Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

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Greenville News in Greenville, Pennsylvania
18 Feb 1899

Read an issue on 18 Feb 1899 in Greenville, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Greenville News.

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Tetik War general Miles and major Daly Oratio Siedi also Secretary Algor not blamed in an Way at the medical department not condemned paneral Clio floods ii nil for friction in the department Afi Tomt till Kolc Linci did Tomt single Dill or Horn to Lineti fiend of de chiefs of sold u la non ton much it Nutine work to do opinions were Kepr envied of Cerioli of Mir the abstract of the War boards report Given out for publication it starts out by give Lynx the organisation of the and Nice Liik for Rejiri Ilner work Altor much preliminary exploit is declared that there was no Oil Dunco thut Unyong in or connect i with the War department had received single Dollar it is recommended that retired officers fib Ouid be called on to Servo in Case of warns Thoy do in the in the recent in they would have brought professions training valuable knowledge and larger experience than the civilians volunteers Olti eoral by men of military experience fared much better than those office red by being bettor Caret enjoyed better health and were better fed and the commission recommends strict sex animation into Tho qualifications of Foll cers both regular and Volun and of too much routine it was declared was obliged to to done by Heads of de Ollie ors of Largo depots chiefs of corp Ntuli should Dov Otu their it tuntion to mutters of larger War broke out an i Monbo tank on Tho War after i yearn of incl the maintaining of in army of men they wore Coin Pel led to Hindl the increased regular und Volu Leur armlet tills was Mot by Tho War department will earn ohtness and tin he Talion fount the country unprepared with any Large Otool of supplier a in thu report maid in part thu they Wero Only provided and that Tho Mimer Ous Den nah on my industries of our Pool Wero unit to promptly will rom Kiln one of the Mir Clu of six months exp Orinoco showed in Tho Camps Thon being Pitus Iida Piid to Tho cure and Comfort of i he grounds sanitary conditions Groat by improved and troops moved with ii ohs und itis Tomt Tho country Sli Ouli Ijo in a butter state of preparedness for War in Tho thu divided authority in Tho War which has usually produced go much wow referral a Ruttei from gon Orul sch Liolu is quoted in lir which to said recent experience Hus served to confirm All the results of my lifelong study and experience Tomt the proper position for the senior Oll Cor of the army on duty no washing ton in nut that of commanding a Posi Tion which Jyh practically but that of general in which menus in fact chief of a Tattoo the Tho Tutlo of Genera in Fol of a permanent one during the entire history of Tho country up to Tho Timo when Uuno ral Grunt Buu Umo lieutenant Gen who i become Trio common Dong general i f addressed to thu president 11 in which i pointed out to him what had been Tho result of my study and and saying that Tho Only Way to abandon which i did during my seven years of All Ore tense of being the commanding general and to Content Niy Hulf with acting As thu chief of stuff of lilo army under thu Secretary of War Tho thu result was that porn feet Harmony prevailed during my tin if and 1 did exc Uiso a legitimate influence in command of tilt this because 1 did not claim to tix Reiso anything which Tho Law did not give Tho president must Havn Tho same Power of selection of his general in Ohio Asho has of his Secretary of War without this Thuro can to no guaranty Tliatha will or that the Hgo autury of War will Pitco in the gamer us in chief Tomt con Denee which is necessary to perfect neither thu president nor Tho be Creary of War should Hugo in the command of Ilia army an Olicer who is not working in Harmony with Tho report now takes up the War depart ment und its various chiefs of beginning with the Sucro Tury of saying in part Tho records of Tho War which have been Laid before show Tomt Tho Secre tary of Wiir extended to All of Coral no and full and promptly responded to usury proper demand mud upon him by command nth no testimony Haboon presented showing intentional neglect of duty nor any attempt to Fiovo personal the charges indu hint thai Secretary of War inter osted in Pur Tihasek and other trans notions of the War department have been thoroughly examined and found in tiie judgment of thu commission there was lasting in the Gen Natl administration of War department during the Continua Neo of Tho War with Spain that Complete grasp of the situation which was essential to tins High est Elilu Ienus and discipline of the Tho commission has refrained from critic be stain of the Heads of bureaus for nut jiving acted with foresight in preparing Ali div various departments for native War before War wus actually because it has appeared that Lii in Liuima the Fonson fund provided by the act of a Larch was not a Iulo available for of opt for the Navy mid coast defences and the exp lit ures Inci Dent until after Tho declaration of the Werk of adjutant general corbins do Imp tent was inspector general department was decl Areil to by not us Ell iolent it ought to have it Garding the this criticism is made in part regarding thu Jickling of troop u Culia the department ought to Ilavu been Able to More thoroughly Eit Uip these and surely it should Havo been Isioro certain of their carrying Cap a Kulli Cint number of vessels for trans Orting men with the required lighters for their should have been properly even had such action rendered necessary the Scure of every Steamer on the Atlantic Gulf coasts sailing under Tho american testimony shows that the vessels Pru not a oiled a Battery with its tuns and horses would be placed on one ves mid its on thu Seo seventh and seventeenth regular infantry Weru each divided und portions in ouch Cuse sent on three different thu Fleet of transports arrived safely at but Ufeo fidure to provide a full and Tutu Eiert Nulf r of lighters for of Bip phys Aud artillery caused Auhoy Emcy mud and Hart Enofio Bonn Gnu Fitow had the opposed by it and Woll to noned Force of Tho result might Honvo fur to Ink of to sports also Cai Mottl Tho Lank of Ifland so Billy Noo Dod when Tho army no Nind in Load not Toni Porti in Alnio delay in Fly Cuzini mid Lenl at in regard to commissary Donn Rel to Agana it was in that Al most without that who Rover wore the proscribed by Law Wero on Tho on refrigerated beef Tho report said in part this commission vans organised 21 up to it its members had taken Tes Timony in 1 different towns and cities and Ninn it had also received Many Hun dred communications and newspaper clippings from persons living in All parts of Tho exam Nallon of no Nerous offi cers and enlisted men had been m ten As to thu Quality and condition of the meat issued to the the with some showed that the refrigerated beef issued was sound and on 21 lust major general Nelson upon Tho written request of the presi Dent of this appeared before he refused to Boas nil other witnesses had except who stating that to would make his statements without being sworn und was responsible for what to he and for thu first time in the history of this investigation the allegation was made that refrigerated Hoof issued to Tho troops had been chemically in the revised by Gen eral Miles said was sent to Porto Ulco 837 tons of what is known an so called refrigerated which you might Call embalmed to proceeded to read a communication from major and chief United states on his bearing Date of wherein Daly stated that in Tho several inspections i Madu in Tho Virlous Camps and troop ships at Jack Check Muuga and Porto 1 found the fresh beef to to apparently preserved with secret which destroy its natural flavor and which i also believe to to Detri mental to the health of the although Daly swears that to informed general Miles about Tom hrs of that to suspected that thu refrigerated beef was chemically it docs not appear that Tho general informed you or Tho War department that an officer of his stuff Hod made this nor does it Apo oar that lie at the Lime ordered any of the officers under his command to probe to the Bottom tin allegation if concerned the health of soldiers of the United it appears from the report which to handed to general Miles 21 that to then specific ally stated that the refrigerated beef furnished to Tho troops was apparently chemical by Iron it not appear that when this charge was it having been already made to him in that in neral Miles communicated to you or Tho Secretary of War or to Tho commissary general Tho by Lief or suspicion entertained by him that refrigerated dangerous to was is sued every Day to Tho in failure to do which there was dereliction of it is True that on 20 to had directed that an order should to issued asking for reports rela Tive to meats but Tho order specifically mentioned canned fresh roast Boot and Noth ing and it was tin reports received in answer to this that were presented in abstract by Tho general at the time of his appearance before the commission and in his report Daly does not make Tho All important statement that to Hud already chemically Analysed any although he suggests that such analysis should Bohu does state that in Tho several inspections made by him at Ghl can Maugus and Porto Klco to found Tho fresh beef to be apparently preserved with Schrot to says that at Ponce Tho Boef to examined was also of thu same being apparently preserved by injected for is it Daly concealed the knowledge of Tho commission of a crime affect no men under his us an officer u physio Waif to was bound to thu report after quoting from Tho of the agricultural prescribing the manner in which inspections Are Madu and no packing House in Tho coun try is allowed to do business without govern mental Futor detailing the processes pursued by our officials and showing to practical impossibility of putting impure meat upon Tho goes on to say commission has not confined itself to merely verbal or written immediately upon hearing the testimony of Daly on 20 telegrams Wero went to nil issuing commissaries in Porto Rico and at the various Homo Camps occupied by ask ing that samples of refrigerated beef Bont once placed in Glass securely sealed und forwarded to the these Sumpta were to be of one Pound weight from Tho outside and Ano Pound weight from the inside of a in response to this request Many samples Honvo been received and inter to chemists of Tho agricultural and Interior departments for carefully chemical examination Tho result of analysts has been reported to us in 20 us will be seen by thu reports in no specimen examined hits either boric or salicylic acid or other delete com chemicals been in View of the facts Buovo set Forth the commission is of the opinion that no refrigerated beef furnished by contractors and issued to the troops during the War with Spain was subjected to or treated with any chemicals by thu or those in their canned in considering questions concerning canned goals it is not the duty of the commission to Tho kind or condition i All Thi canned meats that May to in Lisa in his our specific duty is to give in Ipi Ninn us to the Quality of those furnished he soldiers during Tho recent our with Liuro Hus been neither allegation nor proof Dufore us that Borio or salicylic or any Othor Icid has been used in Tho canned meats listed to Tho but such meets Havo lever wholess been greatly and they for that been tested by us and ave been Analysed under our und be have taken u great Deal of testimony As to to Mode of heir the Cabin of Lent is ordinarily taken from Tho of Roquart ers of the agricultural departments official re tort upon the methods employed by Tho pack no us required under thu inspection is the commissions report shows that a mini Ier of nil scors Lestil Leil that the canned beef Ras it is also elicited that in a in pineal where it is subjected to an thu meat presents a repulsive it it trims ires that occasionally an inferior article is a letter from Tho War department records is showing that general Miles endorsed i recommendation by assistant adjutant recommending canned Boef As u Good ration for soldiers going to Alaska und for the Relief of the needy in thu letter being written the work of the signal pay depart Engineer department und ordnance department win declared to Boas Good us Possi ble under the Tho medical dwelt upon at great a glance at the commissions summing will sufficiently indicate its nature first that at the outbreak of the War thu medical department in men und Materi altogether unprepared to meet the Noces Biti Rii of the urmy called second that us u remit of to action through a generation of contracted and Coil trading nut hods of a Minim it was impossible for thu department to operate freely und without Buduo regard to that in Tho Abs Uco of a special corps of and thu apparent info Quency of inspections by chief and of official imports of Tho state of things in Camps Atid there was not such in Yuil Tiiu sanitary condition of Tow h the first duty i in posed upon the department by Tho fourth Taftt the nursing of fun in Flor the of Juno and july was North or Fri nolo Siop reasons for which to found in the i fuck of n proper Volu Toor hos pm till corps duo to the Fallero of Congress to the nonrecognition in the beginning of the value of women nurses and Tho extent to which their services could to the demand made upon Tho of sources of the department in Trio care of a Felt and wounded was vory much greater than had been and in like these Dum Undt Wero imperfectly powerless us Tho department was to Hove supplies transferred from Point to except through the inter mediation of the quartermasters it was seriously crippled in its efforts to fulfil the regu lation duty of furnishing All medical and Hospital the shortcomings in administration and operation May justly be attrib in Lurge the hurry and confusion incident to the assembling of in urmy of untrained officers and ten times larger than for which no preparations in and Vance Hud been or could be Mude because of existing rules and notwithstanding All Tho Mani fest errors of omission rather than commis a vast Deal of Good work was done by medical High and regular and and there i unusually few months among the wounded und the what is needed by the medical department in the future is x larger Force of commissioned medi Cal to establish in time of War a proper Volunteer Hospital Reserve corps of selected trained women ready to serve when necessity shall under Cir uni owing no duty to Tho War depart except to report residence at deter mined years Supply for an army of at least four times the actual strength of All such Hospital furniture and stores As Are not materially damaged by to be held constantly on hand in the medical Supply de charge of transportation to such extent As will secure prompt shipment and ready delivery of nil medical supplies simplification of administrative paper to Tomt medical of Lucers my be Able to More thoroughly discharge their Sani tary and strictly medical securing of such legislation As will All surgeons in medical charge of trains and Independent to drug from the subsistence depart Moat funds for the Pur Chase of such articles of diet us May be Neces sary to the proper treatment of soldiers too sick to Uso the army this to take the place of All commutation of rations of thu sick now soldiers travelling on furlough should be furnished sleeping berths or staterooms and por diem in lieu of Tho Soldier not to be hold account Able or chargeable for this cuing the report is to the effect that Chickamauga Park is not adapted to Tho accommodation of More than at a on june Iio there were Nion in the the water sup ply was the water itself re gome of the Wells Befumo contain Tho sanitation of Tho a Imp wus very imperfect and at times decidedly the troops were not Well Many being permitted to Camp in Tho sinks were not deep enough or removed from the mens six Hundred licenses to paddlers and hucksters wore issued by the commanding general in the Early and Tho grounds a warmed with vendors of unwholesome passes to Chattanooga were issued at the rate of from two to six men per Day per this was a 1ruitfu source of injury to the on the the Camp was Ciup the report finds that this Camp was unde und that it was not abandoned too cuing Cuba the commission found much in this Camp its arrangement und general Coin charges of corruption Wero fro Lar made in connection with the location of this they wore investigated carefully und found to be without the least the conditions there Yavoro reported As being most fun Morable by the i this ground wus selected by Tho major Elul commanding and highly recommended by him in n communication to the Secretary of dated june it was abandoned july having been found in All respects in this was not intended for a permanent but merely As u rendezvous for troops barring Tho extreme Hunt was quite the deaths from disease and Acci Between May 4 and Weru Cui Ziph at san the men Wero somewhat crowded and a Good Deal of sickness Ohl Efty some typhoid also Camp Montit Tik on the whole it May to said that Mont Nuu Point was an Ideal place for Tho solution of troops who had been exposed to or Hud yellow fever and for the recuperation of those greatly Tubili tuned by malarial attacks of marked so the Timo allotted for preparation was altogether too us a the Camp was occupied Long before it was because of this and because of Tho great number of sick and convalescent and of those on Tho ground who Wero unconnected with Tho army there was much some Luck of proper attention to matters of sanitation and to Tho sick and wit limit doubt cases of it May Hutu Bucu but after All Thorn wus to Mich exaggeration what was written und annul ii this Camp was found in excellent condition Sil in All respects equal to ten conditions All thoroughly an Ideal Camp this Camp was found in firs class deadly Twenty four ufos Mellon my to liven lost in in Snow slide at Silver near 3i lives Are believed to have Baen the dead Are italian miners and their eleven bodies have Boon Only two of which it Avo been last on train w of Tho Pitts Burg and Lake Uvie Railroad was j wrecked at Mol Veis Hocks while on its Way irom olo Elaml to resulting in the death of fireman i am boil and thu serious injury of i nearly a Down at the of Gettys died Here foged 51 about years he was professor of greek Iii Tho Pennsylvania get lie Berv ii As pastor iia non is au4 the weather is very cold at present who shot that Hawk and missed it the dedication of the Jerusalem re formed Church took place last the House was Well filled and enough Money was raised to defray All a number of our Farmers Are Busy hauling logs and preparing to build in the Mary who has been sew ing at Babcock for the past has returned of this expects to move to Tho oos sift farm to take charge of the milk our is doing a Rushing business at a sled Load of Young folks were entertained at the Home of or Fellnagle last tuesday there will to services at the lutheran Church sunday Florence Johnson has gone to Dixmont to secure employment in the society meet in Goodwin tomorrow Sun Day at 2 Oclock meet in their masonic next tuesday at 8 of meet in pythian Mathers tomorrow at 2 of meet in masonic tomorrow at 2 meet in their Hull in the Goodwin next thursday at 8 Oclock meet in their Over Fredericks shoe next thurs Lay at knights of meet in masonic next Fri acc of meet in pythian Mathers next Friday at 8 of meet in pythian Mathers next monday at 8 Rathbone meet in pythian Mathers next thursday at 8 knights of Tho meet in masonic next thursday at 8 ladies of the meet in the masonic next at Oclock Royal templars of meet at 75 South race next Fri Day at the Odi a mandarins which my la snid to big in at 5 and continue Emtil is is Xiii in one or other of the following ways either he rend so Eif cry or he for his Senoro Marioh to drink crack Melon and compose poetry with him or he my shoot off n few or rms it a target in his Garden or and this is commonest he May invite the Rich merchants to n food Bis or accept invitations from Bui this is dangerous for there is a sort of unwritten Imp a Giust mandarins leaving their own except on official business Bent on Tho other merc Hirts of standing steer Clear of the local mandarin unless to happens to be n compatriot of supposing they Are not opium invalids or de to rest As Only is Thoy in mos chinese towns of Ory thing is after and by 7 or s Oclock every one is either in bed or is simply crooning the Timo Niril sleep comos when Tho correspondence of the Day has Boon soiled or Elsp Nitcho when the secretaries Lingo struck their balances and exhibited Tho profits of the Day when Trio business of Tho judgment set is it in Tho mandarin gets out of his Ehn Plet and is into in easy in which Lio looks just like Trio Ord Library Ponsy lights his plop and rot ires to the Hill f he Oreen Vike the following Are the prevailing mar Ket prices in this corrected each Friday by grocer per fancy Dairy per per fancy loaf fancy full per per jilt per per 10 in 10 in Corn 10 in 15 Tho per m Tho per the per Young Tho per English Tho per mocha and por Grade por blog Grade per Grade por Grade per Kona per per per per Standard per Windsor por Light por per por per por por por por 100 Sweet per por per per people those who disregard y indications of the Progress of Catarrh is frequently chronic Catarrh secures Possession with out the knowl Edge of its Vic it has become so common to every body has a Little Catarrh that Many easy going people slight attention yet no class of disease is so difficult to shake Many people Well advanced in years find themselves in the toils of and of found help in Collums letter follows Peruna Medicine dab think your Peruna is the Best Medicine i Ever tried Lor Ca i have tried All Tho Catarrh medicines that i could hear of and none of them did any Good until i tried i and my wife have both used the Peruna and and we arc about j am 70 years old wife is when we commenced to take your medicines we were not Able to see after our but now she can tend to her work und i see after my you can use this publicly if you want go to where you can get ail kinds of House furnishing we do not sell goods at Only of which we have a line which we will sell at Cost for the next 30 As we wish to make room Spring our stoves and ranges Are All Guaran rockers a we have a very Nice line of them to choose Call and us before buying 158 main going to build t xif1 lot us draw up your plans and furnish you an we handle All kinds of building material and can save you Money on buildings of All re satisfaction and the Best of workmanship Leech and retail in correspondence Yards of canal a groceries we handle nothing but the our goods Are always satisfaction the Peoples Gillespie successors to Samuel West dons Colloq agree Avioli Yon if drink from Puro a lady writes Tho first time i Niaudo grniu0 i did not like it but Futor using it for our week not Trig would induce to to go Back to it nourishes and feeds Tho Tho children can drink it freely with Grout it is the strengthening sub stance of Puro get a package today from your fifteen cents and 25 Trio Tiu Sainio Virtues of Jine tar combined with Tho soothing properties of wild Sherry bark Are exhibited to the Best advantages in Cleveland lung Tho King of consumption coughs and colds Are dispelled by its use As the morning Mist melts away to pro Trio rising it is sold of Posi Tive no no your Money Back if you want Call a Blaek Mou 194 main country produce a trial order commercial hotel opposite everything first commercial Trade satisfaction Gibbons new wholesale liquor store is where you can get the Best Rye whisky wine oust ale and 419 East state dealer in All kinds of pictures and Justice of the deeds made and leases and wills pension Blanks All Legal bus iness will receive prompt and careful agent for Mcdowell All work Brown removed to Tho Wick first door Oast of Ritter clothing i will Lio pleased to Anent All my old friends and patrons and of Many now ones As possible at my new Ami get a trial bottle 35 Largo Bot a Iti Miedy fur the a remedy recommended for patients afflicted the Grippo is Kemps bal which is especially adapted to discuss of the Throat and do not wait for the first symptoms of the but got a bottle today and Koop it of hand for Uso the moment it is if neglected the Grippe has a tendency to bring on Tho j Balsam prevents this by keeping the i cough All druggists sell Tho bal and Down to the very Borderland of yield to the dealing influences of Woods Norway Pius l who represents twelve of Trio loading fire in Suraco companies of also notary of Loco nest door to Mcmillen 4448 Shenango no out Riv Oli Ivro for umbel Ming Ami preparing phone what is nicer than an Ron Fence jewelry and on the farm of David of a mile i West of have the bust Coal found in this which they Art As follows it makes both the House and Yard and adds to the value of the for Iron fencing of every variety and wire screens Foy windmills and threshing see Taylor Block Coal nut and Slack at Bank delivered orders left at Samuel wests grocery or reins sons Cigar will receive prompt Box building lots on South main Street awl Chambers 20 minutes walk from 10 utes walk from tube if buyer will build Good will be sold Low on easy

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