Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

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Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

Read an issue on 18 Feb 1899 in Greenville, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Greenville News.

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania aft Milf Tom mormon Tillat of any Rich corporations in the Down town business of new Flotd it Clien Perto Trout to car employees to a free men in the mid die of the any than to to go out nud spend their own Tofley for three of the largest insurance with big buildings of their several Banks and a great Tele graph corporation in obtain at considerable expense dining and a staff of servants to pro vide Good luncheon for their in the Case of the Telegraph com which feeds Aimont eight Hun dred people a a nominal stun is covering Only the Cost of the but with the insurance companies and the Banks everything is furnished the Only thing required of the employee is that he or she shall not leave the building Dur ing the luncheon and that the usual hour be shortened to on half this arrangement is not prompted by motives of by any the corporations make Money in of the Large expense in where several bund red clerks arc the management of the working Force becomes a complicated if allowed to go out for lunch Are sure to be a great of delinquents who do not get Back within the allowed the Low priced Public restaurants Are Al ways crowded at and the excuse of Many of the clerks that Thoy can not get waited upon is a valid one with Many of the men the temptation to drink stimulants when they go out for luncheon is also a matter for con but the saving of the employees time to the company during working hours is the main with the for the total gain for on half hour from each employee every Day in with the insurance companies the employees Are not obliged to accept the company but they Are very few of them who do not take advantage of a Good course meal is served that would Cost the clerks far More than they could probably of Force to spend out of the As the companies save from to Worth of time each Day they can afford to be it is an inducement to the that the dining room devoted to their service is As exclusive As Only under exceptional circumstances is a visitor the apartments Are Roomy and comfortably and Are As Well equipped As in Many first class in the dining Hall of the Telegraph where the employees Are charged minimum sum for their a Little different vols than where the meal is provided at the end of the room is n Large blackboard with the soups and joints of the Day chalked on it in Large the Price is marked for each fish and meats Are usually 10 vegetables 5 pies and puddings 5 everything else in no fancy dishes Are but there is an of Well cooked every employee turns in a signed slip with the Cost of the meal it is left entirely to the honesty of the employee to put the right amount of the every payday the amount on the slips is deducted and the can celled slips put in the new York a St Tang tto Fco Ami vet it is tug fit Hastings is a Little Ellinge seated Field Trio while Oil the Boundary Between Elaine and new i la nud is the most unique in new perhaps in the civilized it contains Turco Hundred inhabitants Trio with As Many More at work cutting and hauling Lum Ber to the Village from the slopes the it has two Largo manufacturing industries Large store and boarding Twenty six elec tric Plant lighting Hue Relig ious societies and excellent water system and As Many modern conveniences As any Village of its Sisso in new yet it is neither or even a incorporated it id its inhabitants pay no taxes of any babies have been born there Havo grown to manhood and become Heads of families and have never known what it was to pay one cent for there of a wild Hind tax a state tax on the Mill but these Are paid by nonresidents and Are something with which inhabitants have nothing to on the other hand no inhabitant can they As a Well ibo Dally papers have a Largo circulation the people Are Well posted in cur rent is Hie most cosmopolitan Village in new every nation on Earth is or has Beon represented the most remarkable thing about this most remarkable place is the entire absence of notwithstanding this Etc erogenous population there Are no not even a there was a sort of Constable his commission expired about a year and his duties had been so Light he did not consider it Worth his while to renew this is the Only Village in the United states to which there is no Carriage the Only moans of transportation to or from the outside world is by a this territory was granted to Rich Ard Batcheldor by the state of Massachusetts about one Hundred years forty years Hastings of Bethel and Hastings of Frye bought Twenty thousand acres practically the whole in 1861 they sold the right of Way through their the Mill is to fit the Vil Lage and Twenty acres to the wild River lumber company of Island this company purchased at the same time forty thousand acres of Timber in Beans just across the new Hampshire they put in the big steam most of Tho the electric water toy their Timber at Beans Pur Chase and haul i by rail to their steam Mill which saws sixty thousand feet a when run to its full Capac Carl Storrs May be termed the father the Asho holds every Public office so satisfactorily that no other Man Lias been thought of in connection with the to is the company pay Mas trial Malm saved by u wherever miss Willard went in her wonderful ministry of life she dispensed the blessings of tenderest sym Pathy and Christian one Day i she wanted to visit a police i among the prisoners was a poor girl who had Beon arrested for being in she had Beon up several times before miss Willard Stop Ped and talked to her and the Sweet and gentle Way in which she pleaded with the girl had a wonderful effect upon the prisoner was moved to tears doubtless they Wero tears of but Sho had no handkerchief with which to wipe them from her miss wll lard Drew from Lior pocket her own handkerchief and handed it to Tho woman and said keep that kind act saved she re formed and has lived a different life from that Day to she is now do ing an excellent work in saving others and Realises Sho owes miss win alcohol in a now invention of great importance has Boon patented by a Ger Mim chem Julius Tif Ilo Lias sit weded in hard ening alcohol until it incomes u solid this will insure a very much greater popularity for Tho employ ment of it now comes in Small cylindrical packet in Pat ent tin that can be used for boating raid various uses of everyday the solidified alcohol Burns without it can be blown out after unit then hardens again within a min the danger of explosion is absolutely away and Tho neat Little tin with us stick of is always ready for use in Kitchen or on the toilet table or under the milk on the Road or in Tho As a night lamp or go ing upstairs at when Iii acis Cockrell finishes his fifth consecutive term in the sen ate a will have Cost this country in cold besides mileage and nothing to slow Ifor he cured her of the Duke of Norfolk is an exceedingly unassuming but on one occasion to gave a Postof Lico Young woman a severe she had got into Tho habit of ruling the Public with a Rod of Iron and Flavouring her remarks with Good Deal of Tho Duke saw and heard much of this while he was writing his Whon his turn came the Youing woman took his Tele read it and dashed it Back at saying snappish by put your name to whats your that will said the pointing to his not the name of a Man that is Tho name of a snapped the Trio Duke took Tho Telegram and proceeded to write which ran Lon Don clerk at ibis Ollie exceedingly insolent to the Public reprimand severely discharge on second Trio Asho handed it in to observed this is Oll Iclal Ami will la London when lust 111 thu always carry a As there is no Way of telling Tho Points of Compass by Means of Baric or brunches that can to relied leu number Tho direction in which your Camp and thrill if you it really sit build a and make a big this is supposing that you have com As no Greenhorn should to alone in they will look you up tin next and it is better to sit by a tire and take it easy than it is to run All Over the every year Meu Are lost in the mountains if they had kept Cool and sat Down and Madu a would have been in Camp by noon Tho next instead of this Lime lose their travel Clear out of the Vicinity of Tho Ami some times suffer terribly or die of starvation before being and dear said the teach or we must throw away our naughty faults they Are like Wormy Chest what do you do with a Wormy Chestnut when you Hantl Oue Jane May i give it to Mol Mac Frith i Tifton at item Chin it Turtlf in any it is it Well known fact that but in the after Damp which follows Gas explosions in mines the number of Mtnor who might b6 Able to escape would be very largely a helmet has been devised it is will enable its wearer to live for half an hour in an phere which without it would prove fatal in a Fow the which is to be worn Over the head and is constructed of a special Asbestos tanned or Asbestos rendering it proof against boiling All poisonous sitting close on the it is held firmly by two straps under the at the Back of the helmet is a Metal from which the wearer is supplied with fresh air at the natural air and 20 degrees cooler than Tho outside this tank has a capacity of 100 Poliks pressure of compressed it is always ready for the same pressure of pure air be ing retained for the amount of air in store can be soon on the gauge attached to the which can be quickly charged by an air a lever on the top of the Reservoir forces Tho air through the sup ply tubes to a Point inside and directly in front of the Mouth and the which is under natural air can he adjusted to the Comfort of the wearer of the Tho neck which is lined with lambs has an outlet for the foul the two lookouts Are constructed of double plates of Clear with revolving and protected by four Cross Tho Side or ear plates have special or sounding which give distinct the helmet weighs g it has in front a which is used for Louis of Iii women to fifth Tow Wittl work nine Stoneii Iliff the number of old women who beg on Tho streets spanns larger this yen ban Ever says the new Yolk All the Well known types Are but Otic Vole seems to to Tho a poorly fed old woman stops it lie is proof against the pitiful tale of the artful beggar but this respectable old soul Doest want to Par from it she wants Only is it a Long walk to if Lith sir she asks in it weary about a Hundred and fifty to woman sighs and turns away without another then the tic Tom does the expected Why did you ask ire i know a lady up there that would help and in going up to ask bar for work and something to but its a Long gots a warfare and goes on her Way if she int on her Way some charitable she is bound j for a Hospital and Doest quite see she can walk so in a course of one afternoons shopping last week a Young woman met live respect Triblo looking old All of whom Ware tolling toward Harlem Benela i the Story is being but it is a Good an australian to warn Oft Trio Kumim during Tho week Ort Lin Rod Horn some men were handling a Little piece of Wood about the shape of a Cigar and four or five inches with a Long Reed kind of Tail to what Odd thing is that wooden rat asked the replied just then a native whirled one Over his head at a dangerous and sent it flying out along the level the Little nose of it bobbed up and and the Oblong thing worked its Way with its Tail As a at a fearful it ran along the ground for sixty or seventy others competed at the game of until the Winner scored Over one Hundred Yards in the direct est line to the then they swung the this is a fish shaped piece of thin Wood tied to a Long string and swung around and around by Means of a Long the noise of it much resembled the rear of a giant Bull the Hula Ala is used by the tribesmen to warn off the women during the week of the sacred Bora it can be heard three or four Miles according to the wind and Lay of the Dur ing that week the women must not come in hearing of the dread instr or they suffer dire agony to a sure Drievo the son of the says Tho and his Little sister were inside the Groat West Church for the Glrst but its a beaut lie i bet people wot be Long Here comes every time Day her breath pm me to her in Little her soiled Little linger pressed on his with thrilled her eyes feasted on the splendid heaven inns be next she they hardly moved throughout the sort sch and never onco let go each others for it was As strange at the Sweet voiced procession of choir boys came Down the at its head was a slim Young with a twice As fair and pure As Tho Linen be dark circles beneath his eyes complied the ethereal is dem the Little girl but Stoppel surprised at the look on her Brothers Dat kid in fronts wot i licked last week for swirl a Tings from Ole a Guircy Apple to aint Jot Over dem Black eyes i get my gome lets his face was Stern and set As they she furtively wiped n Slu ult in i litter Mun in the persian Gulf the divers have a curious Way of opening the they depend implicitly upon the shark and will not descend without their to meet this difficulty the government is obliged to hire the charmers to divert the attention of the Sharks from the As the season vast numbers of natives gather along the Shore and erect and tents and at the oppor tune at so As to reach the Oyster Banks at Sunrise to the number of eighty or a Hundred pulls out to each of these boats carries two a Steersman and a shark and is manned by eight or ten other conjures remain on twisting their bodies and mumbling incantation to divert the in Case a Man eater is perverse enough to disregard the Charm and attack a diver an alarm is and no other diver will descend on that the Power of the conjurer is believed to be and the Efficacy of his incantations to be wholly Independent of his religious n Drolli Nannt in in every native House in India them is a shrine in which the household gods Are like the Ikon in a rus Sian the very Shadow of a european or native of a different caste passing Over these or the culinary utensils of the family is a but the use of malodorous disinfectants in the belief of the an outrageous calculated to Call Down on the family the Wrath of the and Only to be atoned by Pray shit penance and the administration of the Panch a foul Pill composed of the five products of toe 4 cd Nitice Lur you Goin to have your Darter take music lessons j guess she Saint no ear for i be discouraged at that webby she might learn to play York miss 1 marry what will to Tho outcome the Mem Giselle Means 29 wit and flood wives make Good the bad husbands Are All Philadelphia a woman will never confess that she feels cold if rho Only thinks that she looks for oxen milk is no longer a Ity in milk is taken when fresh and frown in bricks of different Sixes and sold by the milk is wild to be More Hygeia la than Lii did did of Clit in tort powder is to it great tent a matter of Tho explainer an ordnance there is no doubt that it will come some but to far them has Beon no Complete sue cosh in that nearly All countries Are at work on and the beat its Are giving it Tho result 80 fat is three or four of nitric acid and or Ultra Gly but Thoy Are not entirely of they Are All an on the Black or charcoal which Irot its explosive Power from nitrate of As far As strength is concern but so is Tho Brown which is nearly thu Vij has been a powder on thu Market for Over live years which is known As Nitro it is known also us smoke less As far As sporting uses Are has entirely supplanted Black it is i much stronger on half of the Quantity doing the work of Black powder when done up into it costs slightly but there is no reason Why it should that it is a it has received the endorsement of All i to Best and for All practical purposes in smokeless us much As any but As i said it is not during the several Days when our army was actually engaged in War Faro in Cuba there were frequent ref Erin com in Tho newspapers to Tho that the spaniards worn butter prepared than our army in that they had an actual smokeless this was an error in and no Olla Cal report has Over bion made boar ing it the spaniards had Only what to there is still some smoke Draco Nablo when it is have Boon hundreds of formulas prepared and and nearly All of them Are an on the charcoal powder of former it is a us Neanor As Yot to Call them Kino Elosh hut smokeless powder will be a in Lens than two but to will not Havo any Ever Nal Loiis in its for they will be As Well off in this particular As to will there is difference in tin for but the base is the Nitro smokeless powder has a particular value for it allows them an Opportunity to do dam age to i to enemy and reduces the chances of them being is Only an incident of warfare and a Small one in compari son to others though it is Well enough to take every advantage that is fair and this fact is what will Histon the coming of a Mokless pow it will to of no advantage naval for naval work to be done in the 1 wit and i Likou a modest said to nolo cxcep1 Whon he makes his mod Fob Bein too Hwy to Why dont you lot your mus Lacho grow Why dont i let it Good deah 1 but it your husband must enjoy his to especially at Olmos Whon i want him to take to to Tho fro almost Ive Boon no in a Stanlly room for two hours i was Tho occasion for that Morting of our fro hair so to Nikii solid baby of v Iid 11 Friend Olio was admiring Tho Hist do Yon think Liow solid As cod mid hot it 86uhh to Moas it he was All i never was much on said Tho Young my replied Tho Wise have you forgotten Tho expense account you to solid to when you wore tit evening for i venerable old Hill Jui now and he had Assur Ance to Tell me that lie Felt As fresh us a two year second to meant a Twoy Earold Lis is a Jones says to thought his Gas meter had gastric but he now believes it to be affected with galloping a Coil Lect of he terrible of Sho blushing and so i hold that Lam disposition a Man makes of his arms is Nono of a girls in isl Perry Patet Tiswonder Why Wom Tii always is so much better Lookin than men Way worn at Tho trouble they most any woman washes her face every jest fur i i dont Cut too said tin i have a bad cold in by head and Cald Lam coughing the very Best peo have in town arc suffering vol re i secret is Rico Secretary i want a a Man who has skill a translating Timon in your for two j earn now Ive put tip purse rep Lions in a drug Detroit fro a v7hen in a Friend advice is always Many in the journey us find ourselves in Aiu lib we me Moil the Uvick of a one till or an acquaintance has Lia cled the into which we me just to the Way i spit act of i Wendi pm be placed in he opinions o who shows the Way in the Rul Loving he can be upon to coi in borate it in reply la any Sununu Mcalpin sent toll i a of testimony of thousands of Liis published in Pic daily newspapers the or City sewer inspector of Bays my kid Fie i Weie out of older Lor Ami Evet Lead it knows a lame Back is mean i be Tiki bled i did not pay tit cation to it at but it kept and More every year until it u Deal of i to leave my work a number of go lie Down on account of the Ulitin in Lilii condition a urinary tits annoyed particularly at 1 took n number but they Only relieved i was induced try Una ii s kidney they cured this do All is claimed for i will them every Lime Occa Hod Lor they Merit jeans Imbt Are Lor Sale by All Drai Eik it Mimi by kill bin de Ity Celii a the Anitol s Kente Qubti la urn no indicate that your liver is out of Tho Best Medicine to Rouso the liver tid euro nil those is found in hoods 25 sold by nil Medicine one cent a Bay invested in a copy of the Pittsburg will you in touch with All the news of the Vertu Iris Lam Pup or published in a Uio Zouki of tic two Oil ios i it am wit publish More Nown than any other tin1 to Cindy Ruli Imich lire ii Henys and to full in Hunt of Iho of the in ill Tui to Jimmh no ways up to Lute with Tho in Tylis mid the Assoc instil i Imp Thi Char Meltln Iii Kripli with n report of Tho news of he the Giro Hoar Imd Tim Iorii Plon to Poth hip Hallil Natii illum in by vital to us Nullon of he Hurt Crisp mid in Telly thit Nui of lir sonts with Tho the comic Hen id Mill and Ninny Othor Upu Oll Fri lurch i to mulch up Pittsburgh greatest paper chronicle one cent a six cents a delivered by agents in All surrounding 50 years experience Trade Marks designs copyrights anyone san Illik nil my que lowly our opinion fro wait Lior in inn Dillon in probe blvd i in netbook on in Lusta Monal Nir Oncy for Hilo Urlik rail Waits till twin urn Kiili my Iii Roo Elro pfc Tai will out in Trio scientific a Imiru amyl Pliml Rotart Clr cult Moi of Liny Bolint Lllan n Vojir four Sola Byrill new York Drain Ali 125 k 4 Miles Nervine a remedy for the effects of the Rufio of especially by men is til ways injurious and Ali Orolim Lluu compositor on Iho Contra Oosten writes 1 Honvo used hillos1 Liestol Ruvi Norv no nud received much Benefit from i was troubled with toy spells caused by Tho Uko of tobacco nud Helrn i tool Kilos Norv no with mar Volo Ukly Good ally ins Tho quieting Trio and enabling to to Bleep and Provini in my Zivko a very beneficial Miles Kesto Rativo Norv Luls ii socially adapted to restoring lilo nervous Kyhi Iii to Itu Normal condition under Bitch and Miles Heino Lehl Aro sold by All jests under a positive first bottle Benollia or Money re1 Hook on Dis eases of Tho heart and nerves Miles 75 a Wmk memo mind in in nov it Ila out no twin to Utitco your ii Ruhr or Lii Lioa no Usif Lindy m Bruil Tuv Iii our vent under Coati clone up under and we will bund you Uiligi coat to Lul Jid cd Aiulua and try it on tit your Nua rent pro ii Ull co and if found tix aptly our naw Orvard of and 1iiuiil to any coat Yon can Imp for of for Ami of Nisy Fml Mackintosh ado ii of Burn Luiu double Sager velvet fancy plaid strapped and cemented and Irv nit Ever olt Rcd go or any Oiler Horn for fro cloth Iott and Sulla Orer coat to yer to in Albiny clip Aldrin Kotlier Jniya Swift for Usiel by Mother u Nurmi jul Chik Rouh Nivy Brixiu up colds in y1 rum Klon Icli mid destroy at All 25 smiled Awuou

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