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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1898, Page 5

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News, The (Newspaper) - July 30, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania Absolutely pure coming september september september september August september new bitter changes for advertisements must be seat in not later than thursday noon to insure prompt the Market Page there a Star on your Label you Dout advertise your goods nobody else 21st Kuunal Stag party will be held at Trout Island on August of wheat in Ashtabula Are reported at from 18 to 28 bushels per first prize Ini our educational and save tuition at Thiel a College next second place in one heat was the Ibert lord Vincent could do at Erie this too fast we want a live correspondent in every town nud Village in Mercer write us for Greenville protected Home or will run a special train to August round 50 everybody official account of Cervera defeat by Commodore Schle will be found on Page the news gives the very Best service that can be any person entering our educational should write us for special in we can give you a few pointers that will no doubt help the seventh annual reunion of the Sixte Eners association of the Mercer will be held in Mercer on wednes Day and August 17 and a fire alarm was turned in from the it was Only a the of Zahnis ors House being on Vonu Eastville will hold a August with bicycle and foot band Xii Yesville has been challenged for a Hose for a purse of first of a series of articles improvement will be found on Page two of this Issue of the this is a subject on which All Farmers be greatly every business House in town will be closed on August for the merchants and firemen the Bessemer shops and the handle fac tory will Likely close for that Day to wish to Call the attention of our to the necessity of writ ing especially in regard to proper to wore compelled to leave several news items out of some of letters this week on account of not being Able to decipher the on August the Bessemer will in a special train from Greenville to exposition Park and train loaves at Retior Niue train leaves exposition Park tit 11 fair for round in admission to 50 of was on Tho complaint of his James of arrested Tho of horse he was Given a preliminary hearing and in default of bail was lodged in Tho defendant claims to is Tho victim of 4v one of James towns who old enough to know let his Kite out with an abundance of string the other Day while in mar his principal conversation was directed against Jamestown and some of tier Best the ministers rally coming in for their share of unjust any Man who will talk Down Lais own town is one of the meanest of if he dont like let him get when a stranger hears a Man trying to run Down his own he sets that Onan Down As a firs class Exchange says the Moody Assembly of has been unable to secure the services of Moody for their september but will substitute such Talent As Wilbur pastor of John Wanai Akers and of if John Wanamaker would pay half As much attention to his Church As he does he would no doubt soon acquire ownership of ail the churches in Phil but that not what John Hes As bad As kid that tue he never get there a on your Label forget the merchants August at the news office for visiting or second prize in our educational contest and save tuition at Fredonia Institute next news has More correspondents than any other paper in Mercer read pages seven and Ellis purchased the Gro Cery store of Ellis pc Bert is a Hustler and we wish him annual reunion of Tho 145th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer association will be held in Erie on August friends and Patron of the Mer chants and firemen of Greenville Are cordially invited to attend the monster picnic on August state superintendent of Public schools has fixed the dates of the teachers institutes in the various counties of the that of Mercer county will be held at Mercer on August say that the reason you buy so much from out town concerns is because our Homo merchants do not keep what you they can get you any thing you want and deliver it As cheap As you can buy it patronize our Home they spend their Money at Home and Are deserving of your the August number of Mcclure major general Miles will give nil account of his observations and experiences at the autumn manoeuvres of the German and French armies last among a number of extraordinary military displays which he saw at this time As a special guest was the grand review of the russian army held in Honor of president of Thep article will be very fully illustrated Tveith portraits of sovereigns and commanders and pictures of manoeuvres and among Ouk Mckay will preach on Sab Bath morning on succession of the Union service on Sabbath evening in the United presbyterian preach ing by the subject for Young Peoples meet ing at the United presbyterian Church Toni Orrow evening will be the evil of Luke Edward the Baptist Young Peoples Union has elected the following officers presi miss Sadie Giles vice m Hamblin miss Clara Leet miss Sarah thought him one of the queer Quill Edcouch tells this Story in the pall mall Magazine governor of the Cornwall county Lunatic had a great Many tra mural i among them an accomplished landscape paint this captivated by Tho Beauty of Tho Little seaport town of East took lodgings chose his subject and started to make some drawings of it on Tho rocks at Low a few Days later Hicks drove Over to see and arrived at West look to be taken across the Harbor in a to his he found a Boatman wait ing for still More to his the Boatman hailed him thus Ive Abee look ing out for to Tho last Day or i Kuo Wod youd Hes Over Here Hes been hollering and screech he sits at Low water Down among Tho Apai uting at a bit of and he Calls come into the Gar a pretty Gordou hot Agot there i in Here by the Gate not a Gate within a mile of nil you can Tako in Hes quiet free Send your address to Bucklen and get a free Sample Box of Kings now life a trial will convince you of their these pills Are easy in action and Are particularly effective in Tho euro of constipation and sick for malaria and liver troubles they have been proved they Are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to to purely they do not weaken by their but by giving tone to the stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the regular size 25 cents per sold by Shrom that boy org it who a trying so hard to win Ono 3 of the prizes in our educational t contest is deserving of your flan e Ciul if you Are already a subscriber to the Why not pc Send it to some Friend for a your s the news i is Tho Best paper in Mercer county and will keep you posted on All the county it has More county correspond Enco each week than any other two papers published in Tho Tho subscription Price of tub a jews is per year cheap if you want it but dear at any Price if you dont want it an advertisement in the n e is will toll 1600 subscribers what you Over of whom of Mercer miss Florence of this is at july a soil to John abeam and Peter is lying very ill at Liis Home on main Dorsio Wii ions and family spent Sun Day with friends at july it daughter to Ferguson and Only a Sou to Harry Sii Der and East miss Nina of is Tho guest of the misses Anna of is visiting relatives in this of spent Sun Day with his family in this miss Bertha who has been visiting in has returned miss Clara Gilbert was the guest of Mercer friends a few Days this Harry of spout sunday with Cutler and miss Pearl Ramsey is the guest of miss Florence Calvin at Coupe nut Loka miss Stella of Grove is the guest of Mckay and Ernest the Well known Bossory is the guest of his Pascu and miss Stella Miller is visiting her sister and other relatives in North Amherst and miss of is visiting her George College just As we go to press to learn that Samuel Marks is lying very Low with paralysis of the Gibson and family took up their summer quarters at the con Ricaut Dan of visited his of Hempfield this Arthur of a former resident of this chilled on old friends last saturday Comstock and of were Tho go tests of Julius Turner and family a few Days tins Ellis and who have been visiting Elliss parents at for the past re turned Home miss Francesca who has been visiting friends at and other places during the past few returned Home last Fred new York and James Mckee attended Tho funeral of Joseph Hawk and daughter Lookabaugh and daughters Ruth and of Loach Are guests of Hill and misses Ray Graham and of and miss of Coc Miu All fraternity Sisters of miss Sara were guests of miss Evans tins Joseph Ash and of Evans Butler and miss Eva Lewis of wore Tho guests of scarce and family this cards have been issued announcing the approaching marriage of miss daughter of Woodruff and formerly of this to Henry both of of pastor of the United presbyterian Church in this place for Over 21 was the guest of friends in this place this he preached a Sermon for last Woods and and Bach wont on a Wheeling tour to last saturday arriving in time to breakfast with their they spout saturday and Sun Day at Squaw Creek returning accompanied by master Olon fifty years ago Tho allowance of paint in Tho British Navy was very and sometimes Tho officers had to pay Largo sums in order that their ships might maintain a decent appear one of Thorn resorted to a humor Ous either to soften Tho Huaroc of Tho Navy or if that proved to express his sir John Phillimore painted Side of his old yellow stud White and used Tho rest of Tho Black paint in printing on the other Side a Largo no More the Navy Board wrote to Call his at Tention to Tho impropriety of his duct and signed As they did your affectionate to this sir John replied that Dot obliterate the objectionable letters unless he was Given More paint and signed himself in your affectionate John the Navy Board then called his Atten Tion to Tho impropriety of Tho to which sir John acknowledging the stating that to regretted that the paint had not been sent and ending i am no longer your affection ate John his frigate was allowed to retain Hen original and perhaps the Navy Board did right thus to punish sir a the fret prise for our a Alt str in of Itron Caln at if one of the most Brilliant social events Ever Given in this City was Tho recep Tion tendered by John Brackis and in Honor of James Craig Brackin and wife at the Arlington hotel lust Friday and Brackin wore recently married at the Bride being miss of that they reached this place wednesday after an extended tour of popular Eastern summer As above Tho elaborate of far was Given in their the guests began to arrive at 8 nud from that hour until 12 Oclock Tho hotel was crowded by a throng of the receiving party consisting of John Bracken and James Brockitt Aiice Charles Putz and miss Blanche of Grove nud miss of nud Roland and of this received in Tho front Parlours of the Tho misses Rose Kidd and Bertha and Frank Scott and Allison Keck looked after Tho Comfort of the guests and assisted in making Tho affair a misses Florence Helen Gillespie and masters Frank Fred hoi Maii and Kenneth Hayes acted As guides and at Tho cud of the hidden behind waving Palms and potted Low Stannus orchestra was they rendered Sweet music during Tho elaborate col lation was served in the dining every detail of which had been carefully superintended by proprietor of the who is deserving of Especial mention on Tho Success of one of the most elaborate affairs Over held in Tho during Tho evening Over 400 guests were received from this City in addition to the Follo Nying out of town guests Brit David Pittsburg miss Mario Meadville major seventh Washington Kenneth miss Blanche and master Ken Neth Meadville Charles Meadville Grove City miss Minnie Cleveland miss Delia Pittsburg Captain mar Sheridan mercy miss Anna Ful Robbins and Sharpsville miss Bel Leruo miss Sara let list of letters remaining uncalled for in the Postof neat tues july Billii Maude Blessing Jerry Leo Chan Brown James Mcclain ans Wor my Ohi Iho mrs Kvut a Colosky 1c is Clark mrs Amy Mcfall Frank h Clark mrs Elizabeth Smith Jull Lim a Secir Bert Pei sous calling for letters will please give Date of Steath the of has found a More valuable discovery than has yet Boon Mado in t he for years to suffered untold agony from accompanied by Zommor a hags and was absolutely cured by Kings now discovery for consume coughs and to declares that Gold is of Little value in comparison with this marvelous euro would have it even if it Cost a bronchitis and All Throat and lung affections arc positively cored by Kings now discovery for Froe trial bottles at Shrom drug regular size 50 cents guaranteed or Price clot Litif Cleu Iund by Tho French dry 75 cents Over to 50 cents to dross 75 cents to kid 25 cents to 815 Crescent steam Dyo 150 main before have you had an Opportunity to buy Tan shoes so cheap and so Early in Tho season As at present at Keck our Stock of net and popular priced curtains is now we also carry a Nice assortment of dotted swisse and fish nets for Sash flask to see our Percale one Yard strictly fast at 8 cents a fancy checked Madras cloth for shirt waists at cents per big assortment of silk lines and figured denims in the new Best groceries at Cost before buying Stop in and Sec my Stock of fresh and High Grade groceries which we Are Selling lower than any other place in we give with every Worth of goods a flour a few of our prices 5 cent cents 10 cent canned 25 cent cents 20 cent cents package con is 7 Cento if cent canned Conta can per Centa Suo Welako per 50 cent cents i i cents 00 cent cents per g Conta it cent sack 8 cents j per b Cental 25 cent cents 10 cent table per cents 75 cent Wash cents j 80 cent baking Conta 7 pounds washing cents j 7 pounds barrel 80 cent gallon canned apples 24 cents 20 cent canned a of Ute oui god for this Sale will last until August come come both great and to see our Stock foil at these we treat All free delivery to All parts Oft the dont forget the Cleveland Cash 186 main Cool Wear for hot weather now is the time to get a crash suit or crash pants summer shirts in thin hats for hot reliable hatters and gents 182184 main a s h goods at greatly reduced prices we find ourselves too heavily stocked in or in fact on All Wash and must reduce our Stock there is but Ono Way to do this make prices so Low that buyers Ctet resist the temptation to 173 main Street Rem Embick we Are not offering a lot of old shop worn but our entire line of this Springs they Are the newest and Best things of their kind to be found or come and see for yourselves the prices will do the rest we also want to close out our line of shirt and Are making prices that will accomplish this it lilt Kulk u

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