Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

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Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

Read an issue on 18 Feb 1899 in Greenville, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Greenville News.

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania A 1irtlm8hkt Laski by Safu Day ii the news publishing 0 a us Tzotis Awn Tor car Tel Ohono advertising furnished on subscribers should promptly give notice of Uny Catuso for in Moss off co and Job main opposite National All Insl now or Othrow do mild to Flidr Chood to Tho nows publishing february its still 18 below at the senatorial deadlock at Harrisburg still although senator Quay Liaa not yet reached Tho to is higher up Tho ladder than any other vote for Republican principles next factional differences should Nob be Mado n part of local majority rules stand up for Tho straight Lle publican ticket As nominated by Tho regular caucus and our entire ticket will the monthly report of state treasurer Beacom shows a balance of in the state Treasury at Tho close of there was advanced during the month to members and employees of Tho legislature Tho state funds Aro deposited in 40 Banks scattered Over the although the bulk of Tho Money is on Deposit in Philadelphia and Tite trial of senator Quay in Tho Philadelphia court Haa been postponed to the judge Butler ordered Tho As Tho Date february would to immediately followed by two election Day i tuck Washington and Tho judge considered it would to a hardship to the jurors to keep them court cd on Tho two i holidays when court would not to in Veuy patriotic american citizen ought to write to his senators and representative in urging each and All of them to do his utmost to secure the passage of Tho shipping Bill that has favourably reported by the House committee on merchant Marine and and Tho Senate committee on the passage of that during the present session of Lay the Broad foundation that make of Tho United states the greatest shipbuilding and the greatest ship owning nation on statistics compiled by senator Gib of Tho pay of school teachers in show some very interesting while Penn Sylvania gives More than any other state in us Union 1or Tho support of her she is away behind in Tho mat Tor of paying her for to finds that Tho average wages for teachers in Pennsylvania for Tho school year Are for men and for women in other states they Aro As Fol lows Aud now and and it will to soon this that Pennsylvania is behind much of Tho states which is wot to Pennsylvania in Tho country districts of Pennsylvania Tho pay is about three sevenths As much As in Tho boroughs and in this state the pay for both men Aud women in Tho country will average Tho my for Wou iou in Tho boroughs is about and in Bho cities it runs from to Gibson makes Tho astonishing statement that comparatively few men lire touching in Pennsylvania in the boroughs and t 1 i i editorial some Echo Ift prom a of out float Tho Rains fall upon the just and Tho and if the Plum Hast fallen into senator neither have Tho other Fellows secured Blairsville one of Tho most pernicious forms of gambling is through Tho bucket called by Stock there Are More and suicides caused by these gambling Hells than through any other the legislature should pass a Law this banishing Tho bucket shop from Tho Sharon the legislature last week adopted a Resolution declaring that United states senators should elected by a direct vote of Tho several other states have passed similar there seems to to a general Awakening among Tho people on this its and sooner or later Public sentiment will demand such a Union City Tho customs receipts alone for this month Are about Tho largest amount for november since Tho Mckiou Ley Law was in the average november receipts under Tho Wilson Bill Scro about two thirds of this Aud still Tho free Trade Dis dwelling Only on Tho difference Between Tho receipts Aud Tho extraordinary bemoan the repeal of the Wilson and Call the Qiugley Law a commercial Tho stand taken by Sibley at har Risburg in regard to Tho election of a United states senator will with the Hearty approval of All fair minded irrespective of the kick ing republicans have been using Tho democrats to pull their chestnuts out of Tho and it is now High time for Tho latter to demand not if the Wanamaker its fail to come to Tho democrats would score a popular hit oven if they wont to far As to vote direct for Franklin evening As some of the antiquary news papers have openly a acquit Tal of senator Quay in court will not to accepted As proof of his wheres the use of their making so much fuss about Tho Mccarrell Bill one who didst know different would to Road some of Tho rot that is published about Tho old that to has horns and claws and a spiked Aud yet Pennsylvania Isi full of Meu who would a Good Deal rather Trust their pocketbooks with Quay than with a Good Many of the political jackals who arc so hot after his Meadville the opponents of senator Quay rail at Tho caucus in Good Sot yet every last Man of them goes to a caucus two or three times a week Aud binds himself afresh to comply with its and with Tho Auti republicans it Hast Tho Merit of being their own party it is Vovou telegraphed from Harrisburg that any Democrat who refuses to obey his caucus will be thrown out of Tho and will to treated As a Auy bolting re publican who should Bolt Tho boaters caucus would to doing a Damnable according to Tho All of which goes to prove that it int Tho Tho but Tho caucus in which you Aro that is so very Moad Villo How Protection next tuesday is election Tho Holub Livau ticket should to satisfactory to every Republican within the Borough of and the ticket named is that certainly or at least the entire party and result in a Victory for every Tho same Oak to said of other localities throughout Tho bushwhacking tactics should to dispensed with and the democracy should to compelled to elect their own candidates and not to permitted to achieve a Victory through to grab Livau it is an old axiom that a House divided against itself can Aamot neither can a party in Whoso midst there is u guerrilla element achieve 11 but with a United front the Lio publican party of Mercer county can elect their entire ticket with a some the democrats already claim that a part of the Republican ticket will to Defeated and that they has been their custom in the a portion of their ticket through factional dissensions in Tho re publican this should not lot every Republican stand up for Tho ticket iiu4 vote it to Aro republicans and should vote for Republican dont go into any fake us mortising such us hotel hotel devices of any advertising or anything of that the Only True Way to advertise is through the Aud if you want any Job give the Home of laces a Chunco to give you prices at before sea fling in the Cane of Tea it Nan hotly coed the import in a report of Tho Treasury depart ment Bureau of statistics relative to the consumption of Coffee and Tea in Tho United states Tho following fact is stated one curious fact which develops in connection with the importation of a duty of 10 cents a Pound on Tea Tho reduction in import prices which has immediately a recent letter from a loading Tea dealer in now discussing this states that importers prices Aro now from 25 to 80 per cent loss than last while an other equally prominent dealer of that City states that the average Price in China has declined 5 cents per Pound from last it is not the first time that the imposition of a duty upon an article of con sumption has resulted in a decrease of Tho import such has been Tho almost invariable effect of protective and hardly an in stance can to cited where protective duties have not diminished alike the Selling Price of the foreign producer and the Price paid by the consumer in the United on the other prices have almost invariably advanced when protective duties have Boer re la tvs this to offer Reward for any ease of Catarrh that cannot to cured by Halls Catarrh cure Cheney Tho have known Cheney for the last 15 and be Lieve him perfectly honorable in All Busi Ness transactions and financially Able to carry out any obligations outdo by their Wiur wholesale i Kinnan whole Sale Halls Catarrh cure is take inter acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the testimonials Price 75 cents per sold by All balls family pills Are the All business and financial ords showing United Sif Tod of tit 1808 by the swi Dimitry of Commerce and some facts of extraordinary interest Aro disclosed by the lending commercial reviews in their recapitulation of the events of the greatest year of business activity and of general Prosperity Ever known in the history of the United in this first full Calendar of restored Protection to american labor and industries All previous High records have been broken in the world of Busi Ness and in Industrial results As Well 1898 has Sun missed every other according to Duns the Money Center of the world has been transferred to this after pay ing debts of several Hundred millions abroad and conducting a War to an honorable end Tho country is lending so Many millions in Europe that for the first time Banks abroad look to new York to dictate Tho rate of exports have been about and Tho excess Over imports about against in and in Only two previous years has Tho balance risen to in no past Calendar year have net imports of Gold reached but this year they have been about november passed All previous months in value of produce exports Over but december has gone much beyond Tho foreign demand for american products in 1898 has been equated in any preceding exports of Cotton have been Over 000 about and in no previous year As much m or Export of bread stuffs have been in value in 11 and have never been As Large in any other exports of wheat for the lacking u Day or hav been hour include slightly exceeded Only by 812 in Piid of Corn Only approached by 570 in Tho heaviest exports of both grains and flour in any previous year Scro bushels Only in thong wheat was raised to in the highest quotation with the highest monthly average for 80 to that Tho average for the first Hal year was exceeded slightly ii but the highest since the december average has been Only 75 25 cents below that of last but the years 93 is tin highest since Industrial Progress in 1898 has Beer beyond All previous output of pig been about the greatest yet reached in any year by unc greater than great Britain Ever reached by yet the consumption in manufacture has been still larger ii spite of net exports of in Tei months for unsold Stocki were reduced in 11 months exports of Iron manufactures ii ten months were about ii value against imports of prices shown for the year in the table of comparisons have been varying not 5 per cent for i from the lowest to Tho highest and Toi finished products not 0 per the leather Industry has also Gaii Iet 10 per cent in exports in spite of Higl prices of having Boon reduced ii Price about per though hide Aro slightly boots and Shoei have been reduced Over 2 per a Tho output has Boon Tho largest even with shipments from Boston o or 3 per larger than in and per Ceni larger than in reviewing the extraordinary events of Tho year just brads Root note an unprecedented volume of Domestic and exported Bank Clear Ings in excess of Tho 1893 though reflecting less speculative activity thai in that year Railroad earnings likewise surpassing All though restricted and narrowed by merciless rate cutting prices of Staples and securities at the close Tho highest of the year and indeed higher than for five years notwithstanding complaints of reductions of margins to a and finally the smallest number and liabilities of Busi Ness failures reported for at least live these results have occurred in Tho Faco of an outbreak of War with i foreign though it is probably just to say less hesitation in Trade Anil less of v permanent effect were exercised by that event than Ever before in this or any other country under Tho Workings of the american policy of saving the Home Market to Tho Homo producer this country has exported twice the amount of its Tho totals being approximately and for every Worth purchased abroad we sold Worth to there Haa been a great increase in our sales of manufactured goods to other until to wow soil More than we buy of this class Tif the favourable Trade bal Ance for 1808 is upward of or nearly double that of any pre Vious Calendar Sonol Imlau what better proof could be of the effectiveness of a protective Tariff t imports Home production prices go Down exports begin and enormously today to Are in a fair Way to Supply the world with Stool wire it is a repetition of the experience with steel and the lesson is now being repeated with tin already tin plate appears Tinong Tho exports from the United and still the democratic party in its last National convention declared against u protective inc a Bill introduced into the new Vork legislature to establish a censor of plays has undoubtedly been brought Axtt by the number of disreputable which have been Given in new York this it is said at Al Bany that Tho Bill is the result of Church certain it is that have been made by religious that the character of some of the Playa produced this Winter has a decidedly immoral effect upon the younger members of their and they complain that these exhibitions have been condoned and the objection to a censorship of plays has always been very Strong in our Large and Tho objection is not without some it is declared that a judicious censorship must depend entirely upon Tho censor and an unscrupulous Man might make the office a Means of merely exacting there Are no fast and hard lines by which to determine the evil effects of a what one Man condemns another As our grand mothers put what is one Mann meat is another mans for Tho most part the intelligent press favors the utmost License to the on the theory that the Public will make unprofitable any exhibition that violates Public de it is to be regretted that the facts do cot always corroborate this Tho women who do All the talking Aro not doing it very Well just two questions have been met by them in a manner to elicit some Surprise even from women who do not do All their in with regard to the ineligibility of women to Bear arms Lillie Devereux Blako has recently said from the As to whether women Are Able to fight for their i can Only my judg ing from the number of men who were thrown out under medical examination during the recent Tho women would make a pretty Good this is really advanced in a serious manner by Tho platform because Only five men in ton Are fit to be soldiers therefore All women Are Prudhomme once said that a woman logic baffles like her the other question up for debate is the killing of Birds to afford decoration for women and Here is a woman in the front declaring that the do not kill the the wicked men and if the wicked men didst do it the of Wear the Birds in their even Blake will have to look out for her feathers after our new ambassador to has converted the whole British press into an Advance no Amer ican official Ever received such preliminary somehow the report pre ceded him that to was the wittiest Man in a kind of forensic Artemus Ward and Bill Nyo rolled into and upon this Cue All the humorists who wished to freshen old stories began with the As Choate once the number of doubtful but funny anecdotes which have Boon tru ipod at a Penny a about our distinguished lawyer is enormous and it is understood that punch and the other comic papers have been keeping a Fleet of tugs it Tho Atlantic lying in watch for Choate so that none of his funny things could drop overboard and to this is a most unfortunate dilemma for oven a smart Man to be placed As Labouchere re even Chato will find it hard to live up to his a blow is about to be struck by the postal department at private letter this will bring consternation to thousands of Young women in the Large cities who keep boxes at their station ers or at Tho drug where their correspondence escapes the curious eyes at the boarding House or the people who work Tho United states mails through the personal advertise ment and especially those per sons who Are looking for cultured gents of will find the governments interference with Tho snug Corner in Tho drug store almost As annoying As would be the abolishment of Cream the robbery of purrs Bank in Lon Don was the criminal sensation of the week in the robber coolly walked behind the railing and lifted while the Cashiers Back was As most of the notes were of a Jargo denomination and they were immediately advertised and their circulation As a result of this of the amount was returned to the Bank by mail four Days there is a movement on foot in new Calls it a social move make English and French drummers of wine houses and clothing establishments Wear several of these enterprising Fellows have been mistaken for the sons of Rich noblemen As floated themselves into the swell club circles on their own Why not have them branded on the forehead the efforts to raise Money in England for a statue to lord Byron have so far signally four thousand pounds was but Only could be obtained by the most strenuous Byron is apparently no longer a popular great reductions dry goods i 25 pieces 3 8inch English Good value at now 5c per 20 pieces Outing Light and dark now 5c 30 pieces of Standard now i Al Wool blankets at Cost this 215 main seven Good reasons Why everybody should use Zuschlag sons it is free from Sulphur and other foreign makes Moro heat and lasts longer than other there is no soot and less dirt and it does not destroy your stoves and you receive More bulk to the ton null less and trusts of other localities and to labor which sup ports other it is acknowledged by All Good judges to be Worth a Dollar a ton More than any other Grade of soft Coal that come to tills the undersigned is agent for this Coal and Sells it at per Sells the Baugh Coal at per All orders loft at my livery opposite the i will receive prompt he the lowest prices in Greenville for two weeks Yvo t dry goods and a lot of surplus Stock for less than Cost dress goods on remnant half regular remnants of Plain an fancy Silks for half new lot of fancy Stripe Silks for waists sold Black and coloured near silk for a lot of ladies and childrens Wool and Cotton Worth 60 and 75 for 30 and 40 ladies fleece and Calico Worth and for 75 Cotton blankets will be sold at bed Worth and for 95 and ladies Muslin underwear will to sold ladies and childrens Wool Hose at gets heavy Cotton Hose 4 pairs for 25 gents Good Cotton Hose 5 pairs for 25 ladies Good Black Hose 8 pairs for 25 closing out a lot of childrens Black Worth 10 for 5 childrens extra Good Black Hose reduced to 10 a lot of Percale and Worth 12 for 8 remnants of Percale and lawns for half fancy All Wool shrank Worth 50 cents for 88 we have our new embroideries Aud remnants of embroideries and half Wool Fascinator Aud hoods at Low prices of Outing closing out lace and Sash curtains see our Price of wide sheeting to Are making Tho Low prices of table linens Aud Good Aud 4 cts Good and 5 cts Good and 5 cts soiled Cost Lenox bars 25 cts Ivory bars 25 cts granulated cts Arbuckle and lion cts we pay Tho highest Price for eggs and bargains Furll the time at the Cash Racket store for outs safety leather watch chains la for spool Basting for Large water 6c for Twofoot jointed 5c for 34x24 Turkey red Loc for a Good Butcher 5o for 1 hair 3c for Box of shoe so for a Wisk 3c for a bottle of Foy enamel pudding Loe for ladies silk watch Loc for extra Large size for 40 wire hair for bottle Black Loc for wire hair 50c for tubular rivet thug every Farmer needs 3o for Large bottle Muchie for a 0 or i for wire potato Itic for Slaw the Cash Racket 160 main

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