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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 28, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Devoted to the interests of the Mercer Cotant Hythe Peoples tells the truth and gives 4i t i pm our Mercer court against Mic Dot special correspondence to tub judge Miller had not sufficiently re covered from the grip to preside at court the entire session and judge Wallace was called and specially presided during the trial of the Only two went s6 far As to get to the and there Dro this was a Short the first Case tried was that of the Commonwealth de the Rausen alleged that the defendant had come to his House in the night time and had removed six Fer and the morning immediately after he had tracked the defendants horse and buggy to the Home of the which is 12 he also introduced testimony to the fact that Phillips had said that he was going to steal the Fer the defendant testified that he had not left his neighbourhood on the evening during which it was alleged that he took the and in this was corroborated by his a verdict of not guilty but each party was to pay half of the this is the third suit had Over the same property and the prosecutor who was discharged from jail because he could not pay his half of the was Given a talking to by the Coilet which he will Likely re Mem he was told that his six ferrets had Cost the county now Over and that in All probability he had them for illegitimate purposes in the first place and hereafter if to comes into court it would be Well for him to have a Good cause of action or he might see trouble the second and last Case to go to t jury was the one against George Barber in which he was charged with assault and Battery and carrying concealed Robert Shipton is a Young Man who is a Coil he and three one Day during last june were going to their work by path although they claim they did not know led Over the Laud of Filer Sutliff while on their Way Shipton says he was assaulted by bar who pulled two revolvers on him arid who also shoved him the Fence to was corroborated in his Story by two of his then Barber alleged defense that at this time there a strike in this neighbourhood and that he was employed by the above Zarnec company to guard their property one that his beat As a Deputy sheriff was along the path where these Young men were when they came to him he told them not to go that and he also claims that they were told not to go that Way the Day and was replied to by the Young Fellows calling him i Scab and other Aud the remark that they would go that Way Aud tried to do but they were intercepted by him pulling his Tho court enlightened the jury at length on the Law on this and when they Ren dered a verdict in which they found the defendant not guilty and divided the costs Between Shipton and Coin mended saying he would have done the same thing Shipton was discharged from his share of the costs under Tho insolvency in the Case against Myron Johns who was charged with embezzle meet by the indictment was quashed but the defendant was Al Lowed to to rearrested on a new charge of obtaining Money by false and was immediately taken before the Squire where he waived a hearing and was taken Back to however his attorney wll demand a hearing when it is expected that a conviction cannot be which will probably release Tho the Case of Cyrus who is charged by Ai of Green with obtaining Money by false was continued until the april sessions on the defendant increasing the amount of his the costs already accrued wore paid by the county the Case of larceny against Davic buys continued until the april a motion was made by the counsel Foi the defense in the Case in which John Clark is charged with a felonious assault to quash the As there had been no preliminary hearing and binding Over to a Rule to show cause was granted returnable to next in the Case of the Commonwealth is Henry the defendant plead guilty to the charge of fornication and Bastardy with which he was the order of Sale of the real estate of Marior was extended to the Towd monday of and the Petitioner authorized to sell at e Public or private and w Case of Public Sale the same May be made within file Days after the lust Publica t was Case itt which Thomas West is libel ant and Emma West Mcclure was appointed examiner to take and report testimony in the divorce cases of Martin Ibel laut Minnie also in the Case of Lucy libel Asa Gordon presented a Peti Ion setting Forth that William Taylor my died in Jackson leaving two minor a boy of 1 and girl of 15 years of to the had Eft the Homestead of 60 and to the girl he had left another farm of 62 and she was to to paid by her Arother on her arriving of on the farm of the girl is a barn which must be repaired immediately to save it from being a and on the farm of the boy Are some Oak Trees for which he is offered which is a Good Aud these Are now at their Zahniser is the guardian of both of these and he states that he thinks it Best for both of the children that the boy sell this Timber and the Money to used in repairing Tho barn for the girl same Money then to be allowed with interest to apply on the debt which to owes to his sister on her becoming of the petition was Al Lowed by the deeds Clarkton Railroad company land in Hickory Murroe to Lizzie Meymar property in Grove James Jackson to Jane Laud in Roberts to Lewis Perrine property in George Mccady it to Jennie property in Frank Heasley it to John and Joseph Laud in George Axtell to Laud in Daniel Stoyer it to Samuel land in Delaware Wier to Fred assignment of a administrator to mar Garet assignment of a Mort James Dunlap to John Laud in Aaron Koon it to 0 Railroad Laud in to Hattie me property in Henry Webster it to s Laud in new Silas to Pauley my property in Mcclelland it to Clara Ken Nedy of property in Gilsou to John Laud in Michael Smith it Whit Laud in Charles Johnston to Fry land in West Fry to Frank and Jennie Laud in West Elizabeth Giebner to Elizabeth property in Ambrose Hazen it to Mollio John Mcnary to James Mcgil assignment for the Benefit of Crecli Grimm to assign ment for Tho Benefit of Frederick Russell to Marietta land in West Mccafferty to property in Brockway it to Leo w Laud in John Porter to Alexander free property in Alexander Freeman to Vaughn property in do la Cossitt to Vaughn property in Packard to prop erty in the will of of Sandy was marriac1e James Agues Robert Center Rachel Charles Middlesex Marguerite Roy Creek Joseph Annie co Carrie co Beretta Thomas Grove Mary Grove try grim ii try ask your grocer today to show you a package of the now food drink that takes the place of the children May drink it without injury As Well As the All who try like it graiu0 has that Rich Seal Brown of mocha or but it is made from pure and the most delicate Ston Aeh receives it without on fourth the Price of at j5 and 36 cents per m4 b7 does Tjan nothing among our still jets of Peoples catechetical class in the lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon it 8 communion services at Rickerts sunday at 10 an Nual Sermou and meeting of the joint our oils of the Mercer county charge at Good Hope at 1 services at the Baptist Church to Morrow As follows morning service at 11 subject of redemption sunday 12 Oclock 0 6 i evening 7 Tho three Wauls of Tho Young men of Greenville subject of a wonderful services in the reformed Church Oil january As follows at sunday subject of Christ at Jacobs Well aug service at 11 subject of ser getting rid of sin Christian Endeavor at 0 Seiple evening service it 7 subject of the souls who Are entitled to january official notice to school in mrcos the school Law requires every person who teaches in our Public schools to be the president and Secre tary of each school Board must swear in their annual in order to draw the that All regular and arc properly coi no not properly Cert has any right to assume control of a school for one neither can such person legally draw one cent of school boards conducting schools illegally should not complain if valid objections Are offered to their drawing the state respectfully county superintendent of Reno is dangerously ill with pneumonia at his Home Mccullough Havo commenced sawing out Tho lumber on the Zahniser Snyder has Tho contract for the Robert Davis has rented Hiram Koo uces East of and has already taken Hewitt has rented his farm to Hewitt is compelled to make this move of account of failing he being no longer Able to manage the Large Albert to Are pleased to is Able to to around there will be a literary performance at school Friday evening of this proceeds for the Benefit of Tho Hiram Koonce was Tho victim of a robbery Early monday Tho family had Arisen before Daylight Aud it being Tho usual custom of his wife to air Tho bed had placed them on a chair near a some sneak thief happening that Way swiped a valuable pair of blankets out of Tho revival meetings Are in Progress this week at Tho presbyterian Josiah Stewart is Able to boat his Post of duty this week after in wrestle with the master Jim while playing with sonic other boys on last fell from the top of a Straw to was rendered insensible for a time and had to taken Homo in a to will to All right in a few a number of our citizens Havo been called to Mercer this week As witnesses at the trial of Louis Viaud for Tho shooting of his Nephew last Erastus an enterprising citizen of is at present eur guard in Tho lumber business on quite an extensive scale having erected a Largo building during the Winter for Tho storage of lumber in to keeps an excellent Quality of shingles in Aud expects to soon add Machin Ery for the manufacture of doors and if you need any thing in his Lino it will be Well to give him a the Kush Gas of that modern Tho Poi sons Tho air with its fatal so that no Home is Safe from its but multitudes have found a sure Protection against this dim porous malady in Kings new you a soreness in your Bones and Havo chills and with sore pain in Tho Back of Tho catarrhal symptoms and a stubborn you May know Yon have the and that you need Kings new it will promptly cure the worst heal the inflamed kill the disease and prevent the dreaded after effects of the 50 cents and Moisey pact of a trial bottle free 4jug Borough Comer is building a no Whoso in second West forget the Republican Primar ies Aud general caucus Hodge Ore building a Largo addition to their foundry on South race ground was broken this week for Dora minors Corner Colum Bia Avenue and Union Western Union Telegraph put in a Largo clock for the Tho time is corrected each hour by Telegraph from Howe and wife presented miss to two Largo audiences in Butler last arrangements Are How being made to give the same play in Beaver Anderson put of an extra Force of men at their spoke and handle factory in this this week Aud will work double turn until their Largo con tract of spokes is of who was to have been tried this week for Tho murder of George went into court monday morning Aud plead guilty to murder in the second two widows get mixed theres going to to trouble or trouble is averted and fun dealt out by Tho Bushel in Tho comedy sue the real widow Tho ingenious complications of the plot Are greatly enhanced by appropriate and tasteful Brilliant music and Clover at Laird opera House next Friday february is now predicted that there will n shortage of horses throughout the country next Tho overproduction of Good horses has been met by a lapse of since the horse Market went to to make a shortage Tho War has helped to hasten the time Man will discover Tho world cannot yet get along without the Friend who has made living easy for Hui for Lester who is the Sawyer in in Butler was Homo Over Rene Klingesmith is working in my miss Frances of was Tho guest of her Clara pier on missus Clyde Klingensmith Aud Blanche Campbell called on friends in Clarks Mills Sabbath stove Sou has Boon Home from Tho lumber Woods this week of account of ill Oil saturday afternoon a number of the neighbors of Allen my Kouzios gathered in his Woods with axes and and Cut enough Wood to Koop him warm until to gets Over the miss Anna Dick was Tho guest of her this there is still a Groat Deal of sickness in this at presort writing Grimm has 15 petitions to Tho National Congress for the passage of Tho Ellis Bill for the abolishment of Tho army canteen and Sale of liquor in government buildings have Licois brought before our Puoplo by Tho Aud Are being largely Williamson visited All our schools recently with a question Blank for each in Tho interest of Tho compulsory Temperance educational to have not Learned Tho result of her a a general Tho requirement of Tho Law is pretty Well fulfilled in this Tho following pupils f Tho Vosler school wore not absent during Tho four Mouths of school Delia Anna and bulk Henry nor Man James Joe Euard and Roscoe in Tho monthly Earl Grade 05 per cent Cora in the fifth and sixth Ruth stove non averaged Ckuj Delhi in Tho third and fourth Cunio and Frances visitors and Vos John misses Stolla Holla Coulter and Sioum and Mes Dames William son and Cunt of the family of Billig wish to extend their most Heartfelt thanks to their neighbors and friends for their Many acts of kindness during the late illness and death of Raphael Mother of to take laxative Bromo quince Tab All druggists refund Money of pfc fails to cure 25 the genuine 1ms on each Welcome por company the lit in on Lott on their la Lurn at a special mooting of the Greenville fire held in the depart ment Headquarters last tuesday oven arrangements Wero made to give Tho k company boys a reception on their return Tho meeting was Well attended by Tho fro department members of the secret and citizens in Burgess Vaughn and Harry Watson were appointed As a finance the invitation committee is composed of Henry Buchanan and who in turn will to assisted by committees to Boap pointed by the different secret the committee on entertainment is composed of George Carl Low and Mes Dames Carl Buck and miss Mary in a Telegram received from of company it was Learned that Tho company would not come Homo in a As was first sex Tho Telegram also stated that Tho final Muster out would to on tues january and that some of Tho boys would arrive Homo on every train for next 10 in View of this condition of it was decided to hold Tho reception on february the reception proper will to held in Laird opera and All members of Tho different secret societies and citizens throughout Greenville Vicinity Are urged lend their assistance to make this reception a music will to furnished by Tho Greenville there will also to several Good speeches made during Tho after the reception a banquet will to served in armory under Tho direction of the ladies of Tho entertainment dancing will to on the program after the lob us All display our colors on the Day of the a handsome double electric Arch will to erected at Tho Corner of main and canal a Complete program will be Given As it is Tho into Tiou of Tho commit tees in charge to make this reception a fitting and a social it is necessary for Tho Hearty cooperation of lot us All loud our assistance and make this reception 0110 that will to Long Thomas of new is visiting friends in Aud of Oil Are visiting with Frank Middle Tori this Mccurdy and of Jackson and miss Mary of Par wore recent visitors in word was received hero tuesday of Tho serious illness of of Pattison is Well known James of five died at Corry on whore to Wuh Tho remains were brought hero tuesday for Millhon Tio has rented Tho Parry formerly occupied to and is rapidly getting it ready for manufacturing six hands will to employed to Start and Millho Nso expects to have about Tho Campbell studio in now doing some Fine work at Low Call and see their Sample work and got Tho ladies of Tho Sto Ohoro methodist Ohn Roh will give an ice Cream and Oyster supper in Tho room formerly occupied by Mill ouzo on saturday oven january Tho republicans of Stoneboro hold n caucus tuesday night and a ticket was made out of subject to rat Fiou Loii by Tho who will hold a caucus later in Tho week d d d school d r Audi d judge of in Constable John High Pekov the following to show their appreciation of Cash arc giving with Inch Cash uiurchanth1 l did Tho j04vo you a Book goods Green Villo furniture Edwin beat Wall paper and books maj Gio Ash Milliner Baker always ask merchants periodical save Pep Fht Tang Tat pm Zettlar to like to work for a Man who knows what to wants and knows when to gets n Good if you have a Job that to Odds Tho co operation of an artist in the composing you had better Soud it to our equipment is and for the rapid production of a Superior class of to Are not Tho Only printers in but to can do work that will please Monva Uip a Lousel from on Sharon of May offer Bonus of for Tho removal of Westminster College from new Wil to their Pittsburg of Tho balance of Tho county would gladly give Bonus to Havo Tho court House moved to Point whom it will to possible to Roach without getting up in Tho Middle of tits night to catch a train or driving for Many Over Tho worst roads ill at n of lie Green Villo Agri cultural held in armory tuesday Tho following cers and directors wore elected John president top president Harry treasurer Secretary Silas Clos Spears and no business of further importance was sheriff of Mer was unable to be but will Likely be made business manager at Tho next coi Uiol m City Council Mot in special he Muou wednesday evening in Tho office of Secretary All members being present except Tho Secretary was to re quest the electric Light company to sub Mit a bid in writing to the Council it Tho next february staling Tiro minimum Price that they would furnish Street lights to Tho Borough for the next Tho Secretary also was instructed to ask Tho Greenville Gas company to sub Mit bids for lighting Tho town Atli Wal such Street Tho Gas Cote Pany was also asked to erect a Light at Somo Point on main is of Jet the Council and might Kijoo what kind of Light they proposed to Suli ool Llo Iii the school Board Mot in Tho Central tuesday with presi Dent Miller in Tho All members being school Bonds to the amount of having Boon Tho Bonds Woro burned in the presence of Tho a Reward of was decided on for Tho conviction of any person or Pomona wilfully breaking windows in the Dif Ferent school this has be come quite a common practice with Tho and it is the intention of the Board to break it Tho Board ordered Tho Secretary to sign for paving in front of Tho West Ward miss Nina Godou Wuu elected to fill Tho unix Pird term of Bollo Don teacher in room Contra Donaldson was forced to resign on account of ill Tho Moi boy collected for Book Filici was ordered used to Purchase Scio Tulc Tho Board derided to change Tho rhetoric in High Hills Lomu Ntboe rhetoric and composition Havo bom ordered for Tho use of the or wet no action was taken about a janitor for Tho West Ward in Tho place of Daniel Andrew Christy is filling Tho position Tho marriage of miss Jonisu thl Tuon daughter of and of Sumii Summit to Frank Roth Cham of look place lust Vovou ing in bretts Bolgou and glum vocal at 5 Church was very prettily decorated with Ghr Fatmah a reputed for the occasion by Tho Young woman Oil which miss crawl will was a Tho Bride was attired in an imported travelling costume of Gray cloth Over a under skirt of Gray Tho trim mings wore of real Chiffon and Sable a hat to match with feathers wont with Tho and she carried a Shower bouquet of bridal roses and Lily of the miss Jessie Martin of who acted As mind of wore gown of Tau Broadcloth rimmed with Pink velvet and White she Woro a picture hat of a Jack velvet and feathers Aud Currul Pink after Tho ceremony a reception was tendered Tho inured into a general reception will be Given after Young couple Havo returned from wedding tour City capes and inc lets Jiow acc Gecaj says for it Short

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