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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1898, Page 4

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 22, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania The Public slim by attn Cairn a Untim furl spiral on of january at a moot ing hold in Louis last week Tho Peoples party severed nil connections with the National populist convention and made Arrango administering its own affairs the Aid or advice of any outside with a few exceptions to Lilac Clamp themselves Unomia vocally in Lavor of going it alone in the future ref Todum Haslom was most Muhly co and was recommended or j use to the Niedt in nutters of National importance o the and there was a practical among the delegates that a National Purohi Montial convention should to held this a Democrat is reported to his grandsons ooh on condition that they support Tho Din crat party through we Ouirt suggest Bluit the heirs contest Iho the old Man was certainly of unsound mind when he made ins and any Ury could not help Render a verdict in favor of the to support Tho Democrat party through life paltry is Tho next thing to Washington letter a weekly review from the National topics f not Llonel import Tilv 1 Al Fly to soft Lilii i from our Rejon liar january Secretary Wilsons report on senator lodges which was adopted by asking for full Tiomi As to sugar Wlms if Foro Imi sugars it comes in Competition what effect if Trio importation of hawaiian sugars has or could Lingo Tho Boot sugar production of Tho United in expected to Knock out Ono of Tho arguments which have Boon used by Tho sugar Trust lobby to make certain Whoso states Are Largo Aud increasing producers of sugar doubtful of Tho policy of Annex by showing no injury to the Boot sugar interests of this country or probably can follow the annexation of it is not surprising that senators should have Boon temporarily by the spacious arguments of to agents of Tho sugar against annexation o Frau probably averted War Between the United states and Spain by refusing to summon a War ship during the recent riots in to expects to ask for a fighting vessel Ruick enough tube present i Case a future riot should Tako a aut american turn he is watching Tho Hitu Atlon closely Aud is bettor informed on what is going on than is governor general Blanco Henry speaker of Tho Pennsylvania House of has been appointed superintendent of the United states mint estate senator John of has Boon appointed chief Coiner of the state senator of Montgomery luus been appointed United states Consul at Rautan United states commissioner of died at last of Neu he was in his Flint and was born in Warren Hanna took the oath of office monday for Trio remainder of Sherman term in Tho which ends March collector 1yiill a special from Washington the collector of the Pittsburg in Toruald Rocomio Lias been sus Taino by the Treasury department in his s dismissal of George boo Hort auc1 Martin Tho Iwho appealed their costs to Trio civil serv ice in his report to Tho Ofilio Deputy com Mission or Wilson in part says Ilu action of collector was in Stone accordance with Tho terms of a Rule his was based upon sufi Eimont 1 was absolutely necessary for Trio main Toua Uco of discipline by Tho collector to enable him to himself in his of for such is not properly boor forts to administer Tho affairs of his dih in the interests of Good am of Tho opinion that Tho dismissal of Ganger or in accordant with said Rule of Tho a made the ground of u the civil Korvick commission Cor criticism or Republican Tho republicans of Salem township will moot at the Alliance Hall on Satur january at a to put in nomination township Tho of Deer Crook will hold their january from 3 to 1 at Grange Tho Bop Licaus of Tromp Lipold town ship will Lipold their primaries it Tho White school at 3 Oslo in m out a Good Puli jul us ui1 i because of the injury it might do to Tho sugar beet Industry in this Secretary Wilson was himself once doubtful on Tho because Hobo Harved annexation might injure the a Meribau beet investigation convinced him that it would and his facts on Trio subject will convince the Sonatore who have there Are hourly contradictory stories around Washington As to Tho attitude of senators towards the annexation treaty by Sona Tor who is in charge of the is still that it will be ratified with votes to senator Wolcott speech dears out senator Chandlers recent statement that president Mckinley does not re Gard As final the efforts made by Tho commission which visited Europe in be half of International and that to does regard their failure to get England committed As ending All Hope for an International senator Wolcott believes that Tho visit of the commission to Europe materially advanced the idea of International Bidet and that it will yet become an accomplished attorney general my Kouvas Nomina Tion to Tho supreme court would have been confirmed last week had not Sena Tor Allen soon in it a Opportunity to euro a Little notoriety for a Heidi senator Hoar presented the report f the judiciary committee in favor of fudge Mck Anua Aud asked that a vote to senator Allen was the Only by Cotov and to consumed four hours in milking it Plain that his Only object was o draw Public attention to he asked for a postponement of two but was in Tho end satisfied to Tho vote postponed until next Fri there is nothing about fudge Mck Ounas at Tho there int Likely to to More ban six votes cast in Aud it is possible that there will to representative of has introduced a Bill providing for the establishment of a National military Park at and for the erection of a peace Monument upon the spot where Tho agreement to cease hostilities was there Are several Bills of this including that providing for making a National military Park of Tho Vicksburg Battle and Tho general sentiment in con Gress is favourable to but they Are All Likely to to shut out at this session under Tho general Rule that no Bill carry ing an appropriation for a now shall to passed by the hons the receipts of Tho government exceed Ita notwithstanding Trio use of Al whole week ill Tho discussion of civil Bervice the House has made a Good business record since the reassembling of it has passed the Legisla executive and judicial appropriation Tho urgency deficiency appropriation Bill and the agricultural appropriation and is now considering the Diplo Matic and consular appropriation whatever maybe the personal opinion i of president Mckin Lov As to Tho justness of the damages awarded to British subjects for losses alleged to have been sustained by reason of our of their sealing vessels in Mcbring by the arbitration commission acting under the treaty of to knows we Are in Honor bound to pay so he has sent a special message to urging the Early appropriation of in order that they May be paid and Tho matter Tho reports brought to Washington by trustworthy men do not Square with the claims of the Silver democrats As to Tho increase of Silver for in Excenator of South his state though Bryan carried the state in by a slender he will never be Able to do so a Good wheat crop and great Gold productions have knocked Brya hism out in South which is now third in output of Tho yellow and its resources in this Lino arc Only in the Early stages of with Tho Advent of the agitation Over free Silver has inasmuch As Consul general Lee can have one or More United states warships in Havana Harbor within six hours after Lin dooms their presence the administration has not been Over lie yellow journal War scares of the last few the fenders this paper will be pleased to Leam that there is at least one dreaded disease that science hns been Able to cure in All its stages Aud that is Halls Catarrh cure is the Only positive cure now known to the medical Catarrh being a constitutional requires a constitutional Halls Catarrh is taken in acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the thereby destroying the foundation of the and giving the patient strength by building up the Constitution and As sisting nature in doing its the proprietors have so much Faith in its curative that Hoy offer for any Case that it fails to Send for list of Cheney sold by Halls family pills Firo the the Surprise of James of the drag firm of Jones in speaking of Kings new says that last Winter his wife was attacked with la and her Case grow so serious that physicians at Cowden and Paua could do nothing for seemed to develop into Hasty having Kings now discovery in and Selling lots of he took a bottle and to the Surprise of All she began to got better from the first and a half Dollar bottles cured her sound and Kings new discovery for coughs and colds is guaranteed to do this Good try free trial bottles at Shrom drug to it cold in one take laxative Broino quinine All druggists refund Tho Money if it fails to the holidays being Over now is the time to get a Winter overcoat suit or anything in the heavy very we do not wish to carry any Winter goods therefore offer these goods at a big reduction hitter reliable the Only on Price store in main throw not dress fancy ladies fur fancy is still giving clearance prices on dry no Lions and Call and Sec the prices on the following bed Cotton Wool and Cotton lace and Sash embroideries and rut do i Niay Savo a Deal of your Money by looking at the goods and prices we offer before any aug More Money for the same thing else we have the gents and childrens remnant table full of Clarks Best 8 spools for Good 4 and 5c Good 4 and 5c Good 5c wove 25c Lenox 8 barn for 25c walkers family 8 bars for 25c Arbuckle Loo lion Loc tip top 9c largest display of Cut Glass Watche jewelry and silverware Ever brought to this our prices positively cant to our line of Silver Mantle is simply we have a Large Assort ment to select our goods sell them a careful inspection the old stand everybody knows the place furniture 0 co ways Trever in the history of merchandising have i ladies and misses elegant been sold As we Are determined to close out our i everything in shirt fleeced wrappers at Money raving come and see fou be i regard ayora Cherry pectoral an Superior to aay cold or cough Medicine i have used it for years and am never without a bottle in Iho Nickel for inc next 60 188 main Austin Hal size Chestnut on Lului farm of div Al of Mullo of Liuvao Tom a Oil of Itil in tills Thuy Art soiling us follows january Homo and make of sugar kirov of to nor primaries on at Bank Block Coal nut and Slack or Vrh lift at Fri Intel wills or Helm sons Oit Fiir will ruin Ivo Iii tilt Box Tho republicans township will hold january at i for Tho purpose of nominating township j wait in i rope Liouns of Livon Villo will their caucus for i a nominating of precinct and Borough j january Tho Ward caucuses at 7 at tin i voting places and Tho i Mirml caucus at 8 p in armory first Ward second Ward Ira third rims Bond your address to Bucklen and got a too Gumplo Box of Kings now Lito a trial will Ron intr you of their those pills Avo easy in a tinn and Aro particularly Elvo Tivo in Iho euro of constipation and tuck for malaria and liver troubles they have Boon proved in they Are guaranteed to to perfectly free every deleterious Kiib Titano and to be purely they do nut weaken by their but by giving tune 10 mom Aeh and greatly indigo Ivic i to regular if cents per sold by Shrom Iii xxv where Vou got that do you know what euro itt Carters Haigh cure for Throat and lung try it for Prico to at Blackmor Beulos drug a Beautiful line of lamps and China suitable for the holi Day Trade at prices to suit the a share of your patronage solicited at Johnsons furniture store 158 main have your eyes properly fitted with Tom latest nil instrument known to Tho Damon the jeweler Hus just Gnu of de Zens on our entire line of Holiday Queens Are and tinware for 3o Anil Suimui this you u iwo feet tit or no cull mud Iovu your eyes examined come in and it Liiv Turner the House furnishes 1s7 the year that is just closed has been in Many in stances eventful As applied to the great mass of the citizens of this great it has ushered in great commercial activity and better Confidence has Boon and channels of Trade which have for a longtime been Are now filled with the Hood tide of returning and Trade is again moving May favourable conditions remain for Many years to and bring their Golden rewards to the thousands of toilers in All conditions of so the Prosperity of the Many May bring Comfort and happiness to we also de sire at this time to express our thanks for your Many favors received during the past and we sincerely nope that Tho Good will and pleasant relations now existing May it shall be our aim to serve you As faithfully during Tho now year As in the it is now flout Tho time of year our annual Clear Ance Sale and we Are determined to make this the Effort of our our Stock is too Large and varied to enumerate but we will give a reduction equal to 25 per on All lines of goods in tins dress gents hats and table of Tilg blankets and and ladies of off Cibb we have a Large prices on these Gools will be Cut exceedingly and Ware and fact everything in our great department store is included in this great 25 per reduction the

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