Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
14 Jan 1899

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Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
14 Jan 1899

Read an issue on 14 Jan 1899 in Greenville, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Greenville News.

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania January 8 Tittle of Troil u m her realm and Therese will reign and the important a bundle of rags u Collar of craggy fun Shes Only a doll to Bat More than a doll to a doll that i thought a prize 1 rave to the Little that and shut its and Beauty of displayed Bur somehow it seemed to a never received the 1 Dally and hourly see bestowed on a doll less the doll that can the doll in the Silken the doll hint la made to lies lonely in some recess forgotten and pushed it lies in the dust while that of the rags in Pride is Liell to the Maidens Tim i Rutn Emboli years when i waa a very Young writes Foster meeting John thu great in his shipyard at i what he said then about the value of a Trade to a Young he laying big Broad hand on my shoulder and looking at me earnestly with his steel Blue Irish next to a Cleat a Trade is As Good a thing As any Young Man can have in this you can carry it with you All your life Long you have to pay neither rent nor upon and it will help you around a Sharp Cornet when most other tilings will i have never forgotten that utter Ance from a Man who started in life Landing in new York from Helper to a who became the leading shipbuilder of his and up to the hour he was stricken with a fatal could take the place of any of has wheeter it was a Man driving rivets or an expert putting together the most delicate parts of a steamships something very like what John Loach said i heard another great is this was Peter a Man of whom american boys cannot know too and whom they certainly cannot to much if i Harl my said the venera ble on the occasion to i i would give every Lay a i would have him stick to love it and be Good to it if he it will be Good to the Ilon act sir i want my shoes then i would be glad to Shine them Savici the have i time to catch the Hudson Kulver train no time to sir but i can give you a Good Job before it pulls shall i my dont let me be in two seconds the Boot Lack was on ills Knees and hard at the train is said As be gave the last the Man gave Lilin a half Dollar and started for the the boy counted out the change and ran after his but was too for the train had two years later the same on coming to new met the Boot but had forgotten the boy remembered his former customer and asked him of int i Chine your shoes once in the grand Central depot boy said the i am the and Here is your the gentleman was so pleased with the lads honesty that he went with to see his Mother and offered to Asho needed such a the Mother and the honest Boot Lack after a Good he was Given a Good when a became a partner in his friends Large an whoever hns looked inside an elephants Mouth hns seen a strange elephants have no front Aud they never eat meat or any food that requires tearing eight Teeth Are All they two above and two on each huge yellow molars As wide As a mans and i about two inches Over Wiese Liny or fodder is sifted by the ugliest Tongue that is literally Hung at Toth having no Power or move except in the where it Back and Forth from Side to arching up against the roof of the big Mouth like an immense wrinkled Pink Thoro is nothing stranger than the of in elephants unless it be Tho working of his breathing of apparatus when he Ilka human have two sets of milk which Are smaller than the Pim mint fall out when the animals Are about fourteen j years these baby which Are nevertheless Are of picked up by circus men Tho fodder and preserved As umbrella skirts in Coli in connection to vhf quite Plaht one encouraging feature of the fashions is the diversity of style and Clit which makes them adaptable to every kind of one of the test skirts for Hie slim Well rounded form is the one with the Pep Hini Over dress Crft circular and shaped in deep Points at the this fits the hips close without so much As ofte tiny Plait or Ful Tiesa of any sort fat any Point a round the Are Ana with of of possible variation of but the general effect in Cut is very much an very scant at f from first the and spreading out so immensely wide at the foot that Al Sloan of crinoline begin to loom up in tin the most attractive skirt is the one with no attempt at any fullness around the hips and an especially pretty flare around the Bot it shunned like the plague by nil women who Are not blessed with almost faultless Fig the average woman is either too slim or too and the one is no better suited than the other to adore this particular for a Well round de figure is the first element of its sue bodices hardly Excell the skirts r variety of yet there Are s Many and so widely diversified Mode that it is simply impossible to Nate any particular one As the leading there Are Long Coats and Short Coats and every kind of coat be tween a Long cutaway and a Java to Bolero yet round waists seem to to quite As much the the Long Coats reach to the Knees and Are Cut straight Down in front or after the manner of an elongated Louis coat and Vest effects the conspicuous features of Tho Roum and pretty combinations n colors Are noticeable i All Tho Rcw gowns of whatever Law of All silk tucked la various embroidery with a mixture of soft Plain velvet and velvet with Fine cords of Satin in some contrasting color set in around at intervals of gee we ail have testified to Tho nature and Chat tic Tor of this there is no question about Tho fact that the obstruction consisted of a pile of Sand or Cement gravel left upon the it is alleged on the part of the and Yon have the testimony of one wit Ness to that miss to the effect that this Sand or gravel had been Titti the Street for a couple of Days prior to the miss Kerr testifies that she ran into Tho gravel or Sand on the evening of Tho 18th of and she says she observed it two Days before at the same or a similar she is the Only witness who testifies to airy obstruction at that in Tho Street having existed prior to the 18th Day of october that i if there Are others you will remember the pile of Sand or As described by the was somewhere in the neighbourhood of from five to eight or nine feet in and from Fostir or five inches to a foot in several some four or five in have been who testify to the fact that when Riding upon their wheels on the evening of Tho 18th of the same evening that Tho plaintiff was they ran into this Sand some of them being thrown from their and others being Only jolted but not thrown from their Yon will recall their testimony and their description of the this evidence on Tho part of Tho Plain Tiff was intended for Tho in Roposo of establishing Tho fact that the obstruction in Tho Street was dangerous in and such an obstruction that reasonably prudent and careful men would have known to to and that for this reason it should have been in order to recover it is necessary for the plaintiff not Only to establish Tho fact of negligence on the part of the Borough where the obstruction in Tho Street has been Occa not by their own but by a it is necessary that notice of Tho obstruction shall to brought Home to the Borough this notice is of two actual or official and constructive actual notice is where notice in fact is brought to Tho Borough officials in their official if prior to Tho time of this in jury some 0110 had Gono to the proper Borough responsible for the maintenance of Tho streets of this Borough in proper and had Noti fied them in their official capacity As such officers that there was an obstruction and was dangerous to pub Lic travel upon the Street and it should be that would be actual on the other the Rule is that where an obstruction exists in a Public Street or in a Public Highway for such a length of time that the officers ought to take notice of then they will Bopre sued to have notice of How Long dangerous in Char actor to Public must exist before a jury would to wan anted in finding that Tho Borough officials should have discovered we cannot indicate to that is a question which you must de in very Many cases where actions have been brought for negligence the obstruction complained of has existed for weeks and and has been of such a so Patent to the Eyo of persons travelling along the that jurors have properly concluded it being so notorious in the proper officials should to assumed to have actual notice of it in this cose there is no allegation that Tho obstruction existed for any such length of the longest period testified to by any witness was that testified to by miss to which i have which was two other witnesses on Tho part of Tho at least our of them and possibly indicate by their testimony that the Sand was hauled there on the morning of the Iii order that Tho plaintiff May recover in this it must appear from the evidence As a whole that there was no negligence of the part of Tho that there was negligence of the of the and that the defendant either had actual notice of the obstruction in Tho or that it had existed for such length of time As to warrant Tho conclusion that they had Tho kind of Caro required of the plaintiff is the same kind of Caro that is required of the i have stated to Yon that the Borough does not insure Tho safety of persons travelling upon Tho and Many injuries and accidents May occur upon the streets for which there is no liability of the part of the they Are Only liable for want of duo Caro under Tho any person travel ins upon the Street is required to use the same kind of Caro that Tho care which an ordinarily prudent person would of Porciso under the the Asho was Riding upon his if he wore Riding upon upon a country Road suitable for the with no person in the Way and a Clear track before you would probably Cou Ludo difficulty that it might be negligence on his part to Rido the same Rato of Speed which he might travel at in Tho Tho fact that to is More liable to injury in such a place is a fact that to is bound to take no ice if he is Riding upon a Street which is Clear from of whore to has a Clear View ahead of he would be justified in Riding More rapidly than to would if to were Riding upon a Street which is and who Reho could not Seo of and for this reason was More liable to to what Are Tho facts in this respect was to Riding slowly or rapidly was he Riding whore he had a Clear View of Tho Street before him and could see whether or not it was obstructed was to Riding upon a Street that was dimly where to could Seo but a Short distance before and whore to would to unable to discover an obstruction in Tho Street few rods or a few feet ahead of him if to wore Riding upon such a Street much greater Caro would to required of Liis part to avoid injury than if to were Riding whore Tho View was Clear and unit is also incumbent on him to observe where he is a person who is walking upon the Street May properly look to Tho Side and observe what is going of around and at Tho same time to Able to know Tho i path upon which he is hut is that True of a person Riding a bicycle does not Tho fact that he is Riding a which is usually Ridden at a More rapid rate than a person re quire greater Caro upon his part to be watchful As to where he is going it is alleged 09 the part of Tho defendant that there was no want of duo care under Toje and Tho plaintiff ought to recover in this it is denied 011 the of Tho defendant that theft was any obstruction on this prior to the morning of Tho 18th of several witnesses have testified to Tho As to you will remember however that Thero was no obstruction there in Tho or that they observed prior to Tho morning of the 8th of Atid this particular pile of Sand or Cement gravel was placed Thoro upon Tho Street morning in Tho neighbourhood of 8 or 0 it further appears from Tho evidence Oil the part of Tho and if you believe such evidence you will no doubt find Tho fact to that Tho gravel was placed Thoro by Tho direction of a by his direction or the direction of a Shaffer having Tho contract for building in Tho Park abutting upon main foundations for certain Woro donated to the there is no evidence in Tho Case to War rant the conclusion that this Sand was placed Thero directly by Tho Borough there is Uicon Trade cod As we that was placed Thero by those persons who wore preparing Tho foundations for these can Tho defendant contends that be cause the Sand was placed Thoro by this contractor having Tho to place the Cannon in the that any negligence Thero was negligence on his and not negligence on Tho part of the and for that reason Thero can to no the Rule is where a municipality or n such As the Borough of undertakes Tho erection of any Public works of any Kludj Xinpu a the building of a sower or the building of a or any such Neces sary work of that and lets Tho work to Oil Independent who employs his own men Aud has control of Tho men and who directs where Tho material shall to placed and How shall to Tho general Rule is that in such Case Tho not having control of Tho is not liable for in juries resulting from negligence of Tho of the that Rule extends to and covers Only cases whore Tho streets Are necessarily obstructed by Tho Thero is no allegation of the part of the defendant that Tho work of prepare our the for Ali so Cannon was a work upon Tho appears from the evidence that the Cannon were be ing placed in Tho somewhere near Tho Center of Tho quite a number of foot from Tho unless Yon can find from Tho evidence that in ardor to build those foundations it was necessary to the Why Tho principle of Law for which counsel contend would to applicable at was Thoro any necessity under Tho evidence in this Oso for obstructing the Street in order to build those foundations the it abuts of main Aud this Load of Sand was deposited of main Street right in front of Tho it appears Thero is a Side Street at our Side of the Park not so much it further appears that in the Roar of Tho at Tho Thoro is an Alley which is not travelled As much As main if you be Lieve the As to understand that Thero was abundant room for placing Tho gravel inside the curb upon the Thero was necessity for placing the gravel upon main the person who placed it Thoro would to a and it appears to us that Thoro is no basis in Tho evidence for the Contention that Thero was any necessity whatever for placing that Sand upon the main thoroughfare of Tho Tho Are to to determined by Thoro was no necessity for the contractor placing the Sand on main it ought not to have Boon placed and if it was Clang Orous to Public travel it was Tho duty of Tho Borough authorities o cause it to be Setji Ovid As soon As they acquired notice of the fact that was the fact that it was placed Thoro by a Poreau having Tho contract for building Tho foundations for those can non would oxus of Tho Borough no Moro than if it had been placed Thoro by Somo pairs of who bad no contract at All with Tho if Thoro was no necessity for it in the prosecution of his if Tho evidence of the part of Tho defendant is it was not placed Thoro until Tho morning of Tho 18th of during that Day wit Nesses on the of the defendant and their testimony is not con that Tho work was in Progress on these and Tho Sand was being removed from Tho Street and placed in Tho conceding that the placing of Tho Sand Thero was not that Tho Sand constituted an obstruction in Tho and conceding that Tho Borough authorities had either actual or constructed notice of Tho fact that it was placed Thoro Dur ing that it is proper for you to take into consideration Tho character of Tho and Tho fact that persons Wero there engaged at Tho work during that would a reasonable and ordinarily careful and prudent observing Tho obstruction Thoro in Tho observing Tho character of the and observing Tho fact that Tho men Woro Thorp employed carting it away Aud placing it in Tho would to consider that a dangerous obstruction in Tho Street and our that ought to to removed promptly on Tho other would an ordinarily prudent Man seeing Tho in at that it should to removed that it was then in Tho process of and that during the Day it would All disappear that it was of such a character that persons during the Day would sen and therefore wok not dangerous v what conclusion would an ordinarily prudent and careful Man come to under those circumstances it is proper for you to takes that into con if an ordinarily prudent and careful having knowledge of All those would not consider it Clang Orous to Public consider that person travelling Tiro Public Stiver might to Thero would to no want of Caro on Tho part of the of the other an ordinarily prudent and careful person would con Sider it was notwithstanding Tho fact that persons Wero Tenro engaged in removing it during tin Audi for that reason would have so cum its then there May to liability i on the part of Tho if us ordinarily careful and prudent person would have concluded that Somo of it might have remained Thero in the oven Aud would have on his guard in the evening to have seen that it was then hero May to liability upon the part of the i a it tote should fun Light he can make it find Tho windows so that the sunlight can fall of Tho cows and and if one is Rafn Tolci that there will be too much falling of during Tho cold nights by put storm windows Tho testimony everywhere is that Tho men who have Well lighted stables am warm in their the verdict is that the cows Are bet Ter eared do better Are in bettor health strength from an Mont a now with the Sun Light falling on her in the stable k having All Tho Advant Agim of a Sun and thus escapes Zero to the Well sunny is dryness to the air and Freedom from stateless or disagreeable Smalli we ilex reply one Over and Over Tot the Tittle the a tows for Throo Only 25 Maccorkle of Hilda in lion to Long lint of Tomk Tuul 1y Ivan in heartily to rim n Ca Tarrh remedy and of weit March Peruna Medicine As in is certainly mud in number of cases that have come under my observation where it has been used for or any disease which has its origin in that it into been of great 1eruna has my Hearty both As a tonic and Catarrh Maccorkle Peruna is it permanent and scientific cure for it is purely vegetable and works in Harmony with All druggists sell finest line of stationery in the All the new ask to see our embossing and a general line of correspondence the Shenango 162 main Frank couches consult Bosforo to Lingo a line to Holcot if you Aro not Milton with what to iwo lit to will Ordor you it will Oost no if you Hutu a curtain Jilann for to Tutu Havo it built to heating stoves Huoh n a Tofu in Youvon had in mind to buy in pro Bably mid a Skoly an not you can own it ii hour limn you if Youvon do clod to buy a shoot Iron Oryll Iuler Hunts a to ii Row of to o m uncommonly Good Uyl Luidor at really Roii Honablue if your unto and Irinel you to want lilo Moro half Fusil Kijik parlor you will almost Kuroly Llanil a Tovo in our big Touk that will ill your without nip t y i a to your closing out Holiday Silver we do not wish to hold these goods Over Aud have marked them Down to actual if you want now is Tho Tii Iii to get your inspection Damon the jeweler Tor rold and cum sick i Jaunt Coj they Are valuable to prevent a cold or break up a they Are worthy your purely they can to Tatken by children or delicate rtt All Medicine dealers or by mall of Hood a l who Ruhr Ronta Tolvo of Trio lot lift fire Burunat companies of also notary office next door to Mcmillen 4448 Shonn Ngo no extra charge for embalming and preparing phone Chestnut on Tho farm of David if of in mlle will of Honvo Tho boat Coal found itt thnh Wiloh Tiluy Ara Mill air As follows at Dank delivered Block Coal nut and Slack orders loft skin incl Weslh grocery or Lloyw Souh Olgur will Roc Olvo Box Memn Gibbons new wholesale liquor store in whore you can got Tho boat Rye whisky wine and Gin ale and eight Batto styles us new us the new Fant the same reasonable old prices to quoted on All of our Standard make shoes last in some cases we have some new and special induce ments to Oiler in style and Price inducements to could never hold out come in and Sec for Frederick buys 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