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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - March 4, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania V h i devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer Peoples tells the tit eth fahd gives our Merber Grcen Vullo i moult con special cof Rospo Donco to tub the equity Case Between Adam David Zach Long and Jacob and was heard before judge Miller the plaintiffs complain As follows that on january the plaintiffs and All of entered into a Copartnership together for the purpose of mining and Selling hav ing a Coal mine in town which immediately prior had been operated by one of the Adam the defend looser and Adam each of said parties having an equal that Adam Zuschlag sold his interest in the partnership to David Zuschlag and Jacob two of the Plain tiffs in this who with the other Adam and looser carried on the business until the dissolution of the having been carried on and known under the firm name and style of Greenville Block Coal that the plaintiffs owned a two thirds interest in the Adam Miller owning on third and David and Jacob Zuschlag a on third interest jointly Between and the defendant owned that each of the parties contributed an equal amount of Money for the carrying on of the business of the firm and the profits arising from the business were to be divided according to their several on october the partnership was dissolved by Adam one of the re All of the Coal in the mine having been taken during the continuance of the partnership looser at tended to the books of the firm and received All the moneys arising from the Sale of the for which moneys defendant should Render the plaintiffs a reasonable a Large amount of the Coal mined was sold by the firm to various persons on some of which debts have been collected by the of which the plaintiffs have never received their that no settlement of the accounts has Ever been although since the dissolution the plaintiffs have repeatedly applied to and requested of the defendant to come to a final Settle ment with but the defendant has refused to Render an account of the moneys by him so and that the defendant is indebted to the Plain tiffs and that there is a balance due them by the also that the defendant has without consent of plaintiffs taken Possession of the belonging to the mine and has sold a Large Stock pile of Bias been mined from their which was Worth about and has collected the Money for it and refuses to make an account to the plaintiffs plaintiffs ask that the defendant be made to give a full account of All moneys collected by him and that an injunction be issued restraining defendant from collecting any of the debts due the firm and from Selling any of the property belonging to the defendant admitted to some of the statements made by the plaintiffs but denies others As follows that to attended to the books of the firm and received the moneys arising from the sales of except that he kept a Small memorandum Book at the the facts Are that the books were kept by a paid bookkeeper at the office of Adam Miller Coal dealers of of which firm Adam one of the was a and that the books were open at All times for inspection and were under the direction of Adam Miller and Are still there in that defendant acknowledged that to did collect some but states that plaintiffs also collected Money for Coal that when he sold Coal he re ported it to the bookkeeper and that the Money was deposited in the Bank to the credit of the company and some paid out on debts owed by the defendant denied that to had refused to Settle with the plaintiffs and that he has been anxious to have a settlement made and had repeatedly informed the plaintiffs and their that he did not take Possession of the machinery without consent of plaintiffs and that when Adam Miller withdrew from the firm the other Mem Bers continued in Possession of the machinery with the consent of the plaintiff and that a Large part of the Stock pile was hauled away by Adam also that to has not applied anything belong ing to the firm to his individual of and of represented the and Gillispio of appeared for the the will of late of the Borough of Sandy was probated and letters testamentary issued to Mary and John of Bandy letters of administration in the estate of James late of Jackson were granted saturday to 1 letters testamentary were issued monday to Powell do Mary and Virginia do France in the estate of de late of recorder emmy recorded the first discharge from service of a Soldier of the Spanish american War on Mon that has been recorded m the re corders office of this county since the War the discharge was that of Howard of Sandy a private of company sixteenth regi ment enlisted at this is a Good plan so that in Case an original discharge is lost that has been recorded or destroyed in any Way a certified copy of the same would answer the same purpose As the More Likely follow Baileys example As the fee for recording is Only 75 tuesday evening the citizens of Mer cer Gaye the Volunteer from Mercer Vicinity a Royal motion in tace Parlours of the social Circle there were number of boys answered the Call of president Mckinley for volunteers front this Al though there was not a full company left from the Hill throughout was very handsomely decorated with flags and Bunting and the Walls were Hung with pictures of battleships of the Navy and heroes of the War from both the army and Emma Ley and the Phillips of this constituted the and played several Fine selections during the forepart of the evening As the boys were being after a warm Wel come had been Given the All pres ent partook of a in the dining of pickles and which was served by a number of Young ladies with aprons and Caps of after supper the audience gathered in the where the balance of the exercises were to take the speakers wore judge and miss Belle this ended the program and the balance of the evening was spent in fifty tickets were sold Here last Satur Day morning to Sharon via new on account of the funeral of Hay every county official went except who was not of was a caller at the Temple of Justice the Many friends of Lyle Orr Are urging the state treasurer to appoint him assistant As Orr has been a clerk there for some the appointment could not to better be Martin has introduced a Bill in the legislature to make the treasurer of cities of the third class ineligible for the to should have gone one step further and made All col lectors ineligible for the second term in right hero in Mercer county held by the collectors the first of this which should have been Here to pay outstanding the Bill for the repeal of the special Law for the collection of taxes in this county has passed second and will not fail to pass the collections will be made hereafter under the general which gives All the tax to the collectors and they have to Settle their accounts on or before december 81 of each and every allow us to note some of the benefits the taxpayers will reap As a result of the repeal of this the treasurer handles no tax at All from the consequently the treasurers docket and which occupies the time of the auditors for about 80 will be dispensed thereby cutting the salary each Audi Tor Down to about for the each taxpayer paying his tax inside of 60 gets a rebate of 5 per the same As lie does on his school and Road and he is not liable to have the 5 per As the col lectors must accounts in 0 months irom june 1 each deeds William pears to David property in fail View Verna i to Ruth property in Jackson Byers it to Mary property in West Middlesex Stinson Price to John Power of Roberts it to property in Liu Ibert it to James property in Jacob Novi Genet to Edwin Beil it property in Price be to Catherine Novi property in Vaughn to prop erty in Levi Morrison it to Aaron property in James Mccornick it to Riley it property in first National Bank of Greenville to e Roberts it release of Mort John Temam it to Anthony Sil property in Jackson Eliza Bortz to Surah release of Lillian Mathay to Sarah release of Cornelius Jewell to Sarah release of Sarah Gree Ulco to John prop erty in Millcreek Snodgrass to Catherine property in sugar Grove Josiah Taylor it to property in Hickory Railroad company to Marietta property in West Salem Tau image Frank Margaret Ulrigo Maude Frank Mary Mary Lackwa Nusek Fred Lillie Salom Clyde Jennie Sharon John Nellie o Etta for 10 Oast areas Inako the bowels and kidneys act de stroy euro bilious Nessi Aud our latest improvement in three times present save Borough gee Seville Gas Johnson Lias been in the Carriage business in and near Greenville for Over 31 lost season he sold 9 car loads and is making preparations for larger sales this he Jias now a Fine variety of buggies of All grades and his Stock of single and team farm wagons and is now listen i if you Ever have it thought of sending to Chicago or fora Vehus to Samv remember that we Seji you the very same article Fop 10 Pep less per yeah in Washington a Etc Vlma from Hie special correspondence to tub the new army Bill is satisfactory to Dent which is alone stiff Lieut proof that the democratic claim of having compelled its acceptance by the republicans is a bit of the simple truth is that the democrats were clearly out generated by the in their anxiety to escape censure from the people for trying to tie the hands of the by opposing the Hill army the democrats offered to vote for a Bill that gives practically everything the Hull Bill would have except that it Oulu provides for the additional men for two years from next instead of leaving it discretionary with the How Long the additional men should to kept in the president Mckinley and the Republican senators took advantage of the Opportunity thus presented to pro an extra session of their object in doing this is they avoid an extra which no one wanted the increased army is secured at once when it is and last but by no Means the next Congress can be depended a thou to pass any permanent army legislation that May be recommended by my it will be seen that the claim of Victory by the democrats is just about As substantial As that set up by the spaniards after Dowey had destroyed their Fleet at Manila Aud later when they announced that Corvera had nov a great president Mckiou Ley has won a double Triumph secured the soldiers he and avoided an extra session of so far is Secretary Long from enter turning a feeling of ill will towards Admiral Sibley that to has caused it to be announced that in the event of the failure of the Senate to act upon Chloys nomination to be rear which to does not the Navy department will not allow Schley to be forced out of the although failure of the sen ate to act on the nomination would leave Schley without official As another Man has been nominated confirmed to succeed him As which leaves no vacancy in that representative of made another speech attacking the president probably his As hero tires from Public life at the end of the present week which was effectually replied to by representative of the same who declared that Johnson had Boon repudiated by his whose sentiments lie did not represent in any Aud sup ported the declaration by Reading extracts Froni Republican papers in his those said Miv Are the men who 85 years upheld the hands of Oliver Morton against the assaults of the if the gentleman returns to his District he will be crucified by Public opinion and spat upon with senator Warren made a successful fight for an an amendment to the River and Harbor Bill that Means much to those who live in the arid sections of the it provides for the establishment of group of reservoirs in Wyoming Aud for surveys to Demon Strate the practicability of creating other reservoirs in arid Aud semiarid especially along the headwaters of the Missouri How Strong the Nicaragua canal is in the Senate was shown by the fact that Only three votes were cast against the River Aud Harbor containing an amendment providing for the construction of the the Only thing that can prevent the amended Bill going through the House is Lack of and that can probably to t when senator so Well expressed Tho fear that to could not satisfy Tho no matter How much was done for and that to should sooner or later have them fighting to said what Many have been thinking without although hoping that the cubans would in Tho end justify Tho High Opin Ion which senator Foraker and others hold of it is to make peaceable citizens of men who have been professional All their As most of Tho cuban loaders Havo in View of the situation at whore Aguinaldo a horde Are firing on the red using Tho White hug to lure our soldiers in Range of their acting As Midnight and otherwise showing themselves to be out Sido Tho Pale of the speeches in Praise of the filipinos that Havo been made in Are closely Allied to and As such their makers do serve the condemnation of Tho representative Cannon was precisely right when to said in Tho House if Tho speeches made hero yesterday by Simpson Jerry Aud others had been made in Manila they would have Boon tried by drumhead court martial and Tho United states 1ms and will continue to exercise sovereignty in Tho if Thoy am Tho Power of Tho whole peo As repro sorted by Tho army and will see to it to lat our authority is and the rocks and mountains will fall upon any individuals or any party which seeks to obstruct my she Nugo Street property and several building lots in a desirable locution for Sale Street Well Moji Gas the cities which Are today really Well lighted Are Many of the towns of North Germany and to a less degree these by limiting Tho use of electricity and developing with Havo found the solution of the economic and satisfactory lighting if to wish to seek for lessons and examples it is to those cities we must pans be ahead of Glasgow English i Tho banquet of Greenville last Friday was one of the Mast successful social emits Ever Given in this Tho Crary program was held in Tho Hall and will Long to about 800 elks and their friends Wero a most interesting program Vas rendered at As follows sounds from or Chestra address of exalted ruler Edwin Mossman loves miss Laura a Cutty loves orchestra Gazelle and miss Blanche Thorpe Monroe Munson orchestra a Down East court miss Estella Mosca miss Lulu Hogue orchestra Waltz every number was rendered in a very pleasing calling Forth Hearty after the banquet the guests repaired to armory where ladies of Clements episcopal Church had pro pared a most elaborate till Reiss occupied a seat at Tho head of the Center table and officiated As toastmaster with credit to himself and to Greenville Lodge of which to is an Active Tho tables Wero profusely decorated with Cut Sini Hix Aud and the scene us Tho 800 trusts Down to eat web one that will not soon to for the several courses wore served with dispatch by the Largo Force of of Tor Tho banquet Tho following toasts were responded to our absent by the doctor spoke at some length on the thought of the particular Way in which Tho absent brother was re Mem whether in Distant lands far away from Home and or having passed beyond the portals of death to Tho great this brought him to Tho 11 Oclock a feature of Tho Groat Herd of Damon responded to Tho what constitutes a Good his remarks Wero coined in such a manner As to Call Forth Liberal and were profusely interspersed with appropriate selections of Why i am an Elk was responded to by Gulliford in very impressive Gulliford dwelt at some length on Tho Throe great attributes upon which this strictly american order is founded Charity and brotherly of responded to Tho Tho Campbell has the pleasant faculty of knowing How reach his hoards on any his remarks wore to the and called Forth at this Point miss Blanche Thorpe was upon to give a Tho dutchman a humorous John Smith responded to the the eleven Oclock Tho hour of 11 has a Peculiar significance to Tho where two More elks Are to a Toast is up non or drank to Tho absent this was beautifully illustrated by Tho reciting of an appropriate selection of in which Smith was assisted by Tho Wakefield was called upon for remarks and replied in a forcible As did also a governor Sho Kloy and John after these and Auld Lang Yuo was he wore cleared and the remainder 01 evening and until the Early hours of Tho morning wore devoted to Tho decorations in both the and armory Halls Wero very elaborate in every among Tho out town guests present Wero Tho following Rich Louis Marks and Franklin Charles Peoples and Charles meteor James Groom Stoneboro Gib Bons and Sharon Harry among our Soolly Patricks com Nandory will moot in Goodwin to will moot in their masonic next tuesday at 8 of will meet in pythian authurs tomorrow at so of will moot in masonic tomorrow at 3 will moot in their Hall in the Goodwin next thursday at 8 Oclock will moot in their Over Flor joke shoo next thurs Day at 7 80 knights of Honor will moot in masonic next Fri Day at 7 to of will moot in pythian mat hops next Friday at s of will moot in pythian Mathers Boxt monday at 8 Rathbone will moot in pythian Mathers not thursday at 8 knights of the much abcs will moot in masonic next thursday at 8 ladies of Tho will moot in the masonic not at 7 to Oclock Eureka Lodge will meet in masonic Hull Boxt monday at 7 Royal templars of will meet at 75 South Rico next Fri Lay at 7 80 Arnica the Best Salve in the world for Salt Rheum fever chapped All skin and Posi cures or no pay to is guaranteed to give perfect sett in or Money for Sale u make mistake if be of Young Ctm Rolt catechetical class in Tho Luth oven Church will meet this saturday after noon at 8 of this will occupy the pm by Toriati pulpit at James town Tho subject for Tho Christ Iii 15 n Donavor society of Tho United Presby Terian Church tomorrow will be Tho Gates of miss Dattlo at Tho annual service of the women Fow Ign missionary society of Tho presbyterian wednesday about f 1 08 was raised for foreign missionary Thero will to a concert Given in Tho methodist episcopal Church monday March by Tho singing class of Tho program will consist of duets and Tho class will be ably assisted by and also by miss Marietta Brown and a pious ant and profitable evening for All who attend if buy to confidently Catharine of Carroll Mother of of this died february at Tho advanced ago of 82 Cyrus Bortz died february aged 28 h months and 25 in infancy to Hud Scarlet from which to never fully to was a member of Good Hopo Luth eran in Stormout his miss Annie of died february aged 20 1 Mouth and 21 Sho was ill for about 2 years with was an Earnest Christian in Tor ment in Tho Shenango Mon her Foll Christy dind at her Home on Mercer wednesday of heart deceased was Tho wife of Tho late Andrew Jack Sou and belonged to Ono of Tho Pioneer families of Western Pennsyl Sho wus bom at what is now May being no Uriost 78 years of ago at Tho Timo of her in 1819 she was married to Andrew Jackson of which Union three children survive her Frank and of this and mrs Susan of Tho following Brothers and Sisters also mourn Hor demise Jamos of this place Harvey of now and Mary Leech Christy has lived in this place since sue was a devout Christian a life Long member of the presbyterian and Hor demise will to Loi Miod with Doop regret by her Many Tho funeral took place yesterday afternoon Friday 2 interment in Tho Shin aug Valley list of letters Romani Wiuf uncalled for in Tho Post office at february 27 Hlaj flu hit Lew Hull a Holos Umla Hill limn Tajii thrown Arthur hid win Brown m c i no Hilluk kelp i Ijiri Chin Mih a Lirian mourn Thompson mall or Mih Mary by win duri Violt Are Norn Ido fit or Triina Mckuy k 10 Minnie Hotoi Ummi w h Miller Mih Annuli Stuart Mph Lilu mall or a Lijah us persons culling for above letters will please give Date of Sarnol Rulx Limoli Illk i am now lighting Twenty fourth Ami Twenty fifth streets with Wal Buchs from Tho now station of Tho Pennsyl Vania Milroad at Tho foot of Twenty Mikird Street to fifth Uvo nuo with this because i think Tho due Raused Eab traffic on those which i Havo to costly requires Hie Best Pon Hible i was very much surprised during a remont visit to Purin to discover that the Weisbuch Hud superseded on All the Gruel especially is this so on Tho chumps Charles 1 deportment of Public now for Llin my ill president won uns Dekau will you kindly con Voy to the members of your Guild the Minnal Flod gratitude and Praise of this Lodge for Tho satisfactory results of the banquet served by them Oil the Evoniuk of february Tho verdict of every member that it win should you Ever require any reference is to your ability in serving a Al Stolash this to a stands prepared to swear by very truly tin Alius Elfull it Helen Walters of Moody believes that the husband who Eun to inanity of is not Worth and there is no Bel Ter she in the March ladies Homo for both Hus band and wife to adopt in adjusting themselves to the new relation Tymn that of trying to do each by Tho other what men Are accustomed to Call the Square Many a woman understands managing husband Tetter than she does Tho Square thing by and Umney a nmn nude stands and practices doing the Square tiling by other men who would affronted if he were to be told judged by his own business stand he habitually dealt unfairly with his own tour latest improvement in three times present a Borough Gas the Phoenix grocery hns looser Gulvis will continue Tho in Lviv is a Veteran in Tho grocery Busi Ness and to wish him Frederick retired from Tho business in this Oliver Jones taking Possession of hta As already stated in those Frederick will to on that Jones is too Well known our readers for further Ito is a Cun Ablo Young Man and to bespeak for him pollards bakery changed hands on Fred Knierer and Smith taking the now Al nor will be known As Kiu Borer Smith a now oven and Many other improve ments will to added to the establish a specially will to made homemade just Liko Mother used to with the Well known ability to Hustle that theofr Young men Are known to Thoy Aro bound to Tho firm of Keek if Hutchoson lots dissolved Hulo Hoson Hute Hosti is Tho Pioneer shoo Man in this having Boon ii business during Tho past 15 six years ago to took Allison Keck into partnership with Keck will continue Tho business at the Ohi he is Ono of our popular Imd successful Young business and with Tho wide reputation this shoo is publish Mont already hits throughout Mercer we bespeak for him continued Tho old clerks will by a want adv in our column Page at the opera House Friday und saturday 20 and to hurry Section Foreman Tho Hud u leg broken near the Friday Mckay is building a Lino veranda on his residence on which is a decided Effort is being in ado to consolidate Tho the Greenville gun club and Tho bicycle clubs of Tho ladies of Tho Mae cubes will give a 213 cent supper in March from 5 to 7 Gonev our come a water main in front of in asians main lust but wus bof6rtv much damage wus Tho placed a intr go electric clock in Tho disown the Limtt to fretted hourly by Tho Western Anlou Tolo graph burglars entered Tho residence of Engineer of Tho Oil Plum Early last saturday morn but wore frightened away without g encyclopaedia Britannic a Tho new american him Emir added to the Library of tin of our will be Welcome to cull it Tho Mollico and make use of now City Avill bar sworn in next Council Wilt moot not tuesday tit Hiruo Light question will to Tulen the election of a policeman will a Lvov to were in error lust Wook in our Umoru Norment of Juines und hurry opening a plumbing hurry san wort will open a shop in Tho Meukel us stated und Juines Stewart will to ii his John Gordons tuesday under the auspices of wus a rare treat for our and Grey lev enjoyed by All Gordon is a Brilliant speaker und knows Well How to Liis Humlin sold tuesday to building Wen pied by poll Row Luil Cery to Long for und his residence on Clinton Street to for Hsunlin intends moving to Tho House now occupied by on Sli Enung linemen of the Mercer Tele phone met with a queer Ucci deut while working on a Polo near the lutheran monday Joo who Wuh working at i lie top of Tho striking Churles who wus working further both nmn fell a Dis Lune of 20 striking foot they Wero seriously Litho High no Bones were Greenville Gas Hus erected three Wel Sueh one at the Corner of College Avenue and main Mer cer and Clinton and one in West these ire samples of what they propose to furnish should they secure the cont riot to Light the while the i pinot be Eom paired with Tho Olce Trio we three of these Well to one electric Light would give us u much hotter Light very Little electric lighting is used in Tho streets of Continental incandescent Gas methods Are largely in for to Leno Are Gius Toto Uro Light being found Only in such placet us the boulevards and Largo Publ Economy and effectiveness Are Tho Given for Tho preference progressive november new Stock of window mounted on Best Spring is now we can save you Money on Keek to cure it old in out take laxative Bromo quiz due tub All druggists refund Money if pc fails to cure 25 the genuine Iusi to on each

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