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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jan 22 1898, Page 2

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 22, 1898, Greenville, Pennsylvania Their society holds a meeting at do will Chosun in Demon mid nov prior i among Shoho chem Chi in vice i n of Trio 1 exc Cuvo inn my injecting Trio stale agricultural society has Boon Lichtl those Olli Cors wore elected John Mcdowell Vine Borg nor vice George Willinia Benjamin Charles Frank David Robert George Amos Louis Joel Samuel Henry obis Hiram George i Timos Joshua William Leonard Khonon at Dan Hast Thomas additional members John Joseph Inis Sloy corresponding and recording dimming Rutherford chemist Antl Geol Hugh Hamilton William Eagle work of the Pardon renewing old made in Board of pardons has been in executive session considering a Long list of cases heard during Day in the supremo court pardons were recommended forgery Joseph and Charles burglary and larceny John Tho death sentence of Luther Hud was commuted to 19 years and 0 months imprisonment from Trio application of Jon grass of for a commutation of sentence to life imprisonment was pardons were refused Calvin Fry and Presley burglary Ellis Felo Nious Tho Case of William sex City attorney of was held in Idor advisement until those cases wore also hold under advisement Frank William hut Jbell and Frank Ince Tho application in Tho Case of James was Penn Sylvania pensions have been Hamlin John do John Francis John me George now Rois fort to George Wash so to gha Arlos to stut 11 Hurlick Lennil state horticultural association elected these officers hogs of York first vice Howard Chase of Philadelphia second vice presi Calvin Birdi hand third Gabriel hoi Slor recording Cyrus Fox of heading corresponding Branton of Cliris Tiana Hibbard entrant of Mill Chester Harrisburg was chosen As Tho place for the next Alt Mii unit trial of Trio proceedings to make permanent Tho receiver of the Pennsylvania building und loan association of Altoona has Toon concluded before judge Tjho greater part of the Day was spool in arguing Tho attorney general Deputy attorney Gonera Boeder and Bank commissioner Gilke Bon appearing for Tho Commonwealth Judd Stevens of Tyrone for the Trio court reserved its do Tho skillful will itch too them to Voitl Ifni old Trees Are among Tho most cherished treasures of Rural and suburban they Are Tho most Fis every finished product is costly into which bus entered Choc informing and creative processes wind Long Raic hns of limn can an old Liondro May fall Down or in destroyed by and while we mourn the docs of Tho visible feign of old ssh idalion a better twirl More Beautiful Structure can to made to Tako its but when an old tree that has Boon Tho guardian of Tho Homo for generations and stood there before the was founded surrenders to Tho Tho loss is beyond for a Long time at As there is no immediate remedy Tho need of precaution becomes All the when one of these old sentinels be gins to show signs of and decay and year by year grows More attenuated in its branches and weaker in Leaf growth and to watch it As to watch a Fri Iid attacked by a slow but incurable but remedies Are Low being discovered for almost every 11 of Tho and successful tree sur Gery is or May Boas common As the higher form of that a recent numer of Garden and Forest discusses Tho Reju senescence of old Trees and gives a tactical directions for Etc acting directly to the Point Are two illustrations if Trio same a venerable Oak in Tho Nold Tho first is of a treo Vilh fan caching but marked by infallible of the a Fiigon scanty and the general Prospect of life Tho second illustration shows Tho same tree 12 years Shorter of it is but displaying vigor in every Leaf and fiber and exhibiting every characteristic of youth and strength and hopeful Promise of no Mir not oven one of has been Tho result is simply Ono of skillful tree of intelligent pruning according to Tho do car system instead of sending Tho treo blood Long distances through collapsed am withered contracts the area am applies the nourishing forces in such Way that they can to assimilated am made to promote Tho growth of All the the process is Ono which almost nil intelligent Farmer or treo owner should to Able to vigor can Boris Tori to a tree in this condition by shortening All its branches by on third or Oneal their entire Tho Only euro needed in this operation is to Cut Back each main Branch to a heal thy lateral Branch which will Servo to attract and Clab Orat by moans of its leaves a sufficient flow of sop to insure Tho growth of tin these directions must to care fully observed to provent further decay and euro must also to taken to leave the lowest limbs Tho so that the greatest possible loaf surface shall b exposed to Tho so if some old near Roadside or dwelling that has been Tho landmark of n Century shows alarm ing symptoms Tho owner should not do of pair before to has treated it according to Tho general plan hero Laid to dbl Hitt talks against ency he spoke Fok the if nor Mol nary of he but would to icon harm spin Nikci Limul Ayala bloc itch the Village new nominations by the president were these postmasters for Daniel Sho Mandouh Charles Carlisle Ridgway William Kerr Canonsburg Pennsylvania Alexander Mccalob and wife of new ton have made an assignment for the Bonewit of creditors Ami Solomon i Ute Tou is appointed the at Shamokin Frank Bobber was committed to await trial with Frank Wina not Aldo on charge of having dealt foully with John Kalafut during May Trio Lack Awasum Iron and steel com Pany of who have leased Tho Bird Coleman furnaces at Cornwall for five placed a purim cd in private Peter Duhm of lumber of company fourth regi was found guilty of paid a line and was Dis honorable discharged from the state 2 has been used upon As Tho Date for Tho meeting of the Republican Busi Ness mens league of Pennsylvania to decide upon Tho policy of Tion in Tho Campaign for governor and United states Tho prohibitionists of Media have massed resolutions calling for nonpartisan Choice of councilmen to insure honesty in the handling of Tho with it is proposed to increase the towns water Supply to Yieh a sewage re8lloiitn of in ill to swim often Iso Cuno ii Rosenh of external a writer in Tho Independent Calls at Tention to Tho dreary desolation and the decay of Many Small towns and which to ascribes to Tho centralization of industries and Popula Tion in Tho Largo whether or not this explanation is altogether Correct there can be no doubt As to the of Many villages it is True that they Are Tho very incarnation of depressing ugly most of Tho houses Aro without paint and present such a Tumble Trouzy appearance to Tho visitor that he is Only too glad when to can there is an it tar Lack of neatness in Tho streets and Tho grounds around Tho nothing seems to thrive of copt Tho which Aro the people who Aro in evidence Aro generally in keeping with Tho appear Rico of Tho they room to to wholly wanting in even when they Aro abundantly Able to dross Well their clothes Aro ill and they them selves Aro they Geom to find their greatest pleasure in lounging in Tho Polo Fulco or Tho Village where they spend a Good part of Tho Day in vacuous talk about Tho most trivial sub not Only in but in Many purely Rural there is to to found Tho Fame mental and with much More for the Farmer is not Only too Busy to devote much time to mental but to is generally isolated from his neighbors by we must not to understood As intend1 ing to criticise or Blum the villages Rural communities for the defects to which to have referred or As including All when Only sumo Aro when to remember that they Aro con tartly giving their Best brain and mus Elo to recruit Tho great cities of Tho which otherwise would soon of to Ean Only think of them As deserving Tho Good l and help of All Whoso Outlook and opportunities Aro question of granting belligerent rights to the cuban insurgents has again been Tuv in the As on to Day the minority hurled itself against a Stone on the Only vote a motion designated to overrule the decision of Tho speaker and direct the committee on foreign affairs to report without further delay Tho cuban Reso Lution passed by Senate at the last the republicans stood solid and voted to sustain the the As on Tho Day were banked to the and there was considerable excitement throughout the Jarly part of the session when the 1110711 Bers of Tho minority were successively presenting All sorts of amendments bearing on Trio cuban question for Tho purpose of embarrassing Tho ulving the general debate chairman Hitt of the foreign a lairs committee made an impressive speech of less than in explaining at length the Situa Ion which made by Congress in spoke with impassioned of Tho presidents sympathy with to struggle for cuban and the achievements of Tho present and the release of american prisoners in the recall of the abandonment of the policy of concentration hid the aut Toniy scheme he attributed o the firm attitude of the Aid contrasted these results with the in action of the last the president had pointed Hitt that the recognition of Bellig in weigh most heavily on the and this fact disclosed the spirit animating Tho with Tho declaration of belligerency the Spanish cruisers were free beyond Tho of Cuba to harrass on the High seas those ships carrying sup plies to the cubans themselves recognized that belligerency meant the cutting off of their supplies from this bub they and had expressed them selves to that it would bring a stray shot from a Spanish Cruiser on Tho High seas directed against an american which would inflame the Ameri can people and sweep Tho United states into a War with Hitt referred to Tho critical condition in Havana and Tho readiness of our warships for what the next Stop would Boho could not to assorted that the president must assume Tho of any action delaying work of Coal Confer ence at state differ Knial the 1ho old tin Sililo uru Virn Ohio Neil n out uniform working by of Ulni hours will i Brief session Wen held by Tho interstate bituminous Coal operators and miners yesterday and adjournment was taken until pending he scale committees from a Point of View every thing in and about Tho convention appears but in Tho secrecy of the scale committee chamber the old War Between operators of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Fields was fiercely Karly in the of the committee the question of hours of labor was thoroughly gone representatives of the workmen favored an eight hour but their principal Contention was for a uniform Day in a fico of the vary ing hours now established in the differ ent the operators were willing to meet them half and it is under stood a uniform working Day of nine hours will to recommended to the con Tho knotty problem of state differentials was then taken this brought Ohio and Pennsylvania operators together with a in order to allow them full swing the regular committee took a recess until Tho Ohio and Pennsylvania operators then wont into session by Tho Issue Between those two states is of years Ohio operators have hitherto succeeded in securing a rate of 6 to 10 cents per ton below the Pennsyl Vania while it is claimed by the Pennsylvania people that Ohio opera tors obtain 25 to 30 cents More Par ton for their the fight to remove this difference on one Side and to retain on the other is therefore a bitter it is probable that Tho scale commit tee will be unable to agree on All mat ters before and will make their troubles known to the full asking for further Tho Pennsylvania and Ohio members scale committee did not Roch an agreement last but it is probable that today they will agree on a differential of 4 Pennsylvania wants 0 cents and Tho Ohio Aro wiling to Grant Shaw or brakeman 810 new writes a letter for which she desires All her suffering Sisters to she writes 1re9ent i was 10 years i suffered Tom time Wilh female weakness of the worst kind with the uld hand place Beins taken automatic and spent All i had trying to get i tried several of the Best phys but they All failed to cure i gave up All Hope of re finally hartmans treatment was recommended to Ine by my who also Lent me he Money to get the Medicine which har Maii cent it performs the service much i took i to ire Tacut and it Dicker and better than the brakeman cured i am now a healthy Hope do at first a t steam Brake was invented and tried by weighing 104 and i owe it All to 8everal of the but it was not hartmans i am sure i successful enough to proclaim Tho would not be living now if it had not doom of the hand Brake i cannot help inventors improved upon the contrivances until the modern Auto aim Matic brakes were by Means slowly but surely science la putting brakeman out of and supplying his place with mechanical a few years ago there were considerably Over a million Brake men employed on our railway but today the number has been reduced to less than and it is Only a question of time before the last of these old time employees will entirely disappear from All our Railroad the automatic been for his recommending it to All will answer All inquiring of the present invention the Engineer any woman wishing to apply for can Stop a heavy train in half the time Hartmanis free Homo Only that a dozen using the old to Send duration of in an interesting article on the when Tho doctor will a Rehnbo the passing of the published in proper the Medicine can to the Philadelphia appears tie obtained by each patient at the nearest following drug each woman should have a the Passons brakeman is not copy of hartmans latest Book on the diseases Peculiar to health and woman by the Poruba drug Maulfa cevey Railroad line to equip cars with the the called of the interstate Commerce commis sent free to any which makes it mandatory for Taring automatic and continuous brakes and and their locomotives with driving wheel before the a ii pc you seen die new c in town somatic brakes and couplers were in it has come to it is the initial produced ol1 the railroads the death letter of Carters Cascara cordial the rate passengers and employees Ideal tonic laxative that cures Ehi onic was higher than Todar Ancl is indigestion and largely to this improvement that 25 and 50 cents at Blackmor the mortality has been steadily beatles drug to revealed Tho presidents attitude toward which might eventuate in War and appealed to both sides of the chamber to patriotically support Tho executive if a crisis should Iii Kinord Tho loading number of the Oom Mittoo on foreign at replied to and admin chairman of the cuban of the same 3erry and Wheeler also addressed the House during to general Tho debate will lose today at 4 Oclock under the a a Gemont whoa a Linal test will o made on a of which Williams gave to a commit the Bill with instructions to report Back Tho cuban Resolution As a judge to succeed Gor Man Crown the Senate and House have met in joint session after casting Ono ballot for United states senator to succeed Arthur Tho vote cast for judge Mccomas an increase of two Over that received by him the Day one of these came from senator Dobler of Baltimore who left the Shaw and the other from do Legato dry Deli of who was absent on the first Day of Tho major Shaws through Tho desertion of senator was made up by the accession of Delegate Robinson of Baltimore who had vote for general senator Gorman gained a vote in the person of senator who had voted for judge Henry the out come of the Days balloting was a Dis Tinct disappointment to the followers of judge they having confidently expected a gain of at least eight More votes than they their failure is now thought to indicate the possible reappearance of postmaster general Gary As a As these votes Are looked upon As his whenever to wants indications of an attempt at coalition Between Tho 11 and the democratic members for the purpose of electing a Baltimore City Man Are grow ing stronger Ever such a combi nation would probably mean Shaw or Tho ballot taken gave 80 11 2 s Barj i i 0 0 113 necessary to a r7 Hall must re with but few exceptions All of the passenger cars and the and baggage cars Are equipped who suffer from with the automatic brakes and coup coughs and colds should heed Tho and about on half the Ings of danger and save themselves suf freight the latter have Ferine and fatal results by using one slower to comply with the Law than minute cough it is an infallible the As there is Leas human life remedy for croup and All involved in accidents with but Throat and lung for Sale by Carters Crual ointment is a vegetable preparation for the poem Keiit cure of deep seated All scr Fula complaints of outward develop eruptions and skin diseases of every description Rheuma stiff chapped and can not be surpassed As a counter irritant in in All spinal and lung Price All the new freight cars have to be constructed with the new brakes Ancl the old time where the brakeman had to stand the two cars that were to be joined were a constant menace to the life of the and the death rate among them was High this cause in 1895 the number of employees of the american rail roads killed amounted to and the injured to a fair percentage which met their death while coupling cars in the death rate was cant cure consumption but you can avoid it and euro every other form of Throat or lung trouble by the use of one minute cough for Sale by new to a Teller Silver its id attract Good country in have an Active association of Busi Ness and Good results Iovu been obtained through its the establishment of manufactories by furnishing cheap a Good plan to attract of a list no t Tho Lifeblood of modern a Louey getter and a hush of information to All Tho peo Tho Mizio that yields pure Gold in Largo Tho keynote of Progress in the March to it Siivo Nollon i would Movi Ion Vest gave notice in Tho Senate that to would move today to take up for consideration the Teller Resolution reported by the i inane committee providing that Bonds of Tho United states May to paid in Standard Silver vests notice rooms to indicate an intention on Tho part of some senators to the hawaiian annexation As it is As White said that the consideration of the Resolution would Pree Ipi Tate some slight ii nil of lists Senate confirmed those nominations Charles Pago Bryan to to minister to Brazil Conger of Iowa to be minister to to to consuls Weber of Ohio at w tem Vollo of Ohio at Tay Lor of Ohio at Stone of Ohio at Rufus Fleming of Ohio at York cd Iurii item ii cent his new Tho congregation of Tho fifth Avenue presbyterian Hureh has declined to accept Tho Resig nation of its John amid great enthusiasm Strong resolutions wore adopted declining to accept for of House on after concluding Tho hearing of fixed on Tho next wednesday meeting for Tho vote 011 the statehood Bills of Oklahoma i now Mexico tm4 our clubbing by special arrangement with the pub Lishers we can give our subscribers the Benefit of a special reduction in the Price of periodicals when taken in connection with the news As follows tins Nowr now York weekly Pittsburg Cincinnati new York Ohio demo rests family monthly hoards cosmopolitan cosmopolitan and Edward Bellamy now country Frank Leslie new York Lippi Notts see Tilic we can save you Money on any Pape or Magazine will quote pric on application for any paper or Maga Xiluo not Mouti quod in above it i cheaper to Tako the news than to do without any of our subscribers who have Paic for tits news a year in Advance Aro on tilled to a mechanics on the most important local question we have at present to opinions expressed publicly through this newspaper by people in Tho commoner i live in s011lu Distant mute Lauk Tho Uit Orost which is attached to opinions held Ros clonts of tins Western part of Reinik Elvania tie Fornor have n 25 at brought Clown to and the number injured to while the present v6ar will probably now even a Argei while this decrease is partly the re sult of greater efficiency among the Railroad employees and to the improve ments in the roadbed and to the use of perfect signalling the automatic Brake is most directly responsible for the Gratifying a train of cars equipped with the Auto Matic brakes rarely comes into Colli Sion with other trains or obstacles on the the watchful Engineer Caa see far enough ahead to bring his train to a standstill before colliding with anything that May be accidentally placed on Tho in rounding Sharp curves the modern systems of signals reduce danger of collision to a and on a straight track everything depends upon Tho alertness and promptness of Tho this is practically the greatest Safe guard Ever invented for Railroad and to it to Are indebted for Many it is driving the brakeman out of at the same it is saving the lives of thousands of passengers and Railroad employees every la one of those inventions which give such adequate compensation for superseding hand labor that no one regrets us general adoption even the Railroad employees whose work it is rapidly taking from allow can Amos in n i la old by lip him if you Are in doubt about is Stato and ask him if is not or i Noy i ills Tor Tho Boot j1 s never better Ilia i John Tho noted hold fast by appreciative or approve of his Tho congregation also Deli id to appoint com missioners to Tho presbytery to act with Tho pastor on his Luul a jew Ami new 45 has shot and killed his wife while they were walking Tho Corner of Gravue an automobile Ponzal an automatic postal consist no of a postal containing a ser Pollet a passenger and a bag Gage has been run experimentally Over the Railroad from Paris to Beau the according to the was and sixty or from Twenty to to thirty six Miles an the engine consumed about five pounds of Uel and ten quarts of water a kilo metre and the Cost was far less than hat of the usual postal a Roll Seimui with a Louis who had a warrant of arrest against a woman for allege to assault and Battery refused to prison her when he found it was directed against a lady in the eighty sixth year of her he took her to friends House and secured bail for and the prosecuting Rhen told that she was too old and feeble to assault said he revoke the i Felt so much Bettev Tatur of that i tin treatment for a time until i was thoroughly i now Horo to More and i am god to rec pm med a remedy which h8f proven it self so True to the Elkims Niue for it also used Doaa son electricity Ranier reports to the Paris Academie de Medicine that a singing Oice May be made More full and Ess rapidly tired and the Quality much lore agreeable by the Singer sitting upon an isolated Stool coupled to the negative pole of a Static electric machine and breathing the atmosphere electrified by Means of a Brush elec Trode for a Short a a lady writes to apropos of the mistakes made by that she went into shop in this City recently and aske4 for copy of swin Burnes we a five not Swan Burnes replied the obliging we have Robert stress feb Given

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