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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 18, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania Al a news me devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer Louii Tyche Peoples tells the truth ii Sid gives court pc Leanne granted the Knatt Hospital special correspondence to the if court convened on monday with judge Miller regularly the matter of licensing the Knapp of was taken up and disposed of by his it seems that there had been some complaint that this House was not centrally located and also that too much liquor had been furnished to Furnace men while they were on this complaint was made by some of the managers of these and judge Miller said that any Man knew when another had enough liquor or rather when he was giving him More than he was Able to work and that before another year he would in quire whether this hotel was such As was absolutely necessary to have a liquor he further said that liquor dealers should exercise a great Deal of care in Selling to men while on duty of any and especially those who worked around As they not Only endangered their own lives but that of their fellow labourers the rules of the court in regard to Selling liquor in bottles and also the hours of opening and closing were brought before the As it seems that there was some dissatisfaction about judge Miller said that he had conversed with som of the Best hotel men of the and that they thought these were very Good and they were but he further said that if there was anyone who thought they were not if he would present a petition to Assur Ance would be Given that to would not be bothered with them in the the Knapp House was the return Sale of the real estate of late of de was presented and confirmed the property was sold to Wheeler for Samuel guardian of Frank presented a petition for leave to pay out Money for medi Cal which was but the amount must not exceed the plaintiffs Bond in the Case of Hattie Weller the Deering haret so As to release the goods from Levy under was approved by the Thomp son made a motion in this Case that it put on the March trial which motion was examiner in the divorce Case of Martin Nitsou Minnie presented his report which was ordered a notary Public commission was is sued to of West Middle the family of Warren Baker has moved to Mercer and occupy a House on South Erie Bator 1ms be come initiated to the duties of his clerk where he is always found con Gen and has made a Host of last year the liquor dealers instituted an action against the county treasurer and poor directors in which they claimed that the Law demanding payment from them of for the county poor was repealed by the passage of the act under which liquor licenses Are now granted and taxed accordingly this 7mm they should not the Case was argued before judge who decided it in favor of Tho liquor it was appealed and taken before a higher court but remanded on this year the applicants claim that As Tho Case was decided in their favor by this they should not to required to pay this Money and tendered to the county treasurer the amount of Money formerly paid less Tho but the treasurer would not Issue their licenses for that a mandamus was asked directing the treasurer to Issue them for the amount and under these proceedings the dealers were ordered by Tho court to pay the full of which should be under and await the decision of the Hospital the cottage state Hospital is As usual flourishing and very As will to seen from the report Given below of the several operations performed diving recent the attending i has at prese i under his Caro 17 today wednesday three operations were per a report of which also follows Fred new came with leg ulcer of a years this was successfully treated Aud last week he was discharged Jacob a Coal minor of Jackson had a pick run into his Eye which necessitated its Winch done and last week he was Dis charged Joe also of Jackson was caught about a year ago in a Mill which broke his Arm in two places a Oboye the Elbow and Tore the flesh w Fiu reds on the forearm and breaking Tot hones there very these wounds were ajl Well healed except one of the Breaks we Csc was immediately in tone the some time ago the flesh was Down to the broken Bone and the ends were Thero sawed pulled to Gether and a Silver plate five inches Long was fastened on by drilling holes into the Bone and then placing screws through the plate into these Davis is suffering no pain and the doctor expects this to heal although the plate will Likely be left in its of had the mammary gland removed from the left and is now Homo Grove who is subject to dirty fell from Tho Steps which run along the outside of a livery barn of Grove in which he to the ground 20 feet he was brought hero with but is now Home Alfred of Grove was operated on two weeks ago to effect a Radical euro of hernia and was discharged Henry of under went the same operation and was also discharged the most remarkable operation to your reporter was that of my of who is a lady 60 years six weeks ago an ovarian tumor was removed from her which weighed 85 pounds Aud measured 16 she has left for her Home and is Dan of was injured at receiving a blow on the head with a piece of he remained us Loucious for two he was discharged tuesday Al of was operated on to effect a Radical cure of hernia Aud is reported in Good condition after the of new was operated on wednesday and is reported to have withstood the operation of under went a delicate operation and is also in Good of West who has been Here for about five months on account of an injury which crushed his was discharged wednesday very much i deeds Susan Kilgore to Van Patterson to Susan Peter Winger to Mcbride to Lavina John Parley to James Barnes to Grove Coulter to Rebecca Grove Gordon it to West Sarah Duncan to Mary Borland it to new Gaston it to land in Cochran it to Martha Laud in Sandy Robert Mosseau to David Geisel Laud in Jeremiah Brockway to Wendell Brock land in and Condit to Ira and Condit to Deer Al Auhage co Laura co Austin Violet Edward Castle Ida co Jay Lebanon Edna Francis Guy o Solestia Grove co Mary Harrisville Robert Edward Middlesex horses the subscribers will be at Tho follow ing places to buy nil kinds of Market Able horses from 4 years Aud upwards and weighing from to the Small ones must have Quality and action new wednes february m Moons Mer february 33 Wiorks february keep your Good ones for these As to will have As if not the buyer for them that will be Here this Mcclelland shows us a head of White giant Oats which to received from which sur passes anything in the Oats Liue we have Tho head is lib inches in length it instated on Good authority that As High As 310 bushels of those Oats have been grown to the while Iso bushels is an average advertisement of special cloak Sale at Keek out Peoples topics of Lortt interest contributed my our f the news solicits of Lorna interest from its which will Lio published in if you have anything to wit it in words Ami Send it to us not Lator than your not for is in evidence of cowl Faith on your Anonymous will to consigned to the waste to no communications must not exceed 500 to a Chtive Tho right to Roj oct political or any other communication which to May doom object articles under this heading Are Palill Luxl without Rof Renoo to Tho policy of the Papor or opinions of its authors of articles for this department must accept nil responsibility for statements or opinions editors tub two things i have had brought strongly to my notice each of them calculated to make a deep impress opinions May differ is to what they but May i in your col butnus express my thoughts in this double subject Tho first of these things is this the very filthy and dangerous habit so Many men have of spitting on the colourless saliva is not so but tobacco juice is neither pleasant to co nor indicative of a very High stand Ard of i will Wager you cannot walk a Block on any frequented Street just when the sidewalks Are covered with and not find at least Ono disfiguring Blotch of Brown for every step you int it How can men to so disregard no of the sense of cleanliness in if not in themselves for in the first instance the habit of spitting of sidewalks is do cidely filthy Tho Man who does it continually would spit on the stove at if his wife would let him it int merely that it int Nice to look but just consider no instant How perfectly comfortable your wife or your friends wife or any other woman must knowing their skirts Are being stained Aud dragged with salivation from the Mouths of chewers of Gold or Battle a or even Aristo cratic Pipor Heiseck no Manly no Man who would be a Over spits on the there ought to to a Law Ngai ust just is against committing such in decency is in a Public for it is not Only filthy but no healthful and Winter or summer you can always Havo forcibly brought to your notice the sorry fact that Mou sometimes change their natures arid become and yet hardly for a self respecting hog would choose Tho Gutter if men must in the Lauio of cleanliness and and for Tho Sake of others ii they have none of their let them walk decently to the Edge of the walk and spit in the Gutter Tho second of these things is year ago the ladies of Tho presbyterian Church distributed through the town Little which were to remain in place a Twelvemonth Aud into which their friends Wero asked to drop occasionally some Small some of these notably acc the judging by Tho quite a sum of now conies in the detestable for Many of those bar distributed for Church Wero last when Tho barrels were gathered this lamentable fact was clearly and too frequently shown my opinion of a Man who would steal our of these barrels is altogether Numeir to would probably rank with the men whom Sam Jones spoke of last they get to Tho door of hell the Devil will close it in their if to lets them they will steal everything lie possesses those maybe they Wero women a millinery store lost a to wander eternally through space with a barrel Yurii in tied about their meanness and littleness the infinite of it you could impale a million such souls on a needlepoint Arent such things enough to make one wonder what the world is coming to anyway there is an immense Deal of room Here for Tho Pessi Mist 110110 of us is of Good As our ought to to by a very great but Ono can Al ways try to to there is much virtue in just frying i suppose most men who read this will fold their hands and in not guilty anyway Are you sure probably Tho men who need it most will never see this but your in fluence will Tho Only Way to accomplish things is to get together and to of Iirilli have our Little share of this worlds work lets do it right no stones need suggestions Aud la in is what to want for few men can be but most All can to coaxed jct Virji the real widow february gallery 25 cents under gallery u5 cents raised Row 75 and balance Down stairs 50 this to the last attraction for two or three weeks i very to desirable easy monthly pay no Money famished to additional on Home Sykes has been granted a pen Sion of per dating from and Tho Rhino was presented to a Small audience Laird opera House wednesday the play was mans tells him Tho Dif Ference Between right and thus he judges Tho nets of others accordingly makes exceptions in his own proprietor of Tho Arlington has purchased a half in Terest in shrivers fire alarm sys of which patents Are now Pond Bill giving constables for making returns to the court of Quarter and for attending at Ward Aud Borough has passed Tho reception will be Given by Tho elks in Tho Hall next Friday february after which a banquet and Duco will take place in armory Burn Plackey Creamery Caso was settled last Tho Cream Ery is now in Tho hands of a now com Don Aldson and doing Busi Ness under Tho firm name of Riley assistant general passenger agent of Tho has secured the services of Harry Krowl late manager of Tho lyceum theatre at to manage his pleasure resort and amusement House at exposition Knowlton is already at the Park looking Over Tho ground and Mak ing arrangements for Tho coming which promises to be the most interest ing in the history of exposition Moad Villo does advertising Fay John Wanamaker could easily answer this question in the his profits from his Philadelphia store last year Scro Over and those from his new York establishment will run close to that the saturday before christinas the receipts in new York were even greater leu Tho Soin Aud exceeded the new York store has paid a profit from Tho very Day it was Al though two firms which occupied Tho establishment since stewarts death have the reason of Wanamakers great both in now York and is his skillful and extensive it has been his Rule to Couf Iuo his Adver Tising to newspapers and on which to has spent annually More than in Tho Adver Tising Bills of his now York establish ment exceeded even that sum last local elections Are the ones that most interest Tho and Tho necessity of electing ouly efficient men for Tho positions to to filled is plainly for school supervisors and All other local noun but practical and progressive should to a dont Voto for a Man simply to tickle his but to assured that in Tho event of his election to will Faith fully and promptly attend to Tho duties of his it is Tho duty of every voter in Pyman Tiiu township to go to Tho polls next tuesday and cast his bal and to would advise them to Voto the straight Republican for by so doing they will Voto for honest tend upright every Ono is capable of attending to his if miss of was Tho guest of miss Mary Moore last of was Tho guest of Wilson last wonder if that fellow carried out Tho instructions Given him by a certain Fel Low Down Tho Valley who said that it was too cold to go to the Duco last wednesday Reimold and family wore Tho guests of relatives in Delaware town ship on of visited relatives Here one Day last did your friends remember you and Send you one of their photos Waluur and of Delaware were guests of Mckinley and family one Day lust Reimold and of Delaware visited relatives Here Tho Foro part of the the Farmers which is be aug held to the Baptist is very largely miss Clara of is Tho guest of the Best Salve in the world for Salt Rheum fever chapped Aud Ull skin Aud positively cures or to pay required t is Gustr Istead to give perfect among our of to Nair Ino Ploll regular services will to hold in trin Ity lutheran Church catechetical class in the lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon at 2 of Tho United presbyterian will preach at Comie aut Lake Sam Uel of Grove will fill Trio pulpit in Liis Tho Valentino social Given by Tho ladies Guild of Clements Episco pal Church in armory tuesday was both a financial and social about 400 persons Tho not proceeds amounted to at a congregational meeting held in the Presbyterio tuesday even Tho following Church committee was appointed Stinson and Tho ladies Aid society of the Presby Terian Church hold in apron Bazaar in Tho Church tuesday afternoon Aud a Chicke pie supper was served in Tho Over was taken about was taken from the contribution barrels which wore distributed Ono year services in Tho reformed Church of february As follows at sunday subject of Christ feeding Tho five thous and morning service at 11 subject of personal influx Christian Endeavor at 0 a missionary Church evening service at 7 subject of aspirations Pas services at Tho Baptist Church to Morrow is follows morning service at 11 subject of a change Fol life and a changeless guide Sun Day 12 Oclock evening 7 a fro Kin a Orgarten for Greenville subject of Tho nobility of True brother Sermon before Tho ouster Lodge rights of lasts nday Wasi Happy Day for Trio Jerusalem reformed Church at Dona it was Tho Day Sot apart for Tho dedication of their now serv ices Wero held in Tho old Church during Tho at which n number of neigh Boring ministers preached most Excel Lent these Wero Kei Bowling and of sunday morn ing the Largo audience room and school room thrown together were Well filled with tin intelligent and enthusiastic Crow con ducted the opening Kirchner preached in in Bowling addressed audience in a very Happy manner on Tho subject of Tho Sot Tho Church apart to Trio worship of Tho Triune Tho audience present made an offering of porno ij5j0 to cover a Small indebtedness remaining to be provided the congregation went Homo with hearts full of gratitude to god that he had enabled them his guidance and Graco to Complete to Suc cok fully this Groat Enterprise under taken in his instead of a description of Tho Church Tho Reader is invited to worship with Trio congregation Somo pleasant sunday and see it for do Hillh Mother of Mary died last gob Hardt wok 88 years old on the Day of her Tho funeral took place from Tho Tunison residence on main tues Day afternoon interment in Trio 8he tango Valley widow of Tho late Amla of who wan very ill at Trio time of Tho death of her died on sunday aged about 70 with Hor was Ono of the Pioneer residents of the Aud wins a lady possessed of excellent qualities which won her Many interment took place at Clarks Villo on William Aldison who received a stroke of apoplexy last died at his Wotty of tuesday about 11 deceased win Well known in this having resided hero almost his entire to conducted a Dray Lino in this place for Many retiring about one year deceased was 60 years of age and is survived by a wife and our a and a Harmon Tho funeral took place from his late conducted by i Mermet in the Baptist cemetery at Jaufre of by Road co to cure 4 coir in Juo take laxative Blouio quinine Tab All druggists be food Money if it or Money Fqy Sale Fate to cure m the Gifu Ift bag r Mill at a meeting of Tho a Benville last Friday Litot arrangements for company is Tion and next the Sdiey ovoid wore it is the desire of Trio fire under Whoso inns Picos Tho reception will be to Mako the affair a successful and to plish it is necessary to Honvo Trio Hearty cooperation of hot ouly our resident everyone in immediate Tho Parade will Tonko Placo next wet mesday evening and will consist of Tho members of company escorted by Tho Firo and Civio societies and Tho following additional committees Havo Boon appointed Gibson and George disco Rattotti of armory and opera hons Troy Gibson and Fred to help Tho George Carl Low Robert my John Hurst Aud Dave a number of names wore presented for toastmaster and Gibson Vraa Fred Penman and foremen of Tho Turco hosts will Havo Churgo of Tho out town soldiers appearing in uni form will to furnished tickets for Tho dance by Tho Firo Oki you Havo All read of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp in Tho arabian you have Road grimms fairy tales and know these stories but it in one thing to rend of these wizards of to Olden times and quite another to Seo our in this Oligh touch Day of Tho in Maro to Havo to was said by Beaver Falls people to to bettor thu who appeared there a week be fore Aud this is the opinion of to May to termed a popular for to is just Wise enough for Tho humorous enough for Tho refined enough for Tho fashion Aud mysterious for the and Young and 60 Board opens february at8 Avrock Dii out a local freight was wrecked on Tho monday a Cir Grove the Accident occurred at Tho Enterprise con mine and a broken Flange on the Pony truck of Tho engine in supposed to have been Tho Engineer Millius was buy tartly and fireman Mcgrau Whitn mid brakeman Sullivan badly eur Gino or millino boarded at Tho Fletcher in this his remains Wero taken to for inter no Loo l our our is now making a canvass of Green Vullo and Vicinity for new subscribers to tub nisus and will be glad to write a receipt for subscribers who Are in our terms Are per year in if you Are not prepared to pay in full to pleas favor us with As much on lie count us and the favor will to greatly Tun news no Pill the following jurors Are drawn for Tho third monday of j music Cool John George Ohio Simth Sandy Lake William far Amos Joseph Charles Jacob Solomon Frank Mer John Mer James Handy far William now Murvis far Samuel Wolf Byron Uriah James Raul mid new Black Charles f to capes and Mckee now Boas for Shorf

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