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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1899, Page 1

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania H news devoted to the interests of the people of Mercer com Tyche Peoples tells the truth and gives pkg ourt Mercer License granted and special correspondence to tub holding nuclei consideration foi1 some time the applications for liquor licenses of the several hotels and liquor stores of the judge Miller inst granted the following licenses proprietor National Pierce proprietors Arlington Archy ran proprietor White George proprietor Exchange proprietor Gables proprietor she Nango John proprietor German Patrick proprietor wholesale Gib Lions and George Thomas the applications of hotel and the Lake James pro were the application of Michael of the Knapp was held Over until february at saturdays session the following additional business was on the motion of adminis Trator of the estate of the late Henlein was appointed auditor to Nike a distribution of in executions 3 and 4 april term in which the Deering har Vester Shulta and Walker Are and David Delaware is and on which a Levy was made on property As belonging to the above named is claimed by his Hattie in order to test this claim a feigned Issue was framed by the in which the Plain tiffs As above Are made defendants and Hattie Weller the the deposition of Derrickson on the part of the defendant in the Case of Derrickson and m Lindsey was filed ht6 Borough of Sandy Lake the Sandy Lake and Stoneboro Gas was argued by Gor Don and Magoffe for the prosecution and Cochran for the in the Case of guardian of Isabella Mitchell Plant and All of in which an execution had been issued and both real and personal property levied the court ordered the execution As it had been irregularly and the both of the execution and were ordered to be paid by the plaintiff within 80 the trouble which has been proceed ing for some time Iii the Greenville Creamery and cold has reached the court by Way of a Bill of equity filed by one of the in this Bill the purposes of the partner ship Are set Forth and also the agree thou it is complained by the plaintiff that the other has kept the books in such bad condition that an account of the business for the past year cannot be and also that certain moneys have been appropriated by the said to then states that unless a dissolution of partnership is ordered by the court further losses will be and for this dissolution and also that a receiver be appointed to conduct the business until the difficulties Are and that the Cle feud ant to restrained from buy ing or Selling for the Lackey appeared before the court with his at and at first was willing to have a receiver appointed by the court if one could be agreed but after Reading the Bill of the plaintiff he concluded to stand against the charges contained As they affect too much his reputation and credit the Bill of complaint ordered filed by the the motion of adminis Trator of into of Delaware asking for an order of Sale of the veal estate of was presented his report As auditor on the exceptions filed to the final account of Joseph guardian of Ida of the above were ordered filed and confirmed a petition of John Reed and executors of for it joint judgment against int and Angella was in the proceedings before this court to break the will of the late paved a motion wan made to Amend the names of the defendants to the action by us Diug the reformed presbyterian mis Sion and also the lome and foreign missionary the parties As they now stand Are David Hamilton Moffate and the above named missionary the dispute w whether or not the paper in hands w the Host a petition was presented by Mehard in the Case of Nimick Wheeler for an order to sell the Ella located in West mid it private Sale for to sum of to Maher of or made tie first part of this our Peoples topics of interest contributed Washington a weekly Ito Law of Vroni lie National correspondence to to Tok the senators who aided senator Oor Moit the petition was granted and the Sale in his bryans loaded slip of the democratic to the extent of voting with him against the ratification of the treaty of could see themselves us thers see they would hang their Heads for there never was a More unnecessary introduction of personal Peanut politics in a matter involving Tho Honor of the country than the fight against the which ended with the vote in Tho Senate because every Man who engaged in it know from the first that ratification of Tho treaty was absolutely certain in any if not by to Days by the Senate in an extra knowing there was no excuse for the fight it served no Olfer purpose than to sh6w that nearly All of the democratic senators wore Moro will ing to follow the and Vico of Gorman than that of even though they to vote against the wishes of a great major Ity of their constitute its to do not a few of these senators Havo already been repudiated by their and will retire at the close of this ses Sion of Aud All of them deserve the same the War investigating commission has completed its which will be handed to president Mckinley this it is expected that Tho president will very shortly make the report and As a result of a portion of itt a military inquiry will to ordered of the charges made by Miles concerning the Quality of the Beof furnished the army by the con during the War with which will give Miles a Opportunity to substantiate his if he can do there will be very serious trouble for Tho contractors if there will be trouble fir while there is Somo personal enmity Between Secretary Algor Aud it is not and has not at any shared by president me who is Only anxious that Tho truth shall be that Tho guilty our to Ltd a avs solicits or Tifilca of Lorenl interest from its which will to published in this if you Havo anything to put in words and Send it to us not later than wan Cudny sign your not for is in evidence of Rood filth on Anonymous Romanini Antiona will to consign to the a fast o to want no communications must not exceed boo to Reserve Tho right to reject re political or my Oiler which to May deem articles under his hooding lire published without reference to Tho policy of he paper or onion Loith of its authors of articles for this department must accept nil responsibility for statements or opinions editors tins a tvs it is undoubtedly Woll known that through the efforts of the National led by Mary of every state except four has a Law compelling the study of scientific Temperance in the common Pennsylvania Temperance Law is considered among the Best in any of the As a penalty is attached if the Law is not complied we find from reports of its in localities where the Law is fulfilled to the he credit is largely due to the women of the teachers say that directors do not visit their do not Chou make inquiries As to whether this important study is properly taught or not so the White ribbon women in addition to Many other Linos of work in temper Ance Reform find it necessary to visit schools Aud see for themselves whether scientific Temperance instruction is prop Erly attended our state Law provides that if must to taught in All three lessons per week for 14 weeks of the school and unless the provision is complied All that is necessary is to report the Case to the county superintendent of Public Whoso duty it is to report to and a a pedal to for the state appropriation will be about a year printed of cardboard Wero ordered by the of the Audau cud Eavor made to place one in school room in Tho so that no Pii Blic instructor or school director Cai plead ignorance of the requirements o Tho Law Asau excuse for not having i properly the comity superintendent of the department of scientific Temperance in of Grove is doing a Good work for the enforcement of this Law in Mercer she has cooperated with county superintendent Eckles in help ing to secure Tho Best instructors Foi Institute and has visited schools Aud sent instr actions Aud suggestions to local superintendents visitation Blanke Are supplied with which to gather Statis but after All much depends on tin vigilance of the local superintend ones in the local As a general thing w find Mercer county teachers up Odate in sympathy with Tho last Aud ready to give us a Good some Are care in Many places the us endorsed books Are still in and complaint is made that the text books Are lame in their and to make a Success teachers Hugo to Uso supplementary books of their directors should see to it that proper text books arc placed in Tho Tho at Irma advisory composed of number of Tho Best scholars in the a such As Joseph Cook and have carefully examined Al text books of physiology and Hygiene and have endorsed about 25 differed books As suitable for Uso in Tho schoo a list of these endorsed books can be obtained by addressing mrs and there is no use in placing bungling unscientific works in tie hand of teachers to work in a late report negligent school boards will to responsible for the drunkenness of Tho one who is of has been placed on the pension receiving per and living of new grunted ail in crease from to a Clever it certainly looks like it really no trick about but there is anybody can try it who has lame Back and weak kid malaria or nervous we mean he Cau cure himself right away by taking electric this Medicine tones up the whole acts As a stimulant to liver Aud is a blood purifier and nerve it cures con fainting sleeplessness and it Ife purely a mild and restores the system to its natural try electric bitters and be convinced that they Are a Miracle every bottle puny 50 outs a bottle it Tif or or while to thing official has been announced concerning the finding of Tho Eagan court which is now in president Mck Uleys there arc reasons for the belief that the president has decided what action to will and that his action will be to modify the sentence of dismissal from the army to suspension from Active now that the treaty is out of Tho the Senate committee of military affairs will Endeavor to push Tho Hull army recently passed by Tho to Tho front and keep it there until one of Tho amendments to this Bill agreed upon by the Senate provides for a revival of Tho Grade of lieutenant of who passed through Washington on his Way Homo from a visit to new was impressed by Tho Iowa Republican mid persuaded into a informal talk on pub Lic his remarks about i to Philippines Wero right to the to said if annexation Means that Tho Philippines should ultimately Boad fitted As then there is not on expansionist in this country if anti expansion Means that Tho archipelago should be returned to Theu there is not Oue anti expansionist in if does mean that to should not deny the right of self govern ment to people competent to govern then to Are Al Antiey in other stain told his hearers that the policy of this government would always to toward the Freedom rather Thau to enslaving of notwithstanding Tho ranting of those who pretend to fear the con when Tho House adopts Tho Resolution reported from the judiciary declaring that Tho four who accepted commissions in the thereby vacated their seats in As it will merely put of official record what has been practicably by the four gentlemen most directly Cou neither of whom has performed any official duty in to or any salary Bice acc Ptim choir army the Outlook for Nicaragua canal legis lation at this was brightened on adorably when the House committee on interstate Aud foreign Commerce made the amended Hepburn Bill a substitute for the Morgan which has is cd by the instead of report no it us a entirely separate Tho Jarly passage of the substitute by the Louse would gent Tho Bill to it conference a Leith ought to be Able to agree up ii a measure that would be fairly satisfactory to those who wish the uial built at and which would at Adt make Sar that it will be built in h a state a Nisas is now Back ill the and though i am Tibt no aspirant for prophetic 1 flu free to state that it will remain Tho people have had their fill of populist in our Banks Thorn is Moro Money in proportion to population than in any other state in the our catechetical class in Tho lutheran Church will meet this saturday after noon at 8 a very enjoyable Church social was held at Tho Homo of she Nugo thursday by ladies of Trinity lutheran pastor of Tho thesby Theriau spoke on Tho Public schools and the care and abuse of last sunday evening his talk was a practical one and con Iii cd much Good advice to parents and a Bhopal i services at Tho Baptist Church to Morrow is follows morning service at subject of Tho father Hood of god sunday 12 Oclock 3 i evening 7 the Folly of a philippine War j subject of eleven now members were received in Tho Baptist Church on last making Over 00 additions in Tho last 1 1 the sunday school is Tho largest Over known in Tho history of this Church Tho sunday evening congregations fill Tho main audience room and lecture services in the reformed Church of february As follows at sunday subject of christs divine John 5 1727 morning service at 11 subject of Jesus a disturber of Contentment Christian Endeavor at 0 our Theo logical training school at Japan evening service at 7 subject of character builders a Cullis Gottfried of died february aged 54 Mouths aud2 was born in coming to this country in Early child he was confirmed a member of the lutheran april and was married to miss Annie Catherine March together with her seven survives interment in Tho Shenango Stupp Elizabeth wife of con Rad died at her Home on main Street deceased had been an invalid for several and Tho end was not beside her Hus band she leaves four sons and three daughters Henry and Fred of and of Union City of Cleveland Adam of of the funeral services wore held in Zions reformed Church wednesday Keif or officiating interment in Tho Shou Ango Valley a former resident of this died at his Homo in in january after an illness of 10 aged 18 de ceased bom in East fallow Flold Crawford Jan uary to grow to manhood in his native county Ami at Tho ago of 89 of curl a store in in ls5ft he went to returning in he begun a mercantile business in which to carried on until Kariuk of when sold Council in Tho Spring of 1870 to located in this and in 1881 opened a general grocery store do Tho room isow occupied 5jy Findley was married August to miss Pattio of his wife and Twa children survive oho de Aud Tho wife of Henry Olio resides at Al air Flur Good Kalarney and the i hindi at Thoj opera House j this company Lias appeared an some of j our neighbor towns and i took pains write and managers Aud friends of he near of who will its Merit and they Havo All told to it is a Nice clean performance Aud gave s5 cents Down 10 Aud til veil it is Gratifying to the Public to know of one concern in the Laud Soho Are not afraid to be to the needy and the proprietors of i bugs new discovery for ooh Trump coughs Aud have Given 4way Over trial bottles of this the no to to Tho regular monthly session of the City Council tuesday night was an important the Light question was Tho most important under and representatives of the electric Light Tho Greenville Gas and the Wilsbach companies Wero Presmul and submitted bids for Tho lighting of Tho town for Tho next 5 Tho electric honk Power will Light the town with arc lamps of Catilo Power All dark hours of every night for Tho next 5 years at go per Light per twelve Hundred Ennd Lopozer lamps will to Furu shod it per lamp per Tho company also wishes exemption from any License taxes As Tho Date of contract will to from february during the past 5 years this company has Boon lighting the with the a cop Tiou of a few their service has Boon very there not being a town in the country lighted As Woll with Tho same number of Tho Greenville Gas agrees to Fin Nish 108 or As Many Moro As Tho Borough Supply and erect their own posts and will extinguish and keep in repair All lamps will Light All and every lamp lights to to Welsbach or other Standard incandescent Gas lights now in common Uso will guarantee that 108 lights will give in Tho aggregate Moro than five and on half times As much Light As Tho Gas lights formerly used by the Borough will guarantee that 108 lights satisfactorily placed will to bettor for practical Uso than Tho electric service How will Render such service under contract at least f years at per lamp per payable lamps erected at re quest of Borough after beginning of con Tho Borough to pay for their Erec Tion in proportion to the time of expiration of Tho Welsbach Street lighting of offered Tho following proposition they will furnish or More if of their improved Wolbach with latest a Keystone porcelain tops Jii Lack phia Boulevard mop with Gas extinguish and keep lamps in perfect lights to Burn every and All to to lighted at dusk and extinguished at according to Tho new York lighting scheme of hours per on a con tract for a Ediin of 5 years at rate of per Light per Cor a term of 8 years at per Tho contract will not to awarded until the next regular meeting which Falls on tuesday March thus giving the citizens Ticino to Ali Ink Over Aud discuss the the Greenville Gas will place Throo of Tho lights they propose to fur wish on the Street so that they May to compared with other petitions bearing the signatures of Tho required number of property owners Liv ing on Clinton Aud main streets asking that those to paved Woro ordinances were Park he providing that Mero Ostreet from main to Stewart Clinton Hwy it from Mercer Street to Boh Somor canal Street from main to stale Aud main it Rcpt from tracks to West oud of Taylors property Boas previously mentioned in those a petition has Boon in Tiou asking for Tho completion of Tho he Wourgo by som of Tho this petition Evoh presented then Day containing the required number of sign a ordinance wus passed ordering its Tho Cost of same is estimated at Tho watering trough in of the be lib Corner main mud water will to moved Back on water near Bakers livery m Pur of William Tho following orders wore granted Asido from Ivet tour salaries Ryojiro wants paid out in the Bow Urx Case Advance Argus Fth Fingo printing o of the news publishing fur witness fees a bothers a Loup Vaughn Tho members of Tho Mystic of Tho nor fur sputa1 tendered a option Guy to a numb of their Friella at the boarding Hall last thursday after an hour of social enjoy ment and select Ion of partners for sep a grand Anarch was sounded and All proceeded to dining where sup per was served in genuine Nur fur Tho spacious Parlours furnished room for lie amusement of nil during the remainder of Tho at a meeting of the oratorical Assoc a Learoh was chosen to represent our institution Tho meet ing of Tho oratorical association held in february the names of Boyd i fete Aud Green were sent in As judges at the inter collegiate contest to be hold at May Tho Junior and senior classes hold to elect representatives for Tho local oratorical contest to to hold some Ticino in a mooting of Tho students was hold last saturday to organize a College baud committees were appointed to draw up Constitution and to Rimiko arrange ments for a Lloyd Lockel was elected president Henry Sec rotary Harry and Stough Tiro of Tho sick Oil mud of son of of Tho West and miss Lucretia of this Wero married at Tho Rosit Tonco of Tho brides february at 11 by there Woro 50 guests mostly relatives of Tho Bride and Lioy will probably make Ohio there Yuhiro Mclimans not Only found a Wico in that but Lio and Jacob formerly of mils with two Minerva tested for Oil of Tho farm of Henry Smith and his Sou Jesse originally from and Woll known by Tho Ohl residents and i Ruck Ono Tho Best Wells Over known in the Bay Milton second squid flows Over 50 barrels per Tho Woll struck throw Oil Over Tho top of the it is a heavy for which they Havo been offered Oij Juht cents per Tho Well put Down was no in ions Gasser and could to Hoard Ron us for Miles Tho second Woll was a flowing but was injured by shooting but Tho Well is a several More Wells will to rat Down in Tho near Tho Smith arms Are of a Hue Between Trio Rny Mlou Field Sikl Tho Bullion i Oil of la Gullli at Tho regular monthly mooting of Tho Board of health held in Tho of Loco Secretary monday it was decided that As soon As Tho weather Breaks Tho Board of in company with the City will make a thorough inspection of every Street Aud Alloy in with of having them Clear jul up and put in sanitary Secretary Kwh was instructed to Tor into corrosion Denert with Tho Board of health with a aug what action must to taken Tocom Pel thu Bessemer Railroad company ten till up Tho swamp on their land situated on South Taco the Board of health has been k riving for mov Oral years to Liao Tho swamp filled Tho matter of Tho vaccination of school children was brought but no Defi Nite action was great indic Iii mud have the Tina of knowing it has cared thousands of hopeless hoarseness Aud All diseases of the Chest mud lungs Are surely and Aak a Conti Wayce of the Sanie to my by Plimp Hoso com my having disposed of buy shoo store to he taking Possession March j hereby desire to is press Iny the Guys for Tho generous patronage awarded me during the past Ami a Brunch of Tho Boliau Tauqir National loan and savings of has been organized in this Tho following offi cers Woro elected president Vico president Secretary and treasurer Virgil attorney William Hosmer and this was 3 organized under the Laws of the state of now York in and is under thei supervision of thu Stato tins Tho Ella blast at mid formerly owned by Boyce was sold last week to Mather of Cleveland for Trio Furnace has Boon Idle for 8 Thoi Worth dollars Are to be spout of including elevated tracks with bins Stock carting run o w resume operations As Boom

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