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Greenville News Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1899, Page 8

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News, The (Newspaper) - February 4, 1899, Greenville, Pennsylvania 8 by Bil passed in state Senate by vote of 28 to thirteenth Tail lot for Flet Mtnor to icon 1 13 a Huenten nil Jenny Short 1 of con firmed stunt Ocarroll to prevent District attorneys from setting aside passed on third Reading in the Senate by a vote of 28 to a Correll produced a Batch of letters and telegrams favouring the pass age of Tho among those who sent messages were judge Archibald of judge Hauge of judge Wall ice of now judge Wilson of judge Miller of Mer judge Gordon of judge Lippert of judge Garlor of Imd District attorneys will Lingor of Frank of Lunnon arid Meads Dot Filer of and colonel Thomas of Tho state editorial thirteenth joint ballot for United states senator was taken wich i absentees and Sena Torquay 18 votes Short of Tho number to one More than 15 candidates were voted for and 138 Votos were cast against of the two Absen tees without pairs one is a Quay to pub lican and Tho other is a the Only change from the vote of the Day before was that of representative nor who changed from Stone to colonel was a flurry when the Senate wont into executive session to confirm the governors nomination of president Reed of Dick Inson to to state sen Ator Washburn of Crawford stated that he had Learned that Reed intended to play the of double officeholder and continue at the head of his College while acting As state Sena tors Morrick and Lac Farrell sprang to their feet to contending that Washburn was our of Tho lat Ter then desired to learn from i friends in the Senate if he in Ter Dud to live in Harrisburg and de vote his on Tiro time to Tho state As Tho salary of would none of the senators could answer this senator Miller of Cumberland said his residence in har Risburg was not senator Moo Arrell showered Reed with a lot of fulsome Praise and senator Washburn returning to Tho attack declared he was opposed to men being appointed to positions under Tho state As they Are in the capital and farming them he failed to make an in and the Senate con tinned Reed without a dissenting fruit less ballot was taken for United status senator by Tho joint Assembly of Tho donate and senator Quay was again 13 Votos Short of Tho number necessary to the democrats voted solidly for George Jones and the antiquary republicans divided their votes Between a few favorite wore Only 81 votes cast at the joint Assembly for United states Quay received 85 votes and Jenks loss than a quorum there was no there wore absent and paired 140 Tho other absentees being away without following was the vote for senator on saturday 1 no quorum for a tour and to poo Henry Wilson and Karr for for Miller of Cumberland off Rod a Resolution for Tho appointment of a committee to attend the funeral of representative Tho chair appointed jamming and on thursday and Friday Tho Loci Sli Turo balloted fruitlessly for senator and did Little business of in the Senate the Mccarrel Resolution Abol Ishing Tho right of District attorneys to set aside jurors met Strong anti Quay it being asserted that Tho measure was introduced in quays a Resolution urging Pennsylva Nia members of Congress to support the Poco treaty after amended by a declaration that evidently was intended to urge future Independence for the should they wish new Capitol the Price of such product of article to producer or the Bill video for the forfeiture of Tho charter and franchise of any corporation organised under Laws of this state Vio lating any or rhe provisions of the act from doing business in the state and required Tho attorney general to Institute Legal proceedings any such corporations violating Tho provisions of Tho it also provided that to should enforce Tho prescribed penalties and authorized any persons or corporations damaged by any such agreement or combination to Suo for the recovery of such order Iii pm by adjutant get feral 8tnv Art announcing Trio Cen trial Stewart issued an order announcing Tho following appointments on Tho staff of governor Stone Cul Oncil of ass lbt not adjutant general colonel Frank Fetcu of inspector general first Llou hot Enol Moody of Tor Bavon tenth assistant Muster Quoin it Uii lated of in blatant major Frank Patterson of Brltz and Lite ordnance Colhour Hulond general inspector of Rifle colonel Sheldon Potter of Aldo lion tenant colonel Honry Gnu of in Loutenant colonel Thomas Younan of seventeenth regiment lieutenant colonel Mallard inn Sickor of lieutenant colonel James Bonmilla Nadu Decamp William Al kilns of us Doc Lluu Vennt colonel Harry Tro Tor of Al Aldo oui Ign Hulm of Aldado Frank Holtzer of a Dodo nod Arden flood of no Cludus earn Charles Pratt of new aided Miller Taylor of aided noncommissioned staff sergeant Jacob Greene of color re appointed sergeant Edgar Chut of convention ment Iusti Intro Lloil in Ului trim Itell la hid site Utu it Liasson of Venango introduced in the a Bill appropriating to Umi Pluto Tho now the Inous Uro abolished Tho present commission and provided that the general Gregg of Exlie ten ant to Elinor Hen a Wuyin Jones of uns Mitt and a governor Pattison of Phila Delphia and Luminer of Frank lilt to constituted u commission to Fin ish Tho it recites that Tho commissioners Are authorized to proceed with the least possible delay to procure Tho construction of a Capitol building and furnishing Tho either by completing Tho present struck rum Duling Tho same or by removing it and erecting an entirely now Structure on revised plans As in their judgment May to deemed the commissioners were to Redivo Jio compensation for their toil introduced in Tho Senate an nut Trust Tho Bill declared us jaw Lul and void All con air by trusts or to Maiuu with a View to Lessen or ten to it Taeu Tivo comp Tsiun importation or Sulu of or Tioli imported Luto this state in the Manu facture or Sale of articles of Domestic growth or of Domestic raw material to declare unlawful and void All trusts or i succeeded Between Persona or Cori the Waye Rucj to or fare Roll service held it Tritth Burin miss Harriot Taylor Dull ured no the eleventh annual convention of Tho Pennsylvania Young women Christian association closed sunday at the conclusion of the secretarial which will be held monday at the association Tho convention will be a thing of the a Farewell service was held last night in the second United presbyterian Allegheny after a preliminary meeting Mcmil pastor of the introduced Mesa Harriet Taylor of who made a address 011 the relation of Tho association to Gates presided at the a collection was taken for the Benefit of Tho state Tho Large congregation a consecration meeting was hold sunday in the association rooms at at the conclusion of a interest ing meeting the delegates scattered among Tho various churches of the City and quietly at 4 a gospel meeting was held in the second United presbyterian Alle which was largely miss wild after an open ing prayer by a Torso and Tho singing of my to thee miss wild read As a scripture seventeenth and followed with a talk of knowing miss Harriet Taylor and Mcmillan offered concluding Pray Tho reports of Tho state officers wore read and approved Tho re port of chairman of the state executive was the it stated that four now College associations have Boon organized during Tho Ono each at Darlington Blairsville College Pennsylvania College for women at Pitsburg and Dio Youson Seminary at Williamsport and a new association Circle in Tho town of Edwarda Dalo and a now Branch in North there Are eight City associations in Tho state of which Throe Havo Tho total membership is an in orc ibo of Over last new buildings or permanent Homes for City associations is Ono of the notice Able features of Tho history of the association for Tho past Tho Harris Burg association has a new Cost ing that of Sora Tou most Sov 000 and Trio managers it Lancaster Are now engaged in a canvass to Complete Tho fund for a Home Thoy Havo other associations have moved into More desirable As at Williamsport and South the Junior Brunch of Tho has 060 Ireland Oan Oon Bdl Cullet a us Trio Vatican him hint u fio archbishop Ireland wont to the Vati can at Homo on where to had a conference with Cardinal papal Secretary of Many cardinals and other High ecclesiastics visitor the archbishop at Tho hotel where he is in the course of an interview he declared that there was absolutely no foundation for the statement that lie had Boon charged to represent the United states at Tho forthcoming con Ference regarding the limitation of the United he had not yet nominated a the archbishop was very reserved in his replies to questions respecting religious problems in Oil thu ground that it was necessary for him to wait for the holy see to piss upon such president on appointed Surano Payne of now York u member of Trio joint High out Isaiou to Vij the vacancy caused in the american i turf sent Tiou in that body caused by Uio Toath of Payue also w chairman of of to Mecl Lenl will to h an nth in Gem Al in answer to an expressed Confidence in the entire Ity of the medical of Clefs in Manila to stump out the smallpox among the american troops unless there was something unusual about the Fea Tures of the disease at Manila the army surgical corps know exactly How to die they never had tailor in the past by Vanciu nation and isolation and the establishment of Well maintained quarantines to protect the troops against and there was no reason to suppose they Gould fail general Otis himself was a Niue of experience in such and could to relied upon to give the medical officers the molest support in their Effort to prevent the Extension of the referring to figures Given in general Otis Cable showing the number of cases of Small the surgeon general pointed oat while they showed that the Kan Sas regiment Hud suffered pretty heavy taken As a the troops had fared Well and the death rate was not Gomez will agreed to no Perttu in Dubai Ullig it limn soldiers und to visit via a result of the conference which Robert the special commissioner of president Hud with general the latter cabled to president Mckinley assuring him of his cooperation in disbanding Tho cuban army and in distributing among the cuban soldiers Tho 000 appropriated for the purpose of enabling to net to return to to Iota general Gomez also telegraphed to major general saying to would accept Tho letters invitation to go to general Gomez said the amount was too but that was not his and he would make it go As far Asho i Doc ally requested that the for Wii iou Porter had orders in his should be paid Over to general Brooke and not to As he did not want Tho personal responsibility of keeping acceptance of Liln line Doit 110 Sites acquisition of Terri Toije was not Intuit Loimil cd g rub b i n new Church Man in its Issue of 4 will contain a article by right William Oros Well Bishop of on in the Bishop opens with a repudiation of the word imperialism1 As in any Seuao a Correct term to be up plied to any policy at present suggested for the american he says that whatever enlargement May come from the present position it is not Active and intentional but the passive acceptance of Tho care of certain people and certain races thrust upon us by the unexpected and unintended outcome of the Dis cussing Trio present duty of the Chris Tian american Tho Bishop says that it is quietness and referred to the record in Trio placed in ills record of the court martial in the Case of general Eagan was placed in the hands of the president for final Worth attorney for general filed with Tho judge advocate general Tho additional or supplementary plea which he was granted permission to it was an elaboration of tie Points made by counsel before Tho court a formidable array of authorities have Boon particularly in support of the Contention that general eau is though the facts to was not legally in Tho Lino of Tho charge of conduct unbecoming an of Ioor and a this paper was placed by Tho judge advocate Gen eral in tie hands of the adjutant Gen eral and will be added to the papers bearing on Tho Case now in the hands of the haunt acted against til in it our nine stupor inter est was expressed at the War depart ment in reiterated newspaper re ports that severe action was meditated by Tho War department and the administration in the Case of general who had been quoted As saying to had evidence in Reserve which would substantiate his charges that chemicals were used in preparing the contract it May to definitely stated that no of Lionial action has been taken looking to a to court of inquiry or to the sending of general Miles to Tho command of a three deaths of i to Amy lit Culm at Lar tymm Puiul at sent the following reports of deaths among the army in Cuba to the War department deaths on the Cor poral Uli Tord company and William at private Sec Soldier lid on Tho adjutant general received a Cable message Froin general Lawton reporting the Tufa arrival of Uio military transport Grant at Gibraltar to Tako of con i and fresh provisions for her voyage to Tho Philip general Lawton reported cases of two of mumps nud four of but that of private company in a Holcli sold in in it country that follows american custom very thu people have a great desire to can every Steamer that arrives from this country brings its full quota of american which arc i mined lately put on any says a i was in South and i went into a store to buy the edition of it new York the dealer took placed it of the which be scanned very and then said eighteen Ponce that costs about on eighth As much in new i of twit Elii answered the these Ere papers is they contain lots of Good and to got to soil pm by have you any cheaper i lie said Ive got some cheaper this one is Only Lod it wolshes much less it has no you and he picked up a Chicago newspaper of it midweek but j want a new York sunday i Well those will Cost you from to 20d 30 to 40 cents Accord ing to weight bit can sell you n Kansas City sunday paper for gel 12 cents if Vou must have a cheap Sun Day then i found the dealer would sell separate sections of a sunday edition if the customer didst want the Ami while i was in his store three men came in and bought different parts of a paying As much As 4 cents a of course when the want and part was put on the Scales and sold o the fourth Custon Lor he didst know How interesting now York news was until be got intensely it tvs run for the Hoy jut not particularly funny to thu the depot master in a certain Elev not far from la flip proprietor of a palate that is Only about half and in the manipulation of which be Falls Clown at with the result that Bis words Are spoken with lists and stumbles that make them hardly a few clays ago n Stout German woman leading a Little boy by the approached tie official and asked that dime does Der train go by Kala Nuinoo our Ltd tie depot master looked Clown at twisted his hat Roe Hong Hithon Bare ban Hlll Ball you when hits the woman took a seat Over in Trio far Corner of the after a period of ten minutes she again approached the official and asked her former ques hat free i hoi he to ban bit Down Hare Linn Hlll Hall you when hits again did the woman seek a and after another fifteen minutes had passed she approached the caller of trains a third time and again asked that that dime does Der train go by Kalamazoo omit the depot master waxed and in the excitement of his he lost nil control of that vocal Organ of he cried hat free lire free Shock you at free Shock a Boxen free cant you underhand one Isoo free Hant you underhand increasing the pressure of her hand on that of the the old lady replied calmly off i put Little in cob likes to hear you say free a Volt a physician who is collected with an ins dilution in which there Are Many says there is nothing More irritable to a cough than for some time i have so fully assured of tills that 1 determined for Ono minute at least to Lessen the number of coughs heard in a certain Ward in a Hospital of the by Tho of rewards and punishments i succeeded in inducing them simply hold their breath when tempted to and in Little while 1 was my self surprised to see How Toiuo of the children entirely recovered from tins constant coughing is precisely like a wound on Tho outside of tie body so Long As la the wound will not let person when tempted to cough draw a Long breath Ami hold it until it and soothes every nor nil Sou i Benelly will soon be received from this Trio nitrogen which is thus cull cd its As no Anodyne to the mucous allaying the desire to cough and giving Trio Throat Imd lungs n Chance to Tiftic nosh Mellon we Are sure you do nobody wants but it comes to Many thousands every incomes to those who have had coughs until the Throat is Ritland the in Long the lungs Are Stop your cough when it first and you remove the great danger of future Cherry pectoral stops coughs of All it does so because it is a ing and Healing remedy of great this makes it the great est preventive to put one of Ayers Cherry pectoral plasters Over your lungs a whole met cml Bur mrja for four cents in Stamps to any Post to will Send you sixteen medical i mat Laal adv pm to Havo Trio exclusive services of dome of the most eminent physicians in the United unusual opportunities and Long experience eminently fit them for Rev not you medical write freely All Trio partic ulars in your ton will receive a j prompt without a Vervy Meilux Liml one of the most methodical men who Ever lived in Washington county was a native of in was Al ways so very particular about his dross tout he would not allow himself to appear in lie jump any of strangers without first making Complete clothing and attending to All tie details of his once his in this direction caused him the loss of his House and other this was the time his House caught and his after work St veil minutes trying to extinguish thu went into one of the front rooms whore she found her dec centric1 husband with a lamp and razor info to tie looking Glass taking a shave and pulling on a clean paper what of Alrith Are you Doin inc Vou aware that our House is on and will Burn Down he the House is on j know and soon nil the people in town flu in and who knows but therell few strippers in quite a number of new cases of grip Havo developed Here this the ice on Sandy Lake is 12 to 14 inches in Tho Mercury recorded 10 degrees be Low Zero of wednesday morning Down near tie two births Are reported this week a son to Jacob Frumau and wife and a daughter to Kobert Doyle and the Pittsburg ice started in Mou Clay to fill their and will put no about pity ice commenced work and they will also put up tons in addition to shipping about 800 car of the cold will put up 400 Tho Wrout who have been showing at the Mcsweeney opera House for four concluded their engage tuesday they Are Good people in their several master Rob Bow the Slack wire is and on the tight is sex we would like to have seen larger crowds Greet these the democratic party held their Pri Maries on last saturday tie fusion ticket was Hines withdrew As candidate for Council and tobit was nominated for the As it was desirable to have both a re publican and democratic nominee for the office of the democrats nominated Campbell for their Jacob Frumau died january aged 34 the funeral was held thursday from Tho Baptist deceased leaves n husband and i Faut Sou to mourn her Pinou Mousia was the immediate cause of her who has been suf Fering with no attack of is miss Lillie Baskin has returned to after visiting her parents hero a few Odeli is in attending Tho funeral of his the ladies of the methodist Church cleared about at their Oyster supper of saturday mercantile was in town this of was n recent our Public schools will celebrate Washington birthday and Are making preparations our fire was called out tues Day night by a false alarm from the ice which was caused by the whistle of Trio Oil City company Plant becom ing clogged with the chemical engine was Lulf Way to the place before the mistake was miss Jennie of is visiting her Joseph misses Kate and Maud Throop visited in Oil City Over in tie a remedy recommended for patients afflicted with the Grippe is Kemps bal which is especially adapted to diseases of Tho Throat and do not wait for the first symptoms of the hut got a bottle today and keep it on hand for use the moment it is if neglected the Grippe has a tendency to bring on the pal Sam prevents this by keeping the cough All druggists the Robert of this a of Tho sick list at the republicans of this township held their primaries at this place Pat of this numbered among the in recess is candidate Tot inspector on the Republican Mitchell Moe Hanoy made their usual trip to Sharon on saturday Good roads at present a number of horse buyers visited this Vicinity the past they seem to know where to come to find a Good l x Fredericks classified Miller and stir Gens office Over Edwin Baltys k All Calls to Sweetl Day or City or and lost North i Cor maa Onlo Iii addition to Beneral specially treats piles and Kindred diseases by the Brinkerhoff control inc Porcor and Crawford counties for the use of the Calls Clay or night answered from office or first door West of Baptist Bell 828 Resi Money loaned commercial Muon collections made and Money John attorney and notary business carefully attended collections made and Money loaned 154 main agent and notary Public de positions and nil Legal business properly exe office next door to Bessemer me7 nil kinds of Legal business promptly Artel carefully attended to collections made and Money loaned fourth door Norm of farms and town properties for in All its brandies vitalized Nir for painless extrac Tion of office Over Samuel wests Corner main and once in you wish an easy an artistic or a refreshing Call at Thomas Barber Corner main and Mercer particular attention Given to ladies and Cli Ildren Fob farm of 52 acres in West Balem on the Greenville and Vernon one mile West of Maysville Good barn and everything in Good also a Small farm of nine acres containing Good 260 peach 42 Apple 14 Pear 12 Cherry Trees and six Plum Trees three fourths of a mile North of for further information Call on or address Tor of 75 acres in township Good Spring water fair build Good Good Orchard three Miles South of Greenville cheap and on easy terms r and cast Side of Colum j bin Avenue adjoining old fair reasonable time enquire of Temple trustee of stewarts estate Stewart real inquire of office in opera building lots in Good House and lot on Poplar street1 building lot on Stewart 104aoro 4 Miles from six Fine building near tube two houses and lots on Mercer House and Stewart two building lots on clerk Sivillo two Story Large Tylor 85acro farm three Miles South of Good Large Elm Street easy two building lots on North main it acres three Miles North of town two houses and lots near Columbia school restaurant in Good town centrally paying five room Large lot and near rolling Mill is hereby Given that the following i accounts have Boon flood in my off co and will be presented for confirmation Nisi on Mon february final account of Assignee of Vaughn for the Benefit of january administrators tetters testamentary on Tho estate of Wil j Ham into of Mercer having been grunted to the notice is hereby Given to nil persons indebted to build estate to Mako immediate Ami Jiobu having Ngn inst Tho same to present properly for january executors tetters testamentary on the estate of j Elizabeth into of Mercer having been granted Polho notice is hereby Given to nil persons indebted to Suid estate to make immediate Nind those having Oln ims Ngn inst Tho same to present properly for hair he january administrators t Etters of administration on Tho Stato of Ujj Adam late of Delaware town Mercer having been granted to Tho undersigned by the Regis Ter of said notice a hereby Given to All persons indebted to snid estate to make immediate to All portions inv aug against the same to present duly a then for 1828 South Park a James notice of in the orphans court of Moroder at january in Tho Restuta of to Mary of William Oil Emily Frank Nancy Nind Martha and Samuel Sis West Mary Oil George Viola Mary Anna Fred Henry Schuyler and eel Ward of new Vernon unon Mercer and nov and Stephen Green and All others interested you am hereby notified that Tho orphans court of Mercer has awarded a in just to make partition and valuation of Cor Tau real estate of Jared con is stub of 11 that certain piece or parcel of land situated in pen Creek Mercer bounded and described As twit on tin North by land of car ringers East by land of John South by Laud or William Miqui Tiou and on Tho West by Ells Worth containing move or with Tho und that said inquest will to held on Tho in said Couzy and on Fri Bryabt at 10 Oclock when you au4 a tub of you Way attend if

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