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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1898, Page 3

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News, The (Newspaper) - July 30, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania R j r fib Ifft Flea july Battle accounts of cer Seftas defeat made actinic Glenr Admiral skin non Maile n item not to the Navy feel ploy also july Navy do apartment yesterday made Public the re Porta of add viral Commodore Clark of the Oregon and Captain Evans of the Iowa on the Battle of july which resulted in the destruction of Cervera Simpsons report said in part Tho detailed first Orr Santoo do july j have the Honor to make the following report upon the Battle with and the destruction of the Spanish Squadroni commanded by Admiral off Santiago do on july enemy vessels came out of the Harbor both Ign and 10 the heart of the column appearing around Cay Smith at and emerging from the Channel Lee or six jail Jutca positions of the vessels of my command off Santiago at that to Mont were its follows the flagship new York was four Miles East of her blockading station and about seven front the Harbor she had started for where i intended to accompanied by my and to to the front to consult with general a discus Sion of the situation and it More definite understanding Between us of the operations proposed had been rendered necessary by the unexpectedly Strong resistance of Tho Spanish Garrison of i had sent my chief of stuff on Shore the Day before to arrange i interview with general who had been suffering heat i Rule arrangements to go to his Headquarters and my flagship was in the position mentioned above when the san Nash Squadron appeared in the the remaining vessels were in or near their usual blockading distributed in a semicircle about Tho Harbor in counting from Tho eastward to the Westward in the following order positions of other Tho about a mile and a half from the new Yorks place be tween these Texus and Brook the latter two Miles from the Shore West of the distance of the vessels from the Harbor Entrance was from two and one half to four Latto being Tho limit of Day blockading the length of the arc formed by the ships was about eight the Massachusetts had left at 4 Foi Ioian Vanamo for her station was be tween the Iowa and the auxiliaries Gloucester and Vixen Lay close to the land and nearer the Harbor Entrance than the Large ves the Gloucester to the eastward and the Vixen to the Tho torpedo boat was in company with the flagship and remained with her during the Chase until or scrod to when she rendered very efficient service in rescuing prisoners from the turning i enclose a diagram show ing approximately the positions of the vessels As described Spanish vessels came rapidly out of Tho Harbor at n Speed estimated at from 8 to 10 knots and in the following order Infanta Maria Teresa Cristobal Colon and Tho Almirante Tho distance Between these ships was about 800 which Means that from the time the first one became visible in Tho upper reach of Channel until the last one was out of the in interval Only about 12 minutes elapsed following Tho Oquendo Atli distance of about came the do Troyer and after her the the armoured As rapidly As they could brim Therp guns to opened a vigorous fire upon the blockading vessels and emerged from Tho Channel shrouded in the smoke from their what the new York men of our ships in front of Tho port were at sunday quarters for inspect the signal was made simultaneously from several vessels enemy ships and general quarters was the men cheered As they sprang to their and fro opened probably within eight minutes toy the vessels Whoso guns commanded the in the new York turned about and steamed for the escaping flying Tho Sig Nal close in towards Harbor Entrance and at tack and gradually increasing until toward the end of Tho Chase she was making 10h knots and was rapidly closing on the Cristobal she was at any within the Range of the heavy Spanish and her Only part in the firing was to re curve the undivided fire from the forts in the Harbor and to fro a few shots at one of the thought at Tho moment to be attempting to escape from Tho Spanish upon Clearing Tho turned to the Westward in increasing their Speed to Tho full Power of their Tho heavy blockading had closed in toward the Morro at the instant of the enemy appearance and at their Best Speed delivered a rapid Well sustained and which speedily overwhelmed and silenced Tho Spanish Tho initial Speed of Tho spaniards carried them rapidly past the blockading vessels and Battle developed into a in which Tho Brooklyn Aud Texas had at Tho Start Tho and of Tho Brooklyn maintained this Tho steaming with Amaz ing Speed from Tho commencement of Tho took first Tho Iowa and Tho Indiana having done Good and not hav ing Tho Speed of the other were directed by in succession at about Tho time the Vizcaya was to drop out of the Chase and resume blockading these vessels rescued Many the Vixen finding that the Rush of Tho Spanish ships would put her Between two ran outside of our own column and remained there Dur ing Tho Battle and i skillful handling of skillful handling and Gallant fighting of Tho Gloucester excited the admiration of everyone who witnessed and merits Tho commendation of the Navy depart she is fast and entirely unprotected auxiliary yacht has a Good Battery of Light rapid tre she was lying about two Miles from Tho Harbor in to Rusico to the southward and eastward and immediately steamed opening fire upon the Large anticipating the Pluton and the Gloucester was thereby gaining More rapidly pressure of and when the destroyers came out she steamed fur them at full Saieed and was Able to close to Short where Hor fire was deadly and of great during this flight the Gloucester was under the fire of Tho Soeppa within 20 minutes from the time they emerged from Santiago Harbor thu careers of the juror and Pluton were ended and two thirds of their people the juror was beached and sunk in Tho surf the Pluton Sank in deep water a few minutes the destroyers probably suffered much injury from the secondary batteries of the Trattl ships Iowa and Indiana and the yet i think a very Consi Dorable Factor in their speedy destruction was the at close of the Gloucester after rescuing the survivals of the Tho Gloucester did excellent service in Landing and secur ing the Crew of the infants Maria method of escape attempted by the steering in the same direct end in removed All tactical doubts or and made Plain the duty of every United states vessel to close in imme engage and this was promptly and effectively As already the Rush of the Spanish Squadron carried it fast a number of fee blockading bal toy suffered heavily w and the Infanta aha Teresa and the of Trendo probably set of Ftp e by shells Fred during the if minutes of Tho if was Learned that the infant tit met Flat Teresa fro main had been Cut by Ono of our first shots and that Sho was unable to sex Tiv gnash with Large volumes of Smoko res ing Tower docks aft these vessels up both night and Ftp rat Anil ran in on Tho Infanta Maria Teresa at about it Nima my and Milos from Santiago Harbor ill the Al Moranto Oquindo at about 10 boat Jim seven Miles from Tho of Vizcaya was still under the Flora of the leading Tho Cristobal Colon hat drawn leading Tho and soon passed beyond the Range of the guns of the leading american the was soon hot on find at she turned in Shore and was beached at is Miles from burning fiercely and with her reserves of ammunition on deck already begin Nimir to when about ton Miles West of Santiago the Indiana had Boon Sig naked to go Back to the Harbor and at Azor Nulious the Iowa was signalled to re sumo blockading the assisted by Tho Ericcson and the took off the Crew of Tho while the Harvard Anil the Gloucester rescued those of the Infanta Maria Teresa and the Al Miranto this Rescue of including Tho from the burning Spanish vessels was the occasion of some of Tho daring and Gallant conduct of Tho Tho ships were burning fore and their guns and re serve ammunition were and it a not known at what moment Tho fro would Roach the main in addition to a heavy surf was running just inside of the Spanish but no risks deterred our offi cers and men until their work of humanity was remained now of Tho Spanish ships Only the Cristobal she was their Best and fastest forced by the situation to hug the cuban her Only Cianco of escape was by Superior and sustained when Tho Vizcaya went ashore the Colon was about six Miles ahead of Tho Brooklyn and Tho but her spurt was finished and Tho american wore now gaining on behind the Brooklyn and Tho Oregon came the Vixon and new it was evident from the Bridge of the new All the american ships were gradually overhauling the and that she had no Chance of at the Brooklyn and Tho Oregon opened and got her Oregon heavy shells striking beyond at she gave up without firing another hauled Down her colors and ran ashore at Rio 48 Miles from Captain Cook of the Brooklyn went on Board to receive the while his boat was alongside i came up in the new received his re port and placed the Oregon in charge of Tho to save her if and directed the prisoners to be transferred to Tho which had followed the Colon of Robbly not much Commodore whose chief of staff had gone on Board to receive Tho had directed that All their personal effects should to retained by the this order i did not the Cristobal Colon was not injured by our and probably is not much injured by though she ran ashore at High Tho Beach was so Steep that she came off by the working of the but her sea valves Wero opened and Treacher i am after her and de spite All efforts she when it became Evi Dent that she could not be kept afloat she was pushed by the How Yoji bodily up on the now Yorks Stem being placed against her for this ship being handled by Captain Chadwick with admirable sunk in Shoal water and May be had this not been done she would have Gono Down in deep water and would have been to a certainty a total regard this Complete and 1m portent Victory Over the Spanish forces As the successful result of several weeks of arduous and close blockade so stringent and effective during the night that the enemy was deterred from making the attempt to escape at night and deliberately elected to make the attempt in that this was the Case i Wau in formed by Tho commanding offices of Tho Cristobal Admiral Sampson in Section 12 of his report then described the method of he further said no Tom work was done so Well it is difficult to discriminate in the object of the blockade of Corvera squad Ron was fully accomplished and each individual bore Well his part in Commodore in command on Tho second Tho captains of the their of leers and the fro of the battleships was powerful and de struck Leo and the resistance of Tho Spanish Squadron in great broken almost before they had got beyond Tho Range of their own Fine Speed of Tho the Flo Speed of the Oregon enabled her to take a front position in Tho chaos and thu Cristobal Colon did not give up until the Oregon had thrown a 13inch Shell beyond this performance adds to Tho already Brilliant record of this Fine battleship and Speaks highly of the skill and care with which Hor admirable efficiency has been maintained Dur ing a service unprecedented in Tho history of vessels of her the Brooklyn Westerly blockading position gave Hor an advantage in the chose which she maintained to Tho and Sho employed her Flo Battery with telling to Texas and thu now York uni gaining on the chaos during thu lest hour and had any Accident befallen Tho Brooklyn or the Oregon would have speedily overhauled the Cristobal from the moment thu Span ish vessel exhausted her first burst of Speed the result was Nuur in she in far below what might reasonably have been expected of careful measurements of time and distance give her an average thu Trinu she cleared the Harbor Mouth until thu time Shu was run on Shore at Rio neither the now York nor the Brooklyn stopped to couple up their Forward but ran out the Chasu with one gutting of As rapidly As possible on All to Stop to couple up Tho Forward engines would have meant a delay of 15 four Miles in Tho of the ships Woro the Brooklyn More often than Tho oth but very slight material injury was the greatest being aboard the our loss was one Man killed and Onu both on the the Admiral follows with More details and then signs the Commodore Chloys report said in regarding the Battle of july 1898 Admiral with the Infanta Maria Cristobal Colon and two torpedo boat destroy Carno out of the Harbor of Santiago do Cuba in column at distance and attempted to escape to the signal via Madu from the Iowa that thu enemy was coming but his movement bad been discoloured from this ship at the same this vessel was the farthest the blockading line signal was made to the division As prescribed in your general orders and there was immediate and rapid movement by your is Juadon and a in Gage Metat ranges beginning at Yards and varying to until Tho Vizcaya was 6 troyed about two Veseli took w or 23 minutes after Tho engagement began two thought to be she Teresa and Oquenda and since verified a took fire from the effective Shell fire of to Squadron and were forced to run on the Beach some six seven Wiles West of har Bor of Zero they burned and blew up the destroyers were destroyed Early in the but the smoke was so dense in their direction that i cannot say to vessel or toe doubtless was tester see from your tote data fief to at fait sized to Tho Westward to and wort followed and engaged in it Runny tag fight with town and Oregon until when Tho a Tamaya took fro team our she put Hor Helm to Ana with n Mertvy list to stood inshore and fan Grot and at about 21 mlle West of on fire fore and aft whore she blew up during the observing Tillat she had struck her colors and that of foral ves Sels Wero a raring her to capture and Hof re Pant Mindu to cease the Oregon having Jyo Vert vastly Foster than the Othor battleship she and the to Gether with the Oxos and Noil of proved to to your continued Westward in Pursuit of the Pursuit continued with increasing Speed in Tho Oregon and other and soon the Brooklyn and the Oregon were within Long Range of the when Oregon opened fire with her 18inch Landing a Shell close to the Cristobal a moment afterwards the Brooklyn opened Flor with her 8incli Landing a Shell Stirt ahead of several other shells were Fml at Tho now in in goof Tho Brooklyn and Oregon Hur seeing All chances of escape Cut off and destruction awaiting Liis fired a Loo gun and struck her Flag at and ran ashore at a Point some 60 Milos Wost of Santiago your flagship was coming up rapidly at Tho As was also the Texas and a Jit tie after your Tho Cristobal which had struck to the Brooklyn and the was turned Over to you As Ono of Tho trophies of this great Victory of the under your Commodore Schley then tells of his being sent to meet another Spanish battleship which turned out to be an austrian to further said would mention for your consideration that Tho Brooklyn occupied the most wont word blockading position wit i lilo Al St and being More directly in the route takenby1 the Spanish Squadron was exposed for snout Pons Lily to Tho gun fro of Tho three Spanish ships and the West Battery at a Range of Yards from Tho ships and about Yards from Tho but Tho of Tho entire closing in soon diverted this Firu and did magnificent work it close i have never before witness Mil such deadly and fatally accurate shooting As was done by Tho ships of your command they closed in on the Spanish praised the work of various he praised the work of captains Clark and lieu tenant lieutenant in sign Edward lieutenant lieutenant com Mander lieutenants Edward Ensign Charles Webster and some of the Junior divisional landed in poet sonic of Miles Jfhn and n of marines from the Gloucester went port of Island of Porto july via Island of danish West july United states military expedition under the command of major Geu Oral Nelson commanding the army of the United which left Gasau Vanamo Bay during Tho evening of thursday july was lauded Here Success fully today after a skirmish with a do pachment of the Spanish troops and a Crew of 30 belonging to the launch of the United states auxiliary gunboat formerly pier out morgans steam yacht four of Tho spaniards were killed and no americans were the troops were pushed Forward promptly in order to capture the Railroad leading to which is Only about ten Miles East of this from Ponce there is an excellent military Road run aug 85 Milos North to san the whole of general Brookes the new Cin Luy Deu and Are expected Here within 24 Spain sued foe a made to Prohl Clent Butoi Chinloy by Tho French Ai Baa july Spanish government has sued for not in directly through the great Powers of but by a direct Appeal to Peri deut the proposition was formally submitted to the president about 3 Oclock yesterday afternoon by the French Jules cuu who had received instructions from the foreign office at Paris to do liver to the United states government the tender of peace formulated by Tho Spanish at the conclusion of Tho conference Between Tho Prea deut and the French Tho follow ing official statement was issued from Tho White House the Fronch ambassador on behalf of Tho government of and by direction of Tho Spanish minister of foreign presented to the presi Dent this it the White i message from to Spanish eminent looking to the termination of the and the settlement of terms of Bishop Mgovern the Catl Nilly ire Lutu Tulud of complication of july Thomas Bishop of Harris Burg did lust evening at Tho episcopal residence in this City after a lingering illness from u complication of lie was born the Parish of Sun county his patents immigrated to Pennsylva Nia in Bishop Mcgovern wow one of the bes known and most beloved Catholic prelates in the United he was graduated from marys in he concluded his theological course in the Seminary at Charles and was ordained a priest by archbishop he was appointed Bishop of the Risburg Dii sese he visited Rome three years ago ftn4 wits accorded a Hearty reception by his Parish on his return Bishop is survived by Brothers au4 a Sis the arrangements for of funeral have not yet been and Tho by too fee 32 part Kow there Era Ninny men who today own their own of contort cd car in every who Naver in mover the pfc they would own what in responsible for this Tho and loan they have Holond Tho hardworking an ring Man o this country More thanti anything a to Ohanlo who is earn Tig a sol try of to n week if to is saving and dire outer n building society and Notor awhile build n Homo nil by for it on Tho rent Purchase system he pays the building society n sum of Money monthly which is equivalent to paying there is Ono thing thanti must to mild of Iho la Boring Man of this and that is to invariably trios to live beyond his Many and to dresses too Well for his station of and Tho to suit is that it is a Battle with life on a band to a tout this country is Tho Only country that is Tho average englishman will work Long contented on to to 00 shillings a Wiloh is or Homo May get they Semi con ton Tod and Alvo happily with their but do not first floor Savo n they Ilo not own their nor do boy dross kor thing is heavy and course Anil is of bump in Tho Only luxury Tho English Niu Oliano Goto is u Good on ail lie puts its in huh no into Bis our chs As it Pohsl Bly can Ilo quoins to think that this is Ono of Tho no ussary Toquiro Mont to to a Good monday morn ing finds him with n Soro Bond and an empty but to is there for another Wook of thu sumo this is Tho Way it is your in and your Ami when to guts old to is utterly and of through Tho overuse of to is u Burdon on his to son us bed clo i to bed Rendy has More than he Oan feed and Taku wire the Only course left for him is to be transform us to thu whore he spends to remainder of Bis Biluys at an expense to the therefor a if nil this Money in luxury us Zsido for a it would Savo Hulth and Reubon and bring Comfort nil Tuppi the design Here Bluet ratted is one that shows what can be by a lit tie the Tiaw bus Boon living very comfortably it for the a test Breu the first floor of room and Kito Beu Chambers and hot but cold the Cost of building o Pujo Thea is this Cost lug i now qwns4 the Pur Chitel it of the Root pure Basioa jul 1 Al Tho strength 6f bears is almost beyond Llanto rend about Tho powerful Muscles in Tho Nina of african but none Etui compare with those in Tho arms and shoulders of big Graz by 1 Lingo sect n grizzly Benr with Ono Foro Paw shot into useless Ness pull its own 100 pounds of Moab and Boito no precipices and perform feats of muscle that trained could not i Hove Scon bears carrying Tho carcasses of pigs that must Havo weighed 70 pounds several Miles across n Mountain Side to their and i have Hoard Hunters toll of having Boon cows knocked Down As if by a Thunderbolt with Ono blow of Tho Foro Paw of a three Summers Ngo i spent Tho season in Tho coast mountains up and our Moonlight night i saw a big grizzly Bear in Tho act of carrying n Dond cow Homo to her 1 and n position on the Mountain Side where i could see every movement of Tho boar in Tho sparsely timbered Valley below Tho Critter carried the lend cow in her Foro paws for at least three across Sharp rocks ten feet Over fallen first my Tho Rocky Mountain where oven n jackass could not got it to n narrow Trail up Tho Steep Sho never stopped to rest for a but wont right i and just about half a mile from Tho beasts Lair 1 Laid Hor Tho Hosfor weighed at least 200 and Tho Bear would Havo tipped Tho beam at about 450 inter bilious Ness caused by torpid which prevents thou and food to Dermout and it Fly i Tho then follow hoods if not bilious Ever or blood hoods rills stimulate the Rouso Iho cure con 23 sold by nil Trio Only Illus to Uko with hoods undertaker All Cal la annwi1cd satisfaction prices 5000 bicycled air Nia Kuk Anil Moith not Wirf at a inv to Loii worn Nurt a will Ilic Lerv clan rank o my without Arl ranch of Hook by let top work inv Kukli mini plan we idol got Alioto for Tho Man who always wants some thing for nothing Madu a discovery last week in n Diamond Street a waiter upset a Glass on Tho Marble top pod lunch breaking Tho Edge of the Tho waiter carelessly tossed it under Tho counter and got another with a smooth Edge for Tho customer to was what do you do with glasses thus slightly damaged asked the of Vitomir of Uio Restum Mac relating Tho to give Thorn away Havo to got rid of them cant endanger Tho lips of customer a by serving them in nicked but Why Are you interested i thought if you would give to a few of Tho old glasses my wife might miso them for give to your address and ill Send you Tho restaurant Tho Man with u longing for articles without Price went away calculating mentally on How much to had saved on Jolly two clays when he wont Homo from to found 13 barrels in his Hack his wife said she supposed to had sent and Sho paid Tho Man for Mulivor ing when Tho barrels Wero found to contain broken glassware and China of All Nona of it could to not even for Jolly a Ash Hauler charged for taking Tho Tho Man who wants things for nothing has withdrawn his Patron ago from a particular restaurant in Dia mond Chroni Letele Iro Hunce of although it is not Given to everybody to know exactly what to do at Tho right Ono woman at least can Lay claim to n presence of mind which without undue to consid ered Liia woman Little boy was ailing from some trivial childish and Tho doctor ordered him some Modi to Hud just taken his daily dose when his Mother with Homo excitement i quite forgot to Shako that bottle afro Gioia come Jol Muio much to his astonishment and was subjected to a vigorous shaking from Tho Strong arms of about Tho conclusion of which to was Laid Down with Tho re Mark my Thall it should be Gey Wool mixed up in but dont lot to forgot Johnnie Wook a stray of culled from an Exchange in ii in a skilled mocha hewed shoos for in Trolisa or Neil Iii in incl on Simc or nary labourers con of leu Onich Lin wishes his Job in a our representative him Kiwi Sitf Tiu Sliu of a Fine pair of often lie he manuli up from Ali Micuch lie or held he hands into the Kini ill of Lii Back and ominously Shook inn for his Buck and he Kif Fred like nearly every Ahue maker id our our representative ii Lely Why dont you use Doi inh kid nov pills replied j Havo noticed u of about Lifs Vernody in our local but i thought they Wero like every other i specific which i Bud try them and our representative i if they Dout do you Liny the wont do Yon any Komo three i afterwards a Woik visit was Umade to Alwn the following Pari tic Ulara were Given by Birn for pub Zicai Tion hotly my wife and myself have used Doilis kidney mid can recoil Mead them us Uii remedy for Al cases of kidney 1 was both ered for a Long time with n Waki Iiah t of the kidneys and auxiliary bore was u of Heidi Vineis Anil Dull through the and in the kid too frequent fiction and weak Ness of the kidney i got Posaas kidney Hills it u drug and a few does relieved and i was soon completely As the result of a received u couple of years was troubled with u lieavi1 Ness and us big Jiin through Tho sin nil of the and u Wen keyed and dis1 Tressing condition of tie she used to Riib kidney found them most i take pleasure in recommending so Good u remedy to troubled vol Ali any form of kidney com coitus Kewney for Sale by All Price 50 mailed by sole for the jul Merber the pame take no in a Lilia write no Nev Tor Kait what is nicer than an Iron Fence try to inn Lucs twill the House nil in Rel and nil Cox to the a none of the for Iron fencing of every variety nil wire screens for and Lair Eshang see Taylor Pettib urgent Nitro win ioi106 marm own your own House if you a Minot pay or a curly of the in plinth fund and in oui will Milco you a loan on monthly or j have loth on Bouth mule mid cd Minburn Uvenio thanti will Krow into Money for Mill Lola one year Mojto held for no mint double Como mul Hooulu Chesl Lut Ridge Coal Bai on Hiarm of Dnald of Ninilo Wuhu of Tho Bent a Oil found in which they no Boll Liik a follows at Bank Dolivo Rod Block Coal nut and Slack order left at a Natiel with Uro nory or Heift Hong isl Gnu will to Eulou prompt Box Meli new wholesale liquor store in where you ran got to list Rye whisky for medical wine and Gin i ale and 411 Kiiko Southern a sixteen Page journal containing in each number some Twenty Narra Tives of the chiefly descriptive and the paper is undoubtedly the Best illustrated journal in the and the Only publication which presents glimpses of Southern life and Southern it is a favorite souvenir with those who have visited the South and it serves a Good in lieu of a to those who have never been the regular Price of Southern Progress is fifty cents a but to introduce the paper we will Send it three months for ten we

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