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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Of devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer Peoples tells the truth and gives volume sat Turoa januaryiti899t per our Mercer Insun Loii Tot hit a arrange spec in correspondence to the judge has been can fled Fot several Days with an attack of the recorder Emery has recorded 1002 instruments in 1898 Warren Baker has taken the Posi Tion of commissioners to which to was elected at a meeting of the Coin Inis Souers in Baker is con genial and no doubt will fill his place without any George Hamilton has been very efficient in office and it is reported to a candidate for Tho office of subject to the Republican last evening the gave a banquet and dance at the Parlours of the supper was served social the by next week is grand jury week of the january term of the court of Quarter an Effort is being made to got West Minster College removed from new Wil Mii Itou to this is certainly an Ideal town for an institution of this kind and especially one of United presbyterian or presbyterian As there Are four congregations of these people in the Mercer is Well located in every has no licenses and for has people who would take an in Terest in such a and would patronize it they Send now some 15 to All of whom would go Here in Case the above is the proposition that will be made will be to erect As Good and Many buildings in Mercer As there Are in new Wilming and give 25 acres of land on which to erect and remove the movable property of the College it is claimed that although the school has at present 300 it is not paying its and that if it were moved to another town this would be As they then would be enabled to in crease their endowment it is said that sonic or can be raised for the purpose of removing the College hero without taking a Gingle of less than trial use of Miller is Nelson and Cribbs Arnica Bio action of a Scire facial to revive use of Jones now use of John Cole amicable action of Scire facial to revive a Forker Cutz Arnica ble action to revive a Lillie Mathay Fry and John Scire facial to revive a judg Lizzie Parker Nelson Luiu Scire facial to revive a judgment Augeliux use of George Moyer amicable action of Sciro facial to revive a John Caldwell Mcluty and Graham amicable action of Scire facial to revive a Elizabeth Kiniel and Lavina Kiin Mel Alexander Scire facial to revive a William Biddle John Brackis and William who sur Vive Joseph late doing business As Brick in co Scire facial to revive a Moyer Sarah Scire facial to revive a marriage Rubon Bidlake Orangeville Eunice Lane West Salem John Albert Smith Hickory Maggie Powell she Yaugo Martin Bartlett Sharpsville Elsie Shaner Sharpsville Thompson Liberty Mittie Davis Balm John volites Sharon Toth Mcnary Sharon Thomas Hodge Greenville Rose Mabel Hill Delaware Harry Kerchbaum Greenville Clara Kamrer Greenville John Dyer Grove City Miu Uio Viola Harrisville in edits the of As found a More valuable discovery than has yet been made in the for years he suffered untold agony from accompanied by Hemor rages and was absolutely cured by Kings new discovery for consume coughs and to declares that Gold is of Little value in comparison with this marvelous and would it even if it Cost a a bronchitis and All Throat and top affections Are positively cured by Kings new discovery for consume trial bottles free at Shrom drug regular size 50 cents guaranteed to cure or Price to do not Wuh to pose As a living but a few doses of manufactured by the Paris it Dichio co it Leisi will cure there Are other we we Haven tried them Beacon incandescent Gas Burn Turner in Daniel Soyler was born at Saal in the kingdom of August and died in on the even ing of december he was educated in his native attending the Public schools at Nieder Kirchen nine his certificate is sued in 1841 bears the following record Good excellent very great Prog very Good examination very he loved music and when quite Young became proficient in playing the Clar composing some for this instr about the ago of came to becoming a resident of Hickory Mercer hero in 1849 he married Ann their Union lasting upwards of 48 Seyler dying in five children were born to now residing in West Salem township of o Mary who died in infancy in1850 Thomas and Thomas of Seyler obtained his naturalization papers in 1854 and has always held his adopted country in High this is evinced in the Early bringing of his parents to and especially so in the naming of his first George to was an ardent be with the exception of the Short time in which he and his family lived in and sey Ler spent All his years in in Mercer in 1803 he moved to the Vicinity of Greenville and became manager and bookkeeper for the Abbott Coal at Coal he held this position until he became janitor of the West Ward school building in 18sg and held this position until his boyhood shows the As morning shows the Seyler became such a Man As his school though issued him when 15 years strongly indicated that he would become a Man of no mean Faith Ful and in business he was just and pains it is said that he would while in the Coal throw of an extra shovel of Coal for measure when the beam had he was a consistent member of the lutheran Church and since the death of his his one thought Lias been to be prepared to meet he was a kind father and a Wise Counselor in his he was quiet and shrinking but thoughtful and considerate he loved right and hated in Justice he was untiring in his always on the Alert had a place for everything and had everything in its place he was As punctual to All his duties As a and was Satis fied Only when All wont to died at his Are the Horny hands of Down with the Bowers damage a tinge to Hub never to Rise just at the close of his terms he had sounded the which for 18 years he had rung perhaps but 15 min utes to Call the children playing from life and How mysterious How Swift Are gods Calls though not As a Faith Ful was prepared for Tho Call he Lias clone Well his pie was loved and respected by teachers and pupils and will be greatly missed by cath1ckinb the passing away of a member of this whose life represented Tho Best elements in Tho life of any com deserves More than a passing Caroline Cowboy was Well known to a Large Section of people who knew her Only to respect showing As she did such strict probity of and always showing a regard to the Best interests of she was born in Juno and died Decem Ber she was twice becoming the Mother of nine of whom survive All became members of some Christian one Sou becoming a and a dough is the wife of a five of her three sous and two in Cowley her Elf emigrated to America j1 years ago and has resided Ever since in though she reached no old her a cities seemed scarcely to be she was endowed with More than average intellectual ability and these rowers were furnished with an excellent held for exercise in the services of the methodist of which she was an Active member almost from Joth in this country and her native her life illustrated her and close acquaintance marred not the first Good impressions of a on the last Day of the Oil year her body was Laid away in the Shenango Valley but her memory will Long j Wear Fredericks facts in the gentlemen of Tho this action is brought by Bow ers and by father and next against the Borough of to recover damages by reason of alleged negligence on the part of the Tho action is based upon without negligence there can no Tho Mere fact that one of the Albert was injured affords no basis for this there arc very Many injuries resulting from accidents for which there is no for probably a Largo majority of such in juries there is no right of action against there can Only be a right of action and a recovery where Tho Acci Dent resulting in the injury is occasioned by the negligence of some one who had some duty in Tho negligence is Tho want of duo care under the no More exact definition of the term can to it depends upon the circumstances in each Case whether or not there Boegli it is Tho want of duo care under the particular what May to negligence under one state of circumstances May not be negligence All under one driving a horse along a Public Highway in a country District May in at a rapid rate of Speed without being guilty of but the same person driving Tho same Rig in a crowded and going at the same rate of might be guilty of neg i so you see that the circumstances Are important for your Tho duty rests upon the Borough authorities to keep and maintain the Public streets of the Borough in a reasonably Safe condition for Public the Borough does not insure persons travelling Ripon the no such Burden rests upon Tho it is the duty of the Borough authorities to maintain the streets in a reasonably Safe condition for Public and they Are liable Only in Case of failure to perform this they Are required to use reasonable care in Tho perform Ance of that the care which an ordinarily careful and prudent Man would use under Tho in order to recon Eric this or in any action on the grounds of it is necessary that the claimant should establish the fact of negligence on the part of the defendant or persons from to seeks to the Burden rests upon him to show this want of duo the want of reasonable care under the there should be no negligence on the part of the if there be any degree of negligence on his can not no difference How negligent the defendant May and As applicable to this we will say to you that oven if it appear that the authorities of Tho defendant Borough were negligent in the maintenance of their the plaintiff cannot recover if there was Ono of Tho oldest citizens o Hempfield died on the old Beau Homestead monday by ten was born on september being in his 81st year at the time of his to was married to miss Caroline Woods about the year of this Union five sous were Invin Hempfield Green Villo and Chester deceased Vas a kind Christian for Ninny years an elder in Tho United presbyterian Church of this Tho funeral was held at the old tuesday at 2 Mckay William Vaughn passed peacefully at his Home on main Street Satur Day night about 10 Tho venera ble gentleman has been in ill health for several and for some time past Hiis Boon confined to his but never our Peoples of contributed by our tits news solicits of local interest from us which will lie Mth Tahud in hum of you wive anything to put it in words and Send h to us not inter Tymn won Odny your hot us in Ovule Nee of Koo not for Fol la on your Anonymous be the signed to the Witto to want no communion tons must not Eso eid mk1 no re Servo the right to reject re political or any Oiler which to May deem the less the his death came Tho news of Wither As a Shock to Tho deceased has been prominent in business circles for nearly half a con officiating As councilman and school to was born in West Moreland county in coming to Greenville in the Early learn Zilg Tho Carriage making Early in 1850 to established a shop whore the Vaughn son Carriage works is now Tho business laying the foundation for Tho present which has had a wide reputation throughout Tho deceased was married to a miss his present who survives him with up str children Tho present James of Cleveland Frank of Clove and John of Al Vaughn was a faithful member of the methodist in which Faith he he was a Republican in and a member of Tho masonic Tho funeral held at 2 was among our class in the lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon at 8 at Tho methodist Church tomorrow sunday school at 30 preaching Hamilton it 11 and 7 communion services will be held in Trinity lutheran Church sunday morn preparatory services this Satur Day afternoon at 2 meeting in Tho United presbyterian Church on thursday and Friday evenings of next com Munion service on january pastor of Tho re formed will preach sunday morning Christian and Edl tors tit h news Lonso allow to to say through your columns that i have received several let asking an opinion is to what constitutes and How Long it would take to count Ono those letters come from pupils in attendance at our Public several write that this ques Tion was Rnic in the school sub and a conclusion determined by Tho they ask for an stating in two instances one Cor respondent says that assuming to could count 200 in one minute and work 24 hours per it would require 8 10 10 hours and 20 minutes to count a million another that count ing 200 per minute and working 12 hours each Day it would require 20 12 ii hours and 40 minutes to count Ono billion on Tho Assumption that a billion was a million times a in a qualified sense my judgment leads to to Sny i regard these both defective in exactness is Well As precise in being to should to concluded within the limits of adopted by Tho Ablest writers and reason Ore of our abstractions of every kind should to restricted in Tho Mako up of both in Nojd out of our Public to a hero such alien views would have a tendency to Mako Tho distinctions morn con i am an american and Boli ovo that a thousand times a million is a i also Boli ovo that All places in our notations and Numera tons Ore composed of three figures each counting from right to by nil Means Nat Ralio your them they Are now standing on Amer ican paid in american As to time necessary to com Pute Ono i dont Boli ovo any Ihlen Colleen of spent several Days with his at daily Swirth and of have entered Tho preparatory the Winter term opened january with nil but two of Tho old and an addition of several now on misses Mary Crew show and Tossio of no amour Tho now students in Tho conservatory of and Jacob Ash and of slopped Over few Days with their Frallic and on their Way to ass now charge in any degree of negligence on his part because when there is a divided responsibility for Tho Accident there can be no in Tho first it is an important consideration for you to As certain whether or not there was negligence on the part of the whether or not there was negligence on Tho part of the if there was negligence on Tho part of Tho plaintiff contributing in any degree to the lie cannot if to were entirely free from negligence on his and Tho injury was occasioned by reason of Tho negligence of the then he May other necessary essentials being established by Tho on Tho in eth of it is alleged on Tho part of the plaintiff that Albert sometime in the was Riding a bicycle in an Easterly direction along main Street in Tho Borough when his wheel Mot an obstruction in the Street and to was thrown As he was in his Testi Mony in chief he does not state definitely at what rate of Speed to was tra to is very i Denuto in that re As far Asho made any expression on the and i am not certain that to made any you will remember As to at any there was not much if on indicating the rate of his to says to was Riding along the Street when to ran against an obstruction which throw him from his re Asho in quite a serious injury to his head and in injuring his it is alleged that this obstruction was Borough in obstruction dangerous to Public travel upon Tho and the duty of maintaining the streets in proper condition for Public a degree of responsibility for reasonable safety to resting upon Tho it is claimed the Borough is liable to Tho for the damages sustained by him at this a number of witnesses of co on the part in the Public Street of the that it was a dangerous of in the evening on Jesus at a evangelist s Hawk and Mcclelland will hold their closing service in Tho United presbyterian Church of in the morning Tho Sermon will be of the song of Tho redeemed the great religious drama childrens illustrated Sermon on saturday Surut society meet in Goodwin tomorrow Sun at 2 Oclock meet in their masonic next tuesday at 8 of meet in pythian Mathers tomorrow at 2 of meet in masonic tomorrow at 2 moot in their Over Fredericks shoe next thurs Day at 7 of meet in masonic next thursday at 8 of moot in pythian Mathers next Friday at 8 of moot in pythian Mathers Boxt monday at 8 Rathbone meet in pythian Mathura Boxt thursday at 8 a of on account of u misunderstanding and sickness of a Grout Many stockholders of Tho Greenville agricultural society the annual mooting of Tho same Hin been postponed until january at 1 Oclock at which time it is earnestly requested that All stockholders to so do not forget Tho january at 1 cloak at armory till yes i will go further and say no Man or woman could remain in Active duty Long enough to Mako Tho necessary Vovou should i admit Tho teachers judgment As to taking no outings or on Tho basis of 200 per minute and 24 hours per it would take 9 187 f hours and 20 minutes to count a billion counting 200 per min Ute 12 hours per it would take 19 9 10 hours and 10 minutes in Tho second How Many of our school boys could remain in Nativo serv counting incessantly this amount of time required in either not Ono in a for my part i a Olivo and advocate trainings of Tho practical the red tape of Tho theoretical surely is mythical and hns no Vannu in the trainings of Tho Young people of our Tho fathom and mothers of our believing in a business training for their should Risu in their might and fortify their ranks Ngn Insl such intrusions and invasions of Specula Tive this is not what our pupils its not what was in Tho minds of those causing Tho inception of Tho Public school i Boli ovo it is Only of every Man and woman to know what is going on in our school to re inned proper system of training and to Koo that they Are properly Mot As much Koas that pertinent to other Sofil inter ests and not leave All to Tho whims of teachers and designing men Whoso aim is the mighty itt Ivind Over to Cyrus of Sandy arrested last saturday on charge of obtaining Money under false preferred by of this i on Annhan claims to to Tho inventor of a new More Brilliant than electricity and much cheaper than also a Mantle for an incandescent rim some time ago he tried to a company in this place to manufacture his and interested Benjamin to Tho extent of invest ing in the Polimi Mirion before to it is that carnal in had no patents and that Jio menu to which was exhibited hero was of a Well known make and bought in further allegations of an interesting nature Are said to to Oahu Hanns attorney says that Tho fir yield of nor Comosh Between to Tijunin and of Aruelian status that Tho Money was to to used for patenting Ilio Light process and and that it was never claimed that Pat puts had Boon at a hearing before Justice monday Corn Nunn wits bound Over to in Tho hum of a nov Kimpor Worth with a circulation showing a gratify ing increase of compared with a your with a More extensive advertising patronage than Ever with added Pross facilities which permit of enlarged editions whenever Tho Pitts Burg times comos to Tho Public for it modestly claims to to a All round neglecting no Opportunity to entertain readers and spar ing no Effort or expo so to got Tho news accurately and while it is Republican in politics it endeavours to to fair in overlooking no hold of human it is Nir fully Odilow and courts the favor of the Rosido author than Tho applause of hons Fotiou for Rofo Moo it submits to Tho unbiased judgment of newspaper men anywhere in Tho territory in which it three six cents a dollars a year or Tho subscriber will be at Grovo january Keiths january and Greenville fiefs january photograph gallery for the purpose of buying 00 head of Linen shoe a Tho of Tho latest attractions in Tho present Tinio is a Good Chunky horses and must to fat and and is to years incandescent Gas As the 75 above Tillery you Ciu obtain six photo graphs of yourself for 10 those prices Uro available Only until about Tho Best Salvo in Tho world for suit a axum Over chapped and All skin and positively cures or no pay to Straw pm Wei m cents we fun Slorf j u on each by Shrom january Call Early and dont get of cure u com in one take laxative Bromo quinine tub druggists refund Money if it Kindlon ill at Tho annual mooting of Tho Puok avd hardware John Packard was Rollo cod president treasurer curl Tho Board of directors remains Tho the Gibson Hose it has elected the following Oft oors Howard president Secretary Allen treasurer 8 years Kyj Foreman first assistant Ralph second at Tho annual election of Tho Roeu Villo National the following of floors wore elected Board of directors president vice president Andrew Harry Tho Bank Oll dals Uro Harry cashier Louis toilet Tho annual election of Tho first National Bank was bold tuesday after noon and to Hultad us follows Hoard of Prosi dont vice Oil Losapio and Tho Bank Oll dals arc cashier assistant books Sopor Rny assistant Tho annual election of Tho poop los electric Hunt Power warm hold in Tho company folic a monday Tho following boned of directors was Olec Tod Gillos pkg Lovi Joseph Bonnie Ighoffo and Thoy Organ As follows president Lovi vice Prosi dont Huck Nunry of wits appointed superintendent in Tho Placo of Otto me Tho a Hommo of motor association Mot in Tho Parlours of Tho first National Bank lost saturday ovo Ning and of Rotert Tho following Board of managers for Tho ensuing your Samuel Marks and Tho above Board Mot monday opening and organized As follows president Troas uror Secretary Sii Muil Hubert in Zmij ton was Rollo cod the Ollices of Tho is Swinton Havo Boon removed to Tho Osco of Justice will Issue permits in Tull Dong lots desirable easy monthly no Moi in Fin wish inquire of Puy l to

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