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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1898, Page 4

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News, The (Newspaper) - July 30, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania 10 a weekly Trepl Toucan new spate Puli Hood Ivory Hutu Day by the news publishing Nurt thou let in to n w1luam James of Hulk Init conf ill Ltd of Salusha lt5vt Georon Oak wkly prove poor the Turco is will Rimiko a sure Din Ner next Prosperity and that Franco and rus la need know touch lug the intentions of the United states is that they Are the United stator Sells More wheat and flour to Japan than do All other countries and the official ii Guros in report from United states Consul at shows a it Macly and healthy growth in this of wheat we Bent in Only but in 1890 it had grown to and in 1807 to 400 of flour we sent in in and in that a protective Tariff does pre vent the growth of our Export ought to to too Well known to need but in Case we still have a few 1reo traders in our Vicinity who need the following facts concerning our Rulp Erht Mouths of t to fiscal year when wig Wil Fiou Tariff Law was in and for the first 11 Mouths of the fiscal year under Qiugley Tariff Are during Tho former to Gold Canada Worth of and during Tho latter a difference in favor of protect ii of ii suly a million the cubans at san tingo have utterly refused to accept of a Wilvor dollars at face How in Groat full what is Tho reason what do Tho cubans know about Money they know a Groat Deal about Spanish twirl mexican especially Tho mexican Silver and they that mexican and Spanish Silver is Worth in Gold Only the amount of Silvri it they do not know tha Tho United states Silver dollars have i Largo Gold Reserve Back of ant Liat our government is pledged to Keo our Silver on a Par wit i Ali american Dollar is Worth 100 cents Al Over Tho whore the cubans i at fault is in comparing american Silve with that of which they have been using it will require a thousand millions o dollars to measure Tho in Nasy in the Farmers receipts for Tho last years pro due Over the Virtues hat prevailed ii says Tho Chicago times Oral the total return for Staple crops alone for this season is estimated at 000 More Tului was received last Tho wheat exported from Tho United Tatos during Tho past twelve months hold for about As much As the whole was Worth in either 1894 or these based upon statistics gathered by the Orange Judd of agricultural Tell the Story of the Farmers share of Tho Prosperity of our greatest commercial a a nitwit of Cov ering the entire Union and running Back As far As 1sw the Orange build forecasts an Industrial activity this fall quite with Quick markets at Homo and abroad for Mio surplus of american Tho Farmer holds Tho key to the Industrial if to All productive activities Are this menus Prosperity of All a Ftp so inn Cli Loo Solace Oiw from it few it our heist american Trade can to both by Atid manufactured pro without changes of our present Tariff or the sacrifice of a single american we need a Strong Navy to command peace in Tho face of imminent european but Tho most efficient Navy can sprout Only from Tho soil of a great merchant York com John Wanamaker is finally convinced that a Man must have something More fetching than a Chestnut Street in trance and a sanctimonious air in order to to successful in Pennsylvania poli Tho figures for 11 months show that to effect of Tho Qiugley Bill has not been to materially increase the a venues and protect Homo it it has actually operated to augment to volume of exports of manufactured products of Tho i to Hoar of a Butler county sheep Kaiser who has just sold his Wool clip or this year at 15 cents a two cars ago this Samo Man sold his Wool or 0 cents a and sold it Well for hat had to sell for his Advance in Price amounts to r net gain Over 1890 on his Wool rap Ile Public Tho Saltsburg press is responsible for to following perhaps Tho happiest ind proudest father in Western Pennsyl Vania today is his wife him last Friday with a hand Omo boy Elkins children ire All and to welcomes Tho new Lep Arturo with great Tho Young Cir will probably to named after Sena or Tho Gold in session in after Somo kick to endorse Tho ticket nominated at Tho Hope was expressed that democrats who wandered from the old at the Chicago convention might to the the Chicago convention Brand is also hoping that Tho crowd who started off after the Golden half May come to their Tho Gold gang seems to think that Tho Sil ver Section is composed mostly of Aud the Silver Section has apparently the Samo opinion of Tho Gold and we would not take the responsibility of Dis agreeing with either of own Tho Republican state committee on tuesday unanimously nominated David of Allegheny for Superior court to succeed the late judge Tho selection shows that Tho stories of friction in the Republican ranks Are without foundation Aud that Tho factious Aro All United this republicans Are All supporting Tho and there is every indication that the ticket led by of Al will to swept into office by one of Tho largest majorities Over recorded in judge Porter has Boon on the Allegheny county Bench for a a umber of Aud is in every Way dual Ifird to sit in Tho higher arc Olsburg of know Hon to August go via Steamer from Erie and return watch for a Nin Itol the Allegheny evening record has Boon making rapid advances of Lato to Ward Tho front ranks of afternoon Tho records mechanical equipment is now Tho equal of Tho Best newspaper plants in the and in Colo work it is unsurpassed by any of Tho papers in Tho largest Tho record is newsy Aud up Aud merits Tho Success which it evidently Mil to Lett a of Llie so Elf special correspondence the the july is the Dia Tom to speak of political gatherings As unless there is Nome thing like an open but the meeting of the Republican state com Mittee Here was much More than it was a visible and unmistakable notice to All observing persons that whatever has been in Tho past or May be in store for the future of rivalries within the there is room for Only one kind of republicans in Penn Sylvania this Tho primary occasion of the meeting was to name a Republican candidate for judge of the Superior to succeed the late judge the position was con ceded to Western As judge vol Cham was from Beaver and the Superior court Bench is otherwise heavily tilted toward the he having been the Only member who could see the Sun set behind the Allegheny the selection of common pleas judge William David Allegheny by governor for the temporary had clearly indicated him As the Likely and so there was no room for thrilling excitement in connection with the Dis Tinct business for which the state com Mittee was called instead of the perfunctory Gath ering of a Mere it was the Best and most representative mooting of the committee that has been held for chairman in his unusually Happy opening fairly rang the keynote of the meeting when he congratulated those Premont on the comprehensive character of the and said that in selecting the executive committee for the conduct of the Cam he had endeavoured to include men of All factions and of no of the recent chairmen of the state Quay was the Only Absen the Golden haired Angel of looking older since he has shifted his ambitions toward con Gressional exchanged congratulations wit i who succeeded him in Tho who was the Central figure exo Falcio of the civil War of sat within ten feet of Exco Gressman who took a most conspicuous part against him in the final acts of that dramatic Strug while general Frank an other sex state chairman and never More popular in the fighting line of the party than since he followed the Flag of party loyalty out of Public sat Side by Side with George Van Bonn is next Friend to Chris keep Tho stars off your Flugum the Erie Railroad will run its first of the season to Niagara August at the Low rate of Lor the round trip tickets Good five special train will leave Green Ville at Maving at Niagara 7alls g am Tuy information Calloy or write ticket agent Erie rail will move that trunk for you at once Boll phone 1ow Are the Chil Dren this summer Are they doing Well do they get All the Benefit they should from their food Are their Cheeks and lips of Good color and Are they Hearty and robust in every Way if then give them Scotts emulsion of cod Ifor Oil with it never fails to build up delicate boys and it gives them More flesh and better it is just so with the baby a Little Scotts three or four times a will make the thin baby plump and it furnishes the Young body with Fust the material necessary for growing b and who then there was Magee nominating Buclke who had been chairman of the Republican county committee which faithfully supported Delamater in and porters Nomi nation waa made unanimous on the motion of judge of Craw Ford who was Defeated for nomination to the supreme Bench by judge and chiefly through a gees efforts in the state As the names of the executive com Mitte were announced from the platform every syllable was it was recognised upon the instant that when such men of prominence in the old inter factional lights As congressman con of who is a representation of the most trusted leadership of the party senator who has the heart of the party with him in Pitts Burg in lieutenant governor Lyon and expos master James of the same who have never be fore been on the same Side of the party Street with Magee senator Durham and Charles of Philadel Side by Side with David although a Loyal Friend of David has been untiring in his efforts to promote the harmonious Union of All sorts of republicans which was demonstrated at this meeting Horatio who is As close to Martin As an undershirt and who was for Wanamaker so Long As there was room in the Republican party for a Republican to be for such men As these were named As the men who were to be trusted with the advisory conduct of the Campaign in cooperation with the state chairman it was notice to whom it May concern that Pennsyl Vania republicans Are enlisted for the and that there is once More common party judge William David the nominee for supreme court by the is deserving of More than a passing his George took a prominent part in the creation of the War state of West and was speaker of its first House of although a West Ern he is a graduate of the Law department of the univer sity of at having been a student under the lamented after two terms in the Ollice of District although to Hud been chairman of the Republican county committee which carried Allegheny county against the sentiment of the so vigorously for him that governor Pattison appointed him to a seat on the common pleas and he was nominated for reelection by both the Republican and Democrat la parties on the expiration of Jils appointive he has shown himself a Strong Man on the and his Elevation to the Tuliper apr court has been generally com to those who have not closely Fol Lowed colonel stones career in con it May be a Surprise to know the warm interest which his fellow members take in his gubernatorial for Are extracts from two letters which state chairman Al Ken has received from Well known Republican who recognize the National importance of this election in Republican states like Penn this is from speaker Reed 1 do not take the trouble the Liberty to say anything in commendation of colonel a has been in he is com pc tent and has attended to his business Here in a manner which reflects credit upon his the Brilliant senior senator from the presidents Joseph writes the republicans of Pennsylvania Are to be congratulated on their Good tune in having such a splendid Candy Date for William Astone 13 a typical representative of the Best Type of Congress he s universally esteemed Tot his Rohany Good dualities a Man and a an he is a most worthy Leader at this particular his abilities meet the requirements of the and i pre dict for him and the republicans of your state a triumphant Victory in no and these Are Only samples of Senoren of similar letters from National George whooping cough and measles Aro the prevailing tic cases in this Sec Tion the barn on the old Daly firm was burned on Cyrus who has the farm sustains quite a one of his Small children got hold of a match and started a Firo in Tho Straw the parents being from he then called the rest of the children to see the Nice the Call was too late and the building and con tents were a total a warning to parents not to leave matches where the children can get at the Oats Are about ready for the sickle and some Are already being Gibson is visiting friends in Andrew Mcki buoy and wife Are at Chautauqua for Tho As wife and of near wore returning from Hubbard last sunday the Young Man be came very ill when near the residence of hurry to was taken in Tho House and medical Aid it was Learned that to had been working on a farm near he was joking with a fellow Workman when Tho latter became enraged and struck him with a Pitchfork on Tho Buck of the Ren Dering him unconscious for a the result of this blow and Tho hot Sun caused Tho on sunday even ing the weather had become cooler and he was Able to proceed Howard Durst is building a new Harley of is vis iting his Corporal Dan of company fifteenth is Home on a seven Days also Sherman of the same to were sorry to hear of Tho death of our old and esteemed he was a Man of Strong convictions and was one of the original Mckinley men who nailed the Banner to the Mast and kept it notwithstanding the Many objections that were hammocks the lamest and finest line Ever brought to All colors and styles a Good Hammock is an essential to summer a of All kinds and Rand Mcm Lys lat est War 15 25 cents 200 naval 25 cents our National 5 cents Edwin Beatty 210 main summer clearance 5c3 181100 the readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science Lias been Able to cure in All its Aud that is Halls Catarrh cure is the Only positive cure known to the medical Catarrh being a constitutional a constitutional hulls Catarrh cure is taken acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys thereby destroying the foundation of the and giving the patient strength by building up the Constitution and assisting nature in doing its the proprietors have so much Faith in its curative that they offer for any Case that it fails to scud for list of Cheney sold by halite family pills Are the Backer Benninghoff company clothing at Cost or on fourth 185 main of ladies and gents Tain a Welcome visitor in Tho whim Trio blood needs and Tho torpid Ortr tins of Tho Suntum Nood Rous ing to perform their work is our compound extract of Surmi Purilla Tiskon in Tinio it will purge Tho system of disorders and purify mud Onrich Tho at a big we Are overstocked on ladies and gents Taji and in order to move them have Cut the prices Early in the sea son and can save you from 50 cents to per pair Over other our ladies Tan shoes now masonic your interest is to have no old goods to Palm off on our every thing in our store will stand we invite a comparison of our Quality and prices with those of our we have everything in the House furnishing when you get married let us i Ruish your House for Well do it that our 158 main 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 gents 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 weve just received a new lot of our Peninsular steel Bango is making More Fri puck Overy your inspection these Are new and you Are Money ahead by calling on us for your Tan look at our display windows and see what a Nice shoe you can get for a Hittle this is a legitimate out and worthy of your Atten Keck he up to Date shoe dealers

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