Cost of the copy ing would approximate As there Are Over judgments Aud Tho prothonotary would not agree to copy them for less than four cents the county Counnis Souers were then heard of Tho Washington a fee View it interim air topic from lift National spool Fri Cor f to the Siderius that they controlled Only on Branch of the fifty fifth the republicans have every reason to by proud of the record loft by that Congress which has been in several respects on of the most remarkable in on history nud which has played an important pat1 in the worlds it did not Meo All the expectations of the Congress Ever and probably oui Ever it did much that a Good and left undone Many things i was urged to do that would have been bad and it was Wise enough for to leave the president free hand to Deal with while we Are finding out what will be the Best thing to do for presiden Mckinley fully appreciates the extent o the responsibility thus placed upon him is Well As the great compliment implied by this Confidence in and ii accordance with his usual move cautiously in nil that he his administration has been remarkably free from mistakes in matters of importance and it requires no gift of prophecy to say that his official acts will justify the Confidence reposed him by Congress ant by the the appropriations made by Tho Cou Gross just closed were Large in the a but if any Man can Point Oil any particular appropriation that was not he has not yet done a Largo proportion of the total was for Tho and to meet expenses Conse quent for several years the condition of the owing to four years of democratic hard times made it necessary to skimp the appropriations for Public Nuy of which were badly needed these have been provided for As Well is important River and Harbor the Republican party has always believed in liberality in these two classes of and it was stated by them that at Tho time of their interview with the committee of investigation they told the committee they would buy Tho but did not agree to Bear Tho expense of copying the indexes into them for Tho last five and that their under standing was that Tho indexing was to Start from the detective Frank of the Aud of the Erie brought three Dusky hobos to jail monday afto Roou for breaking Popou a cur on Tho Bessemer Railroad near they were Given a soday sentence to jail by Squire of and will earn their bread by Tho sweat of their face on the Stone the following is Tho manner in which the cases which wore on the argument list for monday of this week Woro Dis posed of Henry swagger James motion for a new continued until the third monday of John motion for a now trial was o use of continued until third monday of april Olnagan h when the condition of Tho Treasury would justify president Mckinley is inclined to favor the adoption of the suggestion made a few Days by that United states troops to to kept in Cuba until such time As it May be Cou Side red advisable by this Turu the Island Over to Tho shall be largely recruited from Tho ranks of the cuban Tho now army Bill gives the president discretion in the matter of recruiting from Tho natives of any of the islands occupied by unless something occurs to Ninko such a step it is extremely Likely that Many cubans will soon to wearing undo Sams to enlist a few thousand cubans in our army will be killing two Birds with Ono Stone it will reduce the number of americans who will have to to kept on the Island during Tho sickly and it will give employment to Many who might become troublesome if representative after being de posed by their refusal to follow his Load in support of a motion to take up the Resolution declaring the seats of Wheeler and Tho other three members of Tho who went into Tho for reported from Tho House judiciary which was overwhelmingly voted had Tho nerve to got up Aud announce that he would no longer to the democratic Leader in Tho be cause those of them who did not vote with him did not love the Constitution As much As he or words to that although the question had already been decided in the negative by presi Dent Mckinley Aud his making legislation upon it the Foraker amendment to Tho army declaring that no property franchises in Cuba shall to granted by this govern ment during its military is warmly welcomed by Tho be cause it will put a Stop to applications for such Tho House succeeded in compelling the Senate to agree to the number of new warships authorized by the original House naval but the limitation of Tho Cost of Armor to a in the Bill As finally agreed makes it impossible to make any contract for constructing Tho battleships without further because the Bill provides that no contracts shall to Given for the construction of the ships until contracts for the Armor have been Council Tho now City Council met and Tao tuesday councilmen me in forty and being Lender was elected president of Council by pot tit Imd Gilles to were applicants for the Secre Gillispio was Penman and Kield were applicants for Tho position of Molvin was reelected by Jerry Welk was reelected As special Lewis Grimm and wore applicants for the position of Street Grimm was re elected by Brachler was reelected treasurer by president Kudor appointed the follow ing committees Aud Aud and and general improvements Aud Street sex and fire and for Tho Greenville Gas and Beuving for the electric Light appeared before Tho Council and made a Fow state ments regarding their respective bids for Tho lighting of the tins mat Tor was postponed until this saturday a statement of Tho Borough finances together with the Burgess annual Mes Sage to the City both of which Are Given in full in another was Road and a Bill of presented by the fro department for Tho Moyer fire was pro tested and Laid Kamerer l for Siliado Trees for the Erie Railroad Park was also Laid Tho following Bills were which were approved Aud orders granted or same attorney Foos on Bowers Molvin to to euro of incl slain butt v Tho now Millor co Greenville Gnu acl Vancu Argus Lewis Eva Bench scr Burgess annual or it ill Hor tuft Iii oink our catechetical class in Tho lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon at 2 no services were held in Tho Hurch lust sunday owing to Tho illness if Tho services at the Baptist Church Tomor morn no 11 subject of Tho goodness of Tho lord to his communion after morning sunday school it 12 at a at evening service at 7 us acct of divorce subject f is a soul lost forever that ies morally sure without being born monthly school Tho following is Tho school report for Tho month ending february 1899 March to Tho Honor no town Council arc about to outer upon a now year Aud i shall Call your attention to the finances of our Borough and Mako a few suggestions in regard to Tho i attach a report showing Tho on Tiro expense of Tho Borough from also total receipts of this statement i believe to to absolutely nud it shows a Short ago in our accounts for Tho last year or no expense Over the Gross receipts of to As much As i did not have the amount of orders which will to presented i have in our called estimated this is to cover Bills which will Bopre seated you is Well is accounts during the lust year which have not been and i believe this no under this is Tho Only Esti mated amount in Tho on Tiro Tho others Aro taken from act nil now Tho finances of on Borough Aro in such a condition that it is impossible to have such an expense next year without bankrupting Tho unless pro visions Aro made for an increased tax it has been Tho custom of Tho Borough for several yours to rim behind a Small amount each these amounts have Boon provided for by issuing obligations which Woro finally assembled in larger amounts and provided for last year in our Bond to no about to Issue Bonds under recent ordinances already published for Tho purpose of Street paving which will no doubt carry us to on Bond such expenses us these can not further to provided for in this the majority of our property owners will have to pay assessments for either sewerage or or per haps those expenses no doubt will be All they feel like rather than Lovy an additional even should such to lawful with out Tho vote of Tho would suggest that to make appropriations for the different expenses during Tho year and try to confine ourselves to Tho Gross list year our net receipts were Tho improvements in our Borough will perhaps increase the valuation this will add More to the receipts and will give us about less than the average of our expenses for the inst 4 or 5 1895 Tho total expense 1897 1898 Tho Norago is within the last year to paid for fire for Hoso this of course will not occur again this but i find in looking Back that each year has its of Pouso similar to this and must be provided hoping Yon will give this your care Ful i yours West Ward Mish Surv i Ujiie Smith Mish a Ninilo Mish miss Nora White Mim p m total Central Cisilio Logan miss a Jizzi itis Calvin mems Nina Gutton Julish i Attix Alton miss Jill Himi the Crawford county Mutual fire insurance be two to set aside service of defendants dropped the Case on motion continued on Aud no contracts for Armor can to made at that but Secretary Long says to can Aud will go right ahead with the cruisers provided As Tho Armor they require does not Zonio under Tho prohibitory clause of the nothing but Good words Are heard of Tho appointment of a governor Mer of to be superintendent of the although his nomination did not reach the Senate until few minutes before final it was promptly and unanimously his Busi Ness career leaves to doubt of his Mak ing a Success of the the military court of inquiry will go West this Columbia 1 Misti Atiim Iron 2 Mihk Kmil Ploumi t mite Nuttin i miss Oroc 7 miss 8 Mijs May u miss Esthor grand grand total for Hiu Iio month last 40 ii 45 112 40 84 1105 4h 4 lift is i u a la m i 04 in m 04 7 if lit 2 h 5 ii 04 i 01 Iki 117 117 05 0 14 k 15 Gil 05 101 Irr c i in to to 10 j2 lit 10 17 17 so 004 078 05 05 i5 of 8u thorough account from Mew t Oln and Pirn and Stone stut Tux attorney Anim additional a win if adv in our classified that is Good Efiong for Ber Lin should to Good enough for boat form of House of Tho Market for Sale at the news Hamilton has purchased Tho it Ibert property on Mercer con floor of Hewitt store is being lowered to a level with Tho which will make a decided school Board held its regular Mouthy session tuesday All members being no business outside of Tho regular work was trans agent for Tho Adams express in this had charge of Tho Sharon of his com Pany this week during Tho absence of Tho regular Tod Camp had charge of the local notice Lias been posted at Tho Kim cry Mill Nemo uitting an increase of 10 per to All but Tou Ungo Tho was a pleasing our to Tho employees and is believed that other increases will to made Tho Plant is running steadily with 20 fur Liacos Tho annual election of of scors of Calvary Oouinn Ncry knights hold last Tho following officers Woro elected Cyrtis eminent commander Hor Generalissimo Harry map Tiu general Orson re Corder Oval in and Carl cooking school tinder Tho auspices of the ladies of Tho presbyterian Church will to hold in Tho Church Parlours every Day next at 2 Oclock of monday the course con sisting of six lessons will to give for single 25 Tho teacher comes highly being a Pupil of All Aro cordially Miller and school Over have dissolved e school Over shoo Novar will occupy rooms Over Mio Greenville National Miller will retain Tho present suite of Milky now improvements will to when finest suite of rooms in Tho be notice of dissolution of Page Courtenay Morgan which comes to the opera hons Tho Wook of March has been mooting Wilh Groat Success in our neighbouring Tho press of Slit Nebula Aud others speak very highly of Tho they Piny it mend Villo i to wok pre Vious to Tho company is composed of High class drama and Vau 20 nud 0 Tho valuation for Borough Imp Pooh in the Tux Levy in ooh tax Tiik Nitika Khz 1iu kor for for High Herrit i Junr for sundry Hor Teit i will boat Tho following places next week Filer Grove thurs March 10 March 17 Green March to buy All grades of horses suitable for the bring in your Good ones and get Tho highest Market discount and collodion i dior cent Iii to expenses Over total list of letters remaining uncalled for in Tho Postof Lico at March 1 f Lurk h o Gouk Hurh w Clark mrs f v fromn Mich Pearl Huffman John Mason h a Wall mrs alike Cix Fried i Kim in 1c Thomas miss Annii fuck menu a in i tit the Best Salve in the world Salt Rheum fever chapped Aud All skin Ami positively cures or no pay t is guaranteed to give perfect Satis or Money for Sale Shwom to Illel hot min Bikih mrs Minnie in Flor Alex a Tewart u w Temple Toni Wheeler minx Miry i Walker Layan m persons calling for above Jotters will please give Dato of to Curt a com la Ono take laxative Bromo quinine Tab All druggists refund Money if it fails to euro 25 Tho Geu Riuo has of a Chi our latest improvement in three times preset save Borough Gas our new Stock of window mounted of test Spring is now to can save you Morfey of shades Keck hand n at n mooting of Tho original members of Tho fifteenth regiment band wednesday it was decided to to Tho Bond under i to Nanio of Tho band of Tho following officers Wero elected Aud Seiple assistant grot1 no Morse Buck executive com tumor Ami Doii Kiihn Giulii n my Engineer James with o engine made a remarkably fast run Between Pitsburg and Osrio re the train made 28 regular two of Thorn requiring 7 Mintch and two Flag a total of to and Yot the 151 Miles were Cov ered in just 4 hours and i As Jnora than Iii minutes to lost in making can to easily to seen that Somo Fly runs were Mado Between Engineer Douglass has Tho reputation of being Ono of the fastest and most careful runners of Tho Krio our to sure that our lights will give Good by Rico that to have offered to Guaran tee that to will furnish c per times As much Light an we did under Tho old contract 17 that our Surv co will be Jitter for practical Uso than Tho electrical this a Guntek is this company Lias a capital and sur plus of Over no debts which could not to paid with our assets it will spend several thousand dollars for in order to get into Shapo to carry out Tho it would not do this without a moral cer to nifty that it could do As proposed we run Tho risk and not the the Akk Exville Gas March Viliy Jent my Shou Hugo s t Root property several building jots in u Ile Strablo Loca Tion for Sale a splendid Liuo of Black Tho proper things for ladies skirts Keck

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