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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 25, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania J y y Fusi 4 i i t Al volume devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer Peoples tells the truth and gives Pam february Yeau in our coi Ift Strose damage special correspondence to Tite the term of common pleas court Convene a monday at 10 with judge Mille the following motions aug petitions were presented and allowed on the petition of administrator c t of Philip lat Delaware a order was made authorizing the said administrator to sell at Public Vendue t tract of land in Delaware township containing 100 More or ant being the property of said the following auditors reports were filed and confirmed w in the estate of Margaret deceased Donaldson in the estate of John Montgomery a petition was presented by John Kane asking that a commission in lunacy be awarded upon Susan a a petition was presented signed by citizens of Pine asking the court to vacate and Supply a Public Road in Pine nud the following viewers were appointed me of Springfield town and of pin Ley town in the divorce Case of Anna Haw Charles Hawkins an alias subpoena was awarded returnable to next in the matter of the Sale of the real estate of Lindsey deceased a return was made by Gochran administrator that the same was not sold for the want of and praying thai an alias order should be issued returnable to the third monday of which was was appointed auditor in the estate of George Wil a list of personal property was set apart for the widow of Godfrey late of Otte Creek the trial list was called Over and Dis posed of As follows Patrick Griffin summons in was continued to term at request of the defend ant Miller Plimpton for trial for trial common wealth of Pennsylvania exr elation David Wilson Thomas and c t it summons in was set for trial William Steese Central District and printing Telegraph for trial Lydia hol Ler John was continued to next term George Miller Thomas Stone it was continued by consent of the parties Park North British and mercantile insurance summons in was continued to March term John guar for trial use of and Jacob Craig and Scire facial sir mortgage was set Down for the Case of Miller Plimpton which was to have Boon tried was continued by request of the defendant to the March term at the Cost of the by consent the Case of Wool was transferred to the March wednesday was fixed for the Day of the Case of Steese the Central District and printing Telegraph and thursday for the equity Case wherein Adam Miller it Are Plain tiffs and looser is John is plaintiff and Thompson defendant in a Case which was tried the Plain Tiff in 1890 entrusted to the who is an and a member of the Mercer county the sum of to be loaned out and secured by a judgment this was done and the plaintiff alleges that about five years afterwards he went to the defendant and reminded him that it was near the time when the judgment would have to be revived or it would lose its priority of the defendant failed to revive the judgment and thus let sub sequent Jems in ahead of the Laud upon which the judgment was a loin was sold in january of 1898 at sheriffs Sale and out of the proceeds of the Sale the pm Auliff received but by reason of having lost his Leiu against the Laud Albin brings this suit to re cover from defendant the difference be tween what to received out of the proceeds of the Sale and the full amount of his judgment with the accrued interest on the ground that the same was lost through the defendants negligence m not reviving the judgment As defendant held that Inas there was no express contract be tween himself and the that the should attend to having the judgment that he was not Jewble tins action for any amount that Wight have been the defendant farther alleged that Albin had stood by tm4 an4 tol4 be be Low its actual value and that by so doing he himself was not guilty of negligence which was in a great measure contributory to his the jury retired tuesday and wednesday morn ing rendered a verdict in favor of Plain giving a judgment against defend for Ful amount for which the suit was brought the Case of William of formerly of Trout Island against the Cen trial District and printing Telegraph better known As the Bell Telephone co was an action brought for dam Ages for injuries that Steese received by falling through a trap door i the floor of a building owned by the de fondant and occupied by them As Telephone office in the plaintiff avers that on or about the lies Day of being one of the patrons of the defendant Behrij a subscriber and having one of the telephones of said company in his Dwel Ling he had gone into the office o the company to Telephone to his Orcsi Deuce and fell through an open door in the floor of the said building and offic into the cellar falling a distance of about 10 that the said Soffio was improperly and us though using the Ordinary caution and care did not discover trap door that both the failure of the con Pauj and its employees to keep the office prop Erly lighted and the trap door in the floor closed or properly guarded were acts of supreme negligence on the part of the defendants and cause he Pau Tiff to whereby to was greatly injured that his right knee was so injured that he was unable to use it for quite a Long time afterwards and caused him intense suffering fall ing on his head and left to was badly the Bones in his Lef shoulder were broken and the same was badly sprained the cords and Tendon of his left Arm and shoulder were Dis and his Arm As a result of the is almost useless and to is unable to perform any kind of in Akiua with he also stated that he suffers pain constantly and at times in and is informed and believes hat his injuries Are permanent he states that he 52 years of age and Here a Hearty Man that he is hindered from transacting his awful and by reason of his injuries was put to great expense Anc Cost and charges in Endeavor us to be Currl of his and has did has been injured to the amount of Steese was the first witness called and to testified to the foregoing of Clarksville of ind Reed and of also called to testify in behalf of they nil stated that they iad examined Steese after his fall through the trap door and that they be sieved the injuries the plaintiff had received wore life of was called in his be half and told of the sufferings of her Iii band after receiving the injuries by ailing through the trap this closed the testimony on the Side of the plaintiff and court adjourned until clock thursday on court our Euing thursday morning witnesses Vero called in behalf of the operator for the defend in t company in was called my testified that when St tse came Uto the office and started toward the Elep Houe Booth that she called to him o look out that Tho trap door was but that the plaintiff paid no 3ho also stated that the office was Light to to Able to Road the ignores on the switch Board and to make out checks for no subscribers from the ight that came into Tho room from Tho Kimmell j was called and testified that to had Josie to the cellar for a Lump of Coal and iad just come up with it in his when plaintiff came into the office and could not shut Tho trap door Down on in court of the Lump of and that trap door had been up but a few other witnesses were called by Tho defense to prove that there was leg Ligoure on the part of Tho my that if he had used Ordinary care he Accident would hot have ind that there was no leg Ligenza on Tho Art of the defendant company or its the Case went to jury at 3 to this afternoon after argument had Jeen made to the jury by the counsel ind the judges charge had been do at n verdict was ecu lured in favor of plaintiff for two libels in divorce were filed in out in Frank Duvis is Luella it and Lime Davis is Despou the lib Ellant in this Case avers hat the respondent has cruelly and barbarous by treated so that us condition became intolerable and Ifo in the Mary Washington 0 Burnett is libel laut and Warren Bur Nett desertion is a decree in divorce was granted yes inlay in the Case of John libel Maggie letters of administration were issued o John Mckay in the estate of Mary late of Jackson de on letters of administration were issued n the estate of Robert late of the will of Bartholomew late f Findley was probated on saturday and letters testamentary is de to Jacob and William Sidley the will of Sarah late of Jefferson was pro with letters test Tine Ary issued to a weekly Ito Law of from Trio in Tonat special to the Dent Mckinley will take no part in the contest which is now on in Tho and which will determine whether an extra session of Congress will have to to there will to no necessity for an extra unless Tho democrats filibuster to prevent a Voto being taken on Tho Hull army if they Are willing to take that they can do an attempt is being made to bring about a Compromise that will let the democrats who Are opposing the Hull Down but republicans Are not concerned in and senator chairman of Tho military who has charge of the Hull says he will accept no Compromise that it shall be Tho Hull Bill or the military court of Winch was somewhat delayed in getting to by last weeks Snow devoted its first session to mapping out a program and arranging the list of wit lengthy will be but this week it will begin j to take testimony and the sittings will be pub Tho court May sit for several and May visit other As its instructions arc to go to Tho Root of the whole business and Settle for Good and All whether Miles made his charges that bad meat was issued to the army on Good evidence or whether to was imposed upon by those who sought to use him and his High office to create a scan the court will not seek to vindicate or to incriminate any body Only to get at Tho and to give it to the president and Tho Miles declined to be sworn when to appeared before the War investigating but to will to by this Ethan Allan Hitchcock has relieved Bliss and assumed the duties of Tho Secretary of the Secre tary Hitchcock is no stranger in Wash and there is no of making a Success of administering Tho affairs of that great department of the senators Are determined that they shall not to charged with responsibility for the failure of Nicaragua canal Logis Lati ii at this the House hav by a majority sustained the ruling of its presiding that the anal Bill was out of order As an Amend ment to the sundry civil and it Bertig certain that no time can to so cured in Tho House for consideration of Tho Hepburn canal which was made a substitute for the Morgan Bill and reported to Tho the senators giving the House another oppor to act upon canal that cannot be blocked by Points of by putting Tho Hepburn canal Dill in Tho River and Harbor Tho Jill so amended has already been rooted to Tho and there is no doubt that it will pass that Tho naval up organization Bill will by ome a Law in a few it is now in having been slightly Amend id before passing Tho but it will to to the president senator Fry has offered an Amend nent to Tho sundry civil no Tho payment of a year for by Tho government for Tho use of a Pacific from some Point in United states to China and Guam and Tho Philip provided that Tho Cable to in working order to Honolulu by july and to Manila by january my that messages of Tho United states government be carried free no one was after Tho canal Bill was ruled off Tho sundry civil Bill on i Point of order to Seo Tho item appropriating to carry out Tho of the treaty of peace with Spain go Tho same but Tho Money will w representative Cannon has n trod need a Bill making Tho no Propri which will go through All Ilio attempt of representative of to mix up Tho appropriation and the me cry Ulo Ted by the Senate last will do 10 As the Bill will never to heard f a Well known Minne Apo wagered a Case of Champa Guo against a Coso of Beer that Tho demo rats will not nominate Bryan next Tho Wager was taken by repro ent Ativo of but lieu Noyes offered to make the Urio Wager that president Mckinney would be to nominated and Jones when president in his Boston punctured the Imperial Stic balloon which the democrats in ingress have been trying so hard to it sufficiently inflated to take it off the he also punctured the Hopes of having both us else in sight to make an Issue oat and been hoping that the Straw of Niper Valuim they been Tang to Iet up under that might be needless to a44 the dents remarks pleased Tho Republican in because they wore in accor with nearly nil their there Are no nov Contes of imperialism in Thi nor is there Likely to simple because there is no room for such undo our form of among our catechetical class in Tho Ruthora Church will meet this Satin Day Afton noon at 2 the ministerial association of s1 Pauls of the reformed com Rel will meet in Sharpsville next monday of this is o Tho program for no preaching morning and evening Sabbath at Tho methodist Soi Inonu in the morning by the pastor at 1 Oclock even tug Sermon on music and in connection with Tho evening scr la who is now giving instructions in music each night and Wil continue next will lend con Gregariou in a song services Tho Church to Morrow is follows morning service a 11 subject of obstruct Ivi Forcer sunday 18 Oclock lecture by a native u All person interested in a More Complete under standing of Biblo lauds and characters should not fail to attend this lecture and also the evening you can hot afford to miss Tho lectures Are free Only a Silver collection will to 0 subject missionary Triumph in Emmott evening lecture by 7 in Dell Ullh Betsy aged 90 Dice at Sandy Lake last fridas of complication of the deceased had Boon an invalid for the past five i Roberts died at her Home on Mercer tuesday of the funeral services wore hold at Tho residence wednesday evening us the remains were taken to thurs for Grobner died at Sandy Lake last week of to was born in Wolf greek july and was a graduate of Harvard he belonged to Tho masonic and lodges at Sandy a widow and two daughters colonel of is a John aged 87 died february at his Homo in East Shou Ango after a Lin Gering to was Ono of the original settlers of the having lived in Tho Vicinity nearly All his life funeral services were hold in Tho United presbyterian Church last Friday at 2 interment in Tho Middlesex James a former resident of this died at Pittsburg monday and Tho body was brought hero tuesday for Morgan was onco Ono of the bes known travelling salesmen out of new to was about 55 years of ago and a Veteran of Trio civil to is survived by his Ella mor who has been a resident of this place for the past 10 Tho funeral took place from Tho owing to Tho bad weather hero on the Voto at our local election was somewhat lighter than was sex Trio socialist labor party turned out quite a Strong but Only succeeded in getting Ono candidate that of Tho Republic can democratic fusion ticket elected the following with Good Mclaughlin and school Joseph John a cum and High Throop and Herbert judge of Tho election passed off in a pleasant and All parties seem satisfied that Tho men elected Are As Good As could be picked a slight mistake was made in printing the ballots and judge Miller will be called upon to de cide whether Tobin or Rome will fill the office of on the Republican column the name is and on the democratic column it is Michael All of Tho voters Here Are Well acquainted with Trio gentleman in so that to All in tents and purposes tobit was fairly company k to Tail or anted Ilic lie the reception and banquet Given the members of company thursday oven by Tho Greenville fire depart Mon nud citizens of Greenville was Ono Tho most enjoyable a laths Over Given Tho City and will Long to remembered b Tho boys and those who participated Tho town was handsomely do conto with flags and Bunting and two decorated Arches were placed across Mai at about 15 members o Tho company assembled in their or More and from Thow wore escorted up mat and Buck to Tho opera House by the Burgess nud fro depart moist and a detachment of Tho uniform of whore they wore sen to to n sumptuous Banquot prepared of Thorn by Tho indies of Tho who acted As Toast master for the introduced or John who Load in it goes saying that after Nim Mouths of army rations the Soldie boys wore prepared to do ample Justice to Tho Good tilings spread before after nil and satisfied Tho inner Man Burgoss Vaughn was introduce and in a Fow Well chosen words gave i Hearty Welcome to Tho boys in behalf o the fire department nud Tho citizens of Tho John Ponto was on Lect upon to make a few Afton which who repro onto Tho fro spoke in their to president of Thiol made n Fow appropriate remarks following which in behalf of Tho Nurl explained a Fow things in connection with Trio army and especially army canned beef in a very forcible Way chaplain Ken of was then called to Tho and in a very convincing manner defended Tho Noduls of Tho James who enlisted in Tho gave his of per Ienco on Board a following of com Pany gave a few of amp after Tho Benediction by chaplain the invited guests and their ladies proceeded to armory Ivsich had Boon tastefully decorated for hoi Occas sign Rind alb enjoyed Diktic Ting until a into the members of Tho fro department and citizens of and especially to deserve much for their untiring efforts to make Tho occasion a and those present will Long to Neibor the reception of company Ono Hundred Al Namh we will boat Trio following places to buy 100 head of horses of nil actors and Drivers for which to will pay Tho highest Market prices Keethus March 2 March i Farmers bring n your everything that is in ish and list of letters remaining uncalled for u Tho Posto Fulco at february 21 hurry it Kio lir Iligir Mph l in Doti too illicit 01 w Towd Iii f1 Iii Ruhar a a w d Edward had Mammy Milur Philip Miller Amu of Piiru Krinis f Eva Rulli mrs Miry Irimie Juii Ich we Louii jul Titi or nud Mph persons calling for above letters Ilea so give Date of will Edward Harriet Sharon township township if red township Lary township tout township Annii township township to county Larry Robinowitz City Arah Larry Lary Liberty Nim Vail Lake Essie Isabel Lake thu completed Tho Eop Jos lecture Corinno entertain meals t lairds opera House wednesday Evon Tho Sanio can to said of huh Niter Loument us All Tho other attractions on 10 was very Lino and Savoie Best of 1ou desirable easy monthly pay no to inquire of k for twas jackets new at James and Harry Stow of have rented Tho Yea Kel room on North Mercer Street and will open up it Gas and steam fitting shop about March they Are both firs class practical to predict for them a Good business in this James Stewart was employed by thorny previous to last when he enlisted with s Joe Rolon Teer awl juy uhis Benjamin Haywood died in thursday at Haywood was taken seriously ill last becoming gradually worse until the end to was nil Lichod with Brights disease and u complication of other and was a great although to passed during monday and tuesday to had scorned somewhat improved and his who Folten courage by every favourable were Given renewed but on wednesday to was taken worse and con minted to sink until 4 when Jio fell into a Sloop from which to did not Tho funeral will la Koplan at 1 Oclock saturday in Tho pros by Oriun Sharon interment in West Middlesex Benjamin Haywood was born of a farm in Hickory Mercer april to attended common school and worked on a Furui until Tho ago of Dhoti to on ered the Iron City of for a business to of barked in Cantile and in 1878 been to Teller in Morrison West Middle serving in capacity until to was postmaster of West Middlesex for a number of yours and transcribing clerk and Mohs Ngo Dork of of Tho Hunto hoi into it Tho sessions of 188b ind in Tho latter year to was elected prothow Tonry of mar Lor county for a torm of Throe in 18h Tho comptroller of to currency a Winton Haywood receiver of Tho first National Bank of hot was a can Dinto for state treasurer in but withdrew before Tho coven was appointed cashier of Tho Vitato Treasury in and served is such for two yen at Tho motor Ible Republican state convention held u on August to Vas nominated by cola Antilon for state Roas uror and olo Tod Tho ensuing sle Tiou by a plurality of j 71 after lie expiration of Liis term to tainted Castor of Trio Treasury by Stato James which office to hold at the time of his to wan Tho owner of Tho Porcor Dis ii itch and Republican and member of lie states military Haywood was married o miss Jindo of Shoua Ugo of orator july miss Owollo was the daughter ol1 a Boozer and Elizabeth Daft Oriold vat Hoigh too Young for service during lie civil Haywood was atom i roof Tho Homo to was u mom or of the masonic and and will his Wilo belonged to to presbyterian Church at West mid Haywood is survived by no George of Coll co for Many Jonrs it Haw Boon customary or and Grichor to entertain to senior Chis on thanksgiving it for various reasons it was postponed his year until lust monday it 8 Tho composed of Szappon and with and sat Down to Tho Cativo groaning under Tho Voight of and bountifully Rater with carnal Claib Soforo arising from Tho table in a Fow Well Ali oses of toured to Tho Host and hostess lie cordial thanks of Tho to lain Cler of Tho evening wok spent in of valor and mighty Docen f to dumsday being Washington birthday Trio regular order of a Urciso Vas Laid aside and Korvick held in Tho after hinging patriotic to College band rendered several Soloe ller Teoforo Tho bands at Thiol have Eon a part of the and the umber of students not very either society wan Largo enough to sup port a Good Trio now Organiza known an thu students Jornet is strictly a Colhou off air and under Tho direction of of Tim boys Are looking for Ward to Trio when they May be Able to Givon Demon stration of Trio musical ability if not the of Gilbert of Tho fifteen tji re tuned thursday to Renu Uio his studies with 1 1m class of of daily has a severe attack of Trio Poi Trch was in Pittsburg Friday and saturday attending Trio minting of Tho oratorical Assoc a mows the pub Uriber will boat Han was Sharon monday february 27 Keiths february 28 wed March 1 March 3 to buy All Kiuda of horses suitable for Eastern advertisement of special Cloal

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