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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1898, Page 5

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 22, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania Ali Christmas has come and but that hungry fee Lii g Ever the Only rom i6dy for that feeling is a Good sup ply of fresh groceries which can be found at mcclimans1 228 main where you will get Good goods at reason Able courteous few Melvin Telephone Hunting is now a daily occupation with people who expect to move in the and Edmund Are the names of two now pos offices just established in Butler All the Money you take in from now a counterfeit Bill is reported to to in during the last three of Stock has been sub scribed for Gold mining Pennsylvania state association of school directors will hold its annual convention in february Are in receipt Philadel phia record almanac for As it is filled to overflowing with useful information of All an act of the last Dairy cows and cattle for Breeding purposes brought into the state after january will be subject to quarantine regulations pending an invest Down on the is keeping up its reputation As a Tough on Friday night of last Rosario a watchman employed by the company was deliberately shot Down in cold blood by a negro goodly number of elks from this City will be in attendance at the grand Ball to be Given by the Meadville Broth at hotel on a special train will run Between Meadville and Cambridge be fore and after the Dan Tige suit of and owners of the Butler bottle against the Bessemer for land taken in the construction of the roadbed through Butler resulted in a verdict last week of for the the Hanii tons asked for wizard of the Nile company passed through this City lost saturday on Erie train euro Ute from War to Oil the company consisted of 41 the company was taken from Meadville to Oil City on a special making the run in 61 of this and of have Pur chased the Campbell Christy Stone near the product of Quarry is a very Fine Quality of Sand which finds a Roady now will be put in which will facilitate the getting out and preparing of the yell West of All yellow productions that has been produced in this City for years was put on at Laird opera House monday night by a score of travelling under the name of Gardners coloured learn that the company hails from the audience was not Largo but much too Large for the perform Ance stranger who has been seen in the East end attired in along Black coat stud Slouch after and who by his strange actions evidently is anxious to introduce himself to the female popu lation of our has changed his base iof and is now on the West a shot with a Little Rock Salt would to n Good inducement for his nobs to Jakc his Call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of Melvin lout to be found in another they have opened up the Chestnut Ridge Coal which is noted for Jamestown Fly Manry is of pfc reopened again about february county auditors no at work auditing Tho county affairs for the Poitr now Street car Lino in Meadville is expected to in operation about april Castle is extending her Boun and on wednesday annexed six asylums for Tho insane in Tho state of Pennsylvania Are Over Tho one at Warren having 074 of whom 451 arc citizens have raised 500 by subscription to Aid Graves who were burned out and they will rebuild their Carriage work appropriating each for Titus Vilo and for Tho Pur Chase of Sites and erection of Public have been introduced by con Gressman Butler county Gold mine has not in ado any person bit nevertheless real estate is increasing in Price and Tho Shaft continues to go Tho men Are working in two feet of Are being made for the annual midwinter party of Tho Avon club to be held in armory february the Maho Piug of will furnish Tho formerly of of United states District attorney for the Western District of has decided to remain in and will shortly open an office at 408 Grant Good attendance is most earnestly urged it the woman Christian tem Perance Union 011 Friday at 2 to at their Headquarters in Tho kindergarten rooms in the rear of Tom Cletous Law forgot Tho Republican Pri Maries the voters of the various wards will meet in their respective Vot ing places at 7 the general caucus will be held in armory Hall at 8 a full turnout is people arc aware of the Magni tude of the business done by the eclipse Oil of Tho great re finery consumes 500 tons of Coal per and Tho full capacity of Tho works is barrels of Oil per is to have a fair this the new society was organized wednes and will known As the Meadville fair and exposition they arc capitalized at and will Purchase the Kite track at a Cost of Pennsylvania and Ohio Border league of gun including Greenville and new will hold their annual for Tho purpose of electing i at new Castle january members of the Greenville gun club were to have held a team race wednesday but owing to the illness of a the race was five events of 10 targets each were shot resulting As follows Buck Mac Secir Keck who has Boon prospecting for Oil Iii has succeeded in locating a Well in an entirely undeveloped the Oil is heavy lubricating Oil and is a Bonanza if found in Large Mcnally holds a interest in a plot of leases contain ing an area of the new territory is in the mountains of Ken 21 Miles from a Pynsia tuning Mutual fire insurance held their a inn meeting at Fredonia on Friday of last Stintz was in Erie one Day Blackmon was in now Castlo Oil Chase was in n this miss Josephine Leech visited in Sharon this miss Emma Moore is recovering from a recent Baker was in Buffalo several Days this of was a monday Field was a business visitor to Pulaski who has Boon very is Art Wior has gone to for his of was in town one Day this Leo of spout Sun Day with Earl James Sci Muu and family spout Sun Day with relatives in of was a prominent visitor the up Odate was in Buffalo the first of Tho Jacob Romold and Esta of were in the City District was in Tho City the first of the of is the now to sorial artist with Richard of new was in the City saturday night and a prominent Butler county Coal was in town tues miss Lizzie of has returned from a visit with friends in an employee of Thomas the spent sunday in Tho Freud Chaufty club met wednes Day afternoon at the Home of Frank Earl of musical instructor at Volant was in town the Little Fivey Earold daughter of has recovered from a Brief chief Engineer Porter and Foreman of Tho wore at the National John Packard attended Tho annual meeting of Tho trustees of Grove City College of will leave about february 1 for a tour through the miss Maude of is the guest of her miss Violet this of Butler was the guest of the this representing Ben Myers of called of his Trade in this City Samuel an attache of Tho bes Semer offices in spent sunday with his family in this Riley on business in connection with a Largo lumber contract he has just John Zimmerman has purchased a Secretary Mcdowells report and the lot on Stewart Avenue and will begin producing Tho finest Quality of Coal in this and Are Selling at Low orders left at wests grocery or Reiss Cigar store will receive prompt give them a saturday officer 3jeech wont to Sharon armed with a warrant for the arrest of Laugley on a serious charge preferred by miss Dora a 17 year old girl living Aimar Laugley is a Mill worker Sincl Well known in this where he Lias an unenviable the offi cer returned with miss Misuis appeared and identified and he was bound Over to the alleged crime was committed lust dispatch from new under Date of january says that judge Wallace has rendered a decision which affects every policeman in the some time ago the county commissioners refused to pay policemen who had been called in Commonwealth cases before the costs As alleging that the policemen were peace officers in pay of Tho City and not entitled to pay from City and the officers of but the county commissioners continued to refuse an at Torney made a stated and judge Wallace has decided that Tho policemen entitled to witness bad gang of Crooks has just been up by Bessemer detective for several Mouths the gang has been operating Between thus City and meeting with fairly Good Luck Oil nearly every on the night of july 14 a car loaded with bes Semer freight was broken into in the Yards at just on Tho outskirts of detective Greer wout to work on the Case and a few Days ago he succeeded in capturing four of the they were placed in jail at but and after a severe Cross two of them implicating 11 others of the gang whose names the officer the members of the gang Range in age from 12 to 23 the apprehension of the gang was a Clover of work in which officer Greer was assisted by detective Frank and officer of auditors report show that the association is in a flourishing Over in losses having been paid during the last of Puma tuning reelected director and of Puma tuning Tost for Gas or Oil is to to made West of this City by the Mcgrut Rahnn Tho first Hole will to Down on the farm of Tho Well known Lumberman of this who has interested a number of prominent business men in the the operators fool quite certain that there is a Largo Pool of Gas in this from the fact that Many years ago a Well was put Down for no Oil was but the drillers struck a heavy pressure of which was then a luxury in few Days ago the Cleveland press contained a paid notice which Road As follows wanted at to cats for experimental same will to paid for if delivered to Buck and 09 fail child friends of Hal Shrom and Dan Buck at once caught on that there was a and a letter verifies Thoro was a Joko but it was on Tho other As a mistake was made in inserting Tho which should have Road and Tho boys Are now laughing up their worn out do you come to the close of t the Day thoroughly exhausted does this continue Day after 2 possibly week after week perhaps you Are even too exhausted to then some thing is All these things indicate that you Are suffering from nervous exp your nerves need feeding and Yoor blood in Scotts emulsion 0fcod4iver with hypo phosphates of Lime and contains just remedies to meet these 1 he enriches the feeds the and the by give them tone and be sure you get Scotts All druggists v Scott new York the erection of a House at no Early Fred of formerly connected with Tho Greenville tube was in town several Days this stage and Loulein wore in Sharon monday attending a meeting of Tho stockholders of the Kiwi Berly Mcdowell and David Adams will to candidates for reelection As members of the Board of directors of Tho Sharon William of Tho Oast left of tuesday for Jersey whore she will spend some time visiting her of Tho Rayon High spent sunday with his Doak and other relatives in this Allison Junior member of Tho firm of is in Philadel the guest of his who is studying Medicine miss Adda who has Boon the guest of loft fora visit with Sharon after which she will return to Hor Homo in Elizabeth miss Eva Martin and Joseph Bounin Ghou were at Butler thursday in attendance at the funeral of Tho Many friends in this City of of now Hope that to will to vindicated at his coming trial in Mercer next Boll is a very popular Man and Public sympathy is very Mich in his Phillip of made Tun news office a pleasant cull Garts has announced himself in a candidate for poor director sol Joet to Tho decision of Tho Republican and is around hustling for going after fluid our has received a commission from Tho Klondike grubs take of to act As their agent in this Scot Tho plan of Tho company is to Soud a party to Tho Klondike Tho party will consist of three one to Koop Camp and two to Prospect Tho capital Stock of this will equip put thou in Tho Field and keep them Thorp two this company solicits business in a different 1 Way from others now in the in a neat circular they warn prospective Ous 1 towers from investing More Ilii they 1 can afford to admitting that their party might possibly be aiming Tho in Forti inmates who Are bound to got their party will to headed by n Man of 15 years experience in Gold and if Success is to be it is reasonable to expect Tinin to be to the company is headed by who is a former resident of i Mercer o and it brother of Mango of this 4ny person thinking seriously of investing in this line will do Well to consult the local Tho company is All 214 and 216 main special Sale of knit underwear january we commence the greatest Sale of ladies and gents knit underwear Ever held in exactly 575 pieces of Fine Quality and beautifully made listen among my purchases in the fall i bought a Largo Lino of Mill this Lino mostly consists of gents Al Wool and fleece lined mostly in size 40 ladies Al Wool and fleece Liuo in size and a Good assortment of infants and childrens this Lino has Boon hold Buck and not shown As i Antici this Sale dome time these in connection with some things from my regular will go Muke the Best underwear Sale Green Ville has Over there will be about 50 gents Light weight natural Wool that bring from to each that go for about As Many More in heavy weight Worth about the will also go for a lot of ladies con sisting of White natural Wool and camels hair costing also from to will go for Boc to there is also n Fine lot of fleece lined both gents and ladies vests and for and Worth from fico to a Good lot of childrens goods is included in the assortment at Ifica to Infante vests will be on Sale acc 7c you know when to toll you to have a bargain for you usually find and i consider this underwear offer one of the very Host Mone savors for you it Lias been my pleasure to offer muslims muslims and now for on this same january 21 continuing will hold our special Muslin at which time i will offer Yon special prices on All bleached and Brown bleached and Brown All 1 Pillow ready made sheets and Pillow and everything that goes to make a Complete Muslin while these two special attractions will be prominently to fore you on the Date do not forgot to arc still giving special prices All Over our there is a merry scramble for the cloaks at dross Gingham at Worth dross goods things include some of the Best from our the velvet and body Brussels 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