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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1898, Page 2

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News, The (Newspaper) - July 30, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania S july War weeks happenings in the Flint with con to Mavo 1nrl by Oil Rico Start for to Send general Fluom i ported Landing nfiiu1 Appeal for help bunt itt july word Camo from Dewey announcing the july 111 and of the second Manila Tho tenth Pennsylvania was among the troops Secretary Long Siirid the Porto expedition delayed Watsons but it was the in Elution the general it was sailed with some of his troops for Porto Tho Millrid Al impartial says All spaniards Are delighted to Foo Tho hour of expiation fast approaching for the cuban Tho americans must inevitably awaken to their utter Worth other newspapers comment upon the dispatches in Tho same while Tho Courtesy Tho americans show the Span ish prisoners has made a profound impression in Spain and is materially As sisting Tho prospects of Tho following report was received from Admiral Sampson status Tao sir new Playa Del july Sucre tary of the Washington Prog Ress in wrecking Tho Maria Teresa very the company thinks Tho ship will probably be raised by sunday no information regarding the other Board of officers examining the Reina Mercedes she will probably also to Lieuten ant commander command ing the has Boon supervising Tho wrecking of those vessels on Tho part of the this practically official statement was made to Tho associated press Porto Rico will to kept by Tho United Whitt is settled and has been the plan from the onco taken it will never be it will pass forever into Tho hands of Tho t United states and there never has been any other its Possession will go toward making up Tho heavy of pome of War to Tho United our once run up will float Over the Island the same authority says Tho future of the Philippines is a matter of develop it was though not definitely that the lad Roo islands might follow the Fato of Porto and become our per in a sent being valuable As a Coal ing and Supply a dispatch to Tho London staudan1 from Cor Nina gives a Lively account of the Stampede into the country owing to the fears of the approaching Amori can the correspondent says there is a daily Stream of Bullock carts with furniture and the town is nearly deserted by the bettor class of major John Byrne of now president of the soldiers and sailors families protective has been in Washington in Tho interest of a revival of the Law of under which an allotment of Tho pay of sol Diers and Sailor was made to Tho families of volunteers through Tho pay department of the to had n conference with Tho president and Tho attorney general will try to devise a Means to do the Madrid correspondent of Tho daily mail says Senor Sagata told a representative of Al impartial that Tho government had already entered upon Tho preliminary stage of peace be Tho War department posted the Fol lowing july adjutant washing ton sout two troops of cavalry with Spanish officers and lieutenant Miloy to receive surrender of Spanish troops at san Luis and they had not Hoarel of loss of Corpora Fleet or of to alb surrender they declined to sur Render unless they could come in and sea for a detachment of officers and men Camo in last night and returned this apparently sat signed word Caius from via Hong under Dato of july that Tho disembarkation of Tho american troops composing the second expedition was being pushed with Tho utmost Energy the Colorado regiment was already in the Field Noar and other Rogl meet would to transferred without any loss of Toiuo from Tho transports to Tho cuing in native general at sent in message which arrived today saying that Agui Imeldo had declared a dictator ship and martial Law our Tho Philip something that gave the Cabinet food for their run Lar meeting Thoro was no Dis position to Force any Issue with Tho in it urgent chief it thin but it is pretty Woll Umlor stood that to will not allowed to commit Tow United status in Tho future Troa Mont of the Philippines Hobson Oahu of to Washington with a Mossi Igo fruit Admiral Sampson with regard to trying to save Tho Spanish warship Cristobal to Gallo cd on so rotary Long mid Trio who complimented him and Thon wont to new to Confer with n wrecking word Camo from general dated mole saying to was Enro Uto to Porto Tho sixteenth Pennsylvania got away from Charles and Othor troops loft a dispatch from Santiago said Uon Era Garcia Hud sent a Victtor to one nil Shafter complaining of not Boug invited to Tho thu raising or having Boon formally notified of the also for Tho Roto Tiou of Tho Spanish Oivi to also condemned Tho Rumor that general shatter barred Tho Cabana from Santiago boo also he feared pigs macros and to announced he would resign his con Saml to Gen eral the cuban commander ii and withdraw his troops to Jig july miss Barton sent a message from san Tiago of Tho in which she reports that Tho ked Cross fed general who is convalescing of Ittmann the transport Rio Janeiro with that first Dakota volunteers and a number of digital service men left san Cisco saturday for Tho major Stewart of Illinois has Boon appointed by postmaster Gen pm Smith to take charge of Tho postal arrangements at two companies of Tho third Pennsyl Vania Volun Corb loft Philadelphia Tor Tho completing the quo Toof Tho under the second Tho president has directed Tho appointment of Captain who Fig ured to gallantly in the engagement at and was badly wounded to to major and inspector Gen Captain Knox at fort Hamil ton now the state department completed the engrossment of Tho joint Resolution adopted by Congress extending Tho thanks of that Branch of Tho govern ment to Admiral Dewey Tor his notable achievements in Tho those were transmitted to Tho Navy depart which will Forward them to Tho Admiral along with the degree of conferred on him by the Western University of july the Madrid correspondent of the London times says peace news that on saturday Tho distribution of Relief from Tho red Cross Steamer state was progressing favourably at of Hod cows provisions had been distributed to some of Tho Tho War department posted Tho Fol lowing via july adjutant general of Tho Wash Lugton lieutenant Miloy has returned from san Luis and Palma where to went four Days ago to receive sur Render of Spanish the number surrendered was larger than general Tor til Hopoi Spanish troops and 850 Volunteer up their arms and gave parole and Havo gone to work stands of arms wore turned loaded on of carts and started to Tho Railroad Spanish troops accompanying him to san Luis and All apparently greatly delighted at pros poets of returning they wore 011 Tho verge starvation and i Havo to Send them rations Tomor if Tho numbers keep up As they Havo there will to about to ship from Sun from Guantanamo and Over at Sugura and signed major general july general Milos was reported to be lauding troops near Porto some cubans of Gicu Fuentos made a pitiful Appeal to Admiral Sampson for saying they wore general shatter reported about 500 Yovor cases among his word was received that an infernal machine was found on a Enro Uto for via with red Cross and United states commissary Moro troops arrived at Newport lieutenant Hobson announced in new York that Tho Merritt and Chap Man wrecking and Derrick company had consented undertake Tho recovery of the Cristobal Colon and was making Ivory Effort to begin Tho work As soon As rumours of various kinds Havo Boon in circulation As to Trio disposition of general a lifters but Tho War department has not coins to any con delusion is Yot in Tho a sufficient Force is to to kept at Santiago to maintain Tho position Tho United states is taken and to pro Sorvo while Horo is yellow Yovor infection in the May no attempt will to made to bring to troops to Tho United it was Learned yesterday that a remarkable demonstration occurred sat Dav evening at Camp of sea Veys near where Tho captured sailors of Admiral Corvera Fleet Are As Tho United states gunboat Frolio passed Tho Island on her Way to Cuba hundreds of Tho prisoners greeted the vessel with Hoorn and waving of Secretary Long started to Admiral downy the joint Resolution of Congress extending the thanks of Congress for the Victory achieved at Tho Resolution was beautifully engrossed and prefaced by a formal attestation of its authenticity by Secretary of state Tho whole being enclosed in richly Gilt and ornamented Russia leather a letter written and signed by Secretary Long an addressed to expressed Tho gratification of Tho Secre tary of state and Secretary of Tho Navy it Tho Way downy had conducted chaplain Brady of the first Pennsyl stationed at Chickamauga has gone to Philadelphia to make final arrangements for hammocks for the it is the chaplains Hope to Ruiso sufi Lieut funds to Purchase a Hummock for each Man in Tup Tho purpose is not so Imroth for Tho Oast and Comfort of Tho men us it is to protect Thorn from which so often results from sleeping on the Damp july special dispatch from Shanghai nays four russian men of four Havo Luft port and it is big Phi wort their destination is the Philip Pine july Spain sued for the French ambassador communicating with presi Dent word came that some of general Miles Force and a body of marines from Tho Gloucester had lauded monday at Porto a skirmish of in which four spaniards wore Tho naval reports of acting Roar Admiral Commodore Schley and Tho captains of some of the describing Tho defeat of the Spanish Fleet commanded by Admiral wore Given for publication at Wash Sergio Tilto july san under Date of july John Addison wife of Secretary to the and now with miss Clara in cuban Relief has written a personal letter describing conditions it was written week after Tho Battles of Al annoy and san the red Cross was then aiding in the care of Tho wounded and feeding Tho thousands of fugitives from Tho Spanish wounded Cap Tives expressed much gratitude that they Wero Given the same attention that Tho americans Tho american dead had Boon but Tho trenches were full of dead whose bodies floated of the surface of the water caused by the and filled Tho air with a sicken ing she cites instances of Span ish and Gays in several in stances men wore shot Doad As they Lay in red Cross litters on Tho Way to hos this firing went on so unceasingly that the surgeons operated by the White soldiers paid tribute to the bravery of the coloured but complained because Tho familiar with spaniards did not try to prevent the Spanish cores the on practical suggestions for build no and tend prominent Mellio Illet bin Osterh july funeral services of Tho late Jesse Franklin presiding elder of the Washington were held in the first Thomas pastor of the was in charge of the serv assisted by ministers of Tho Pitta Burg the services occurred celebrant my inf tit our h july of to largest attended funerals in years was that of James Cau Ovid at Pauls Cathedral yesterday requiem High mass was with Rogis brother of Tho decedent and Rector of Tho Cathe James oos Grovo of bridgets Church was Dea con and father Patrick Subea Tho Dias was filled with about 60 after Tho Celebration of Tho mass 13usch of Peters preached Tho funeral a special coach had Boon attached to a train on Tho Pennsylvania and this was occupied by the funeral reaching Latrobe Tho remains were taken to the Vincents after a Short they were interred later in the Abbey Bis Aeok very of tuft should to tee from foundation of Situu Width und loll fat of the following practical from Tho municipal concisely explain the principles of Road construct dealing especially with the forma Tion and care of gravel roads every Good Rood has two essential features a a thoroughly dry foundation b a Waterproof surface the foundation is Tho natural the dirt which must to kept dry by Good the surface covering is generally a coating of gravel or broken which should be put on the Road in such a Way that it will not in wet weather to churned up and mixed with Tho Earth that it should form a Dis Tinct to accomplish this a the Gavel or Stone should contain very Little Sand or should to clean b Tho Road must to crowned or rounded in Tho Cen Ter so As to shed Tho water to Tho open drains c ruts must not to allowed to As they prevent water passing to Tho open drains d the open drains must have a sufficient fall and free ont so that the water will not stand in but will to carried away immediately e tile under drains should to Laid wherever Tho open drains Are not sufficient and Tho ground has a moist or wot with a tendency to absorb the gravel and rut by this Means Tho foundation is made do not leave Tho Gravois or Stone just As it drops from Tho but spread monthly in Fraak Leslie popular monthly the United states away is appropriately at the front in an admirably illustrated article by Frederick the development of our army from colonial times to the present Day is picturesquely and american Mill tary warfare in general is Well a most fortuitous timeliness favors the up Odate portraits of generals Breckir Graham and Blanca do Freyr Tibbits gives some highly interesting personal with family photographs of Don chivalrous pretender to Tho throne of a Holiday in one of the quaint est of the British West Indian is described by Lillian War by and pheasant by Howard Are among the minor articles and Pond tells Tho in a thoroughly practical How to build the Andrew Jackson series draws to a close with Mary Donelson Wilcox second paper upon Rachel Donelson Jackson while the jews of the United by Abrain Isaacs is the latest of the religious denomination the american City described and illustrated this Mouth is Kansas of Frank Leslie popular monthly always gives a Liberal Tho current August number besides Frances Williams Marie Complete Short stories by Gilberto and the juvenile department and Frederick Thorne s literary Chat Are the stars off your tie dreaded consumption great chef Flatt and Scien will Send to Tho three Bottei of his newly discovered la cure gumption and All lung nothing could to More nil Anthropol of carry More Joy to the than Tho of of r of 188 Pearl a of York 183 Pearl now confident that lie has discovered an absolute euro for consumption and All pulmonary com and to make its Groat merits to will Throe it Tea of to any Mcador of news who is suffering from Throat and lung troubles or Arenzy this new scientific course of Calno has permanently Ottrok thousands of a the German Stuto Qinnn Bald to to near family it the led Slilo of the sick july representative of the Hamburg Ischo correspondent Tele graphing from Friedrich Ruho yester Day afternoon said the reports of Prince Bismarck serious illness Are unfortunately Veri so far As can to the family feared the worst the Prince is weaker but Asho slept Well last night it is hoped to May again the whole family Assem bled at the athletes participating in the International tournament had hoped to Havo Tho privilege of offering greetings to the but in View of his Condi Tion they could not be admitted for Tho the july 3 2 High Shallod 1 White 3 ext re ii Whito Light 1 Timothy 1 1 $5.60@fl.oo packing 1 food inti $0.60@10.00 for por pair Spring Ohio Loiis por dozen por pair por Pound Popo Pound Spring Lita butter Eluin oxen Ohio i buoy Creamery country Low graft mid full now make by Makiu now full Nin Wisori Ihnn 11 Brick Chou so 6pound froth am in Ift Glestia duty which to owes to to donate his infallible offered is enough to commend and More so is Tho perfect Confidence of Tho great chemist making the he has proved the dreaded consumption to to a curable Distaso beyond any there will to no mistake in the mis take will to in overlooking the generous inv to has on Flo in his american and european laboratories testimonials of experience from those in All parts of Tho wont Dolay until it is too address 98 Pine new and when writing Tho please give express and Postoff co and font nation rend ing this article in the your wife to take Carters Cascara cordial for in dyspepsia and habitual con it will cure her and tone up her entire it makes Rich blood and gives a Good Price 35 Black Vou educational contest Haven Yon read about it of writes that one Box of de Witts Witch Hazel Salve was Worth to it cured his piles of 10 years he advises others to try it also cures skin diseases and obstinate for Sale by seven Good reasons Why everybody should use Zuse Hlaj sons it is fro from Sulphur and other foreign it makes Moro heat and lasts longer than other there is no soot and less dirt and it does not destroy your stoves and you receive More bulk to this ton arid less july 2 Tho Supply was Light Inar Kut to thu following prices 70 fat common to Good fat bulls and Good fresh jii5.00@45.00 common to Good fresh cows and Srpui yellow fever it base sea k Perwo Tsiou to veto to the unit of iut Itu is Captain Higginson reported the arrival at Porto of Gen eral Miles transports and the naval he praised Pip the no further peace were the jew cd government confirmed the e made by jul behalf of about Al double deck curs of with fair Supply other Points Market ruled about 8u to quote Tho following prime medium and common to Fri Hep and Lambso Vuoto Tho Fol lowing Spring Voal heavy and Thlu july Hoo Market to Tifaut Market Strong at sheep and Market for sheep at steady at new july wheat spot Market weak 3 t3o Export to spot Market weak Oats spot us Root quiet 8 cattle Market for bulls and cows lower whole Market closed Jat Leo Suurs too oxen und shop and Sand makes a poor it to that travel will it once pass Over and consolidate it before the fall Koep Tho Road Metal raked or scraped into Tho wheel or horse tracks until con Grade and Crown Tho Road before put Ting on gravel or if a grading machine is Grade the roads which you intend to Oravol before Tho time of statute labor ind use Tho statute labor As far As pos sible in drawing a fair Crown for gravel roads on level ground is one Inch of Rise to each foot of Width from Tho Side to the Tho roads on trills should have a greater Crown than on level ground otherwise the water will follow the wheel tracks and create deep ruts in Stead of passing to Tho Side Ono and on half inches to Tho foot from the Side to Center will be repair old gravel roads which have a hard Center but too Little Crown and Square shoulders by cutting off Tho turning Tho material out Ward and placing now gravel or Stone in Tho do not cover Tho old gravel foundation with Tho mixture of Bod and Flo gravel of which the shoulders Are the shoulders can be most easily Cut off by Means of a grading a Width of 24 foot Between ditches will moot most with the Central eight feet wherever water stands on the Road Way or by Tho Roadside or wherever the ground remains moist or is swampy in swing and fall better drainage is look Over Tho Road under your charge after heavy Rains and during Spring Tho work of few minutes in freeing drains from obstruction or diverting a current of water into a proper Channel May become the work of Days it surface water should be disposed of in email great accumulations Are hard to handle and Are do Struc Tiva obtain outlets into natural water courses As often As instead of having open ditches to Uii Derrain the Road and dry Tho foundation use give culverts a Good fall and free outlet to that water will not freeze in in taking gravel from the pit see that precautions Are taken to draw Only clean do not let Tho Faco of the pit to scraped mixing Sand and turf Good there is a tendency to draw dirty As it is easier to Gravois which retains a perpendicular face in the pit in the Spring and shows no Trace of slipping is generally fit for use on Tho Road without dirty gravel should to plan and Lay out the work before calling out Tho when preparing beep the work of succeeding years in View Call out for each Day Only such a number of men and teams As be properly in laying out Tho work estimate on full day1 8 work from each Man and eee trusts of other localities and to labor which sup it is acknowledged by nil Good judges to to Worth n Dollar n ton More than any other Grade of soft Coal that comes to this the undersigned is agent for this Coal and Sells it at per ton to soils the Baugh Coal at per All orders left at Iny livery opposite the will receive prompt we will give Cut prices on All kinds of dry goods and groceries see our prices of Black and coloured dress we will Cut the Price on Wash dress Organ Dies and 10 and we have the new White goods for waists fancy Check 8 and now Stylo Silks for away Down in closing out ladies wrappers Cut prices on Muslin closing out gents underwear for 2530 40 ladies and childrens underwear for s 101315 extra Good Muslin and 4 and summer 89 and Corset covers from 15 to closing out lace and Sash 8 and 4 4o a Clarks thread 8 spools ladies and gents 4 Lenox 10 bars walkers family 9 bars Best Ivory 7 bars lion Coffee arbuckles Coffee Best Grami lated sugar we pay the highest Price for eggs and free to mall on application a free Sample of his new discovery or Grinch Ltd Ami weak which to the doctor is very much interested in spreading the news of Thia Groat readers Are nuo stud to write without with Spain it is specify the Ber of loads of gravel to constitute a Days every Wagon Box should hold a Quarter of a make All returns showing Olio have done their Worfe to work with View to reliable War news in the great National family newspaper by Specia Corres Pendents at the the new York weekly Tribune will contain All important War news of the daily special dispatches up to the hour of careful attention will be Given to farm and family foreign Market reports and All general news of the world and we will furnish the above paper and new for one year for address All orders to the Kows to Subby

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